First ‘Curse of Chucky’ Trailer: No More Mr Good Guy Doll

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Horror movie villains never really die, and such is the case with Chucky, the red-haired Good Guy doll with a taste for murder, who is the star of the Child’s Play films. It may only be a straight-to-DVD release, but plenty of fans are looking forward to Curse of Chucky, the new addition to the franchise that promises to return to the roots of the Child’s Play films.

Some new images for Curse of Chucky were released last week, showing the doll in his dormant form. The film was written and directed by Don Mancini, who has written all of the Child’s Play films so far, and also directed Seed of Chucky. (On a side note: It’s quite gratifying to see a character still in the hands of his original creator, even after 25 years.)

The first trailer for Curse of Chucky has been released over at Mashable, and it establishes the doom-laden basics of the plot. Protagonist Nica (Fiona Dourif) is wheelchair-bound and lives in a creepy old house, isolated from neighbours by a thick surrounding of trees. When Nica’s mother dies in mysterious circumstances, her family comes to stay at the house and a strange package arrives on her doorstep, containing one of the Good Guy dolls that were so fashionable in the ’80s. (By the way: Who is it that keeps sending people random dolls in the post? This was the exact set-up for James Wan’s creepy doll film, Dead Silence.)

Chucky the Good Guy Doll in Curse of Chucky First Curse of Chucky Trailer: No More Mr Good Guy Doll

Nica’s niece takes an immediate liking to Chucky and decides that he is her new best friend. Things only go downhill from there, however, as Chucky gets back into his old murderous ways – and drops some serious acid as well, judging by a clip in which his pupils dilate suddenly and dramatically – forcing Nica to defend herself against the psychotic doll. Brad Dourif returns once again as the voice of Chucky, and at one point in the trailer you can hear him giving one of his classic screams.

Some Child’s Play purists might be disgruntled by the fact that Curse of Chucky uses a mix of puppet animation and CGI, but the effects are blended together impressively well. The only thing about Chucky’s appearance that is slightly distracting is the change to the shape of his face. At one point he even randomly gains an eyeshadow effect that makes him resemble Scar in The Lion King. It has, however, been over twenty years since we last saw Chucky in his pre-Frankenstein-face days, so recreating the exact doll from the original three films was probably quite a challenge.

Chuckys new look in Curse of Chucky1 First Curse of Chucky Trailer: No More Mr Good Guy Doll

Tonally, the trailer reflects a shift back to a scare-focused narrative rather than the more humorous direction that the franchise took in the two most recent films. It’s unclear exactly where on the Child’s Play timeline this new installment exists. Logically, you’d assume that it’s a simple sequel to Seed of Chucky (in which Chucky and his bride Tiffany were resurrected by their genderfluid child Glen/Glenda and went on a killing spree through Hollywood), but it’s also been suggested that Curse of Chucky is a partial reboot that takes place after Child’s Play 3 and retcons away the events of the last two films.

Do you approve of the series returning to its slightly scarier roots, or did you enjoy the more humorous approach to the character in Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky? Tell us what you think of this trailer in the comments.


Curse of Chucky is out on Blu-ray and DVD from October 8, 2013.

Chucky: The Complete Collection Limited Edition, a box set of all six movies, will also be out exclusively in the US on October 8, 2013.

Source: Mashable

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  1. It dose look good i have to say, yes you can tell a little bit that there was some CGI on Chucky face in the trailer. but i didn’t mind i hope this movie dose NOT… NOT go into that storyline where his bride and his kid are still out there and he is still looking for them. i be pissed off, i did like all the chucky films even the bad ones i hated SEED. I didn’t mind bride of Chucky. any way i pick this up and i might get the boxset has will who knows

  2. So I guess in this one instead of being murdered by an evil doll they’re being murdered by crappy cgi?

    That’s a gutsy reinvention of the franchise, but probably a little more relate-able for today’s youth.

    • It is only partial cgi. Mostly puppets for when he is completely a doll.

  3. Oh, dear…

    Okay, first off chucky’s baby face is too distracting. Like it takes away from the focus of the movie’s attempt to be scary/creepy. It’s just too weird. Maybe I’m just nitpicking, but…yeah. In other words, what the f*** is wrong with chucky’s face???! Anyway…great to hear brad douriff voicing chucky again! :P

  4. Isn’t there supposed to be a reboot coming out sometime?

  5. And is it me, or does Chucky look more Asian in that photo?

    • He looks like he has down syndrome.

  6. the doll looks better imo. but its still way too cheesy to have a serious tone

    • I still dont understand the appeal or fear factor behind this franchise. that trailer looked hilarious because of the bright colorful doll against the dark, ominous background and reminded me how ludicrous the premise of this entire franchise is.

      • It’s something small and seemingly benevolent that is actually psychopathic and dangerous. It’s like having an electronic toy or a doll in a toy closet that seems to start on its own or look at you with a really creepy feel to it.

