DC Movie Update: ‘Major Announcements’ Coming in 2010

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 4th, 2010 at 9:24 am,

dccomics1 DC Movie Update: Major Announcements Coming in 2010

For a few days now, Collider has been sharing a the knowledge they gained from a lengthy talk with producer Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes, Terminator Salvation). We recently posted a snippet of Lin talking about Terminator Salvation‘s ending, and today we’re going to follow the conversation into the subject of DC/WB’s slate of upcoming superhero movies, including  Justice League, which has been stopping and going and stopping again for a few years now.

The word from Lin: Justice League is still on hold. However, it may not stay that way for too long – just one of many things we should hear more about in early 2010, as we now have further confirmation that DC/WB will be unveiling their superhero movie plans to the masses!

If you think back a year or two ago (can people still remember things that far back?), you’ll recall that DC/WB had a plan to do a Justice League movie first, and then use that group movie as a springboard for individual films featuring their second-tier characters (Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkman, Wonder Woman…).

However, with the formation of DC Entertainment, the original game plan has apparently been altered and DCE/WB will now be following the Marvel blueprint. According to Lin, “it seems like they’re (Warner Bros.) building to Justice League instead of going with the team movie first and doing individual movies after that.”

Now, yesterday we heard some wild RUMORS surface about the possibility of a Hawkman movie going into the pipeline. Those same sources assured us that this rumor would be cemented as fact early in 2010, as DCE/WB was going to be making some ‘major announcements’ regarding their superhero properties. I can’t confirm the first part of that rumor (the Hawkman movie), but, according to Lin, “they’re [WB] unveiling their DC strategy in January.”

For more on Dan Lin talking about possible DC/WB projects, go HERE.

So, between what Lin has said and the rumors circling the water cooler, it seems as though we’ll know much more about the fate of the Justice League movie (and many other DC superhero movies that we’ve been anticipating) sometime early next year. Until then, let’s bust open the comment section for discussion:

What DC Superhero movies would you like to see first and foremost? And how should they approach a Justice League movie?

Source: Collider

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  1. for the love of god I need my superman fix just imagine for 1 second how awsome that movie could be in the right hands. after that the flash please.

  2. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing. Ultimately it depends on the mix of characters that they bring to the screen. I’m not convinced that Hawkman is their “Iron Man” underdog guaranteed movie hit that they think it is. Iron Man is a much easier sell to a mass audience then a half naked man with wings, an outrageous mask and a mace. DC would be wise to stick to the core characters. We need a proper Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and perhaps even a Green Arrow/Black Canary film before DC starts giving out films to Plastic Man, Hawkman or Aquaman. However; if they play their cards right, and put the right mix on screen it could be awesome. Either way, I’ll be there for whatever they churn out…the fanboy in me just can’t say no to another comic book movie,

  3. Green Lantern, The Flash and WOnder Woman are NOT second-tier characters..Hawk & Dove, Black Lightning, Red Tornado, Zantana, Shazam, Power Girl, Supergirl are all secon-tier characters..I mean look at the picture you have included above..

    DC’s front-line characters are placed on the Front line of the picture!!

    Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
    Green Arrow
    Black Canary
    Green Lantern (John Stewart)
    Wonder Woman

    They are all not as famous as Superman and Batman but they are top-notched characters in their own right..Especially the Green Lanterns and Flash…

    Cheers :)

  4. By-the-way ..love that picture..have the comic Jose Edilbenes Bezerra (Ed Benes) is a great artist..Enjoy his work!!

  5. well the first movie i think that should go down would be SUPERMAN, why? just to be the poster child of superheroes to kick things off in there “world” then it would inspired guys to be like him, such as GREEN LANTERN or CAPTIN MARVEL then you bring in WONDER WOMEN, FLASH, THEN HAWKMAN or HAWKWOMEN in the mix as heroes who didnt want to be heroes but are now cause of fate… then the big movie with the JUSTICE LEAUGE that could involve guys like MARTIAN MANHUNTER, THE ATOM, GREEN ARROW even AQUAMAN these guys would be working for the government this whole time w/ AMANDA WALLER and they need these heroes all together for one important mission and then they would form the JUSTICE LEAGUE and it would all be founded by are favorite billionaire BRUCE WAYNE/BATMAN… batman would only be last cause Christian Bale had said a while back he didnt want nothing to do w/ a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie so it would give them [wb] enough time to look for a new BATMAN to fill his shoes…. so there it is a version on how i think it should go if they want to keep up w/ MARVEL…

  6. Blah,blah,blah.
    Isn’t this the same story we’ve heard for YEARS??
    DC/Warners announces their going to do this and that and it just drags on and on…Its TIRING!
    They can’t even get their flagship character (Superman) on an even keel.
    Sorry, Marvel’s firing on all cylinders right now (especially with Branaugh’s THOR),DC is going to have to do some major catching up, even counting last year’s The Dark Knight.

  7. @greenknight333

    I never meant to imply that Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash (amongst others) were second tier characters. All apologies if I was missunderstood. I consider them the core characters of the DC Universe (I also consider Green Lantern in that list too, but he’s already getting a flick so I didn’t mention him). I was only trying to point out that DC needs to put the core characters out their first, before they go to the second tiers, i.e. Hawkman, Aquaman, etc.

  8. I’m ready to see Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern! Also, if they’re going to do Justice League, they need to have Christain Bale as Batman. I’m obsessed with Batman, and frankly… I’d rather see a Batman sequel than a Flash movie or a Wonder Woman movie.

