Damon Lindelof Disappointed by ‘Harry Potter’; Apologizes to ‘Lost’ Fans

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damon lindelof lost apology Damon Lindelof Disappointed by ‘Harry Potter’; Apologizes to ‘Lost’ Fans

When the juggernaut that was Lost finally came to an end, many fans were left unfulfilled by the conclusion. Unfulfilled has unfortunately become a running trend with popular television series - The Sopranos serving as the most poignant example.

To that end, Lost producer Damon Lindelof has gained a new perspective on why fans might have been disappointed – by experiencing his own frustration with one of his favorite franchises, Harry Potter.

For anyone interested in Lindelof’s feelings about Harry Potter, but wishing to avoid spoilers for Lost, please skip ahead – past the image of Hermione.


The revelation that the flash sideways were actually the manifestation of a symbolic “place” that the characters created in order to “pass over” together served to divide the rabid fan base, as many were angered with the simplistic, yet endearing, finale. The Lost fans emotionally driven responses served to result in many labeling their years spent watching as a waste of time.

Before the finale, we brought you a final statement that Lindelof had made, which was released after the final episode aired. In it, Lindelof reflected on their intentions with the finale and made a point to say that they hoped the “feeling of saying goodbye to the show – of the show not being around anymore – was actually literally perfectly paralleling what we were showing you on the screen.”

To conclude what many thought would be Lindelof’s only statement regarding the Lost finale (both Lindelof and Carlton Cuse had said they wouldn’t talk about the series for many years), he noted. “If you had an experience anything like that, then it was mission accomplished. If you didn’t, we blew it and I apologize.”

Unfortunately, after the finale aired and the resulting backlash ensued, both Lindelof and Cuse had a change of heart and have since openly spoke about the series in many venues. The notion that fans were angered and upset with finale didn’t sit well the two storytellers. The feeling between Lindelof and Cuse was that anyone angry about the Lost finale were not, in fact, true fans of the series.


harry potter deathly hallows lost Damon Lindelof Disappointed by ‘Harry Potter’; Apologizes to ‘Lost’ Fans

Fortunately, with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Lindelof gained a new perspective.

Tasked with reviewing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 for The Daily Beast, Lindelof should have been in heaven. Having been an enormous fan of the Harry Potter franchise, all Lindelof had to do was revel in the magical world and wonderful storytelling that the series is known for. Unfortunately, that is not what happened.

Lindelof left his screening of the film feeling much of what the boisterous Lost fans felt after watching the finale. After trying to convince himself that he actually liked the film throughout the majority of his review, Lindelof eventually digressed and apologized for inappropriately categorizing those fans that were unhappy with Lost’s conclusion.

“They should not have split the book into two halves. Order of the Phoenix had more pages and they did just fine with that one.

I felt dirty. I felt… taken advantage of. I know, I know, people in glass houses—but, still!


My point is that I’m still a fan. A huge fan. Huge.

And so I sincerely and genuinely apologize to all those whom I have stripped of their Lost fandom just for complaining about the stuff you didn’t like. It doesn’t make you any less a fan. In fact…

It just makes you honest.

I respect that. And I’m genuinely sorry for ever feeling otherwise.”

With Lindelof’s proverbial mea culpa, it brings some interesting questions. If Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 had premiered before the final season of Lost was planned, would the finale have been different?

lost finale apology Damon Lindelof Disappointed by ‘Harry Potter’; Apologizes to ‘Lost’ Fans

Additionally, it brings into question storytellers becoming so invested in their story and the subsequent positive fan reactions that they lose sight of delivering the best experience to their audience and knowing what their viewers want.

For Lost, it appears that Lindelof and Cuse believed that the fans were invested in the fantastical journey that they have led of them, when, in fact, many sighted the continuous mystery and lingering questions as what drove them to keep tuning in. While the final season of Lost provided some revelations, many questions were left unanswered.

In the end, television is a very subjective medium. While movies are set up as an event where you travel to a specific venue, television is in your home and something that you enjoy by yourself and with your family. What starts as a simple pilot, turns in to a journey over many years in which a series grows, as does the lives of those watching. Over those years, each person connects with something different in the series.

