Dan Aykroyd Says ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Production in 2013; Bill Murray ‘Won’t Be Involved’

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Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd Ghostbusters 3 Dan Aykroyd Says Ghostbusters 3 Production in 2013; Bill Murray Wont Be Involved

Pre-production discussion surrounding the highly-anticipated Ghostbusters 3 has presented an emotional roller coaster ride for diehard supporters of the series – especially with regard to Bill Murray’s role in the sequel. When it comes to fan-favorite character, Peter Venkman, there’s plenty of on-again off-again news – with many of the project’s key filmmakers blaming Murray for regularly stalling the movie. Murray, to his credit, has been respectful about the finger pointing, at least in the public eye, asserting that he’s open to supporting the film (and/or reprising his role) if he was presented with the right script.

However, for now at least, it sounds as though one-time Ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd (who has been instrumental in moving the third film forward), is finally prepared to forge on without Murray.

It’s not the first time that Aykroyd has discussed moving forward without his ghostbusting partner but this time the actor/producer is offering a time window for Ghostbusters 3 production.

Speaking to Metro (in the UK) Aykroyd was extremely candid – flat out cutting Murray out of the equation before reflecting on the difficulty of the situation and teasing the future. Responding to the question, “Is Bill Murray doing [Ghostbusters 3]?” Aykroyd had this to say:

“No, I can tell you he won’t be involved.”

“It’s sad but we’re passing it on to a new generation. Ghostbusters 3 can be a successful movie without Bill. My preference would be to have him involved but at this point he doesn’t seem to be coming and we have to move on. It’s time to make the third one.”

As mentioned, Aykroyd also confirmed that the producers and studio are confident in the latest script idea (penned by Tropic Thunder‘s Etan Cohen) – and that, as a result, the film could begin production in 2013:

“We’ve got a brilliant new writer on it and we’ll be passing the torch on to a new generation. We’re working on it to make it just right to satisfy our fans. I’m confident we’ll be in production in the next year.”

The balance between “passing the torch” and “satisfying” prior fans is, no doubt, a tricky line to walk – and one of the many reasons that prior Ghostbusters 3 script drafts have failed to connect with studio executives, fans, and/or cast members.

bill murray ghostbusters 3 Dan Aykroyd Says Ghostbusters 3 Production in 2013; Bill Murray Wont Be Involved

At one point, it was speculated that Murray would be the “bridge” from the old guard to the knew – by dying and turning into a ghost himself. However, as that is no longer likely to be the case (or anything more than a brief cameo), wherever the Ghostbusters 3 plot goes – it’ll start with some aging, yet familiar, faces (Aykroyd for one) recruiting a lively new batch of Ghostbusters. Therefore, expect the filmmakers to focus on corralling a new team of up-and-coming Ghostbusters – a group that the studio could use for an entirely new set of films (and toys).

For now, the Ghostbusters faithful had better imagine a sequel without the team’s leading man but, as Murray has previously indicated (in spite of Aykroyd’s comments), “You just have to have a really good script, you know, it’s hard. I think, you know, we’ll try again.

To Murray’s point, if the Cohen script falls flat somewhere along the road to 2013, there’s always that infamous J. Michael Straczynski idea.


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Source: Metro [via ComingSoon]

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  1. no Venkman, man the script will have to be really good for this to be a good movie, it’s sad that murray won’t appear in it even if it was just a cameo.

    • Makes no sense to me why he won’t do it. He put the costume on in Zombieland or done something Ghostbusters related in that movie. Been a while since I have watched it.

  2. I love Ghostbusters but No Bill Murray, No sequel. Give us another ghostbusters video game instead. I loved what they did with the game.

    • The GB game was downright great!

  3. No Murray? It’s like Godzilla without Godzilla. -.- This script would have to be REALLY good if they want to pull this off. Tropic Thunder wasn’t all that great.

  4. So the better question is whom will the next Generation be…..I for one think you can go with the next generation with out going to young.
    David Duchovny would be great and if you watch Californication he is amazing. He could be the seasoned scientist.
    Donald Glover
    Jonah Hill
    Zachary Levi
    would be good and as long as they leave it with the feel of the original and movies like the Frighteners it will do fine. Have the original cast doing cameos and handing off the torch. Hell Kill off Venkman, have him being dead for some time and Duchovny’s character was his replacment and him basiclly getting his team cause the rest of the crew has gotten to old keep going.

    • Dan Fogler!

    • Duchovny would be fun for many reasons.

      But seriously no Bill = no interest.

    • Chris Pine, Vince Vaughn , Ben stiller and Chris Tucker – or go more serious and tough and do Rampage Jackson!

  5. I thought Tropic Thunder was awesome (even though RDJ and Tom Cruise made that movie as good as it is) but I’m not looking forward to a new Ghostbusters.

    Even if Bill was on board, I don’t like the idea of a 3rd movie.

