Dane DeHaan Talks ‘Star Wars’ & Harry Osborn in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

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Dane DeHaan Interview Amazing Spider Man 2 Star Wars Dane DeHaan Talks Star Wars & Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is currently in production, and what we know about the sequel so far points to a story involving  Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy’s (Emma Stone) continued courtship; a possible competing love interest in the form of Mary Jane Watson (Shailene Woodley); new villains in Electro (Jamie Foxx) and Rhino (Paul Giamatti); and an expansion on the story of Peter’s missing parents – including their connection to mysterious business mogul, Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper).

Of course, with the Osborn saga comes Peter’s friendship (turned rivalry?) with Norman’s son, Harry Osborn, who will be played in this rebooted film franchise by breakout star Dane DeHaan (Chronicle). Since DeHaan signed on for ASM2, there has been speculation that the rising young actor could be getting positioned for a major villain arc – either as a new Goblin, or even the new version of Venom.

DeHaan was recently out doing press for his new film The Place Beyond the Pines (in which he stars opposite Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes) and as expected, a barrage of Spider-Man questions were tossed his way. The first topic (and sure to be most prevalent) was how it feels stepping into a role made famous by James Franco in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy.

James Franco Spiderman Harry Osborn Dane DeHaan Talks Star Wars & Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider Man 2

Speaking to Coming SoonDeHaan, for one, seemed unconcerned with the comparison:

“I dunno, I mean Franco did his thing, I’ll do my thing,”

He also addressed how the theme of father-son troubles (which were the focus of his roles in both Chronicle and Place Beyond the Pines) would once again surface in the Harry/Norman Osborn relationship:

“First of all, ‘Chronicle’ was about a kid with an abusive father, ‘Place Beyond the Pines’ is about a kid who doesn’t know who his father is, and they’re very different relationships. Obviously with Harry Osborn, the privilege of it is another dynamic. The relationship Harry has with Norman is a different dynamic. Every son has a relationship with their father, whether that father is there or not, and that always has an effect on the person whether they admit it or not. There’s a lot of different ways those relationships are complicated.”

At the very least that complicated relationship should be somewhat comfortable for DeHaan to explore: he and actor Chris Cooper previously worked together on the 2010 John Sayles film, Amigo:

Chris Cooper was in that movie and I looked up to Chris so much. We had a lot of good moments just like having coffee during that film and I got to get to know him and really I have a lot of respect for him. He’s playing my father in ‘Spider-Man’ and I’m really happy that things have come full circle.

Chronicle Movie 2012 Dane DeHaan Talks Star Wars & Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider Man 2

As for whether or not we’ll get to see DeHaan suit-up as some kind of villain: The actor was vague about the subject when we spoke to him personally during the Place Beyond the Pines junket – but his workout regiment certainly suggests that he could see some action. When asked how prepping for level of stunt work in Spider-Man differs from, say, a low-budget film like Chronicle:

It’s very much the same kind of training and stuff – it’s just fancier and more available because there’s more money, in the end. But they both have stunts.

When pressed about just what kind of stunt work he’ll be doing in the film (you know – as in the villain kind?):

Honestly I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing as far as stunts and stuff… But I’ve been training really hard to do whatever they need me to do.

His own father’s love of geek culture apparently extends beyond comic books, because according to DeHaan, a role in the new Star Wars universe Disney’s building would be considered a family milestone:

My dad would really like that! My dad’s a really big ‘Star Wars’ fan. I’ve never really been a ‘Star Wars’ fan, though. I dunno why, maybe it’s ’cause my dad liked it so much. (laughs) I have no idea why, it’s just never really been my thing. I’ve always gravitated towards comic book movies. I don’t read comic books, but I love the last Batman franchise, Sam Raimi’s second ‘Spider-Man’ was pretty sick. The first ‘Iron Man’ was really great, I couldn’t wait for ‘Captain America’ to come out. Those are my guilty pleasures for sure.

disney lucasfilm star wars 7 Dane DeHaan Talks Star Wars & Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider Man 2

Of course, the one thing most comic book fanboys want to know about an actor stepping into an iconic character role is whether or not he/she has any knowledge and/or reverence for said character. DeHaan seems to fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum:

I knew the character, yeah. I’m not a huge comic book reader – my dad is, actually. Superhero movies have always been my guilty pleasure, but I never really read comic books growing up.

He later added in his interview with Coming Soon:

I don’t think you have to be a fan of something to do the job. I think ultimately it’s important that I’m familiar with past takes on the Osborn story, more for like common, know-it-all ’cause it’s stuff I should know. My job as an actor is the same job, whether it’s a comic book movie or a gritty Derek Cianfrance drama, or a ‘Chronicle,’ or a ‘Lawless,’ which is to take a character and, for lack of better word, to breathe life into it. I’m a fan of acting!


The Place Beyond the Pines will be in theaters on March 29, 2013.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. I can’t remember where but I mentioned that Dehaan would be a good Ben Skywalker. I still believe that.

    • does uncle Ben have a bigger role in the expanded universe? either way, I agree, Dehaan is great actor.

      • He means Luke’s son.

