‘Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill Hopes ‘Cyborg’ Will Be Next For DC

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Cyborg New 52 Man of Steels Henry Cavill Hopes Cyborg Will Be Next For DC

[Update: DC and Warner Bros. have officially announced a Cyborg movie for 2020]

Well, it seems Warner Bros. and DC Comics have decided to shift from relative silence to some serious movie-making, if the buzz surrounding Batman vs. Superman and the Man of Steel Blu-ray release are any indication. And with the release of Zack Snyder’s first brick in the foundations of DC’s universe into homes everywhere, more signs of what’s to come are appearing.

It seems that of all the hints and dangling story threads left by Man of Steel, star Henry Cavill sees particular promise in Cyborg – a character that could not only add to the shared universe, but act as the star player in the long-demanded Justice League movie.

Cavill’s comments aren’t as shocking as, say, confirmation that Flash and Wonder Woman will make cameos in Batman vs. Superman. But for DC fans up to date on the company’s fiction, the writing is on the wall. The comments come from a brief clip of the Man of Steel Blu-ray’s behind-the-scenes content, with Cavill specifically asked which easter eggs from the film are his personal favorites:

“On the extras on the Blu-ray, we’re going to get the opportunity to see Zack’s references to other aspects of the DC Universe. There’s one obvious one which is now particularly obvious because of our next installment, which is involving Batman as well. We see Bruce Wayne Enterprises on the satellite in space. We also see some references to LexCorp. I actually have no further knowledge of this next story, but there’s a good chance Lex is going to be introduced soon or at some stage.

The Wayne Enterprises satellite Cavill refers to was actually revealed before the movie even hit theaters, and for reasons clear to everyone, no longer needs to be investigated – with Batman set to make his appearance in Snyder’s universe soon enough. Speculation over Lex Luthor’s presence in Batman vs. Superman is still completely unconfirmed, so fans, like Cavill, will have to wait and see.

But in a film filled to the brim with easter eggs for comic book fans, which one is Cavill’s personal favorite? The answer will certainly surprise, and could spell big things for the future of DC’s movie universe:

“What really intrigued me was Dr. Emil Hamilton’s connection to S.T.A.R. Labs. Cyborg I think would make a wonderful character and an incredible bridge between both superhumans and humanity in a different way to Batman. So I don’t know where he’s going to come in or if he’s going to come in, but that’s one I’m particularly excited about. Other references I’m not too sure on, but we’ll see where those lead. Those with keen eyes will see them.”

It should be immediately pointed out that Cavill makes his ignorance of Zack Snyder and recently-crowned-DC-architect David S. Goyer‘s plans for WB’s next superhero movie quite plain. So this namedrop shouldn’t be taken as a confirmation that Cyborg casting is underway.

That being said, Cavill has been right in the past, so we can attribute his knack for predicting Snyder’s intentions to telepathy, or having a sense of where the director is heading. We know Cavill’s dove headlong into comic books as research for Big Blue, so the fact that he singled out Cyborg in relation to S.T.A.R. Labs – a catch-all covert group tied to just about everything else in the DC Universe – could be a sign of some back-and-forth with Snyder, at least in passing.

Cyborg Movie Hints Man of Steel Cavill 570x294 Man of Steels Henry Cavill Hopes Cyborg Will Be Next For DC

For those unfamiliar, the actor is spot-on with his estimation that the character of Victor Stone a.k.a. ‘Cyborg’ would bridge the gap between human and superhuman in a new way, and on that would fit quite well within WB’s grounded approach.

The character has been a staple of both the Teen Titans and Justice League teams for decades, but as we’ve pointed out before, his new origin story concocted for DC’s ‘New 52′ company-wide relaunch sends a clear message that DC is modernizing even their most iconic heroes. Now a high school football star, Vic falls victim to a horrific accident while visiting his father, a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs (a location, Cavill points out, has already been established on screen).

With his body mutilated and death imminent, Vic’s father saves his life through radical means: injecting him with nanites, and fitting his broken body with metallic components and just about every piece of experimental technology on hand. The result is Cyborg, a tortured, confused young man terrified beyond belief.

Justice League line up Man of Steels Henry Cavill Hopes Cyborg Will Be Next For DC

That’s a story that’s already straying from much of both Marvel and DC’s existing cast, but Cyborg wasn’t re-imagined as part of the New 52 for his own standalone series. Instead, DC’s Chief Creative Officer (and gatekeeper of all things DC entertainment) Geoff Johns crafted a new origin story for Cyborg as part of the Justice League re-launch. Cyborg didn’t just join the superhero team, but helped it form; in other words, helped kick off a story we’ve continuously pointed to as essentially a paint-by-numbers script treatment for the inevitable Justice League motion picture.

