D23 Expo 2013: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ & ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Footage Screened

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Disney’s annual D23 expo would seem like an opportunity for the studio to tout its upcoming projects for a much more focused – and fawning – crowd than events such as Comic-Con.

With Disney’s recent acquisition of Lucasfilm and its ongoing ownership of Marvel, this year’s D23 provided updates on a slew of various upcoming films, with a special emphasis on the upcoming Marvel sequels Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World.

However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, much of the footage disappointed the crowds, as it was largely the same content shown at Comic-Con. Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn even had to contend with audible boos from the crowd after he could not share any new updates to the latest in the Star Wars franchise. All Horn could say was: “I wish I could tell you more, but it will come soon.”

thor dark world movie poster D23 Expo 2013: Thor: The Dark World & Captain America: The Winter Soldier Footage Screened

Along with three new clips for Disney’s comic semi-biopic about the relationship between Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) and Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers, Saving Mr. Banks and a new trailer for Muppets Most Wanted, Marvel president Kevin Feige took the stage to update the crowd on the next few projects in Marvel’s pipeline.

Feige is featured in the video above, introducing Thor: The Dark World stars Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman (along with Anthony Hopkins a.k.a. Odin) to the crowd. The footage of the Thor sequel gave the audience “the first look at Jane’s [Portman] first day on Asgard.” Watch Tom Hiddleston (Loki) charm everyone’s socks off as he discusses his character’s role in the new film (likening Loki to The A-Team at one point), as well as discussing his upcoming voice role opposite Mad Men star Christina Hendricks in Disney’s animated Tinkerbell adventure, The Pirate Fairy.

Hiddleston was later interviewed about his role in Thor 2. Check that out below:

Back at the panel, Feige moved on to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and was joined by “The Winter Soldier himself,” Sebastian Stan, along with Anthony Mackie (The Falcon) and star Chris Evans, who told the audience that “Cap is still trying to adjust to the modern world.” This is the furthest thing possible from actual news on The Winter Soldier, and the clip shown (of Cap engaged in a fistfight in an elevator) was already screened at Comic-Con. Fortunately, a new clip was shown, too, featuring “Captain America fighting on a big ship and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow parachuting in to help out.”

Feige then talked up 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, acknowledging the comic book’s relative obscurity while singing the praises of writer-director James Gunn and the assembled cast. The space-set superhero yarn is now four weeks into production in London. Feige unveiled what is described as “a very early look” at Guardians, showcasing the same footage screened at Comic-Con, which underlined the humorous approach to the material. Guardians of the Galaxy Character Roster Concept Art Line up D23 Expo 2013: Thor: The Dark World & Captain America: The Winter Soldier Footage Screened

Feige’s presentation ended with a tease for The Avengers: Age of Ultron – the voices of the cast of The Avengers (presumably speaking dialogue from that film) playing over an image of the titular character from the sequel.

Disney audiences uninterested in the more geek-centric projects like the Marvel movies and Star Wars were likely satisfied with the other more family-centric projects, but for the geek crowd this seems like an underwhelming show and more or less a rehash of what we already knew. Expect new looks at Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World to “officially” show up online eventually, most likely featuring action-heavy snippets without much narrative context.


Thor: The Dark World releases on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters on April 4th, 2014, and Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on August 1st, 2014.

Source: THR

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  1. You forgot to mention that in that footage… Frank Grillo’s Crossbones is a S.H.I.E.L.D operative…..

  2. Yeah it will come soon…. just like the FU**ING names of the actors voicing Rocket Raccoon and Groot!!!

    Marvel is really acting like they are holding the codes to the damn nuclear arsenal! NOTHING LIKE LYING TO YOUR FANS MARVEL AND JAMES GUNN!! you gotta love a Co. that says we will tell ya soon OR we will have more info for ya soon and THEN THEY NEVER HAVE SAID INFO!

    It seems to me that they are hiding who these ppl are because they don’t want to hear the negative backlash over it!
    JUST LIE TO US!!! MIS-INFORMATION works just fine…. BUT I HATE SECRETS! They suck, I have waited for this damn D23 for a cpl weeks now ever since we got nothing from the Con! and again… NOTHING!