This is why you always hear people saying that [insert TV show here] is MY show – something that is rarely, if ever, said about films. And, ultimately, there’s no way you’re going to be able to please everyone.

A sentiment that is hard to grasp, but one that must be acknowledged.


Source: The Daily Beast [via: Movieline]

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  1. My question is has he read all the potter books? If so then its pretty damn obvious that they had tosplit the final book in order to give the series a fair finale. What was he expecting,to see the final battle? LOL

    • He’s also wrong about saying OOTP was fine as one film, because they missed out so much, just like they did in HBP.
      POA and GOF should have been 3 hours long.
      OOTP and HBP should have both been split in half as well.

      • I agree 100% DrSam. But id split GOF as well….OOTP left wayyy to much stuff out *sigh*

        • They didnt miss too much out of Goblet Of Fire if I recall, so an extra 30 minutes should sort it out.
          Did you ever hear about a directors cut of POA and GOF? I did a few years ago, 4 hour cut of GOF….

          • Ive heard of a 3 hour cut of OOTP not GOF. GOF needed splitting i think for barty crouch and winky the elf etc its ok as a movie but the more the better lol

            • True. I think HBP and OOTP suffered the most from the story cuts, HPB barely made any sense as a film, all the flashbacks to Voldermort’s (sorry, He Who Must Not Be Named) were vital to the story as was the stuff with Snape and Lily. My only thought is that they will save the Snape stuff for Deathly Hallows Part 2 otherwise Snape’s part of the story will not make any sense at all…

              • Yeah well,i think those cuts sucked and the added scenes sucked even more. But oh well….like the dursleys departing was CUT who would cut that? SERIOUSLY!???

                • Yeah that annoyed me too! That’s a hugely important part of Harry’s life they glossed over, it would have added a few extra minutes!

                  • Yes Sam,and a hogwarts scene wouldve been nice as well. That wouldve been PERFECT. It will be in a delete scene but thats not enough i wanted it in the film :(

                  • Would you two like a room? :)

                    • Ants is jealous! How sweet…LMAO! :D

                    • Uhhh ok?

                    • i knew it lmao

      • I stopped watching the movies after the cut up job that they did with POA. I loved the books, but will wait for dvd for these movies.

    • lol yh he prob didint read all the books

    • i should have known you would be on here rickly! haha

  2. I spent so much time trying to justify the ending of Lost to my friends, and now I look like a giant @$$ :( Thanks Lindelof!

    • i did the same thing, but i still stick by what i say. the show was always based on the relationships of the characters, and for the most part, that is what most people connected with. i mean, if it was sci-fi, and the characters all hated each other, would anyone really have liked lost that much? the sci-fi added interesting story line, but in the end it was the characters relationships that mattered, and what made it a good story.

      • Very well said Christi. People get hung up on science/religion, realism/mysticism, etc while the whole show was being held together by fascinating characters, great actors and interesting relationships/interactions between those characters.

        • thanks. i get so tired of people trash talking both because they are really losing sight of what the story’s basic intentions are. even in harry potter, the fantasy aspect is interesting, and it makes the story awesome and fun to read, but the relationships are what make it so meaningful! either way, i need no apology! still love lost and hp!

          • i realize i just reiterated what we both have already said, but it’s worth repeating. haha

  3. *nods* I’ll take it

  4. The simple fact is that Lost was just so dumb and ridiculous that there was never going to be a way to come up with a satisfactory ending that made sense, they were always making the show up as they went along, that is very clear if you watch season 1 episodes, whatever ending they came up with people were going to complain.

    How to end a tv show, just watch 24. Perfect ending to the best show of the past decade.

    • I have to disagree. I believe that at points, they were just making things up as they went along, but you can’t say the entire show was like that. There were so many things that were tied together and they made sense. You can’t satisify every fan.

      Case and point: 24. I will agree with you Sam that 24 is probably the best show of the past decade. But after Season 5 the writing really went off the hill. Season 6 was dreadful, except for the first few hours. Season 7 was a bit of a pick up and could have been the end. But they had to take it that one step further in to Season 8 which I believe has to be some of the worst writing in 24. The beginning of the season dragged on so much. President Taylor was given a paper thin character for the majority of the season. Sure there were sparks of creativity and genius. (Hasan episode) However, the ending seemed a bit weak. But it sets it up for the movie. I felt much more satisfaction from Lost’s series finale then from 24.