The biggest hurdle facing DC and Warner Bros. has always been pairing the grounded, realistic tone of their films with the more outlandish – and beloved – aspects of the comic book’s mythology. Man of Steel dealt with that challenge better than many predicted, but Cyborg’s introduction would help bridge the gap even more. Thanks to one particular alien item grafted into his new body: a ‘Father Box’ from Apokolips, the home of Darkseid.

In the comics, Earth soon falls under attack from the most villainous of DC’s New Gods, forcing the various superheroes to join forces, and discover their strengths (and weaknesses) as a team. Cyborg’s Apokoliptian tech helps them take the fight to Darkseid, making the most vulnerable and broken member the most important, and establishing DC’s ‘cosmic’ side.

Justice League New 52 Flash Man of Steels Henry Cavill Hopes Cyborg Will Be Next For DC

So while Warner Bros. execs and scriptwriters may struggle to introduce the world’s most famous super-team to modern audiences, Geoff Johns essentially already has. And if Cavill is basing his assumption that Cyborg could be a character to get excited for on anything more than his imagination, WB may have taken note. It’s still too early to know what Snyder and Goyer have in mind, but if there’s smoke surrounding this character, then the fire may already be sitting on comic book store shelves.

What do you make of Cavill’s comments? Does it seem like Warner Bros. may have finally decided to follow DC’s roadmap, or would you prefer to see Cyborg given the spotlight in one of the studio’s lower-budget superhero films? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman hitstheaters on July 17, 2015.

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  1. i love his enthusiasm – he seems to really enjoy the source material and not just another actor trying to cash in on the super hero craze

    • Yeah, citing the themes of Cyborg will definitely win people over, as opposed to the look of him.

  2. Cyborg would be cool but I’d rather have Aquaman.

    • Amen

    • I’m pretty interested in seeing martian manhunter

      • This would make my decade.

        • That’d be a cool idea.

          • Extremely.

        • I was thinking Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps.

          • See? THIS is a contribution.

            • No, this was sarcasm.

              • And this is my contribution villain-wise: how about Doomsday, Darkseid, Time Commander, Professor Zoom (The Reverse-Flash), Sinestro, Psycho Pirate, maybe Captain Cold and Mirror Master…just for starters!?

              • Sigh…and I thought you were paying attention.

                Oh, well.

        • +1 That’s a great idea. I want Martian Manhunter so bad!

        • Good idea…

          Who was he in Man of Steel?

  3. I’m down with pretty much anything from DC at this point. Well, anything except more rumors.

    • Exactly

    • Thank you lol

    • Cyborg is a football star so making him white would be too much of a stretch.

      • I’m dying. *Wipes tears* I mean hey if Human Torch and Electro can be black, why can’t Cyborg be white?

        • Because Electro is black in the Ultimate Universe. Which is what TASM is closely following.
          Human Torch hasn’t been confirmed black yet so….

        • other than the fact that there is an abundance of white characters established on the big screen so it would only make sense to swap out a white actor for one of another ethnicity. Other ethnicities have a disadvantage as well because they’re lacking characters so they are forced to change someone

          ~an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind~

          • Ultimate Electro isn’t black.

            And they can make Electro and other characters black but not the other way around because minorities are crucially underrepresented in a lot of areas, superhero movies being a great example. Nobody is going to complain about proper diversity and representation, but there are a LOT of people, myself included, who call bs on the lack of characters in superhero flicks who aren’t straight white males.

            • Google Ultimate Electro and he indeed is black. No one has yet changed white to black, and has gone without criticism. It’s just simply ‘racist’ to some people, but I see it as a origin flaw to the characters(if they didn’t start black to begin with).

          • Hey, sounds like someone is missing an eye…Nick Fury?! Cyclops?!

      • Except isnt he the QB and most QBs are white, and tbh the best QBs right now are white – peyton – brady – brees – flacco

        The only others that are another race that considered good not yet great are kapernick and wilson – last black qb to win the SB? Doug Williams with the redskins…yup thats a few decades ago and the only one.

          • Dan Fouts, John Elway, Drew Brees…these were 3 of my favorites. Fouts and Brees were Chargers back in the day (my favorite team), and Brees still plays, now for New Orleans. Elway was Broncos.

  4. I like Marvel’s Deathlok character better than DC’s “Cyborg”.

    Deathlok was first anyway…… He came out in 1974. Cyborg arrived in DC comics in 1980.

    • Yes, quite relevant to this article.

      I actually like Captain America: The Winter Soldier better than Cyborg too, since y’know… the Cap was first.

      I also like Star Wars and ABC programming better than Cyborg.

      *loads revolver*

      • …I forgot Dora the Explorer. She is also better than Cyborg.

        • She got that hot Puerto Rican strange.

          • Caramba, La Bamba!!!

        • I like turtles…

        • Mindbender, stick to your Disney/Marvel conspiracy theories.
          Sarcasm isn’t your strong suit.

