The CW Passes on ‘Supernatural’ Spinoff ‘Bloodlines’

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Nathaniel Bruzolic in Supernatural Bloodlines 700x425 The CW Passes on Supernatural Spinoff Bloodlines

May upfronts are upon us. It’s that special time of the year in the TV industry when decisions are made as to which shows will be renewed for another season and which pilots will be picked up to series. Unfortunately, since there’s only so much room on a network’s schedule, the rest won’t be able to make it to next fall or spring.

Spinoffs, however, operate under a different set of circumstances, because their fates are often decided much earlier when the characters and stories are first introduced in an episode of the original series, also known as a backdoor pilot. In a vow of confidence, The CW’s Arrow spinoff The Flash, which received a series order today, was lucky enough to film a standalone pilot, but Supernatural spinoff Bloodlines had to make do with a backdoor pilot that aired in April.

Sadly, critic response to that backdoor pilot wasn’t pretty with many saying Bloodlines was nothing like Supernatural, the show fans had spent nearly nine seasons watching since it first premiered on The WB. Others claimed it to was too much like the network’s other show, The Originals, while most just agreed the episode was downright disappointing. So it’s not too much of a surprise now that The CW has confirmed Bloodlines won’t be moving forward to series.

Sam and Dean Supernatural Bloodlines header 570x294 The CW Passes on Supernatural Spinoff Bloodlines

The good news from all this is that even though the story and tone of Bloodlines didn’t quite work out, The CW remains open to the possibility of creating another Supernatural spinoff. But it’ll need need to happen soon if they want to use Supernatural as a springboard again because the show’s upcoming season 10 could be its last.

Now, there are a couple of ways The CW could go with a new spinoff. First, a premise more like the one found on Supernatural, where characters investigate paranormal cases, could probably go a long way in appealing to current fans. Second, using old or current characters to establish a new storyline has always been a tried and true method to lure in viewers (see: Angel). And since Bloodlines had neither of these things going for it, it’s not a huge surprise that the spinoff didn’t sink in with viewers.

Do you think The CW should try to create another spinoff of Supernatural? What would you like to see on the next go around?


Supernatural airs Tuesdays @9pm on The CW.

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  1. Omg! I loved the bloodlines episode, I wanted to see more of those characters… people should be more open minded

    • are you having a laugh that episode was damn right appalling it was probably the worst episode so far, as for being open-minded i very much am, but to do a spin-off that would have to be as good as the original,supernatural is still going strong after nearly ten years, only because of the quality writing and dean,Sam,and cass which bloodlines lacked big time s*** story s*** character development, i don’t ever say this but people like you should stick to watching the heart of dixie cause you seem to like absolute garbage that some how stays on air while real quality shows get cancelled.

    • I loved the episode too….why so much hate on this episode….shame they did not really give it a chance….

    • i agree hole hartedly that the characters from bloodlines gave us a new perspective in the world of supernatural maybe if they added a long running character from the original series it would help the fans with the transition but from where i was sitting this series could have expanded the world of supernatural to learn more about the monsters and other hunters

    • Ditto

    • I was looking forward to seeing Kol again since he left the Vampire Diaries and Originals… Now I’m sad…

  2. NO spinoffs.

    Let the series die for a few years, and then maybe bring it back with better writing, no mega arcs, no angels, no demons, no end of the world scenarios.

  3. Bloodlines was literally the worst episode of supernatural that I have ever watched. Not so much the premise, But the acting. It was downright horrible. I’m a huge fan, but I laughed/winced through most of the episode.

  4. No one really wanted to see a monster soap opera which is what this thing was shaping up to be. We wanted characters we could connect with, not vapid a**holes that we had nothing invested in and a premis that frankly fell flat. I was sincerely hoping that the spinoff would be something that included the Men of Letters and or a clan of hunters akin to the Campbell, hopefully they’ll pick something that actually appeals to fans of Supernatural if they decide to try it a second time.

    • No, definitely no more hunters. Thats played out. Maybe the hunted, though…like maybe the creatures that are not quite human would be better.

    • I hated the Campbells. But a Men of Letters spin-off would be cool considering I liked Henry Winchester. Maybe like a prequel to the episode where Josie gets possessed by Abaddon.

  5. I think they should do a spin-off that actually centers around the Hunters, where they are the anti-heroes which still go after other creatures. You could explore rivalries which are revealed to have long histories, where the audience is essentially “rooting for” the bad guys. I feel like the “on the road” dynamic shouldn’t carry over as the spin-off needs to be fresh, not an imitation of Supernatural. You could feature characters from one town instead, some of whom are corrupt or morally ambiguous, setting a darker tone for the series. The town’s name would feed into the title – Supernatural: Hunterville.