      Although again I’ll say, I agree it is one of the best shows this past decade. By far.

  5. That cuts deep Dr. Beckett, haha but I guess now I will have to finish 24.

    • Sorry if it did. But Lost never did anything for me.

      And yes, finish 24, season 8 was a drastic improvement after the terrible season 7, and you get to see Jack Bauer gut another man, and the ending is perfect.

  6. This is an interesting discussion. Although I disagree with Lindelof about Deathly Hallows, it’s definitely intriguing to see how he feels about it and how it reflects on his LOST considerations.

    Having been a big fan of how both the ending of LOST and Harry Potter were and have been (respectively) handled, it might be interesting to note that maybe Lindelof doesn’t actually fall into the camp of people that he thought he was writing for.

    Because of his proximity to the show, he assumed that people were there for the story, and the experience, and the characters, which some people (myself included) were. This is how he felt because of his involvement in the show. Perhaps this isn’t the actual way that he prefers his stories told, however; maybe it’s just what felt right for him at the time, regardless of how he would feel as a fan of the show. His dislike for a purely character-driven semi-conclusion to the Potter franchise makes him something of a hypocrite, I suppose, though it’s more a divide between his writing tastes and his fanboy tastes, which can be different.

    • I agree with your thoughts. “Lost” could have ended better (well, I expected it to end with a bang but it gave me a hoot instead). He’s just using the latest Harry Potter film as an excuse. Shame on him! The Brits have their own formula to success with their franchises and “Lost” is a TV series so it’s like taking on Goliath when he dares compare ‘failures’ with the HP franchise that have all been realized in the silver screen and he’s still stuck on formulating a “Lost” film adaptation that hopes to wrap things up nicely. Apology accepted, Mr. Lindelof-sir but I expected you to know better before reviewing the latest Potter film.

  7. As a big fan of both Lost and Harry Potter (and as one who was somewhat disappointed by the finales of both series), I accept Mr. Lindelof’s apology and the more I think about it, the more the two franchise stories are similiar. Two things people never thought were going to succeed but they did–and an ending that polarized the fan bases. You can call Lost dumb, irrational, stupid, or whatever, but it doesn’t change the fact that it truly was unique in the ways it weaved its mythology, storytelling devices, and characters. The fact that television networks are still trying to imitate it are a testament to its strength.

    I never expected everything in Lost to be tied up, nor did I think the show should have wrapped everything up with a bow…there were some things however that should have been cleared up with the audience before a final sendoff.

    The disappointment of how series like Lost and The Sopranos end will only hurt other shows that try to be different and break the mold. It’s rather unfortunate these shows end this way but I do thank the came along and did what they did. However, the shows are also victims of their own hype.

  8. I enjoyed the Lost finale but it was nice of Lindelof to offer that apology.

  9. My suspicion is that Damon Lindelof is speaking as a fan of the Harry Potter MOVIES, and not the books.

    As has been perfectly stated by others earlier in this thread, almost ALL of the HP books should have been either A) longer or B) split into two-parters.

    The 5th and 6th books in particular suffered terribly from their transition to film medium… far too much material was left out. Some of the finale’s dénouement will be near impossible to render properly without much of the material that was left out of those films.

  10. Too little much too late, and a big case of crocodile tears.
    Apology NOT accepted, Mr. Lindelof…

  11. WOW. Im of two camps. I appreciate the effort he is putting into addressing LOST, however his (and Cuse) apparent snubbing of the fan base has me wondering if it is sincere.

    I agree with DSB in a sense that they let to many worms out of the can and there was no way they were going to herd them all back in to make a cohesive story. I mean come on it was (or did not appear to be) about spirituality, fields of green clover, butterflies and virgins. The bulk of LOST was mystery. They kept introducing mysteries but one never explaining them and/or two never giving us the viewer enough information to solve or even come to a logical conclusion ourselves.

    Then to create that New Man in Charge crap to answer mysteries made it feel more like middle finger to the fanbase saying f you you didnt get it ha ha.

    There is nothing wrong with screwing it up or doing something your way. However to act smug and tell people (the same people that supported you for 6 years) they didnt get it when there was nothing to get is ludicrous.

