First ‘Curse of Chucky’ Images Show the Killer Doll Back on the Warpath

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Curse of Chucky Doll First Curse of Chucky Images Show the Killer Doll Back on the Warpath

Horror movie monsters never really die, they just go into retirement when their franchise stops being profitable. Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger and Jason Voorhees have all been defeated and resurrected too many times to count (actually it’s 31 times between them all), but the next big bad to make it back to the big screen isn’t all that big, and he’s not even making it all the way to the big screen.

Curse of Chucky is the forthcoming direct-to-DVD entry in the Child’s Play series, the original film of which was released back in 1988. Curse of Chucky will be the sixth film in the franchise, following on from 2004′s Seed of Chucky. The inimitable Brad Dourif returns once more to voice the evil doll who lends his name to the title of the film, and his daughter Fiona Dourif plays the protagonist, Nica: a young woman confined to a wheelchair who is introduced to Chucky when he arrives in a mysterious package on her doorstep.

Hopefully we can look forward to a trailer for the movie soon, but in the meantime IGN and Bloody Disgusting have scored the first promotional stills from the movie, featuring Fiona Dourif, Chucky himself, and young actress Summer H. Howell, who plays Nica’s niece, Alice.


Summer H Howell in Curse of Chucky 280x170 First Curse of Chucky Images Show the Killer Doll Back on the Warpath

Fiona Dourif in Curse of Chucky 280x170 First Curse of Chucky Images Show the Killer Doll Back on the Warpath

Chucky Brad Dourif in Curse of Chucky 280x170 First Curse of Chucky Images Show the Killer Doll Back on the Warpath

Which of the Child’s Play movies is the best is a matter of personal taste (though Bride of Chucky had a doll makeover montage set to Blondie’s “Call Me”, which should really make it the clear winner), but Seed of Chucky was almost certainly the weirdest. That’s saying a lot considering the overarching story of the series is about a talking doll possessed by the soul of a dead serial killer. It really isn’t a spoiler to say that Chucky “died” at the end of Seed of Chucky, since he dies at the end of every Child’s Play movie and it never seems to stick, as this latest return indicates.

These images suggest that Charles Lee Ray has relocated to another Good Guy doll entirely, since the rather haphazard job that Tiffany did of piecing him back together left his last body a scarred mess. There will no doubt be a cursory explanation for how he managed to come back this time, but the more interesting aspect of the film is the proposed return to the root of the series.

Chucky in Seed of Chucky First Curse of Chucky Images Show the Killer Doll Back on the Warpath

Chucky’s appearance in ‘Seed of Chucky’

The synopsis states that Chucky “has a personal score to settle” and is “determined to finish a job he started more than 20 years earlier, and this time he’s going to see it through to the bloody and shocking end.” This could be referring specifically to Chucky’s repeated attempts to transfer his soul into the body of Andy Barclay, but since Andy doesn’t appear to be in this movie (and really, how many times can Chucky try to possess the kid before he finally accepts that it’s just not going to happen?), it seems more likely that the synopsis is referring to one of Chucky’s exploits during his time as the Lakeshore Strangler.

Are you excited for the next appearance of Chucky, or do you think that this horror series needs to be put to rest?


Curse of Chucky is out on Blu-ray and DVD from September 24, 2013.

Source: IGNBloody Disgusting

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  1. I’ve been following this movie for a while. This film series is a guilty pleasure, and I am excited about this installment. I hope that what I’ve heard about it “going back to its roots” stays true, and it’s not another Seed of Chucky disaster. Also, from what I’ve read, this film will take place some time after Child’s Play 3, and ignore Bride & Seed, so, I am curious as to how he won’t look torn apart/put back together.

  2. So basically he’ll probably be trying to finish the job with Nica?

    Have to admit, the series sucked after the first one but the sequels are still kinda fun. I just hope it’s a true return to roots because it could be a hard sell to those horror fans brought up on found footage style “2 minutes of action, 90 minutes of boredom” movies like Para-snore-mal Activity.

    • lol para…….b.s

  3. I could never get past the fact that all you’d have to do is kick him like a football…….Knife or not, he can only weigh about 5 pounds at most….lol.

    • Yeah, weak villain but honestly scarier than the cliched monsters that usually turn out to be tall and built like a powerlifter.

      Those quick shots of tiny feet running across the floor terrified everyone in my school.

  4. Um, more importantly… Why hasn’t Chucky vs Leprechaun happened yet!?

    • I’d rather not see one now that Dylan Postl was announced as playing the Leprechaun back in January 2012. Could turn out to be a Freddy Vs Jason mess (didn’t another wrestler, Rey Mysterio, play Freddy’s stunt double when he jumped out of Crystal Lake in that movie?).

      • I have no idea. But of course a Chucky vs Leprechaun movie would be a mess. Freddy vs Jason would be shakespearean in comparison. Its time they just go full boar with it and do crazy stuff. I just like vs movies even though most of them end up favoring one monster over the other. Jason completely got screwed over in favor of Freddy. I still want AVP 3 even thought Requiem was garbage. Forget Terminator 5 or Robocop reboot, Terminator vs Robobcop!

      • I thought Freddy vs Jason was good all the way up to the last 20 minutes.I mean I don’t know how else they could’ve made it into a better movie all around.

  5. The poltergeist clown = 10 X more fear from my childhood. And it looks like it’s on the ‘ol remake list. Meh……

    • Exactly! I have been saying for at least 15 yrs that someone is missing out on cinematic gold by not doing a Chucky vs. Leprechaun

  6. Put the character to rest and reboot it with a more sci-fi approach. Instead of his soul being transferred how about his conscious mind?

  7. Honesty how bout I.T jus sayn that movie was awesome ” everything floats down here”…tweek it a lil that movie would be GREAT nowadays

  8. The movie is going to suck, none are gonna touch the original, it was also the only scary one. By Child’s Play 3, I thought of it as less of a horror film, and more of a boring thriller. I might watch Curse Of Chucky just to give it the benefit of a doubt, but I am definitely not expecting much. It’s all just redundant at this point. Oh, and if you guys expect any horror movie monster versus film is going to be anything other than mindless carnage, your dumb. AND BTW, am I the only one who thinks nothing in Poltergeist was scary except the clown and guy’s face melting.

  9. I saw the first in 88 wen I was 9.its scared the chit out a me but after the third they got pretty stupid .this one looks promising

  10. I work for Wal-Mart as a cashier, and recently we had a really bratty little kid go through my line that was about as mean as Chucky, and even looked enough like him to make me think of the old original Chucky movie. They could have saved some studio costs that day just filming in our Wally World store.

    • People of Walmart

  11. straight to DVD? damn! I hope it doesn’t feel like a straight to DVD movie. I can’t stand the last two movies of Chucky even though I know they’re supposed to be funny. I’ll most likely buy the movie.

  12. Outta the franchise, I really only enjoyed the first two films. First film was the best, 2nd film was great sequel, 3rd film was good. Bride of Chucky was ok, but Seed of Chucky was down right awful.

    I know i’ll renting this film first. Especially if’s straight-to DVD sequel.

  13. Hey guys, look what I found:

  14. Will they make another movie after the curse of chucky .

    • Yes, the creator is planning on remaking the first film, Child’s Play