  6. I kinda hate the way that everyone is hating on the bloodlines episode. There have been far worse episodes than that and I found it to be really great. I actually really loved it and wanted to see more. It’s just the first episode so of course they weren’t going to give you everything. They gave you the basics of what the series is based off of and that’s monster mafia-ish stuff. And I honestly found that to be really awesome. I’m disappointed that everyone sees it as being mostly romantic based since there was the human boy that had the whole mystery of his dad and what his dad actually knew. There was far more in the series than the little spin of romance. The first episode just showed that the series could be interesting and had great potential given that it would have been given the opportunity and handled well(which I did trust supernatural writers to do). For the most part, those who hated the episode are just looking for something that is more linked to sam and dean and the whole hunter thing. Which honestly it is getting kinda old. 9 seasons later and they’re running low on the genius ideas they used to have. I really wish this series could’ve happened, but I am disappointed in the supernatural fan base for having such a heart attack over one episode that was actually interesting. Especially since the heart attack was over lack of hunters, men of letters, or everyones favorites main characters. Well guess what, it’s a spin off. And in a spin off it doesn’t have to have the main characters. It is a spin off and not supposed to be the exact same show which means it is just playing in the same universe at the same time. It’s a series that would’ve showed that more than just the s*** that happens around sam and dean happens too. The world doesn’t have to revolve around them.

    • I agree with you it would have been a great spin off better than one with only hunters as main characters I think we already get to see a lot of what happened with hunters and although I would like to know more about the man of letters I don’t think they are that much interesting. Monsters would be a new thing I don’t get why people want a spin off which is exacly like the show when when the show is going to have 10 seasons, of coucrse I like Sam and Dean who doesn’t ? But after so many seasons I think is time to let go and move on to something totally diferent if the spin off is going to be about more hunters and demons is going to be exacly the same I would have loved to see the continuation of bloodlines but it seems that most fans just want to see the same thing over and over again I would understand if the series had 5 or 6 season but with 10 I want something a bit differnt

    • Well, said! I feel the same way. They could write in Cass and Crowley to tie in the shows, but no one wants to see an imitation of the original! Cass could even bring back Bobby if the actor doesn’t have another gig at the time. Supernatural doesn’t have to die just because Sam and Dean do. I like fantasy, horror based shows like this. I get enough real life in real life! I don’t want to watch it for entertainment. I currently only watch 3 shows. Supernatural, The Walking Dead and now Sleepy Hollow. The other shows in this genre just didn’t seem to get it right to me. Let’s face it, season 10 of Supernatural is going to be it! Jenson and Jared were only signed on for 10 seasons. With the Marvel Comics Avengers movies pursuing Jenson to play Hawkeye, he would be stupid not to take it! This is his career we’re talking about and he’s not getting any younger.

      • Hawkeye is going to be Jeremy Renner.

    • I completely agree with you. If people want the exact same show, they should watch reruns. AND who is to say that the kids father in the episode didn’t have a connection to the men of letter? Who knows? There could have been a Chicago organization connected to the men of letters. We will never know . . . smh! Shame on the CW for not trusting the show creators. Good grief! SN has lasted for 10 seasons, they could have given this new show one.

  7. I know the show Supernatural is possibly fated to end after season 10 next year, and I really have hope for a real finish: something huge, like closing Hell for good, or God showing back up, or even something as wild as one brother becoming king of hell, and the other reigning over heaven and there being some kind of awesome ending balance. I dunno, something too grand for us to continue to care about the monster-of-the-week in Chicago.

  8. Honestly, It was an interesting idea. I think the shapeshifters sister ruined it. and the Slave werewolf? what? seriously? who thought that was a good idea? The idea of 5 monster families ruling chicago does have an appeal. Their is so much they can do with that. and they only talked about 3 of the families..the shifters, wolves, and Jins. It had potential. Just sorry execution. However, it’s not the spinoff I would have went with. I think they should do a spin off of Dorothy and Charlie in OZ. I think the supernatural writers could have some real fun with writing about OZ. OOOH or a a Bobby and Rufus spin off..they really need to tell that story, all leading up to whatever happened in OMAHA that they keep talking about! I would watch both of those. Oh, or a Cain spin off would be pretty sweet. Watching how he trained the knights of hell, than ended up killing them all off…how did that go down? Definitely a story there. Oh and a Garth spin off would be awesome! I’d love to see garth as a hunter and taking on Bobby’s role..that has major potential as well. Just a few ideas they could go with. I’m just sayin

  9. Another commenter had the perfect spin-off idea Supernatural: The Book of John. Focus on period of time right after Mary’s death when John was raising and teaching the boys to hunt. See the interactions between Sam and Dean as kids. You can see more of our favorite characters like a younger Bobby, Rufus, Ellen. You can learn more about Mary through John’s flashbacks. You’d still have chances to see grownup Dean and Sam using time travel. That’s what I’d like to see. Great title idea too.

