The CW Passes on ‘Supernatural’ Spinoff ‘Bloodlines’

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Nathaniel Bruzolic in Supernatural Bloodlines 700x425 The CW Passes on Supernatural Spinoff Bloodlines

May upfronts are upon us. It’s that special time of the year in the TV industry when decisions are made as to which shows will be renewed for another season and which pilots will be picked up to series. Unfortunately, since there’s only so much room on a network’s schedule, the rest won’t be able to make it to next fall or spring.

Spinoffs, however, operate under a different set of circumstances, because their fates are often decided much earlier when the characters and stories are first introduced in an episode of the original series, also known as a backdoor pilot. In a vow of confidence, The CW’s Arrow spinoff The Flash, which received a series order today, was lucky enough to film a standalone pilot, but Supernatural spinoff Bloodlines had to make do with a backdoor pilot that aired in April.

Sadly, critic response to that backdoor pilot wasn’t pretty with many saying Bloodlines was nothing like Supernatural, the show fans had spent nearly nine seasons watching since it first premiered on The WB. Others claimed it to was too much like the network’s other show, The Originals, while most just agreed the episode was downright disappointing. So it’s not too much of a surprise now that The CW has confirmed Bloodlines won’t be moving forward to series.

Sam and Dean Supernatural Bloodlines header 570x294 The CW Passes on Supernatural Spinoff Bloodlines

The good news from all this is that even though the story and tone of Bloodlines didn’t quite work out, The CW remains open to the possibility of creating another Supernatural spinoff. But it’ll need need to happen soon if they want to use Supernatural as a springboard again because the show’s upcoming season 10 could be its last.

Now, there are a couple of ways The CW could go with a new spinoff. First, a premise more like the one found onย Supernatural, where characters investigate paranormal cases, could probably go a long way in appealing to current fans. Second, using old or current characters to establish a new storyline has always been a tried and true method to lure in viewers (see: Angel). And sinceย Bloodlines had neither of these things going for it, it’s not a huge surprise that the spinoff didn’t sink in with viewers.

Do you think The CW should try to create another spinoff ofย Supernatural? What would you like to see on the next go around?


Supernatural airs Tuesdays @9pm on The CW.

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  1. The Bloodlines spinoff didnt interest me.
    Now if they did one based around the Men of Letters…

    • That’s a really great idea, Men of Letters or maybe Charlie & Dorothy’s adventures in Oz ๐Ÿ˜›
      I liked the Bloodlines episode, though it deviated too much from the main story, but all the main characters of the spin-off were introduced in one episode, that was kinda bad.

    • The men of letters, the witch detective and his familiar, or just a new set of hunters.

  2. Most people seem to want a “Men of Letters” period piece.

    I want to see a similar “On the Road” show with Creatures (maybe an angel and a demon). Who go around saving other creatures from hunters and trying to get them to co-exist with people. They would constantly face people out to get them (hunters, other angels and demons) and their own savage nature and primal impulses. Supernatural: Hunted. Also another badass muscle car would be good too, or a 60’s Volkswagon kombi-van that’d be groovy.

    Think about the bones of supernatural. The car that is a moving home, two brothers with a complecated history, a signature soundtrack if you will. Keep the bones, that’s what makes the universe so appealing.

    • You, my friend, are a genius. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your idea!!! It’s the most original idea i’ve read so far.

    • Genius idea, love the Supernatural: Hunted idea. Also, the road house idea is terrific. The Angel spin off worked because they just kept the same characters from Buffy and did their own thing from there.

  3. Good, maybe now we can see about getting Nate back for The Originals, get Kol back into the fray please!!!!

  4. A “Men of Letters” spin-off could be intriquing, if done right, and with some intelligence. I would probably consider that. That being said, I am hopelessly prejudiced in wanting to see Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley–well, you get the idea–literally on screen as a part of the story. So it would be hard for me to watch any spinoff that doesn’t involve these gentlemen, because they are the reason I stay interested. Maybe better to just to focus on giving Supernatural the finale it deserves, then see if any of the actors involved are interested in continuing on.