    I do disagree with DSB as they had plenty of time and opportunity to clear a lot of that stuff up. People were never looking for a 6 hour segment on what the Island/Light was. A 10 minute segment of leaders from various walks of life (Romans, Egytians, etc) locking away the light on the Island because of the destruction it caused when it was attempted to be harnessed would have explained a lot.

    A flashback of the first smokie or what happened when someone came in contact with the light like MiB did and the threat he presented as such. 10 more minutes.

    A flashback of the various people getting together every so many years to replace the protector and explaining the responsibilities of said protector. another 10.

    No we get flash sideways that meant absolutely nothing.

    Not to mention that half a$$ed book that was supposed to be the definitive encyclopedia…. (no I did not buy it)

    /nerd rage off.

    Yeah no apology not accepted. I need more sincerity then an easy out that HP gave him.

    Yes I know he is not apologizing to me no I dont expect him to either. Im just posting my thoughts.

    • The problem with mysteries is that people require an answer. Lost was never going to adequately explain its mysteries because they were so far out there.

      • They were not that far out there. No further out then an alien that poofs around in a Police call box….. :D

        They just put it out there and never addressed it or didn’t care about it or forgot about it. Mysteries are great when you are given enough information to formulate a logical (based on the stuff presented not real logic) answer.

        I mean flash sideways time could have been used to explain almost all of the mysteries. That is if they had answers to begin with and just didn’t throw poo out there…..

        • I’ll tell you what it was, and this is the reason I stopped watching, the weirdness and the mysteries, they were for the sake of it, as if to deliberately make the show strange and to give it a hook. It was only afterwards did they realise they had to try and explain these crazy things and had, well, nothing.

          it’s basic plotting, to know why a thing happens, and it goes to show that they were just making it up as they went along.

  12. Lost effing Ruled anyone who thinks otherwise does not know good story telling, yes the ending was a “simple” (not to use another word) way to end it as a matter of fact alot ppl had that speculation from day 1 so it was not hard to grasp at all, then again i did not watch it while it was airing on tv I am a new Lost fan i bought the series on dvd and watched disc for disc season for season and ill admit the end left me a little down BUT the show is not as DSB put it dumb and ridiculus, og and Smallville is just ground breaking tv huh, or maybe you’d rather watch Hellcats IDK all i do know is that is MY show lol and as far as 24 being the best show in the last decade you must be on heavy drugs that show blows and you say Lost is dumb how may times is that guy gonna save the world? the show should just be called mission Impossible or Bond 24 cant stand in Lost shadow.

    • Well it was when they opened up storylines, created mysteries, introduced characters, etc then never fully fleshed them out.

      Pretty dumb and fairly piss poor story telling.

      As an FYI and you may be doing this on a mobile device, punctuality and breaking your thoughts into paragraphs/sentences make them easier to read and understand.

      • I fugured it was an opposable thumbs issue…

      • FYI, it’s “punctuation”… punctuality is simply “being on time”.

        • HEY NOW I was proving a point…. :D silly spell check.

        • LOL

    • Good story telling? I think not. It was make it up as you go along story telling, and just because I don’t like something, hardly gives you the right to have a barely coherent mumble of a rant at me, and start attacking shows that I like! How desperately childish, I don’t like something you like and you feel the need to attack me and the shows I like, that’s school yard tactics.

      So yeah, Lost is ridiculous to me.

      And criticise Smallville all you like, I know that show has faults, but I think you will find yourself on shaky ground saying and I’ll quote

      ” and as far as 24 being the best show in the last decade you must be on heavy drugs that show blows”

      I’m not sure how many others will support that statment.

  13. What are you talking about DSB? they explained all the hatches the smoke monster the guy who never aged they explained the Island and what IT was and in the end the Flash Sideways was just to tell the story of how they never “moved on” as a whole and they needed Jack to move on like they always needed Jack whatever man im not gonna fight you DSB over a show but really right about now i can tell you did not watch the whole thing and to me thats like complaining about Potter and never read the books or watched the movies so yea……

    • Random… really?

      So why did they need Jack? What was the common thread that the ones present in the Church needed Jack and others, say Jacks exwife, his Mother, etc did not need Jack?