    • Why are people so damn impatient. These movies come out in a year, some of them 2 years and yet we have people raising a fit over not getting info right now. For heavens sake chill. Guardians has been filming for a month, you should be happy they actually have footage to show. Rocket Racoon and Groot don’t have to get voice casted until post production when they do all the sound work

      • +1

      • Hehe, Bruce Banner’s getting angry.

        • I don’t like him when he’s angry.

          • Being angry is not the key.

    • I believe Vin Diesel posted a picture of Groot on his Facebook page yesterday with no message attached to it. I have looked for an official announcement but have yet to see one.

    • Nerd Rage Much? Chill out its not going to make you life any better and I am sure you ar e not so damaged from the big bad movie companies lying to you *SMH*

    • You know, I think you might just need to get laid… that would presumably solve all, if not most, of your so-called “problems”.

    • Vin Diesel posted a picture of Groot on his FB page. There was no comments under it but seeing as he likes to let his fans know first I would have to think he is voicing Groot. Then again it could be just a picture he is posting LOL.

    • Vin Diesel is Groot, it was confirmed today.

  3. I’m just excited to see the movies

  4. It’s interesting how Tom Hiddleston is doing these major promotional events (SDCC, D23) basically on his own instead of Chris Hemsworth. So Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins were here on this, but Tom was front and centre and he did do SDCC completely alone for The Dark World. He was the biggest highlight though, so he nailed it.

    Last I heard Hemsworth was shooting somewhere during SDCC, but is he still shooting?

    Well, at least we know that Marvel is very aware of the Tom/Loki popularity.

    • Yeah everybody loves Loki the most. A lot of time it’s up to the villain to be the most charismatic character, since they’re the variable, and Hiddleston more than pulled it all off.

  5. Feige should have apologized for Iron Man 3 and not clapped so close to his lapel mic…

    • Why apologise for IM3, unless it’s to say “sorry but we made a really good movie with a brilliant twist concerning the villain”? If that were the case then yeah, I’d say an apology is needed due to exceeding expectations on that movie.

      I’m not surprised they had no new footage and disappointed in the people who booed.

      I take it those who booed were lucky enough to go to SDCC but those who didn’t would be grateful at finally seeing that Comic Con footage when the rest of the world will never get to see whatever was shown.

      • Maybe he’s one of the few who didn’t like IM3 was written, even if that twist didn’t exist?

        I’m one of those people. Like I have countless of times, I consider it to be the “Quantum of Solace” of superhero films: not good, not bad. Just a line of quality that movies need to be sure not to cross in order to be good.

        I like using that comparison because even though I am a rare “Quantum of Solace” fan, I’m aware that it is a slopfest and isn’t all that great. However, like IM3, there are a lot of moments where I would go “You know, I can see where this is falling apart, but there is a good balance of great scenes to make up for the mess…sort of”.

        In fact, I find both movies to have nearly the exact same issues.

    • Yeah, he better apologize for Iron Man 3 not being out on Blu-ray yet. I wanna see it again!

      • Me too!

  6. +1 to Logan for Iron Man 3 comment.

    Also, if anyone actually expected a ton of new stuff from Marvel at D23 with NYCC just down the road, they were kidding themselves. A month before Thor they’ll be releasing a ton of stuff like they did with IM3 and the same will be true for the other movies. NYCC should bring more interesting stuff.

  7. The crowd started booing once they realized they wouldn’t be seeing any Batman vs. Superman footage.

    • That’s because WB/DC only release one movie every 3-4 years.

    • Really? I thought they would have been grumbling about not seeing Justice League footage. In hologram form.

  8. This is certaily my opionion, unsuyre is anyone agrees but I am more interested in what DC do with Batman & Superman and this is why:

    Ironman – excellent movie, watched countless times
    Ironman 2 – very poor
    The Incredible Hulk – Watchable but only just
    Thor – forgettable
    Captain America – Forgettable
    Avengers – excellent movie on first watch, not so good second time around
    Ironman 3 – Disappointment

    So far, DC:

    Batman Begins – Excellent movie
    The Dark Knight – the film all other comic book movies need to aspire to
    Dark Knight Rises – dragged a little, lots of problems but overall good
    Man of Steel – I thought this was excellent

    Its my opinion that The Avengers made me forget just how poor the Mavel showing was up to that point (Ironman 1 aside) and Ironman 3 has reminded me (and before anyone kills me for this, I am not in either DC or Marvel camps – I just like good movies) and so we are looking at Thor 2 (which I suspect will go over my head as I know nothing of the comics of Thor) and Winter Soldier which I hope will be excellent.