    • *intriguing

  5. Give Garth his own show! Explore what is going on with Charlie in Oz! Bobby! There are so many amazing characters that could really be fleshed out in their own spin-off. The one the just tried was awful.

  6. Fantastic news. Bloodlines premise was awful. Now if your going to do a Supernatural spin off.

    A) 50’s set Men of Letters (seems very popular consideration)

    B) Wild West set Colt series following the exploits of Samuel Colt and the infamous gun.

    C) Supernatural: Roadhouse the hunters truck stop or a version of it possibly another site.

    I personally would like a deadwood meets supernatural Colt series but I see a Men of Letters show being the winner

    • It’s a good thing that Bloodlines didn’t work out, as in my opinion the back door was one of the worst episodes of the show I’ve seen in a while. Now the idea of a show set in the old west featuring Samuel Colt, now that I would watch the hell out of.

  7. I want a Benny spin-off. He can be like the ‘Angel’ of this show or maybe just bring him back.

    Now the Chicago monster godfather storyline can be apart of Supernatural season 10 as the monster of the week type of episode.

  8. Im sooooo happy that CW got smart and made the right decision. NO SPIN-OFFs of Supernatural, its way too late for that.

  9. Maybe if they have like a Supernatural: The Ancients? Like Sam and Dean’s ancestors? Brother hunters also but the setting is like Ancient Rome? And instead of a car, they ride a cart pulled by a stubborn mule.

  10. Just give me more Cas and I’m happy.

  11. The adventures of young Bobby?

    Just please no more “big,” dark save the world plots. No angels.

    Back to the basics with creative stand alone episodes that had humor and style.

  12. I’d love to see a Supernatural: Campbells. Mitch Pileggi was awesome!

  13. The best way to do a Supernatural spinoff is obvious.. Ghost Facers..
    the episodes with them are great.. there already established in the series..
    the show could revolve arounnd them still “hunting” ghost.. cept instead of killing them they help solve the ghost unfinished business…
    they bring bak the friend who died thru his love for the other dude or an attachment to something

  14. Men of Letters? No, no, no. It should be centered around something present day and relevant, where Sam and Dean may show up on occasion, thus allowing the current Supernatural franchise to expand and evolve.
    It has always tickled me that all of the major worldly supernatural events have always happened in America (often undistinguished small town). There’s a whole world out there, with a much richer history, as well as a better connection to ancient lore and mythology.

  15. I think a Crowley/Castiel prequel spin off would work. Showing the makings of Crowley, how he sold his soul, the thing with his son and being a bad father back in the old times, meanwhile after he becomes King of Hell we have a parallel story arch connecting with Castiel’s exploits and other angels.

  16. Please do not make a men of letters sequel. It’s old and boring and there’s about a billion shows out at the moment set in the same time. Charlie in Oz would be great because, c’mon who doesn’t love Charlie Bradburry?? Or better yet Supernatural: hunted (as Michael Di Biasi said)would be totally awesome and fresh but we would still have the same world therefore we are more used to it and need less world building. If Supernatural is coming to an end and there is a sequel in the same world the fandom would be less devestated.

  17. Also no ghost facers. The suck. I litterally cringe when i see their faces on the “last time on supernatural” starting part where it shows you information relevent to the current episode. They are so annoying i just wanna slap their faces off. Gahhhd do they not know when to SHUT UP!

    • You are not alone, my friend. You are not alone.

      The Ghostfacers are the root of Supernatural’s decline into geekification that slowly turned it from a bad ass horror show with bars, cars and cool music into The Big Bang Theory about video games, comic books and live action role play. It hate those guys so much.

      • Dude they appear in like 2-3 episodes..
        out of 9seasons. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t them..

        • I know, but they established the train of thought in the writer’s heads that it would be perfectly acceptabale to water down the concept of the show with more and more geek centered episodes. The Charlie episodes and other crap like Becky or the Supernatural fandom meta episodes are the result of that development.