      When you answer that then you can answer (since Sawyer needed Jack) why didnt people like Sawyer need the mother of his child (he was going home to her) his daughter, his parents that passed before him etc.?

      What is the reasoning for having some in the church and some not? What is the 6 degrees of Jack Sheppard as I like to call it?

      • I’m only answering your questions, not defending RandomMovieRan.
        They needed Jack since he was the new Jacob and part of the gang. The people that were needed were the ones in the island, not the ones that had a relationship of 6 degrees with the others. That’s my interpretation.

        • No problem however if you go with what Christian says (they needed you you needed them) it makes it sound like a 6 degrees thing. Meaning if one of that group was missing it would not be possible for them all to move on.

  14. I enjoyed the ending of lost and so did most people I know that followed the show.

    This guilt/apology doesn’t do anyone any good. He’s pretty much insulting the writers and everyone else that worked so hard on the show and the ending. There is NO PERFECT way to end LOST. We were given an ending that was well thought out and executed with style and class. What more do you want?

    *Boo Hoo, “I was taken advantage of”…give me a break.

    • There is NO PERFECT way to end LOST. We were given an ending that was well thought out and executed with style and class. What more do you want?

      Yes there could have been had it been planned out.

      No we were not hence the multitude of people that were not happy with it.

      There is a lot that was wanted but as someone said before everything now will be to little to late.

      • Okay, tell me then, what was a better way to end it?

        The events preceding the ending all amounted to a resolution done a certain way.

        A LOT was left to imagination but it baffles me that people see it as a bad thing. They expect everything to be presented to them on a silver platter and tied with a nice bow.

        Some of the best shows (The Wire, Shield, Sopranos) ended with a lot left to the imagination, and those shows did not have the supernatural elements of The Lost. Use your imaginations people!

        • Ok. Since my 1pm was canceled. (this is season 6 btw bot just the ending)

          The whole flash sideways needs to be removed. It was totally useless. Keep most of the current Island things intact.

          The time left from removing the flash sideways show/explain:

          1. The Light as being a force placed there by humans that have tried to harness it but failed. Show Egyptians, Romans, Asians, etc working together to create the pit and cork sealing away the light. It is just something powerful that humans were never meant to use or not ready to use at that time. (there are TONS of myths like this)

          2. Maybe flash back to when someone attempted to use it was smokied and the effect it had.

          3. Show Egyptians, Romans, etc visiting the Island assuring a protector is in place.. leading up to “mother” taking over.

          That covers the source, and shows that MiB is a threat. Not on his own accord but because what he has become.

          Now to cover the Church and Jack. I have no issues with this being about ‘Jack’. Jack was the one to ultimately stop MiB. It was his destiny. However as stated before he could (no one can) not do it alone.

          Jack awaking on the plane (like the beginning of season 6) getting off the plane and going to the church for his fathers funeral is all good.

          Him seeing an empty church and his father is all good. His father giving the speech is ok along with the others (no not THE others.. :D) showing up supporting you cant do it alone.

          HOWEVER…. fade them out. He does not need them to move on. He needed them for what he needed to do in life. In death he can move on knowing what he completed in life allows him to move on in death.

          His father is the last to fade after Jack states he is sorry… His father never wanted his forgiveness just for Jack to forgive himself and be what he should be and do what needed to be done.

          That makes the show about Jack. So to need to know what happened to everyone else is irrelevant to the story of Jack. We know people died before him and after him. What else would be needed?

          We see and understand the threat of MiB. We understand why there are was and will be protectors.

          Does it sew up the story? If it was Jacks then yes it does. Does it sew up every nook and cranny? Nope. It doesnt have to as it was Jacks story. It opened on Jack and it closed on Jack.

          this knits up season 6. Yes I know there are slight holes and questions but I dont have the space to cover that. They could of though easily.

          • I respect your opinion and you obviously thought about it but like you said there are (big) holes in that ending just like there are holes in the ending we were left with. But those holes can be filled by using our imagination.

            • No you said BETTER way to end. Tha is a better way to end it as it ties up and answers some major strylines/plotpoints that did not gel.

              I can use my imagination…. then why do people bother to write full stories? Heck just have a show with a person standing in an empty room void of everything and let me use my imagination….