    After Cap2 (and maybe the next Avengers) there really is nothing else for me to return to the Marvel franchise for

    • It’s cool, no one will miss you.

      • And I would have more spare time, that’s an all round win – Already wasted life on IM2, IM3, Thor and Cap1 – clearly there is no convincing fanboys.

        • So then you just waste all of your spare time listing movies you liked and didn’t like. You’re not looking forward to Marvel movies because you like DC movies better? You just wasted everyone else’s time too.

          As for the fanboy comment, I didn’t like IM2, it’s the worst Marvel movie by far. Thor is second on my “worst” list, and Cap is a distant third.

          You think IM3 was a “disappointment”, I think Dark Knight Rises was a bigger disappointment.

          To-may-to, to-mah-to, blah blah, no one gives a $h!t, especially Marvel and DC, who are crying all the way to the bank.

          • I dont doubt these movies make money but I am bored and after the Batman / Superman team up I am about done with DC too. There comes a point when these movies turn into the domain of a comic book reader as there are many characters to remember etc – there will come a time when this relentless production of high budget comic book movies comes to a fairly abrupt end, it wont be for a while but I can tell you – non comic book readers are getting pretty bored of it already and box office figures will decline.

            All my spare time?? Nope, if you read my comment it will tell you I will have more spare time which is a good thing.

            • Interesting cause I would say this about the movies

              Iron Man- Excellent
              Hulk- Great
              Thor- Great
              Iron Man 2 Poor
              Captain America- Good
              Avengers- Excellent
              Iron Man 3 – Great
              Plus all the other MARVEL created movies (some great, some good, some excellent some poor)

              Batman Begins- Great
              Dark Knight – Excellent
              Dark Knight rises- Good
              Man of Steal- Good

              To me… Marvel has better movies. Mainly cause Im tired of D.C. rebooting Batman and superman as their only titular heroes for the last 30 years. But I still love Batman. I’m 32 so have been around for almost all of the Superman Movies ever made and have been around for all the Batman movies. those 2 are getting old. Im not even excited for Batman vs. Superman. I think the sad fact is that D.C. just doesn’t have that many interesting characters that people can relate to.

    • You are entitled to your opinion, but I do disagree with you assessment. That being said:

      Ironman – decent movie, not Marvel’s best
      Ironman 2 – nothing more than robot vs robot, best scene occurred after the credits
      The Incredible Hulk – movie was okay
      Thor – perhaps the best Marvel movie though it did suffer from too much Midgard, not enough Asgard, but great story
      Captain America – not forgetable, but suffered from lackluster performance by Chris Evans, also lacked the grandeur of Asgard
      Avengers – actually liked it better second time around, considering the continuity that it had to maintain from four other movies, great job by all – the bottom line is that Thor didn’t need The Avengers to defeat the Chitari…
      Ironman 3 – Cannot comment, though I have heard mixed reviews
      Thor The Dark World – could be the best period, time will tell…

      Batman Begins – I thought this movie was DC’s best, very good movie
      The Dark Knight – too busy, great job by the cast
      Dark Knight Rises – didn’t care for all that much
      Man of Steel – didn’t see it, but heard mixed reviews, how many times can a movie be rebooted.. regardless, had to better than the last three Superman movies

      Marvel has the formula working for them, DC just can’t seem to get it right aside from Batman. The difference between the two, Marvel has interesting characters that can be developed, the exception being The Hulk. ‘Hulk smash’ can only go so far. Batman is DC’s most interesting character. Otherwise, you are reduced to ‘yellow sun’ ‘yellow stops green’, etc.

  9. Really looking forward to such things as Avengers #2, Captain America #2, and Thor #2. I think they will all do well. I think GOTG will bomb, but will give it a watch. X-men: DOFP will probably not do very well, although I hope it does, but I will give it a watch also. I am anxiously awaiting MOS and Iron Man #3, although I am really ticked about the Mandarin debacle. I will undoubtably buy all of the above on DVD, which is where I will watch all of them in their entirety (I usually don’t go to the theater, as since I know I will buy the DVDs anyways, it is cheaper to just wait to purchase them, and watch them then).

