CW Hits The Mark With Full ‘Arrow’ TV Series Trailer

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A couple of days ago, fans were treated to the first footage of Stephen Amell in the role of Oliver Queen, as he readied himself to take back the streets of Starling City and investigate the fate that has befallen his father in the upcoming DC Comics-inspired TV series Arrow.

On the heels of that sneak peek, The CW has now provided fans with the series’ first official trailer, which delves further into the Arrow mythos and expands on the gritty storytelling that was only hinted at in the previous reveal. Now, instead of a shirtless Amell, we are treated to the Emerald Archer’s costume and archery skills in action, and a much better idea of what he’ll be up against. If the earlier footage reminded you of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, then this new trailer is going to have you seeing double – right down to a bearded Amell looking an awful lot like a prison-dwelling, pre-cowl Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale).

David Ramsey Stephen Amell Arrow The CW CW Hits The Mark With Full Arrow TV Series Trailer

When one takes into consideration the cool color palate of the cinematography, the stone-cold demeanor of Amell’s Oliver Queen and the up-close-and-personal fisticuffs, Arrow is also looks every bit as inspired by the Bourne franchise the producers mentioned it would be prior to production. The result? A rather slick looking bit of television that seems primed to attract the attention of comic book fans and newbies alike. If anything, The CW should pat itself on the back after yesterday’s Arrow preview was met with more genuine interest than disdain – a rarity when a character sees his or her origin, costume or, in this case, name, altered for the purpose of reaching a wider audience.

The trailer also does a decent job of setting up the world Queen will be inhabiting; it provides a fairly comprehensive introduction to Arrow’s allies and foes, as well as hinting at the requisite challenges any young superhero must face when learning to balance the complications of a dual identity. That world certainly does seem to be more grounded than most superhero offerings as of late, with Queen utilizing a more straightforward batch of hand-sharpened arrows, rather than the ultra-high tech type used by Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) in The Avengers.

Now that The CW has grabbed our attention, it’s going to feel like a long summer before Arrow premieres alongside its new running mate, in the form of the eighth (and possibly last) season of Supernatural, sometime in the fall. Hopefully, by that time, people will no longer be as compelled to mention The Avengers when talking about Arrow.


Needless to say, Screen Rant will be following the exploits of Oliver Queen when Arrow premieres sometime this fall on The CW.

Source: DealingTV via Screen Crush

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  1. Six seasons and a movie!

    • Cool, coolcoolcool.

  2. Everybody is asking A lot of questons like,why Arrow instead of Green Arrow. Why Starling city instead of Star city and why Laurel Lance instead of Diana Laurel Lance. Maybe it’s to reduce lease prices from DC Comics and WB Studios. Or maybe the writers are just plain silly. Like on the old WW series wene they named her sister Druzila instead of Donna(never did figure that one out).

    • But doesn’t WB own DC? I think it’s the same problem they have with ( most) of their movies,they stray too far from the source material to try and snag a wider audience. Although by now you’d think they’d have learned their lesson, given that ,with few exceptions, they’ve met with unmitigated disaster.

      • Can’t wait

  3. Awesome!!! Hopefully it will be as good (if not better) than Smallville!

  4. Looks promising, at least a lot edgier than Smallville.

  5. I think it should of kept the expanded DC super hero universe like Smallville did.

  6. See now if DC could do the same as Marvel then they could bring out an awesome Justice League movie. The problem is they need to bring out a sequel to Green Lantern that does he’s character justice, The Dark Knight Rises needs to have supernatural elements so audiences will find it easy to except Batman being with the other DC Heroes then they need a Wonder Woman, Flash and Superman movie that doesn’t suck, maybe even bring in the Green Arrow.

    So I don’t think Justice League is going to happen. Even if they pull off good movies for everyone, Christopher Nolan wouldn’t agree to making a non-realistic batman movie despite almost ALL of Batman’s villains having some supernatural element or super power. Well most of the GOOD Batman villains. Don’t get me wrong I’m a Marvel fan but I’d still like to see a Justice League movie.

    • Which of Batman’s villains have superpowers or supernatural elements?

      If memory serves me, most of his villains have various levels of psychological imbalances and a tendency towards obsessive, almost fetish-oriented, focuses (penguins, jokes, , coins, hats, pranks, gadgets, storybook characters, et al). Clayface has a degree of superhuman ability, depending on whether you go by comics or cartoons; Croc is stronger than norm; Catwoman is sooorta supernaturally based (or is it just a delusion?); Bane is (sometimes) chemically enhanced.

      I think most of the classic villains are barely a step up from the actors that have portrayed them really as far as “powers.”