              This is not Mad-Lib.

              • So you think your way is BETTER? Some ego you got there

                Your story is full of holes and wouldn’t translate well to the screen

                But that’s beside the point. The people that wrote the ending were trained writers that worked on the show for a long time and knew what they were doing. Just because you didn’t like it and didn’t get it doesn’t make it a bad ending.

                There is no “full” story, technically. Every movie leaves SOMETHING to the imagination. Some more than others. We’re not talking extremes here so save you condescending remarks.

          • All I have to say is I would have been so, so, so much more disappointed if they decided to have Jack just come to terms with himself and all that malarkey you just said. The people he met were a part of his destiny, they were supposed to be with him forever. Isn’t that what everyone hopes for? To someday meet up with all of they people they loved and spend the rest of eternity happy with them? It may seem cliche, but it really was a beautiful, moving portrayal of that idea. The fact that they had six seasons to build up the relationships made it even better!

            • @Christi,

              All that Malarky more or less was parallel with what happened. As you noticed (or maybe you didnt) I covered the need in life:
              “Him seeing an empty church and his father is all good. His father giving the speech is ok along with the others (no not THE others.. :D ) showing up supporting you cant do it alone.

              HOWEVER…. fade them out. He does not need them to move on. He needed them for what he needed to do in life. ”

              Meaning he does not need them in the afterlife to move on. What is this a boy band and they need to stay together even after death? No they did what they needed to do together in the physical world.


              Yes I do think it is a better way to address it. Did I say it was the best? No I did not. I also said it has holes as I did not have the time to address everything so thanks for pointing out the obvious.

              Trained writers? If you actually look at the experience these writers have (granted more then me) they hardly have enough to call then experienced and or to ultimately say they knew what they were doing. Compound that with the multitude of writers they did have answers why it seemed like a mish mash of uncompleted thoughts.

              Furthermore I didn’t say all their writing sucked or was bad. It appears they had great thoughts but just never fully expounded on them.

              • @Aknot

                I’m bowing out of this argument. You clearly have a huge ego; to say that your ending is better? WOW. To insult the writers, whom I’m sure you didn’t even research, as unexperienced and unaware of what they were doing/writing? WOW.

                You’re on your own buddy.

                P.S. – Good luck writing that TV series that will be better than anything else on TV.

          • And though I personally am pretending that the entire series ended with the season 3 finale and would scratch ALL the material from season 6 (really, the series was on the decline since the end of season 4 for sure), I must give you a slow clap for it appears you’ve put more thought into this story than the actual writers, which is sad as hell ’cause so did I :(

            It’s unfortunate when fans – and I’ve come a across quite a few online fans where this applies – seem to care more about the show than the actual writers…it’s sad that I’ve seen more consistent character motivation and mythology construction in LOST FANFIC than I saw in the actual show at times…the writers got in over their heads with the mythology and decided to change their tune leading up to season 6, which is when they first started spouting this “only about the characters” nonsense, but I didn’t even recognized most of the characters by the show’s end…sad.

  15. “They should not have split the book into two halves. Order of the Phoenix had more pages and they did just fine with that one.”

    Ummm, no they didn’t. The longest book in a series should NEVER, under circumstances, be turned into the shortest move. Okay, I can make an exception for books that have a lot of filler, but Harry Potter has very little filler.

    That said, I still think the ending of LOST was a huge kick to the groin.

    • Yes duck,OOTP needed more substance. Juicy things we fans wanted to see to see that were cut.

  16. let’s see…

    Lost: 6 years of “part one”… with NO “part 2″ to explain the end.

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: part one of a book with A FRICKEN’ ENDING, which will be released next summer.

    Maybe had he (Lindelof) read the books (Harry Potter) he’d have learned a thing or two about bringing about the conclusion of a lengthy story arc.

  17. Ok so DSB first off im sorry for “Attacking” you i did not mean to do that i just hold that show very close to my heart for some reason or another, 2nd maybe i was wrong in saying they needed Jack it was more like Jack needed the ppl in the church to realize that it was time to let go, that “What Happend, Happend” and he does not need to “Fix” anything and that it was time to “Move on”, and who is to say that Sawyer did not see his daughter remember they ALL got off the Island and lived there life then passed away some before Jack and some after Jack point being Jack was still living that life and needed the LA-X reality to come to terms with moving on. Again DSB my bad brotha its just JJ,Damon and The show Lost all hold a place in my heart of hearts lmao can you tell im a fan?

