DC Movie Update: ‘Major Announcements’ Coming in 2010

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 4th, 2010 at 9:24 am,

dccomics1 DC Movie Update: Major Announcements Coming in 2010

For a few days now, Collider has been sharing a the knowledge they gained from a lengthy talk with producer Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes, Terminator Salvation). We recently posted a snippet of Lin talking about Terminator Salvation‘s ending, and today we’re going to follow the conversation into the subject of DC/WB’s slate of upcoming superhero movies, including  Justice League, which has been stopping and going and stopping again for a few years now.

The word from Lin: Justice League is still on hold. However, it may not stay that way for too long – just one of many things we should hear more about in early 2010, as we now have further confirmation that DC/WB will be unveiling their superhero movie plans to the masses!

If you think back a year or two ago (can people still remember things that far back?), you’ll recall that DC/WB had a plan to do a Justice League movie first, and then use that group movie as a springboard for individual films featuring their second-tier characters (Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkman, Wonder Woman…).

However, with the formation of DC Entertainment, the original game plan has apparently been altered and DCE/WB will now be following the Marvel blueprint. According to Lin, “it seems like they’re (Warner Bros.) building to Justice League instead of going with the team movie first and doing individual movies after that.”

Now, yesterday we heard some wild RUMORS surface about the possibility of a Hawkman movie going into the pipeline. Those same sources assured us that this rumor would be cemented as fact early in 2010, as DCE/WB was going to be making some ‘major announcements’ regarding their superhero properties. I can’t confirm the first part of that rumor (the Hawkman movie), but, according to Lin, “they’re [WB] unveiling their DC strategy in January.”

For more on Dan Lin talking about possible DC/WB projects, go HERE.

So, between what Lin has said and the rumors circling the water cooler, it seems as though we’ll know much more about the fate of the Justice League movie (and many other DC superhero movies that we’ve been anticipating) sometime early next year. Until then, let’s bust open the comment section for discussion:

What DC Superhero movies would you like to see first and foremost? And how should they approach a Justice League movie?

Source: Collider

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  1. to the above comment, that is just my opinion though,

    its just when i think supes, i think pale, like routh and and the picture above..

    i liked rouths version, but i dont mind if they changed out supes.

    what about josh hartnett, hes getting to be about the right age

  2. Id rather still have Routh as Supeman. Maybe have him wear a costume more closer to Reeve’s but made outta the same material as his costume in Superman Returns. Plus id like for supes costume to include a bigger S insignia on his chest aswell as the yellow one on his cape. it probly wont happen but if a JL movie happens, i hope they make Batman’s costume back to the way Michael Keaton’s was, atleast close to it.

  3. @ M-Cat, I know Bale said he would not be in terested in doing more Super Hero movies but it would be great if he did. Another question, if Bale didn’t play Bats who could do it? Please no one say Clooney or Kilmer…

  4. I like Sam Worthington for the role as Bruce Wayne/Batman if Bale could not play it, cause he does show a hint of an ability to of playing a person who does not like to be Bruce Wayne, or even Cillian Murphy as he does have a charm that is very similar to Bruce Wayne, but his ability to play Batman is questionable.

  5. @ Fred

    Why is Cillian Murphy going to play batman and bruce wayne when he is :

    1. Not buff Enough


  6. @TazG

    Recently I’ve wondered whether David Boreanaz would make a suitable Batman. He sort of looks the part and a few months in the gym to tone up wouldn’t hurt either.

  7. batman should be left out of the justice league..

    he just should, wb/dc should recognize that and preserve what nolan has created.. besideds theyll do just fine with the boat load of characters waiting to take his spot

  8. Rich

    are you kidding? Preserve what Nolan has given us? Not a chance. The next batman movie is a cash cow.

  9. TazG

    There are many choices out there to replace batman and I would never say Clooney or Kilmer, it’s just a matter of who directs the movies in the next 10 to 15 years. Bale wasn’t bad as Batman nor was he great so a replacement shouldn’t be a problem. After Nolan’s third movie who knows how the franchise changes. Hopefully not much.

  10. Fred’s choice of Worthington would be good if Marvel doesn’t snatch him up for Captain America or someone else. DC would pull a major player away from Marvel and that would be huge for them.

  11. @SIN187UM

    In the Machineist, Bale was super slim and thin, but then buffed up for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. So why can’t Cillian Murphy do it. Plus I was referring to a reboot of batman, not continuing the nolan series, cause nolan does not want superheros-that means he does not want JL.
    Sam worthington is the superior choice though.


    Marvel will aim to hopefully get Eckhart and buff him up for the cap role over Sam Worthington, as Aaron has that really heroic face plus he is an extremely solid actor to booth.He is my first choice for cap anyway.

  12. @M-Cat

    Don’t get me wrong, Sam would do just fine of a job, but Marvel may look at facial features as well for the role.Then again, it would be good if DC snatched Sam for the rlole for cap as he was pretty good in Terminator Salvation( possibly dragged the movie on his shoulders at some points).It is really a hard toss up betweemn the two.