    Bloodlines could have worked if introduced differently. For example – after Ennis’s father is killed, Ennis finds files/journals that his father kept hidden. He finds one of those “if you’re listening to this I’m dead” messages from his father. The message explains how his dad had been investigating a pattern of strange crimes/killings and that a guy named Winchester had been helping him. Ennis does a little poking around and then his fiancée is killed. Both dad and fiancee’s deaths were made to look like accidents but Ennis believes they’re connected to whatever his father was investigating. So he looks for John and tracks down Dean and Sam. Over 2-3 episodes the Winchesters give him Monsters 101 and teach him a few tricks. Sam and Dean introduce Ennis to local hunters and the brothers go their own way. While looking for those responsible for his dad and fiancées death, he discovers the 5 families.

  10. I quite enjoyed the bloodlines episode, it may be because I loved the cast making me bias but even the plot line was quite good. It’d be great on it’s own but the only problem is a supernatural spinoff needs more action, more fighting. Also I think the main reason the episode was dissapointing was the lack of Sam and Dean, I know it was supposed to be a backdoor pilot but it’s still an episode of supernatural. They should have written in one character that was in it earlier on in the show as well

  11. Why not have a spinoff about john raising Sam and dean while teaching them to hunt so you have bobby and everyone john had help with while looking for yellow eyes

  12. I think the reason I didn’t like the episode is it just wasn’t really a Supernatural spin off. It had a completely different tone, didn’t really feel like it fit into the mythos very well, and featured noone we knew from the original series. There was nothing “supernatural” about the show, except there were monsters.

    Some spinoff ideas I would like to see

    Bobby comes back as some kind of Angel(maybe some kind of Angel that not as bad ass as the usual) and mentors a group of hunters,

    Garth and dealing with being a hunter/werewolf.

    Castiel and some of the other angels way back in biblical times going through “Supernatural” interpretations of biblical events, leading up to the fall of lucifer, or maybe the events right after that.

    The adventures of Sams Grandfather.

  13. I have loved watching supernatural For the past 9 seasons. I really hope the upcoming 10 th will NOT be the last. Supernatural. Is the BEST show ever!!! I love the whole SN gang. Stay strong CW do what is Wright keep SN going!!!

  14. No, there are other shows that can have spin off’s such as Charmed although it’s been off of the WB (CW) since 2006. However the fan base is so large and it remains popular on TNT Network and Netflix til this day. Instead of them trying to create a reboot this soon, maybe they can spin off with their children in power and occasionally have episodes with the original cast. Of course we all know the story of Wyatt and Chris, so to re-use them and introduce their cousins and sister would be a fun thought. Of bring Prue back as an ghost like with Gramms and Patty. Also Networks always seems to cancel everything good and supernatural. I wish Hulu or Netflix would consider adding some of these shows to their Network of Original Series. Shows such as Secret Circle, The Tomorrow People, Star Crossed, 666 Park Avenue and Dracula.


  16. They need a version of supernatural where the lead characters are both female. A large percentage of SPN fans are female, and history shows us that as long as a female character is not a possible love interest for the Winchesters, we love them. (Jody Mills, Charlie, etc.) Having two B.A. chicks take down monsters would be the start of an absolutely amazing SPN-like show with a whole new array of plot lines. Think Buffy, Charmed, and so on.

  17. Why not a Dorothy/Charlie spinoff in Oz? I would watch the heck out of that show.

  18. Poorly received huh? That’s because they should’ve done a spinoff for Charlie in OZ with Dorothy. That would’ve been much cooler than Kindred the Embraced version of Supernatural. Granted I did like the episode, note I said liked, not loved like Dog Dean Afternoon.

  19. I watched season 9 episode 20 and thought that Bloodlines would make a good spin-off once Supernatural ends. Jenson and Jared are only signed on to a 10 season deal. Jenson is being pursued to play Hawkeye in the Marvel comics Avengers movies, so who knows if he will opt to stay on past season 10? He’s not getting any younger. Believe me, I’m the same age. He has to make the jump soon or it will never happen for him. Carrying on with Sam and Cass is a roll of the dice since the show switched from being a horror show to the relationship between the Winchester brothers. Using known characters is always good for a spin-off. Perhaps adding known characters to Bloodlines’ premise would make the show more attractive to diehard Supernatural fans. There definitely needs to be a Supernatural spin-off! No fan wants to see different characters trying to take on the rolls of Sam and Dean! It has to be different! I like the characters of Cass and Crowley. They could be written in to the original Bloodlines story. WB needs to rethink their decision to not take on Bloodlines. There are only 3 shows I watch. First has always been Supernatural. It came on when I was put on strict bed rest when I was pregnant. I couldn’t have even told you what shows were on TV before then except for Friends (via my friends)and before that Buffy the Vampire Slayer before because of my younger cousins. I also watch The Walking Dead and now Sleepy Hollow. I would hate to see Supernatural disappear because they did not make a spin-off!

