‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ Renewed for Season 2, Adds High Profile Comic Writers

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Tom Riley as Leonardo Da Vinci in Da Vincis Demons Da Vincis Demons Renewed for Season 2, Adds High Profile Comic Writers

With Spartacus drawing to a close last Friday and Boss getting the axe back in November, Starz’ original programming lineup was starting to look a little thin.

Luckily for them, last week’s premiere episode of David Goyer’s Da Vinci’s Demons pulled in record numbers for the network (2.14 million viewers over the course of the premiere weekend), prompting the cable network to renew the series for a season 2.

Loosely based on the life of famed inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, the fantasy/historical drama should return to Wales to film the BBC Worldwide co-production in May, with season 2 slated to air in 2014. Considering only the premiere episode has aired so far, we still have nearly all of season 1 to decide if this renewal is a good or bad decision.

Da Vinci’s Demons is actually the latest show to get the rapid renewal treatment from Starz, with both Boss and Magic City receiving the word that they would outlast their first season before they debuted – a commitment that is in lock-step with the network’s “pilot process,” according to Starz CEO Chris Albrecht, who spoke with THR back in January:

“We’re already writing a lot of the stuff for season two. If you want to be on a 12-month cycle, you have to keep going; these shows are too hard and too big to wait and do a traditional broadcast network model. There’s a reason why broadcast network shows are broadcast network shows – because they stay on that model. The reason why premium television are the basic tier channels doing the good stuff, they have a little bit of a different formula.

“I look at the Starz pilot process as one or two seasons and we take it from there, although if we start to apply a lot more of our own cash flow to originals, then maybe we’ll do some pilots. There are some shows that would sure benefit from doing the pilots; there are pilots for a reason.”

While some of the behind the scenes legwork for season 2 of Da Vinci’s Demons may have already begun, much more likely remains. To help with the writing, Goyer is bringing on comic book scribes Jonathan Hickman (The Avengers, The Manhattan Projects) and Matt Fraction (Fantastic FourHawkeye) for two episodes. Incidentally, in 2010, Hickman wrote the Marvel book S.H.I.E.L.D., which was about the “secret history” of both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Leonardo da Vinci.

davincis demons tom riley Da Vincis Demons Renewed for Season 2, Adds High Profile Comic Writers

Here’s Goyer – who has his own experience with comic book characters from his work on Blade, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and Man of Steel – on bringing Hickman and Fraction onboard:

“One of the best parts of this job is that you occasionally get to call up people you admire out of the blue and ask them if they want to play in your sandbox. Sometimes, they say ‘yes’. So… I managed to convince Starz and the powers that be to hire Matt and Jonathan on to write two episodes of season 2 with our trusty staff. In case you don’t know who Hickman and Fraction are – they are comic gods in the indie and Marvel world.”

Da Vinci’s Demons will mark the TV writing debut for both Hickman and Fraction, but to a degree, writing is writing and other comic writers like Geoff Johns (Arrow) and Brian K. Vaughan (Lost, Under the Dome) have nailed the transition.

Besides that, both The Manhattan Projects and Hawkeye just nabbed Eisner Award nominations for Best Continuing Comic Series, so it’s clear that Goyer is reaching for the best when it comes to his staff – and that’s a good thing.

Da Vinci’s Demons airs on Fridays @9PM on Starz.


Source: Coming Soon, THR & DavidGoyer.com

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  1. I love love love da vincis demons! cant wait for season two. last season ended with a cliff hanger and it left me dying to find out whats gonna happen next…keep it coming!

    • I too love this show, it has a dedpth that I rarely seen on television. I hope the show will keep on running showing Leonardo evolving from the young adventurer into the elderly we know from his own drawings. And I’m glad that the producers aren’t afraid to also show the more darker sides if this geneous.

    • I KNOWWWW right?!??? I just saw the first season in the store and bought it out of curiosity and on the word if sales staff who said ‘the trailer looked good’. And as an artist and admirer of DaVinci’s work… I felt pulled to buy it. Well holy crap!!!! I’m so glad I did!!!! Because it. Is. Phenomenal! Pure genius! Inspiring, and I can’t wait for season 2! One thing about new shows though, is that I’ve seen a lot go a season or two and just get cut for some reason or another. Usually with a terrible cliffhanger never to be answered or the very least, at least not finished on screen, so even if i thought it was totally worth continuing I’ve often suffered incomplete endings, but it seems this show has a bright future! I hope they keep going and going with this! Because i could watch this FOREVER! Ah! Truly refreshing to see a good show! Its been awhile since i found myself a NEW good show! And about an amazing artist no less!!! True bliss!!!