  13. Fred

    I would love Eckhart as Cap. I think it’s a great choice but I don’t think he would want to play the role. I don’t think he wants to sport the costume. He is usually for the more serious roles but I don’t know for sure since he did play Two-Face.

  14. @ Rich,

    I have to disagree the JL wouldn’t be the JL without Batman. Batman is the only person Supes trusts with a Kryptonite ring. You have to have Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in the Justice League without Batman the dynamic wouldn’t be right.

    I can see recasting Batman but he has to be over 6-2 250lbs and be able to use the quick no nonsense fighting style that Bale’s Batman characterization employs.

  15. I think people will realize just how great Bale is as Batman when he is finally done with the role.

  16. Michael Keaton and Christian Bale have definitely been the better picks for Batman.

    Anyone with any thoughts on David Boreanaz :) Just curious. I know he’s a TV actor and all but many TV actors have made the transition successfully well.

    It would be great if Bale doesn’t bail out after the next Nolan installment, but it’s inevitable. He will probably want to move on to other roles.

    There’s no point to strictly reprising himself to one role when there are a diversity of roles on offer for an actor to be challenged by.

    And Aaron Eckhart as Captain America! – I can certainly see that. He’s got the acting skills and he’s got the right look for Steve Rogers.

  17. @M-Cat

    Two-Face is dead as annoucned by Nolan, so Eckhart cannot reprise the role even if Batman 3 was going to be made in the Nolan universe. So he is free to jump in to the Marvel universe. Now I am not saying the Eckhart is better than or is equal to Robert Downey Jr., but Eckhart definetely has got the solid acting to convince me that he is Cap in the face of Robert Downey Jr. when the avengers kicks off.Plus he is like 3 year younger to Robert as well, so he is experienced enough to convince an audience of being a good leader.And cap comes of as a serious character anyway with a patriotic attitude.

    @Magnetic Eye

    David Boreanaz does not convinve me of being a leader and I doubt his acting ability as his role in bones as it does not engage me that much , but he has got the look .Cool suggestion though.

    There is no way Bale will want to bail out of any Nolan movie, especially a batman francise. Also Nolan always adds something new to the character of batman per sequel , such as the reluctance to accept being batman, that was explored in depth in the dark knight and was only hinted at in Batman Begins.

  18. I agree Eric Borneaz is not Captain America material and he is not blond. Does anyone know how tall Cap is supposed to be; about 6-3 and bulky muscular with the gravitas of a natural leader. Finding someone to fit that bill is a hard one. Finding a 6-6 muscular guy that looks regal with acting ability to play Thor is even harder.

  19. My bad I meant to say Dvid Borneaz.

  20. Dang DAVID I can’t type this morning

  21. BRUCE CAMPBELL AS BATMAN :) haha j/k..I like bale as batman, but I dont think he would be great at a superhero movie. As for Superman, they need to at least do a story on Bizarro or with Zod again. They need to let him at least punch something. Routh was a awesome superman, he should get a second chance with a better director/writer.

  22. They need to do a Superman movie with Luthor being a billionaire business man with Metallo, military robots gone mad, and possibly Bizarro. I think Routh is a good choice but the next Superman movie needs much better writing and more punching @ Beef2Taco

  23. @ Taz .. yea that would work too. I remember the game had Metallo in it, its just too bad they didn’t put him in the movie as well. Or, they could always use a big giant robot spider ( a joke from Kevin Smiths Q & A’s) haha… For now I guess we wait :/

  24. I’m still holding out for the Apache Chief movie.

  25. as long as whoever is creating these DC films stick to the actual story lines and the actors portray the true caracters and not the kiddy style of the heros then i’ll be extatic. not like marvle films that are so rediculous and just plain horrable.

  26. i think they should try matthew mcconaughey as batman for the justice league movie hes the right basic hight great physical prowess and acting ability and hes shown more then enough promise to fit the needs of the role.

  27. @Chaos

    Matthew can’t act, Bale’s bad acting in the Dark Knight is actually better than Matthew’s best acting , thats how bad Matthew’s acting is. But yeah, he does have a better look and buffness and height.

    Bale needs to lift his game a little bit, cause he is not convincing enough for me as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

  28. Thanks to the proven special effects in Avatar, the Justice League movie can finally begin. Good work from the men and women behind the break-through special effects of Avatar. They have paved the road and have become the catalyst in assisting many future, special effects-needed movies to become box office winners. But let's just hope the writing and acting will be just as good.

  29. Please, no more Lex Luthor. Can we give him a rest just a bit? I know, i know, i know, Lex is Supe's main main main arch-enemy, but supe's does have many many many more enemies for him to fight. If you have to have Lex in every Superman movie, then can we have him trying to his wealth to run for office, all the while secretly hiring anyone of supe's super-powered villains to smash him. Taz, you are right…we need more punching in the next superman movie.