    • I Believe that too. …Dehaan as Ben Skywalker, ¡¡¡NOW!!!

  2. I hope he does play Venom. I think it would be fun to see the Peter and Harry relationship VS. Spiderman and Venom relationship. Plus we’ve seen the Harry as Goblin thing before so I think it would be a wise move to take the story someplace new.
    Whatever they decide to do, this kid will be fun to watch. I mean how great was Chronicle! (minus the ending i guess)

    • I thought the ending was boss, couldn’t have ended any other way. It was sad sure but it had to happen. The kid had gone too far.

  3. Great actor, can’t wait to see him bring Harry Osborn to life and Venom or Hobgoblin too!

  4. “I’ve never really been a ‘Star Wars’ fan, though.” He instantly lost 50 points of my respect.

    • I know right? How can you not be a fan?! Well my dad was a huge trekkie growing up but I always gravitated more towards SW… Maybe he’s got a point.

    • Dude, we all have opinions. I myself agree with him, I like the movies, but don’t LOVE them, I’m a fan of 3 of the 6, but that’s it… He can have his opinions, like I have mine and you have yours.

      • I didn’t say he couldn’t have an opinion I just said he lost some of my respect. It doesn’t mean he can’t earn it back and besides I do that with everyone not just him. If someone said they didn’t like Star Wars I wouldn’t just say “okay” I would ask “why?” I am not saying I would hate someone for not liking Star Wars I just said he lost respect from me.

        • Wow.

          • @ Alex

            Why the “Wow.”?

    • Nowhere did I see him bash Star Wars. Those types of movies aren’t for everyone

      • I didn’t say they were for everyone. I just said I lost some respect for him. Just like I would lose respect with anyone else, it doesn’t mean I hate them.

        • Wow. Losing respect with someone over a movie.

    • Agreed, and why do we need to redo the same villains over and over again! Move along, please! I realize these are the established people in the original story but it hasn’t been that long since the Raimi version and do we really need to see a different actor do a different take on the same old villain?

  5. Why do actors need to be comic book fans? Isn’t it enough if the people behind the camera are? If you have the writer or director being into that kind of stuff, or at the very least a creative consultant who is actually listened to, I would think that’s more important.

    Was RDJ a comic book fan? I don’t know for sure but he doesn’t seem like the type, and he did a great job as Tony Stark. That’s their job, they act like they’re the character, and if they have someone telling them how the character would behave, that’s enough for me. If they like the material then that’s a bonus for them, and it might enhance their performance a bit or their promotion of the film since they’d also want to see the film, but as I said before I’d rather have the writer/director be a fan.

    Maybe the comic fans can shed some light on this, since I don’t read comics, but I do like sci-fi/super-hero movies based on comics.

    • @ Pyronaut

      I am a comic book fan and reader. I understand what you are saying but you appear to be associating comics with a certain stereotype. I am assuming you mean Nerds/Geeks which is understandable seeing as how they are the majority of comic fans but it is not always the case. The question you are asking is a little vague so forgive me if I am wrong but the question is should actors enjoy the comic if they are in a comic book movie?

      I personally think they should at least read the Comic if they are going to be in the movie. Harrison Ford was in Star Wars and he actually did not like the character of Han Solo and wanted the character to die off. To an extant you can kind of tell he did not want to play the part. In my opinion an actor should always like, respect or appreciate the character they are portraying no matter what the movie.

      • No I didn’t necessarily mean nerds/geeks, though I understand that this is the (false) stereotype.

        I meant just people who are well versed on the original format that the character appeared in, which I don’t think is a requirement for an actor. Sure, they should actually like/respect/appreciate the character, but that should go for any movie. If they’re just there for the money or out of obligation and are phoning it in, that’ll probably show. To what extent depends on their talent as an actor. Hugo Weaving didn’t really appreciate his voice part as Megatron, but that didn’t really come through in a bad performance per se – though I think Frank Welker would have done a much better job.

        Basically what I’m saying is that it’s not so bad if the actor hasn’t read the comic, but they should at least know some of the character’s profile, which they can read about separately through notes from the writer and guidance from the director.

        • You are correct and if it works then good for them. However I would appreciate it if the actor actually took the time to show that he/she cares enough for the character to actually learn their character’s history. I wouldn’t like it if the actor had someone else just say “well the original character would have done this but just do what you want and we’ll see if it looks good.” To me the actor should already know the character in every aspect but that just me.

  6. I think he a excellent choice and I love te things he’s saying I really do. But if he is venom I already know I won’t like the film as much. Eddie Brock is venom. Harry Osborne is the hobgoblin.

      • Well yeah te cartoon and the comics I read when I was a kid. To me Brock was always venom. I didn’t much care for the new ultimate cartoon and I haven’t read any recent comics.

        • Who’s to say the VENOM symbiote can’t bond to Harry 1st then to Brock after Spidey defeats the Harry version?

          • the comics say thats who lol. agree with not wanting harry to be venom because as a big comic fan and a bigger spiderman fan i think the movie should stay as close to the comics as possible. orignial nor ultimate. im not saying i wont love the movie cause i still prolly will but i would be a bit disappointed if harry is venom. its gota be eddie brock in my opinion.