        • Personally, I always found both the Deathlok design AND artwork a bit hokey. I also thought his story was fairly dull. Cyborg has always struck me as a much more interesting character…SOME of his designs have also been hokey, but I’ve loved the newer, rebooted designs. To me, Cyborg is far superior to Deathlok.

          See? Not even a gentle nudge…


          • Archaeon! You’re cool.

            • Heustis…

              I just try to give my honest opinion…That said, though he’s not AS interesting to me, I have read quite a few Deathlok stories and have enjoyed the experience of reading them if not the actual content. They’re not BAD, just not my cup of tea.

          • surely, you jest! Deathlok takes on the system, he rebels against his programming, and he ruins the life of his former master. He is a futuristic version of Django unchained.

            • BectonD…

              Read my response to Heustis. I stand by my opinion, but it is, of course, just one view…

        • I think when he says *loads revolver*

          its for himself, so he doesnt have to listen to silly comments.

          Like people who come on to a Cyborg thread just to say who they like better when it has NOTHING to do with the article we are all comenting on.
          The Marvel Article is down the hall to the left.

          OH, I like M.A.S.K better than Cyborg and I live in Bangkok.

    • +1000

  5. Could be pretty good.

  6. Is Shaquille O’Neal going to play him?

    • Wait, I am thinking of the wrong Black cyborg DC comic book character.

      • Was Steel a cyborg? I thought he just really liked wearing armor.

        • Shaq and robotic kinda go hand in hand. I understand the confusion.

          • Really? I always think of wooden over metallic when it comes to Shaq’s films. OR corn….


        • “I am Steel Man! Er, Iron Man…! I, er, that is…oh, buggar….”

  7. i think Cyborg would look bada$$ in live action, and he has a great backstory of struggle and resentment

    • absolutely !

  8. Cyborg is a must in this 21stt Century. The technology that is coming to Fruition for the Paralyzed people reflects the Modern Time and a Lot of Kids, Arnmy Veterans will Relate… Henry Cavill is Spot on and I think that DC/WB will introduce him in a Very Near FUTURE. :)

    • ^Great point.

      • @ Andrew Dyce
        Thanks :)

    • Very true !

  9. leave cyborg to a titans movie martian manhunter all the way we need the original original 7

  10. i picture the actor from Walking Dead, Tyrese

    • Cyborg could spend his time off teaching young street kids to box or something. Genius!

      • cutty from the cut!!!!!!

        I miss the wire:(

  11. Im really interested in what Cavil mentioned about “superhumans and humanity,” thinking about the Justice League, I can see how that movie could potentially be full of philosophical inquiry into humanity. This makes sense because it is essentially taking a page from TDK in a way and runnin with that. These (potential)types of themes in DC movies are what I, as a moviegoer, prefer over Marvel superheroes-more than the superheros sometimes.

  12. Looks like it’s going to be full speed now for DC.

  13. Not sure how i would feel maybe not now if they are building the justice league because i don’t want cyborg to take the place of martian manhunter or any of the original members of the justice league i am fine with him in the justice league but maybe not in the first one he would be great especially because of his origin and it’s connections to Apokolips with him being able to speak to the mother boxes and open or close boom tubes to Apokolips but still not sure.

    • Except that in The New 52, MM is part of the Justice League of America instead (I think) and it works that way so I’d rather they have Cyborg in the League and introduce MM later, seemingly as a threat but actually revealing himself to be an ally.

        • It will definitely require some creative writing, but I could see them really, really committing to MM and making him a serious player in a later sequel. Like you said, assumed first to be a villain, but being brought in by the end(I think that storyline was used for his standalone series before Flashpoint, and I dug it).

      • Naw, bring in Metamorpho {“who?”}

  14. Cyborg reminds me of a suped up robocop. If robocop flops I doubt they’d move forward and make a cyborg solo flick.

  15. I hate Cyborg for the sole reason that he has essentially completely replaced J’onn J’onzz. If we finally get a Justice League on film and there is no Martian Manhunter, I might cry.

    • While I won’t cry, I am definitely with you.

      MM is a much more interesting character that the one dimensional Cyborg and I felt MM was replaced with him for more ethnic diversity in the original JL ranks (which is ironic because MM in about as ethnically diverse as you can get being a green skinned Martian!)

      If you want more black supers (or Asian, Indian, etc) STOP retconning the old stories/characters and actually MAKE some new ones instead!

  16. Sam Worthington for Cyborg!

    • You just keep trolling…you really seem to enjoy it.

      I think introducing Cyborg would be wholly appropriate and intriguing, because he would indeed provide a great middleman between the mundane and fantastic of the DCU.

      • Whatever happened to that guy from The Blindside?