  6. People don’t always read the credits & acknowledge Akyroyd, who wrote the 1st 2 Ghostbusters movies (along w/ fellow Ghostbuster, Harold Ramis), cartoon, video games, etc., along with The Blues Brothers, Spies Like Us & Dragnet. Ghostbusters was his concept, his baby. Sure, we all love Bill Murray & we want him along for #3, but if he’s worried G3 will spoil his chances of winning an Oscar for “Hyde Park on Hudson” as FDR, he should reconsider. G2 wasn’t that good & this has the chance to “redeem” the series. Go out in a blaze of proton pack glory. Do this one for the fans. C’mon Bill, make fun of yourself, like in “Zombieland”. We like your serious indie stuff, too man, but c’mon; you voiced Venkman in ’09 for a video game & you won’t do the movie?!?! Lay a little more Venkman on us for old times’ sake.

    • *winner*

    • This is the best comment for a story like this.

  7. Why do I feel like I’ve read this article before…like many times before.

  8. this stinks. period. As for “new” ghostbusters I’d like Paul Rudd and Kevin Hart for starters…if we must have new gb’s…

  9. Either make a new one with new actors, or get Bill Murray. He’s instrumental in the charm of Ghostbusters, as by far the most charismatic of the bunch. It will not be the same without him, and I dare say, almost impossible to be good. It’s akin to losing Rowan Atkinson and doing another round of Blackadder.

  10. Don’t even make it. No Murray, no movie. I won’t be paying to see it. I’ll wait for it to be online for free. If Murray was in it, I’d see it in Theatres.

  11. Hopefully it really is a great script instead of just hype to get this movie out. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…..NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, from the Jonah Hill, Michael Cera gang, I just can’t take it. Not really looking forward to the female Ghostbuster either.

  12. Hm, by “next generation”, I wonder if they mean something like this:
    Man I hope not…

    Whichever way they go, I don’t have much interest anymore. I watched the movies when I was a kid and I still re-watch them from time to time (when there’s nothing else on), but I can’t see this third one being a success.
    Murray was a big part of the franchise and as big a d$%! as he’s been about this whole thing in the past few months, without him it just won’t be the same IMO…

    • You doubled down on your link, but I figured it out. I never saw that cartoon and based on the description, I hope this film doesn’t go that route. I’m wanting a range of ages for the characters like most jobs people have…not a bunch of college-aged kids.

      I agree that Murray was an important part of the first two movies, but he was playing a character. Aykroyd and Ramis did so much more behind the scenes. So if the scriptwriters can create a character as interesting and funny as Venkman, and the casting director can get an actor to portray the character well (*cough* Dan Fogler *cough*) then revitalizing this franchise could happen. But that’s a lot of ifs and hoping for a movie that has been in pre-production for 900 years.

  13. Wow, what actors and studios will do to make money nowadays. No Bill Murray = no me for sure. Bill Murray was the best thing about the original Ghostbusters. Akroyd is desperate to keep his dead career alive and the studio once again is doing what every other studio does just trying to squeeze as much money as the can from a sequel. I don’t what makes them think that the can revitalize a franchise after his has been gone for already 23 years and by the time this movie comes out it will be 25. They’re going to pull a Indiana Jones and totally ruin the originals by making another sequal when they shouldn’t. Don’t mess with the originals and leave this franchise alone Akroyd. Bill Murray probably realizes it will be a bomb and a bad mistake that’s why he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.

  14. Bill Murray is Ghostbusters. I trust his instincts on declining.
    Too much time has passed at this point and this sequel, barring
    the original cast with an extraordinary script, should not be made.

    • To be quite honest – this murraay love is some ol bullish. “The man’s a goblin.” But seriously look HE is not gb – especially when aykroyd and ramis wrote the first two. Saying that pretty much negates all the funny things everyone else did “I have seen sh*t that’ll turn you white!” C’mon…that being said he does NEED to be in or it’s a bust. At least a cameo – if not, then no theater revenue lol but my main point is look at the videogame…Murray’s voice work for the first half is horrible. It’s the laziest thing Ive ever heard. He picks it up half way through and you can tell he’s having fun doing the character. They obviously need to MOTIVATE that douche some how cuz I think honestly he’s just too lazy too put on the proton pack again.

      • I was not expressing “Murray love” as you characterize it.
        Nor was I diminishing the work of the other actors involved.
        You, on the other hand, did clearly express your Murray hate.

  15. I’m all for the idea of a new generation as long as it is done correctly and pays homage to the originals by doing things like making Winston the mayor of NYC or having Ray and Egon working in the Ghostbusters lab but not doing field work (and mention Venkman off in Europe on a book tour). There are tons of comedic actors who could step in and move this franchise forward…like Melissa McCarthy or Nick Offerman or Kal Penn or Paul Rudd or my favorite choice Dan Fogler. Special effects have advanced so much that this movie is almost required to be made. I’d be first in line to see this movie, but I’m pretty sure Dan Aykroyd is just releasing his required 6 month statement on the progress of Ghostbusters 3.