  20. A spin-off that would work? Charlie and Dorothy in Oz, duh.

  21. Ghost. Ghost facers. Super mega duh.
    Or dj qualls. Because awesomeness.

  22. I think they should make a supernatural spinoff with the men of letters

  23. I did not even know that episode was supposed to be a pilot, just saw it today and thought to myself that it would be a great spinoff…so…there

  24. Ghostfacers would make a great spin off series! I loved the group of goofy investigators and their misguided ideas of the supernatural. It would be so easy to bring the other Supernatural characters in cameos and stumble upon things Sam and Dean did. I hope they give that some thought but after what happened in season 10 i doubt that will happen.

  25. Or a Men of Letters spinoff would be great too! Of course you’d have to have some women in there because it would be horribly one dimensional otherwise. But it would be neat to see into the past and see what the Men of Letters were like in their hay day! It would be more like a prequel to Supernatural, but I think it would have serious potential.

  26. Have Castiel’s Human (Vessels) daughter become a hunter and give her a spin off. Then they could have Castiel in the spin off as a recurring character. As well as Crowly. Keep some people fromt he original show and have them not be the entire focus.

    The Bloodlines thing was a horrible idea too much religious overtones. They seemed so creepy cult.

    Part of why the Angel spin off worked so well was because Buffy was aimed at women and girls, and Angel was aimed at males.Having a main character that lasts more than one season in a spin off would probably go over well with female fans of the show.

    Castiel’s daughter would work really well for a spin off because the character and actress are relatively young and we the fans could get a coming of age Hunter style story. Father’s (body at least) is an Angel so who better than him, and the Winchester brothers to teach someone how to do it right?


  27. I really didn’t mind Bloodlines. I wasn’t blown away by it or anything, but I could see the potential it had as a series. I would love the Supernatural spinoff to be more from the monster’s perspective. Supernatural really doesn’t have a lot of monsters that aren’t evil or end up dead, so Bloodlines really came from a whole new direction. I think a spin-off surrounding Hunters or Men of Letters would be a mistake since it’d be pretty much the same show with new characters, and I’m sure a few old cameos. In my opinion, a show kind of similar to the episode called Freaks and Geeks with teen hunter Krissy Chambers would be awesome, but with her being much more open-minded about monsters than Sam and Dean usually are. Make it kind of like a Hunter boot camp/school, but with at least a few-if not the majority of-members of the group being monsters. Have them be more like x-men (which are really just a cross between Hunters and Men of Letters) and more interested in finding other oddball monsters who want to help people rather than hurt them and training them. Think Hogwarts/Supernatural/X-Men. And (even though his powers were so extreme it’d be a little ridiculous to try and give him anything difficult to deal with) maybe have Jesse there too. Remember him? The one Cass called the Antichrist? I mean just taking him, Cass’s daughter, Sheriff Mills’ foster daughter Alex, Krissy and her buds, Kate, and bringing back Kevin or even Sam and Dean’s little brother Adam (who is still in Hell locked in a cage with Lucifer and Michael. Way to go big brothers!) and throwing them all together would be cool, in my opinion. Having them click into some kind of family unit that does some hunting, learns about all things paranormal, tries to help people and monsters, trains to fight, and looks for others like them to add to the group sounds kind of awesome to me.

    • I Felt the Bloodlines episode was a great intro to a Supernatural spinoff. It was different and well spinoff a are supposed to be different. Otherwise it’ll always be compared to the original and face it there is no comparison. As for a Charlie in Oz spinoff? Maybe a mini series but not a full on series. Ditto the Ghostfacers. Funny and quirky but they’d get boring after a few episodes. And sorry Garth just doesn’t have it to carry a series. A guest appearance here and there maybe but please no more than that! The Book of John idea mentioned earlier would be cool but again it’s a limited engagement. Might be best to let the series lie if it does indeed end after season 10

  28. I know they mentioned it in the orginal article, but why hasn’t anyone else realized that Bloodlines would be just like The Orginals??? I love TVD & The Orginals and I feel like Bloodlines would have tried to overshadow/take that storyline over. I wouldn’t mind the whole Sam and dean growing up story with john. Or even start it a little bit earlier, with john and Mary meeting, getting married, starting the family, and then the incident. And then have them growing up. That’d be cool.

  29. This sucks, just saw ‘Bloodlines!’ Acting was a little over the top, but spinoff potential! Sad when a group can limit creativity just cuz their bogus intelligentsia passes for – oh well, I feel that way about ‘Torchwood’ being dumped & Soaps – what do I know.

    Sorry that the show won’t get a shot (perhaps some insipid non-scripted……), I will hope for a decent superhero cartoon at the very least!