  17. I like how Henry always hints of upcoming characters being introduced to the sequels just like he did with Batman. We are getting Cyborg for the 3rd Act people :)

  18. Cyborg does not belong on the justice league, its one thing of the new 52 i do not care for, he belongs on the titans.

    • So if they do introduce him itd be great if the film had batman have robin/cyborg bring together the titans team.
      end credits scene, bam.

  19. I like the idea of Cyborg in the Justice League. It just makes more sense in the more ‘realistic’ context that WB is working in now, and is much more straightforward to a general audience-member than Martian Manhunter, who I like a lot as a character himself.

    • a half robot man is more straightforward than an alien?

      • Cyborgs (of a sort, at least) already exist in the real world.


        • Well in films(the thing that matters here) im pretty sure known aliens outnumber cyborgs.
          Im not sure how much the “general audience” actually knows about cyborgs but I know people love aliens.

          • The “Terminator” franchise has done fairly well for itself…


            • Yeah terminator and robocop(two franchises on the cusp of death), but what else has cyborgs and is prominent because i can go forever on aliens.

              Independence Day
              Star Trek
              Star Wars
              District 9
              Lilo and Stitch
              Man Of Steel
              Men In Black
              The Thing
              The Worlds End

          • BTW, just so you don’t get the wrong idea…I happen to love BOTH Cyborg AND Martian Manhunter, so I hope they BOTH make it into the DC filmverse…sooner rather than later.


  20. It’s unfortunate that I hold some resentment against Cyborg for replacing MM as a founding member of the JL. I like Cyborg, but no one replaces my MM! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; JL:Doom had both, so a JL movie can have both too!

    • +1

      Great movie too.

  21. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for Aquaman

    • The Tin Woodsman for Cyborg!

  22. I like cyborg on the team because it diversifies the power sets. in addition, at some point the justice league will need wireless tech in the field, especially the likes of batman and the flash. cyborg is it.

    i doubt they’d leave out aquaman. all the fuss over cyborg’s inclusion on the justice league, can anyway alert me if there was any when robin was introduced to the young justice crew? as oppose to pre new 52 dc continuity based teen titans?

  23. I won’t lie; I fully expected the Metropolis QB throwing that perfect game winning fade in the football footage they shot would turn out to be Vic Stone. Its an easy cameo and because you never get a clear look at him, its easy to recast later with your preferred actor (what’s Michael B Jordan up to?). DC nerds would get the reference, so its a great cameo.

    Plus, Cavill seems to be a hint machine when it comes to these films. He does a great job turning the convo the way the promoters want. Nothing is spoilt by accident.

    • Michael B Jordan will be too busy playing The Human Torch, also Cyborg was originally a football player, Michael B Jordan does not have the right build.

    • What if the football scene they filmed is somehow connected to Victor Stone, just like the scene you mentioned from MOS? That would be an interesting way to throw him in. And Why else would they be filming a short football scene? Unless it’s for a flashback does anybody know if Vic played for either team? or if they were College or NFL

  24. i am truly happy that cyborg will be next dc character that will appears in batman/superman and also nightwind,wonder woman will also appears in batman/ superman movies and bringing many other dc charcter for future dc movies as well and henry cavill as the new superman is truly amazing and i am big fan cyborg .

    • It does not says Cyborg will be in Batman Vs Superman, it just says Henry Cavill hopes Cyborg will be the next focus for DC.

  25. Martin Caidin’s novel “Cyborg” came out in 1972 which is what the ABC television series The Six Million Dollar Man is based on…. from 1974.

    Marvel’s Deathlok… (again) came out in 1974.

    DC’s Cyborg hit the stands in 1980.

    Robocop premiered in 1987.

    • So if I understand your repeated mentions of this character correctly…

      You want Deathlok to be in the Justice League?

  26. story sounds similar to Robocop

  27. Love his comments, Cavill seems to know what he is talking about. Cyborg may not be my favorite but he would be great in this universe

  28. I was a fan of Deathlok. I had the whole short-lived run of the comics. When Cyborg happened I just thought….. meh……. DC’s Deathlok and never really gave it a chance.

    If WB/DC is looking for an interesting and original character to give a solo movie to….. I’d give my vote to Ragman. A poor, jewish, vigilante superhero with a supernatural twist. He’s got a striking costume made out of rags.

    Look up Ragman if you’re not familiar with him. I enjoyed the comics…… DC …. Mid 70′s?

    • I’m also a big fan of Dethklok. Metalocalypse is one of my favorite shows on Adult Swim.

      But I agree with you word for word: Cyborg is awesome.

    • Heustis…THANK YOU!!!

      I commented on several different threads previously (one or two having to do with the possibility of a “JL Dark” film/TV series) about how much I would LOVE to have Ragman onscreen. The updating of the whole GOLEM legend is a perfect fit for the MOS theme of belonging to multiple worlds, yet not fitting specifically into any…and I really like the costume, power-set, and character.