    • No Harry was the second Green Goblin, Hobb Goblin was actually an oscorp employee.
      And last, Harry is still not hob goblin. And g****** it, they’re two different characters!

  7. Dehaan sounds like a good actor i have not seen him in much other than Lincoln but i think he will be fantastic in the role of Harry Osborn. If he plays Venom i think i’ll be okay with it because it is something new and different and special but i would have a problem with it if they make it like the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon because… I’m not kidding i watched about 5 minutes of one clip from the show and personally i hated the hell out of it. I apologize to all those who enjoy the show i do not wish to pick a fight and change your opinion but i personally hated it i’m glad for those of you who like it

    • It’d be refreshing to see Harry Osborn become Venom, especially if Dehann is portraying the character. He did an excellent job of slowly transforming into the villain in the movie Chronicle. I also hope the film doesn’t grab any inspiration from the cartoon series, was really looking forward to the show but stopped watching it by the second episode aha.

      • The irony! Everyone said Topher Grace was bad to play the role as Venom for SM3 due to his height and miscle weight. 4 plus years later, another skinny guy is rumored to be Venom and out of the bloom everyone says this kid is perfect for the role?

        I agree Dehaan can pull off a bad-ass Harry Osborn/New Goblin (but I doubt he can do better as James Franco), but as Venom, he has no chance. SM3 totally ruined Eddie Brock and Marc Webb needs to clean up the mess Raimi did back in 07.

        I would rather like to see the Harry Osborn-Goblin story arc the Spectacular or 90s Spider-Man Cartoon Series has shown.

        • Yes. It *is* ironic, isn’t it? But not a complete shock.
          After all, a good half of the fan-boys are hypocrites when it comes to comics to film adaptations.

        • I never minded Topher Grace as Venom, just wished they made the Venom suit itself bulked up. I haven’t read any of the amazing or spectacular comics but have read Ultimate and Eddie really wasn’t all that big, kinda in the same zone as Dehann.

  8. Dane DeHaan sounds like a smart, level headed guy who’ll be around for a long time. With that said, I think he’ll do great as Harry.

    Although, it’s true that you don’t know everything about a character, I think all actors should be required to read some of the source material for roles based off of books and stuff.

    The Venom thing has me kind of mixed. I know if they turn him into the Goblin eventually, people will compare it to Raimis trilogy and what not, but there were things that weren’t covered in his trilogy that Webb can tackle. Harry’s mental state before becoming the Goblin, how he figured out his dad died, his relationship with Mary Jane, and some other things. But part of me would like to see him as Venom because he’s a good actor and it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll make that happen, seeing as I didn’t see the cartoon Kofi was talking about. I can see Webb making him Venom, as it seems like they seem to not care if they make fans angry, but they’ll have to make him look more like classic venom and not Topher Grace venom.

  9. this kid seems like a friggin weirdo

  10. I really think he’s going to be Venom. People just need to get used to the idea now. Personally, I think he’ll own that part.

  11. This guy was really great in Chronicle, and now reading his responses in this interview, he has my total respect. The whiney interviewer trying to make his “come out” of his superhero closet, and him pushing right back, and basically telling everyone HE’S AN ACTOR DEAL WITH IT. I had this guy pegged for a mommy’s boy seeing him in chronicle, but I like his attitude. Professional. RARE in Hollywood today.

    • Yeah I didn’t really like his character in Chronicle but have to admit he did a spectacular job portraying him!

  12. Christ not this again…EDDIE BROCK IS VENOM, NOT NORMAN FU@#IN OSBORN, wish directors who are such ‘avid’ fans of the source material would actually read the source material. So far Electro is black (white in the comics) and now Osborn Jr is Venom.

    • I don’t think Electro being black makes and ounce of difference. How does being black change the personality or anything for that matter about Electro that will hurt the films?

    • It’s Harry Osborn genius, and you sound stupid whining about the color of who’s playing a villain in a comic book movie. Kinda come off as a racist too.

  13. Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn/Venom equal to Ultimate Spider-Man. …Animated TV Series???

  14. @ColdSc

    Electro was imagined and created as white, just as Blade, Luce Cage, Storm, Tombstone etc were imagined to be black. Fair enough a white actor cannot portray the part of T’Challa because his ethnicity and colour play a pivotal role to his character. But Blade’s colour and ethnicity are regardless, so what would you have to say if Mat Damon or Brad Pitt were cast in the part?.

    Don’t play the PC race card because i’d be well pissed of if they cast a white person in a role that was created and imagined for a black person.

    Why not cast Jamie Fox as Tombstone or Laurance Fishburne as Tombstone, there is a massive list of African American villains in the Marvel Universe, so what do they keep on trying to prove?.

  15. @FILTHpig

    Stop trying to get people to like you and give you a round of applause by implying that I’m racist. In fact why not look up the word in the dictionary first. People like yourself shouldn’t even be allowed to use that word, or any other word ending with ‘ism’. And its ‘kind of’ Genius.

    Call me racist again and i’ll do you for slander mate.