      • Did Da Vincis Demons get dropped – because from what I remembered & checked on my AT&T cable the only episodes were those I had seen and a small amount of information about these episodes on demand. It did not seem that there was an ending. What do you think? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Reminds me of Assassin’s creed brotherhood mixed with games of thrones! Loved it soooo much, I hope it gets renewed for season 2-3-4-5

    • Good sir, even a cursory glance at wikipedia (let alone an actual history book) shows that aside from adjusting some of the dates by a few years, the entire “Medici” plot-line is actually historical FACT!

      As are most, if not all of the inventions and the “book of leaves” plotline is largely inspired by gaps in what is known about DaVinci’s life.

      Kind of scary when you consider that AC and GoT are riddled with inaccuracies and contrivances to move the plot but large swathes of THIS show ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

      • Agreed. I like how you know the bits that we know from history… but then they throw in these mysterious happenings that so well fit into our gaps and missing pages, and you find yourself thinking ‘well for all we know this could be sound theory to what happened in those times we never heard about’. And thats why i love historical fiction! Because it leaves you filled with wonder and awe! Its truly a genre to tease and spur the creative mind! As an artist, i myself can connect ALL sooooo vividly with the magical sparks of instant genius, the tinkering, the twitches, the zoning out and snapping back to reality, questioning it, knowing ones morals and purpose and then in contrast doubting it or losing sight, and the obsessions of things at ‘inconvenient times’ and the ideas that you can get across but no one understands, the ones you cant quite put your finger on and it drives you mad! And half the time you strive for madness, either because one must be mad to make it, or because you so wish to part yourself from the worlds strange ways, or maybe opposite it wants you to be mad, or you feel madness is not madness at all! And you feel no one understands! You wonder why no one gets it! Why they don’t see what you see, but you also understand how and why they don’t all too well, and on and on and on, and as an artist, oh i KNOW that mind of his! Of wonderful, talented, mad DaVinci! Because it is the mind of not just him, but of nearly every other artist or great mind! Not just the ones who made the history books, but the ones who never got noticed, because believe me! He wasn’t ever the only mind like his! Yes he is unique and the only one like him, but there are sooo many others living a life in a mind like his, and we try so very hard to cling to the surface of this raging racing planet! And yet we long to reach for the nearest shooting star and hang on for dear life! To escape and fly far away, and not just to be free of the world, but to learn more! To become ever greater in this vast universe! And thats what we do. We climb and claw for betterment, of ourselves, of improving the world around us, no matter how many times we are told it is futile! Because all artist believe in something! All PEOPLE believe in SOMETHING! And DaVinci did too. He and every other great mind, has left an indullable mark on this world. And i as an artist will make mine too. So theres my little bit of ‘crazy’ for you. Thats what approximately…..15? Minutes of my mind spit out, and thats just the tip of what all ran through my mind in those last minutes! We humans are infinitely more capable than half of the world even realises combined! And thats just a start. There may be nothing NEW under the sun. But in my experience there is also nothing OLD. Everything is both new and old. And forever. Thats my mind for you…. At least just a taste of it! Hope this was interesting to read to someone! If this intrigues you to ask me anything, please post a reply, i have signed up to be notified of any new comments on this post. Have a wonderful day, or make it one :) at least one is within your power.

        • Personally, I’m just impressed by the fact that half the plot of this show (and incidentally my FAVORITE half) is based on actual historical events. The feud between the Medicis and Rome spanned generations and first season finale with ordained priests poisoning the communion wafers and the wild swordfight in the Church –


          Forget comparisons with Game of Thrones, just let the fact that the following scene is REAL wash over you:

          On Easter Sunday, April 26, 1478, a group including members of the Pazzi family, backed by the Archbishop of Pisa and his patron Pope Sixtus IV, attacked Lorenzo and his brother and co-ruler Giuliano in the Cathedral of Florence. Giuliano was killed but Lorenzo escaped with only a stab wound. The conspiracy was brutally put down by such measures as the lynching of the Archbishop of Pisa and the death of the Pazzi family members who were directly involved.