    • Alright then. Lets leave it at that.

  18. thank you damon for manning up,, while the series finale was not that bad, better storytelling and tying up lose ends would have helped.
    but then again the pressures of producing more seasons and episodes must have been great. but i will give you guys credit for being the other show other then 24 that i followed from beginning to end.. there is always the big screen brother to tie up all the loose ends.

  19. I just think its weird that it took Harry Potter for Lindelof to apologize (I liked the ending though) all because he was upset that the book was split.
    I don’t know if that’s necessary since a lot of fans I know are glad with the split and with the film.

    Maybe he just needed an excuse to make an apology since a lot of people hated the finale of Lost.

  20. Sixth sense + days of our lives + cast away = Lost. Still a boring show.

    • I watched the pilot and that was it. Didn’t care for it. Plus Matthew Fox is a…..

      • Yeah Ants, I gave it like two episodes and just couldn’t get into it at all.

  21. The biggest problem with Lost’s ending was the whole Man of Science/Man of Faith thing. If you’re spiritual in anyway, you probably liked the ending. If you prefer more concrete, scientific (even stupid fictional scientific) explanations than you didn’t like the ending.

    But what really gets me is that the show basically lied to me the entire time. We have Jack, the Man of Science, and we have Locke, the Man of Faith. Jack is our hero, he’s arguably the main character, he’s the one we’re supposed to connect with. Then we have Locke, the Man of Faith, who is constantly proven wrong; his faith winds up killing Boone, getting the hatch blown up, and ultimately getting himself killed, too. Then our villain, the Big Bad Smoke Monster, takes Locke’s form. While plenty of people DID like Locke, he was clearly portrayed as wrong throughout almost the entire series, and I feel like we weren’t supposed to empathize with him. We were supposed to empathize with the Man of Science and not the Man of Faith.

    But then what does the show do in it’s last season? It turns out Jack is wrong, there’s no scientific reason why anything that happened happened, and it turns out Locke’s faith was right all along. Everything simply worked itself out in the end. Our “answers” were mystical, not grounded in any sort of science. The Wheel works because it mixes light and water? And the magical source can somehow grant eternal life and transform a man into a giant mechanical smoke monster?

    That’s great. But I didn’t want it to be Magic. I wanted the smoke monster to be a swarm of Nanobots. Ever read Michael Crichton’s Prey? That had a black cloud of Nano-bots, and guess what, they could collect themselves together like one sentient being and take human form. Instead the smoke monster is just a monster that can somehow magically change shape into Christian or Yemi or Locke. And for some reason he had to get rid of Christian’s body and Yemi’s body and left Locke’s body for all to see.

    The first five seasons tried to be Sci-Fi, especially once electro-magnetism and time travel got involved, but then the sixth season decided it was fantasy all along. There’s no explanation for the mysteries on the island other than Jacob did it.

    • Respectfully, the idea that LOST was grounded in science was proven wrong since first season. No way could it be explained without some kind of “higher power” (Jacob).

      I’m a very science driven, practical guy. I don’t believe in “god” and know that religion is based on myths and fairy tales. However there’s a small part of my that still thinks it MIGHT be possible for there to be a higher power. Maybe it’s the “kid” in me, but I get irrational fears of something lurking in the dark after watching a scary movie. My point is, it takes some sense of imagination to watch and enjoy LOST and that’s how it was for me.

  22. stfu Damon Lindelof , Harry Potter was awesome and nobody cares about your opinion .

    Order of the Phoenix was a terrible movie btw

  23. I think Damon’s just depressed because it’s over, and he wanted “Lost” to be more complicated. Two whammies in one day = major void. They could have landed on a new planet, and it would not have been enough, when it’s over…sigh. Maybe he’ll have kids. Harry, I mean….