          • *acceptable

          • Yea i feel what ur saying. I don’t care for that Larping episode…
            But u gotta admit.. when Sam an Dean go to that Supernatural convention in season 5 is great..
            Seasons 2 and 5 has sum of the best writing and interaction between the brothers…

            • Yeah, that was funny and as a one-off it would be fine. Even X-Files had its comedy episodes. But right now it feels as if the more serious episodes are the exception on Supernatural, and as if it’s mostly a goofy parody of its former self.

              • The show definitely fell into the category of comedy horror rather than horror drama (imo).
                Seasons 1-5 are the best in the series specially knowing that’s where it was originally suppose to end.
                That said, seasons 1-2 are the ones that make u jump, squint, gag and cringe(ina gud way).
                Every episode had a bad guy with the hunt for azazel being the underlying theme for both seasons…

  18. Surprise no Bloodlines spinoff.
    Supernatural needs one but it needs to branch out in it’s own mythology rather than create one.
    I have to agree with a Man of Letters spinoff and have Henry Winchester as the main character,it wouldn’t be Supernatural without a Winchester at the helm.

  19. John Winchester spin off? His wife is pretty hot.

    Misha is good enough to be a lead.

    If the show ends, we will always have supernatural the animation =D

  20. The backdoor pilot for Bloodlines was pretty boring, I might have gave the show a chance, but I’m not too disappointed it got cancelled. As far as other possible spin-offs, I’m not really into a Men Of Letters spin-off, and there isn’t an overabundance of other spin-offs I’d like to see. Just spitballing, but maybe they could make a show set in the afterlife starring Bobby & Rufus, possibly some other passed away characters like Joe and Ellen. Maybe they’re traveling through heaven, hell, purgatory or wherever fighting antagonists that exist in the afterlife. I’d probably watch a Castiel or Crowley spin-off; maybe they could form some kind of spin-off where the two start working together for some odd reason, the angel/demon team-up concept always seemed interesting to me.

  21. I’m so happy that Bloodlines is done. It would have been terrible and a waste of time and ressources.

    As for another spin-off: Supernatural: Roadhouse. ’nuff said.

    • Roadhouse.*

      * Peter Griffin voice

  22. I wouldn’t mind one with the Krissy Chambers character.

    • Yeah, she would be cool. Dean’s female equivalent. ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. smart move on the cw part.

  24. for me a good spin off will be after the mom died bobby and the dad just investigating casses it could work as a prequel

  25. It would be nice to see a kick-ass, female protagonist in the same vein as Buffy but with a Supernatural tone, classic rock n’ all.
    Maybe young Mary Campbell before she met John Winchester. That’d be awesome

    • Mom’s a babe….I’m going to hell… again… ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. That stinks, it’s been hard for me to catch up on Supernatural, so this could have been my new favorite fantasy show.

  27. I thought the Golem episode was a great idea for a spin off. You had the Golem and the grandson learning from each other, a build in villian for the series, it made sense to me and I liked both of those charaters.

  28. I’d obviously love to see a “Men of Letters” spinoff, but I’ve always been curious about John’s back story. Maybe a “Supernatural: The Book of John” could lure in an audience. It’d chronicle his famous diary and the many adventures he’s had (possibly with younger Winchesters or solo hunts). It’d be cool to somehow tie in “Men of Letters” flashbacks here and there and maybe bring in Henry as some guardian or what have you.

    • Oh, and the best part: the Impala will be sticking around ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. I really enjoyed Supernatural: Bloodlines and I thought the characters were compelling and that had a lot of potential for seasons worth of material. The acting and writing was also quite good. While it wasn’t the most exciting episode, they needed to establish characters and sett#1 trending on twitter as well, so they would’ve had enough interest in show. This is hard to do in only one episode. The spin off should have been two episodes to do it properly. Bloodlines was filmed in Chicago, which gave the show an interesting vibe.

    The CW should pick up the Bloodlines for the mid season after they develop the back story further. The network should reconsider its decision not to pick it up. They could’ve done cross-overs and have the “Men of Letters” organization global headquarters in Chicago as well. That would make the Men of Letters location in Kansas a satellite bunker on Supernatural. Therefore, Bloodlines would have the monsters and men of letters storylines driving it forward for many seasons.