          That’s AMAZING television.

  3. This one kind of snuck up on me. Then again, shows with Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi in them tend to be under appreciated gems.

    I wound up watching the first two episodes out of boredom while folding laundry and I was completely uninterested in anyone or anything going on. I actually kept watching just for the moment when Giuliano would finally beat Leo’s head in with a statue of the virgin Mary.

    Then I watched episode 3 and I was hooked!

    The plot finally fell into gear, and it just kept accelerating. Giuliano seemed to feed off of Leo’s example and soon became my second favorite character.

    I should have known better…

    “Demons” isn’t quite enough to get me to subscribe to Superchannel, but its definitely one I’m watching out for on DVD.

  4. I’ve just watched the 8 episodes in 1 day. I got incredibly immersed in the plot and started loving and looking forward to the next season. Congrats to the production crew and let the next season begin!

  5. need next season……..

  6. Good Serial after



    waiting for its season 2

    i wonder if i was a director i should enlight something on The lost city of Atlantis from one of the most tragic eventual books of aristotle ….

    Nice Efforts Keep it up thumbs up to the crew of davinci’s demons

    • Rome, Davinci’s Demons, GoT, The Tudors, The White Queen, All of these are my favs!

    • Game Of Thrones have 3 seasons out already .. :)

  7. I don’t know whether this serial is historically accurate and has proof ?
    Though, i like this serial.

    • I did a little research, and I found out that the whole plot-line with the Medici family vs the papacy was actually all true. EVEN WHAT HAPPENS IN THE SEASON FINALE!

      Some events were moved forward or backward in time (for example the real Lornezo had two sons at the time the show starts but it seems the writers are being careful to make sure all the key events happen within 5 years of the show’s year and as many of the characters are historical personages as possible.

      The “Book of Leaves” plot-line is based entirely on GAPS in what is known about Leonardo’s life and is thus complete fiction.

      Also: did you know “young Nicco” might be a young Machiavelli?

    • I don’t know why it has rating 8. I expect it to be near 9.

  8. I Just Want to know when will the Season 2 start :)

  9. I love this movie and can’t wait for season2

  10. I loooove this series!!! I watched it faithfully from episode one … And got my cousin hooked when he watched it on demand. I can’t wait for season 2!!! Way to go stars, this is MUCH better than Magic City (in my opinion) … 2 thumbs up!

  11. I’m looking forward to season 10!

  12. I love Da Vinci’s Demons I can’t wait until season 2. I watched the last episode yesterday and wow what a cliff hanger I want to see season 2 already :(

  13. I just watcht all the 8 episodes in one go.. I couldnt wait longer.. Please hurry with season 2
    I want to know wath happened with leo and the medici family.. I really love this show.. They really kept the most things historical correct.
    (in dutch.. Zeker vette serie kan nie wachten tot volgend jaar mei. Ik hoop dat dat seizoen 2 komt.. )

  14. Da vinci’s demons , yet again a brilliant well thought out programme, never thought any programme would get me as hooked as what Spartacus did but it did , people at starz are amazing , keep up your brilliant work.

  15. when season 2 will play on the screen?

  16. I love this movie and can’t wait for season2

  17. In holland the last episode of seasen 1 just aired.
    What a great series. Can’t wait forvsasen 2 to start!

  18. when does the first episode of season 2 premiere?

  19. I enjoyed it initially but the brogue is so thick I finally gave up. I spent all of my time saying, “What?” and “Huh?” and so on. Don’t have this problem with Game of Thrones. Didn’t have it with the other Brit series, so what gives?

  20. when it gonna be start :(

  21. When will the season 2 premiere episode come??

    • Personally, I thought Sleepy Hollow was a bit crap. The “George Washington’s Bible” thing is straight out of a show called “First Wave” that ended 13 years ago. Plus, SH takes a steaming dump on Revelations by inventing random horsemen and getting the ORDER they’re supposed to appear totally backwards.

      DaVinci’s Demons is a lot more like the History Channel show Vikings. They took great pains to get the historical events and legends right (which means that one look in a history book will let you know that Giulino’s son is going to be a big part of Season 2) and filled the remaining GAPS with a brilliant B story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

  22. This production in mesmerizing and as as avid historian well executed
    of great quality have loved the first season and waiting with anticipation from the
    the second season. These kind of production elevate TV to another sphere an have an educated value to them.