    • DVD is a dying media who’s only purpose is to line to pockets of places like Wal-Mart… oh, wait. 😉

    • nice job saying something will bomb when you haven’t even seen it.

      • I haven’t seen it yet either, so I’ll guarantee that it WON’T bomb.

        • I’m betting it won’t bomb, it may not perform as well as they’d hope it would, but it’s not gonna be a bust.

          • It’ll bomb

            • I thought you didn’t know any thing about comics? You don’t know Thor, but you know GotG will bomb? Hmm. DC fanboy or troll? i wonder…

              • Dude. Quit being such a prick about it.

                It’s a movie, likely revolving around Comedy, that has a talking raccoon and tree. That is not a guaranteed box office success, no matter what logo is slapped onto it. You think people look at a Marvel or DC logo and think “Oh, I hate them, better not watch that”? Half the people still ask “Why isn’t Batman in The Avengers?”!

                Good grief. You’re worse than those who are attacking your precious Whedonism.

                • I think it’ll be great because:

                  1. GotG is my favorite comic right now.
                  2. The casting, especially for the lead role, is spot-on.
                  3. Besides IM2, Marvel has yet to disappoint me.

                  Also, Chris called me a fanboy a few comments up. Just mind your business if you’re not gonna read the whole thread… otherwise you’re just acting like the prick.

                  • Yes, because you have been responding so maturely to everyone that there is no possible way that you fall under that category.

                    • And calling someone a prick, accusing them of being a fanboy, and making up a word (Whedonism?) even though you’ve missed the whole conversation is real mature.

                    • Have to agree with ACW 007 on this one

                      Oh and mr pig-sir
                      Couple of points – first what leads you to believe that ACW has not read the above thread and comments
                      Second – Whedonism – the idea that Whedon can do no wrong and everything he directs is pure gold and above reproach
                      (That is my understanding of the word – so could be wrong given the ‘made up’ nature of the word itself and if I am incorrect in my surmise then feel free to correct me)
                      Yes it is not a real word – neither is ‘nolanite’ which I have seen around the web, both words have similar meaning as far as I can tell

                    • ACW called me a prick because he thought I was attacking Chris even though Chris accused me of fanboyism first. So, either he didn’t read or he’s just bad at comprehension.

                      That’s not how I’d use the term Whedonism. To me that would mean a line of dialogue that sounds like something Whedon would say: “I’m a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous, green rage monster”. That’s a Whedonism.

                • Like + 1,000

                  • Oh, how convenient! 😉

              • Neither, and you answered your own question

                • Wait.. what?? How did I answer my own… ugh, never mind.

                  I think you might be a budding DC fanboy, just sprouting. Anybody got any weed killer? 😛

                  • Neither a fanboy or a troll as you put it and you answered your own question: ‘I thought you didn’t know any thing about comics? You don’t know Thor, but you know GotG will bomb?’ the fact that I and a lot of other non comic readers have never heard of this bunch is the reason I think it will bomb – I had heard of Thor from the 80s hulk series, Ironman & Cap America from the Marvel Vs Capcom series, Black Widow because i sat through IM2 (rubbish) and Hawkeye was a new one on me. Will I go watch a kids movie about a talking tree and racoon….. No, I shall leave that to the minority of comic book readers that will not pay Disney’s bills.

                    • Well, I think that, despite what you’ve said, you’re probably going to watch it.

                      Did you like Star Wars, or any space sci-fi? Did you like the cantina scene? Like giant, talking, hairy dog-men who can pilot space ships? Or little hairy bears-aliens that chuck spears? This will be along the same lines in that it’ll be a space adventure, only set in the Marvel-verse.

                      Although, if you really choose not to see it, I’ll stick with my original comment and just say that you won’t be missed.

                    • Did I like the prequels? No, I didn’t – Revenge of the Sith saved the series for me, but only just. Did I enjoy the original series, yes because I was 4 years old!!

                      Some of us have grown up.

                      If I was 4 years old I would probably want to see a talking raccoon & tree but I don’t and I am sure that Disney would miss me and 1,000’s of other people who think the same, those who have a lot of disposable income that they want want to get their hands on.