    My pick for director on Justice League: Chris Nolan

    Let’s just let him direct all the DC Universe superhero films haha

  9. Weren’t we told back when WB first formed the DCE that we’d know about their plans in a month or two? Now over a year later it’s another month away?

    I want my DC superheroes fix as much as anyone but all I’m hearing here is that the higher ups are just stalling AGAIN.

  10. Superman/Batman that is the only leeway into any JL movie. If you cant get those 2 “right” together there is no JL.

    The B/S movie could seg into the JL movie then into each of their own respected movies.

    So B and S need help and round up a few (WW, Flash, Etc.) then at the end it goes into the JL movie.

  11. @ Greenknight

    I meant “second-tier” in the sense of which characters are widely recognized by the non-geek masses. The average person knows a bit about Supes and Bats – but get into GL, Flash, or WW… eh… not so much.

  12. These guys will never get their act together. Green Lantern wont get off the ground and we’ll never see another Superman film,(What with all the legal problems)they blew that big time.
    I’m sure there will be another Batman film but what difference does it make to the over all “big picture” the way he’s being portrayed on the screen with Nolan means he’ll never be part of any “Justice league” film that might get made.
    Joel Silver should have kick started the Wonder Woman franchise by now and he just keeps farting about. I mean, co’mon how hard can it be? these charcter are legendary all ready.
    All they need is a good writer to get them up there on the screen.I’m sick and tired of hearing about what DC/Warners might or might not do, its so boring now!I couldn’t care less what they are about to announce as it will more that likely never happen.
    I mean, Hawkman for christ’s sake(and that’s only because he’s gonna turn up in Smallville pretty soon,i’m pretty sure thats not gonna be very good as usual.)
    not one of the better ideas then.
    Then again they did make that Catwoman film a few years back!)Sweet!

  13. @ Packy

    Sorry Dude…that post was directed at Kofi and not at you..

  14. Before Hawkman a Superman reboot has to happen. Definitely!

  15. If DCE/WB gonna go on the same course as Marvel Studios, then my idea would be to get Bruce Timm & Co. involved to make live-action films instead of makin animated ones. They had great success in bringing multiple charactors together on thier shows, especially JLU. And if they plan to make a Justice League live action film, they’re gonna have to atleast include most or all of the original lineup heroes. What i mean is im hoping people wont complain about solo films of Wonder Woman, Flash, Hawkman, & yes Aquaman aswell as Green arrow etc. I for one dont wanna see Superman & Batman franchises rebooted over and over again.

  16. @greenknight333

    no worries, I just wanted to clarify just in case.

    For the record, I would love to see a Flash movie that had a guest appearance by Green Lantern!

  17. I think that for a JL league film to even think about beginning, Nolan has to allow his batman to mingle with superheros, cause lets face it, we all want to see Nolan’s Batman partner up with Sups.he should first partner up with green arrow, and then Sups.

  18. If Nolan does another Batman movie that will be it for his superhero movies. He won’t be involved with anything superhero related after Batman.

  19. @M-Cat

    You are right. Nolan will stick to solely Batman films, if anything. He doesn’t even want to bring in Robin, no way he is bringing in other DC Universe characters. After the 3rd one he will be done. Once that happens, expect Batman to go a different direction.

    He will be part of a larger pantheon of heroes in a different continuity (and most likely not portrayed by Bale). It won’t be Nolan’s ‘realistic’ take. But you will (eventually) get your Justice League.

  20. My MARVEL comic book collection overshadows my DC collection. I don’t have a lot of DC comic books except for stacks of Batman, Green Lantern, Captain Atom, Flash and Firestorm.

    Ten characters may be a bit much to fully develop in a given two hour time frame for cinema, unless perhaps the script is written as part of a trilogy in a style similar to LOTR.
    Hey! is Peter Jackson free? :)

    My character picks for now are:

    Green Lantern
    Wonder Woman
    Captain Atom – (post crisis) Nathaniel Adams.
    Green Arrow
    Black Canary

  21. I’d watch a Power Girl movie if they got someone to play her as close to the animated version of her as possible. Oh yeah! :P…. I can just see it.. er them… now. Of course it would have to be an R flick………

    seriously though I need a good DEADMAN movie……or maybe even a Green Arrow…..

  22. you guys are forgetting martian manhunter!!! we definatly need a film or appearance from him!! his solo movie would be FRICKIN AWSOME!!

  23. Martian Manhunter would rock so much , I am shocked that we have not gotten a film on him as of yet.

  24. i agree with rocket.. get your closer off the can and into some aireal dog fights..

    but dc is retarded..

    and hawkman = fail

  25. They have to get Superman right and mesh Nolan’s Batman with a NEW Superman reboot. There has to be a Batman Superman movie, a Wonder Woman movie, and arguably a GL or Flash Movie before they do JL. Bale has to be in the mix.

  26. Bale will not be involved with anything superhero related except for another batman movie. If you think Bale or Nolan would be around beyond that then you haven’t been paying attention. Positive thinking though I like.

  27. A superman film needs to be done…..now!!!

  28. Maybe the studios should wait until smallville is over and use Tom Welling….I know that rumor was flying around before superman returns came out, but I really think he would be a great clark and superman….

  29. i think tom welling would look AWFUL in the actual suit

    plus his skin is too dark for supes