  16. Cue negotiations with Michael Cera for grown up Oscar…

  17. Obviously this is about money as it’s always about money. How sad that they believe this movie can do great things without him. He is a main wheel to this. This will be ok but nothing that I must fork out money to see on the big screen. I will wait as long as I have to and pick it up for a few bucks on the cheap on dvd.

  18. I agree that it can be done without Bill. Although I loved his character as Dr. Peter Venkman,& he was funny,he is not alone in the endeavor. Maybe he could make a cameo,or they could say that he moved away & retired somewhere else in the world,or they could go the route that he died some time ago & either have him cameo as a ghost or make some reference to him early in the film with his picture on the wall in the background or something & then move on. I say that if they are to pass the torch to a new generation then the story arc has to be interesting. Maybe have mike epps as winston zeddmore’s nephew or something & then possibly Kal Penn as a former student of Dr. Venkman’s,Anna Faris as Stantz’s daughter or something,& Jonah Hill as Egon’s Spenglers son. I mean there are many different directions they could go with a story,plot,character arcs,etc. But I would like to know if they will have annie Potts return as well as somehow bring Rick Moranis out of retirement,& if not who will replace them. As we are not back in 1985,everything has changed,technology,etc. They would have to have it all make sense. Not to mention how & if Sigourney Weaver returns as Dana, she will fit into the story as well as her son Oscar. There are many different textures to the stories that were. The challenge is where to go from where part 2 left off & how it could possibly be redeeming & funny. I say work on the characters first & have the story right,cause special effects are alot more easier when you have everything else in place. Back then it was trick photography/filming. Now there’s CGI & stereoscopic 3d cameras. Make the characters memorable & the kids of today’s generation will more likely find the same type of enjoyment that many of us who grew up in the 80′s did. Who know’s,in 25 more years or so when they are grown up they may have the same sense of nostalgia that many of us have for the original. All in all though, I really hope that Bill Murray changes his mind & shows up in the film in some capacity,even if briefly. (Fingers crossed…)

  19. I am more worried that Dan ‘Yogi Bear’ Ackroyd and Harold ‘Year One’ Ramis has lost whatever touch on comedy they once had. Been a long, long time since either one of them seemed to be able to define a comedy on their own terms. So, I’ll be expecting ‘jokes’ about old men unable to fit into suits too small for them and huffing and puffing as the younger ‘uns leave them behind when it comes to running etc. There will more than likely be a life lesson at the end, when we all realise the older generation can still cut it… and possibly a few fart gags to bring in the Wayan’s Brothers generation…


    My childhood memories of the first Ghostbusters, and indeed my first ever movie crush on Sigourney ‘Gatekeeper’ Weaver are going to be set on fire forever it seems.

    • That’s probably why Ackroyd and Ramis conceited writing duties to younger, more contemporary writers so as to make it accessible to its innevitable target audience: Tweens and teens. Let’s just hope there is enough leftover from the old franchise to add in so as to appease the fans who grew up watching the first two films.

  20. I want Moranis in part 3

  21. Well to make this short,if Bill isn’t in the script then it won’t be original “Ghostbusters”!He’s the reason people will watch this sequel.

  22. Sounds like Blues Brothers 2000 all over again.

  23. No Murray. No Money.

  24. Can’t believe how stubborn Murray is. If it were me, i would do it for my pals & for the fans of the franchise as id like to be part of the film that could redeem the franchise after the 2nd film.

    • Exactly. The guy will do Garfield – when no one wanted that, but won’t do a GB3 – what everyone wanted. II is nowhere near as bad as people have maintained over the years (I blame Siskel & Ebert for that one! lol) but you’re telling me they can’t get a script to match THAT ONE!? It was essentially a clone of 1 lol but the performances were still good and it was funny AND it was ghost busters (plus peter Mcnichol? turned in a scene stealing performance as Janosh)…how bad can the third script REALLY be that lazy ass doesn’t want to do it. You can keep garfield, broken flowers, cigarettes and coffee, garfield 2, city of ember etc etc…mr. murray – cuz I never asked for and of that ‘crap’. I wanted GB III…oh ever since II! lol

  25. Just get Wes Anderson to direct it, problem solved!

    • lol

  26. lol really? They are going to do this without Murray? He’s the only reason people went and saw the 1st one.

  27. Why does everyone continue to fail to realize that Murray owns a share of the rights to the franchise. No sequel can be made with his, Ackroyd, Ramis and Reitman’s consent.

  28. come on bill murray just do it. we will love you for it. a funny scene could be where the ghostbusters have to go thru an airport and be searched by tsa. imagine all the crap they would have to take out of their pockets!

  29. @ MS

    I realize Murray owns a share of the rights to the franchise. I just think he’s being stubborn as being taking part to redeem the franchise & please fans of the franchise.

    • Exactly. He’s being a douche. Poor Bill Murray doesn’t want to reap in millions just top please all the people that had to sit though Larger Than Life. What an *ss.

    • Exactly. He’s being a douche. Poor Bill Murray doesn’t want to reap in millions just to please all the people that had to sit though Larger Than Life. What an *ss.