                    • Well, look at you, so grown up and mature! And probably not much fun to be around either, I imagine. If you have children, I feel sorry for them…

                      To be honest, I didn’t like the prequels much either, but since I mentioned the “cantina” scene I thought you’d know what movie I was talking about. At this point I’m not surprised that you didn’t get it.

                    • Wow narrow mind much?

        • Chris Pratt is going to have an effect similar to RDJ in that he will get the average moviegoer out to see GoTG.

          • A personal insult, check you out – you go fella!!

            • ACW was wrong, your not a prick your an utter prick. You know nothing about about me, my life so do not bring that into it. You feel very passionately about a talking raccoon which is very sad and I’m glad NOT to be one of your kids!! I would be VERY ashamed of you. Enjoy your comics one day move out of your mums spare room and perhaps one day you will be accepted back into society once your acne clears up and your BO is under control. You’ve been on here for a while, I’d get back to COD or Warcraft

              • I can always tell I’ve made my point when certain people go completely off the deep end.

                Also, you’re the one insinuating I’m an immature 4-year old for liking comics and talking raccoons, and I never once called you a name so chill out.

                Now, we obviously don’t things the same way, and if you have some kid issues I’m sorry I brought it up. This was originally a discussion about a movie, so if you’d like to discuss it further I’m still game. If not then stop flaming me.

    • I’m just surprised that someone who frequents a website like screenrant rarely goes to the movie theatre.. Interesting..

  10. People actually booed? The guy must’ve felt like crap being up on that podium.

    Looking forward to the rest of the Marvel movies, not really a fan of the studio taking a humorous approach to Guardians of the Galaxy though. Not sure if it’s like that in the comics but I was hoping it’d be at least a semi serious film. While I’m not against comedy, it runs the risk of making some scenes not feel as significant as they should be, especially when the film has so many connections to the big bad Thanos. That’s just me though.

    • yep, it’s like that in the comics. Although, that doesn’t mean there aren’t serious themes throughout. I’m thinking it’ll be similar to Kick-Ass in tone, but probably not quite as violent.

      • ACW was right, you are a prick BIG TIME

      • As long as it doesn’t cheapen the movie in anyway. It’s all about comedic timing! Don’t really care much for violence, if it’s there, good, if it’s not, good.

  11. Disney Disney Disney Chris Evans! Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney ‘I am a Fairy’ Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney
    I mean seriously? We get you all have job thanks to Disney but i never thought Disney Disney Disney Disney, yet it appears to be so.

    P.S. Shooting Portman is bad idea now but….if i just run alittle bit faster, maybe i could’ve stoped it.

    • It is an event which is wholly sponsored by and featuring only Disney product. Of course they’re promoting themselves – and paying people to promote them.
      Are you a stockholder of any sort? Do you receive an annual report? That’s what this convention is – Disney’s annual report to their stockholders.

      …and what’s that crap about “shooting” Natalie Portman?!?

      • Portman acting was terrible in Thor and SWe2, SWe3. Going by the trailer it still is. Sure shooting is not an option but make her not play in those movies would be great.

  12. I think everything Marvel is doing is great so far. I loved IM3 and had no problem whatsoever with the twist. I enjoyed Thor, Captain America, very well done movies I can watch over and over. Even though IM2 could have been better I can still watch it again. I’m very ready for phase 2 to begin bring it on Marvel.

  13. I think GotG will be a big success economically and people will like it.

    1. cause of the major cast it supports
    2. it is becoming a hit in the mainstream Marvel Universe which fans like me who didn’t know much about them are really getting into
    3. adults will want to see it because the previews will remind many adults of a Star Wars esque (Han Solo and his crew) vibe.

    I’ve talked to my dad who is 65 and he is really interested. He told me it reminded me of Star Wars which his generation loved. Han Solo and Skywalker travelled around with a strange crew of aliens/robots so why can’t people buy into an alien tree and a genetically engineered raccoon?

  14. I sitll haven’t seen Ironman 3 and still don’t know what the twist is. I have to thank all of you for either not spoiling it or keeping it easy to avoid. Bless all your souls…

    • I would say if you are dumb/brave enough to go onto screen rant months and months after IM3 was released and expect to not be surprised by spoilers.

  15. I enjoy, cause I found just what I was having a look for.
    You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day.