  24. I honestly hated HP before seeing Deathly Hallows and yet somehow I was still let down watching it. The films I had seen before were much better in quality. Honestly the entire movie sort of felt like a waste of time and I honestly believe that maybe it didn’t need to be split in to two because most of what happened in this filmed seemed unnecessary. Alot of it felt like filler honestly desperately trying to take up 3 hours of space. The films I had previously seen were much better and based on how much Potter I have seen this was easily the worst of the franchise. My GF is a huge Potter fan and confirms the film was the worst.

    • I guess what I don’t understand is what did you see as filler? Alot of things that happened in the book happened in that movie. Now obviously you haven’t read the books and wouldn’t understand how important it is that everything in that movie happened. It may have seemed like filler, but the only reason it seemed that way is because we are used to the Harry Potter movies being fast paced and having a lot of witty humor in it. This one didn’t have that as much because just like the first half of the book not a whole lot of actiony things happen, but everything happens for a reason. Now when Part 2 comes out everyone who is saying that this one was a bit slow will not be let down.

      I am a huge Harry Potter fan as well. I have read the books since they came out and watched the movies in theaters every time a new one came out. I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed but I can understand why other people may not feel the way I and my friends do.

  25. What I can’t stand now that the new Harry Potter movie came out is before fans commplained that the movies didn’t stick to the books as well as they should have. Now they have split the last book in to two movies just so they could stick to the books better. Now that the latest film has stuck to the book quite well fans are complaining it was too slow paced and now a lot happened. It is rather annoying really that now fans are complaining that it stuck to the book too well.

    • i know! i have been thinking that too! it is so annoying. i personally felt that this harry potter was fabulous because it followed the book so closely. i can’t think of one scene they should have left out in this movie, and a hundred more they could have put in. i would have watched them camp in the woods for 10 hours just to see character development and exposition more. haha

  26. I agree with Zack, and also I must say that as disappointed as Mr.Lindelof was at Harry Potter part 7 of 8 ending… That’s just the end for now. Not the end FOREVER. Lost ended crappy forever. There is no End of Lost part 2 coming out in 6 months.

    Anybody smart enough to realize it said “Part 1″ would never have gotten their hopes up for a conclusion in the first place. stupid!

  27. Now if only he’d admit to the excessivbe number of dead ends with no possible hope of explination that plagued much of the series. The strong emtional content and hard hit (emotionally) of the ending is the only thing that kept more from voicing anger over so many holes and unaswered plot/sub plot points in the story.

    Maybe when Deathly Hollows 2 comes out LIndolf will finsih apolagzing for LOST and admit to the other half os the mistakes in LOST? Probably not but one can hope. Even if Damin/Lindolf never admit to their mistakes in LOST we can at least hjope tehy elarned a loesson so they don’t frag anyting else up in that same way.

  28. Oh, guys, I can´t believe that, I really can´t. I just can´t make up one thing, which was left unanswered in tv show LOST. I loved it. It was good. I guess that I´m not sci-fi fan. I´m not. Damon, you really couldn´t have satisfied all fans, you´re not GOD, you´re not perfect, don´t apologize to them cause they think that they have to get what they want. They want more and more and nothing can satisfy them enough. I don´t know how much time it will take to find another awesome tv show like Lost was. Watch your awesome shows and let Lost for all fans, who didn´t have to get all stupid and scientific answers. I watched it because of characters. And things, which they answered, it was o.k. to me.

    Damon and Carlton could have written better ending, yeah, but I was satisfied with the ending because I know that they´re only humans. You just don´t know that a writer is not easy job and you have to write something very quickly because some company or someone forces you to finish your story. Oh, God.

    LOST- Have you ever found out what this name meant??? Characters, not stupid island. The island was just a place, where our characters found their purpose and their lives.

  29. The same with DH, I thought after the movie that it was awesome, not bad, not the best, but very good, better than many movies of H.P. before. I love Harry Potter 3, this movie and Harry Potter 2 (I love that it looked almost like some horror movie for kids) the most. Then Harry Potter 4, Harry Potter 5, Harry Potter 1 and Harry Potter 6. I don´t know why people think that it was boring. Some parts of H.P. 5 and 6 were more boring. And H.P 1 was cute but it´s nothing in comparison with H.P. 7 and H.P.3. Yes, everyone has a right to have his own opinion. But I love action scenes in Harry Potter more than anything else. And I think that we had good action scenes in the movie.