      • Clayface definitely has superpowers. Killer Croc was born with a skin condition and ran away to the sewers (after being a circus sideshow), where he was affected by all the toxic waste down there, which made him stronger and more monstrous looking, so he has a degree of superpower.
        Catwoman is just a normal human with incredible agility, etc. I think she just makes up that 9 lives thing to go with her gimmick. Bane could be considered superpowered because a lot of comic book characters get their powers from chemicals or special drugs.
        Captain America got his strength, speed, agility, and more from the Super Soldier Serum. The Flash got the Speed Force from some chemicals in a forensics lab. Spider-Man got his powers from a radioactive spider.
        Batman does have other characters who could be considered superhuman. Ra’s al Ghul is practically immortal as long as he has a Lazarus Pit. Solomon Grundy is also immortal, and a living corpse with incredible strength who gets stronger each time he comes back to “life”.
        Batman just usually gets the non-powered ones or at least the ones with an obvious weakness since he’s a powerless superhero. He still lives in the same universe as super villains with powers, like Superman’s rogues, and he’s fought them too.

    • There is talk of a Flash movie, with the Flash from Smallville, and i’d love to see that.

      • Umm…where is that exactly? I guarantee you The Flash film will NOT be about The Flash from Smallville. LOL …WB needs to get off its ass with that already though!

        And umm…”Arrow”…WHERE IS YOUR MASK?!

        Hawkeye tv show looks cool. ;-)

        • This is a case of a fan wishing they’d do a Flash movie (or whatever character) so they say “there’s talk of ______ show/movie.” Saying it doesn’t make it true, but some people think saying it might help things along.

        • this isnt hawkeye…

      • If they used the flash from smallville I would not go watch the movie of my all time favorite hero…

  7. Dare i get into another show after Alcatraz or even get excited about a show and then it don’t air (Wonder Women)looks sort of ok but untill i see an ep wont be sure and green arrow is one of my favs after batman :)

  8. The thing is when bringing a superhero to life on the screen the small or large what you see carries a certain believability. So the better made the more believable and a certain cache goes with that. Now TV as we all know can’t budget like first run movies, it’s not salable to the networks and it’s counterproductive to put all the time and energy into trying just to fail. And by fail I’m talking about profitability because their’s an upper limit set by market forces what you can charge advertisers. The networks have numbers that they know that they can make for an hour of excellent entertainment. These numbers or greater are what they are shooting for. Given all that and the performance of generic superheros created by the networks it seems that name brand recognition is a better bet. So popularity can carry a series like ‘Smallville’ or ‘Star Trek’ and of course the upper limit to what can be made vs what’s spent makes the series viable. They also have to consider what they have to spend to license the character for use! DC nor Marvel is doing this for free or just to increase comic sales. Every use of their properties needs to make money. So when they sit down with prospective producers and the like each has a certain goal in mind. The producers want the best they can get for the dollars spent and the property owners want the most they can get to license the property. Somewhere all this stuff has to gel. I firmly believe that if the networks could make it work financially they would use the best top tier characters they could license. Since it can’t be made to work because of the market realities they have to use the best they can make work. The character of Green Arrow is viable because a similar character, Hawkeye has recently had high visibility and wasn’t relatively expensive to bring to the big screen. In fact I’d hazard to say that Hawkeye has or had been considered being brought to the TV screen. Their’s no economic reason it couldn’t be done and as long as you didn’t require the same actor to cross both entertainment mediums might be done to directly compete with a Green Arrow series…

    • WB owns DC, and I don’t mean just the liscense to use the characters. WB and DC are in the same house. They have liscense to use any character they want, it’s not about money, there is no concievable reason for the changes that are always made in these shows/movies.

      I get some minor changes to update the characters, most of them were created decades ago, but some of these changes don’t even make sense and are so far from the original character that they become unrecognizable.

      So he’s Arrow instead of Green Arrow, why?
      Starling city instead of Star City, what’s the point of that?
      Dinah Lance becomes Laurel Lance, whatever.
      His mother is still alive and now he has a sister? That’s just stupid and can actually change who he is as a character. Orphans won’t have the same mentality as someone with family. Not to mention the difference between the thinking of an only child and someone with a sibling. Oliver Queen always had a sense of entitlement that came from being a wealthy, only child. That’s all gone now.

      The established fan base is ignored in favor of potential fans that don’t know who the character is, it’s the live action DC curse.

      • I just don’t get it. Why oh why do DC (WB) continue to change so many things that make their comic chaacters so appealing?

        Marvel have had such successful movies because they have appeased the fans and non-fans alike.

      • “WB owns DC, and I don’t mean just the license to use the characters. WB and DC are in the same house.”

        So true il princerino but as they’ve done in the past I figured they were leasing a block out to another company, which I figure accounts for the changes everyones seeing. In doing that they can charge and license the characters to other production companies while still broadcasting the programs! Isn’t capitalism wonderful…

      • You’re fixating over really small details that have no impact, while voicing no concern or interest over things that could make the show great or terrible. Character development? Plot? Compelling setting? Good writing & direction? Those are important. We’ll see how those things play out as the show continues. Good or bad, but I’m hoping for good.

        Naming the city Starling City instead of Star City? Naming the woman Laurel Lance instead of Diana Laurel Lance? Totally minor details that have zero impact. Why did they change them? It usually has to do with the feel of the names, the pacing in dialogue, a writer make small adjustments in the writing process and it feels or flows better, so they go with it. It’s just part of the creative process.

        • which follows what I was thinking about an independent having an angle and taking all the risk. They lease a night block develop Arrow and perhaps two other programs pay Warner and Warner assumes none of the risk and reaps first line benefits every step of the way. Owning the properties and the network, it’s really not a bad way of doing business…

        • Ressurecting his mother and giving him a sister are hardly “small details”. Those are character changing, monumental changes to a decades old mythos for no apparent reason.

  9. this is crap! a new guy playing oliver AND his parents are still alive whereas in smallville they died? bull. i’m a HUGE fan of smallville (own all 10 seasons) but come one people! it’s just a desperate rant by the CW because nobody cares about america’s next top model or supernatural anymore. they just simply ran out of ideas.

    • It’s not related to Smallville. Maybe you should’ve taken the hints instead of falsely comparing this show to the Oliver Queen in Smallville.

      It’s like saying “Subway is nothing like Dairy Queen! What the hell!”

      • This just highlights a problem that the CW might have. People will A) be confused that he’s not the Green Arrow from Smallville, and B) people are obviously going to compare the two different Oliver Queens. Arrow and Smallville are from the same network! Why wouldn’t they be upset/confused that it’s not a spin-off?

        • I get where you’re coming from…


          A) if someone watches it, and they are familiar with smallville, they should pick up right off the bat that it’s not related. If they’re still confused, that’s their brain’s issue, not something WB can be faulted for.

          B) They can compare the two, as in “hey here’s how they’re doing it similarly/differently than Smallville’s version,” I’m cool with that. But how hard should it really be for people to wrap their heads around the whole concept “oh it’s just a different show. not related. okay.”

          It’s like when people get confused that X-Men isn’t a Marvel Studios film even though it’s a Marvel comic. It’s not really THAT tough, but a lot of people can’t figure it out. “I want Spider-man in the Avengerse 2 film!”

          • I saw the ad and the first thing I thought was “YES! A Smallville spin-off”…. Then I saw they cast someone different as Green Arrow than the actor from Smallville… Very disappointed, lost 70% of my interest in even watching it.

    • If it is crap why is it the most watched show in 3 years on the CW.

  10. bad idea to get rid of the superpowers and change the names of star city and dinah lance. he needs the gotee and the mask because you will be able to see him with just the hood. still pretty pumped for this show.

  11. ::PREDICTION::

    “Arrow” will be cancelled around episode fifteen.

    • Also, the show is on the CW network. If you have been paying any attention, the CW network gears all of their shows towards women. Regardless about how manly the “Arrow” may appear in the trailer, the reality is that the show will be about romantic relationships and encounters. Every ounce of action adventure and masculinity will be removed, so that the network can cater toward women and alternative lifestyles. Ironically this exact formula is bringing the network down to its knees.

  12. Damn! That looks cool!

  13. GREEN ARROW can not wait

  14. but why make it like batman begins? we’ve all seen that.

    how about making arrow something different.

    one thing i love about DC is the variety.

    not much variety if everyone wants dark and gritty and DArk Knight-ish.

    i hope arrow has his own special personality thing, whether they tie in the new 52/other DC characters or not.

    • Why wouldn’t you make it like Batman? That would completed ruin Green Arrow. Green Arrow is a rip off of Batman, I know this because the writer of Green Arrow said it himself….

  15. “Maybe it’s to reduce lease prices from DC Comics and WB Studios” Last I looked CW was owned by WB and WB owned DC – so what licencing fees??? Also, when watching the trailer one thing struck me hard and completely turned me off of this show. He put an arrow into the heart of one of the bad guys. Green Arrow does NOT kill! That is a total deal breaker for me. Some of the other creative changes will likely turn off other fans also like the Venue change, slight name changes etc. I will never understand why the creative teams associated with established characters and stories insist on changing them.

    • The killing thing is what bugs me the most. I mean, that’s like having Superman using his heat vision to disintegrate people, or Batman holding a gun, like he did in his first incarnation.
      Green Arrow’s just as strong morally and ethically as Batman and Superman. Sure, he carries arrows, but he only uses non-lethal trick arrows against living beings. I know they want to make it realistic, but I don’t really care how realistic it is, as long as it’s good.
      He’s rich isn’t he? Can’t he afford to have trick arrows made for him, just like Nolan’s Batman can afford to have Lucius Fox make him a batsuit, grapple gun, glider/cape, EMP devices, a Bat-tank (!), and multiple other gadgets?
      I mean, come on. Why can’t they ever make a comic book movie or show that’s true to the source material? Can’t they see that making so many changes has only had negative results in the past?
      I’m not saying it’ll be bad (I’m actually right about to watch it), but for once, I wish they would just get the character right.

  16. I always thought Smallville sucked. My dad was into it so I’d sit down and watch an episode from time to time but I really hope this show turns out to be more Nolan-esque.

  17. Ok everyone, the details changing means nothing. The whole point of the show is to give entertainment to the people watching it. If the show is good then you watch it, if not then don’t watch it! I have seen all 5 episodes so far and I like the show. I have also seen Smallville ad thought it was a great series. Now let “Arrow” be it’s own series that people watch because they enjoy the show!

  18. what is the song called on the commercial but amy winehouse ?