        Horror movie monsters became cliched with impossibly tall and strong monsters in masks tearing down doors so Child’s Play took the innocence of childhood and the usual playtime when a kid acts like his favourite toy is a real person and best friend and twisted it into something terrifying.

        • Agreed. I’d be really creeped out having a doll like that stare at me in my room. Don’t care how old I am.

          • @ Jay

            Lol I always found Howdy Doody to be creepy.

        • My little brother had a “My Buddy” doll when the original came out. We stayed up late one night and saw it on cable, needless to say, the next day we destroyed that doll quite thouroghly.
          trust me, dolls are creepy.

          • haha i still got my “black” my buddy doll in my closet

  7. So this film ignores Bride Of Chucky & Seed Of Chucky? I can accept that but prefer a remake instead. The first 3 films I enjoyed. The last two, not too much, especially Seed of Chucky which was awful. Im not a fan really of straight to dvd sequels. Only reason i’d give this a watch is because of Brad Dourif still being the voice of Chucky.

    • actually a remake of the original film is being released next year in theaters. this time Andy will already be a teenager(17 years)

  8. dosent look very scary to me , I know its dvd only but

  9. First Child’s Play is awesome 2 & 3 are not bad, but Bride & Seed are sh*t. I know it turned into Horror Comedy but come on. This new one looks promising, can’t wait to buy it.

  10. Looks much closer to the original trilogy. I like it.

  11. Looks decent, Childs Play really scared me when I was younger, especially the fact that half my sisters dolls looked like Chucky!! Will defo check this out!!

  12. Never understood the fear with chucky, just stick him under a bucket or something.

  13. I don’t like the look of chucky , just stick to the original , why fix something that isn’t broken ?

  14. I don’t like the look of Chucky neither. Liked how he looked in the first 3 films.

  15. Oh look, what a weird doll. Let me stick my finger in its mouth.

  16. Looks like it actually might be pretty good i kinda think it deserves to be shown in theaters

  17. The element of surprise, suspense and straight gutter should be a factor especially when he physically bites you leaving a huge set of teeth marks or even stabs you does are the more personal attacks of Chuck that could be sc@ry but none of those ell thought out I kill cuz I like it scemes that he used in Bride of Chucky and beyond

  18. Something about his face just bothers me. Wish they would have stuck with this original look. Still excited about the movie though.

  19. This looks awesome, Can’t see why its not being released in cinema first looks much better than most of the crap thats at the cinemas at the moment

  20. OK, for people who are confused. This is not a reboot. The storyline is supposed to take place sometime after “Child’s Play 3″ and yes, “Bride of Chucky” and “Seed of Chucky” are being ignored. A reboot of the original “Child’s Play” is coming to theaters in late 2014. My best guess as to why they made this film is because they wanted to get fans excited about Chucky again, make him scary and give him a little bit of his credit back before releasing the big movie next year.

    • I agree with Derek,exactly what I was thinking.

      • They ought to just call this one Child’s Play 4 to wash away the memories of Bride and Seed

    • Thank you for clearing this up for me i was getting a bit upset here

    • why isnt he cut up or something cause at the end of childs play 3 he gets chopped up by a big fan

  21. Looks like he has down syndrome, not that there is anything wrong with that.

  22. I used to know a bratty little kid who kind of looked like the Chucky Doll. His name actually was Chucky, and I used to call him “Chucky Chuck-up!”

  23. Thing I liked seeing in Bride of Chucky was not only his cuts he got from the 3rd film because it made look bad$$ but they should of ended it there. I figured their son would try to carry on their legacy after Chucky & Tiffany were killed in the 3rd act.

    Another thing about Bride of Chucky I liked was seeing Freddy’s glove, Leatherface’s chainsaw & Michael and Jason’s masks.

  24. WHY? Chucky is the reason why I hate dolls in the first place.

  25. I am very interested in seeing this movie. It looks fantastic. I didnt care much for the funny versions of the fransize. I also wish that the doll had the same look as the past doll before all the scars. Im hoping this will be a good new start to the collection.

  26. “so recreating the exact doll from the original three films was probably quite a challenge”

    And yet basement hobbyists have been doing it with scraps and no budget for years. In this day and age, with all the media references available, it really shouldn’t have been that hard. Just do a search on “homemade Chucky doll”; maybe they should have hired any number of those people.

  27. Not a big fan of CGI outside of Shrek and a few other cgi movies.
    The concept of Chucky’s Look was based around the idea that the more he(Charles Lee Ray) was stuck in the body of the good guy doll the more he became real thus real human hair eyebrows, More Expressions on his face for each emotion in which he encounters (these are the unknown facts in which Hollywood seems to have forgotten that make Chucky more spontaneous(keeping people guessing), more believable (that he can or does exist)thus making him all the more frightening. It’s the wrinkles in his nose, the moment his eye balls move, the suspense from him being close to someone yet pretending that he isn’t alive, the anger and rage he displays when he is physically attacking someone and succeeding in it, his element of surprise on victims he has personal vendettas against. If Chucky was to scratch his back because it itched that would probably help sale the idea that he is the soul of a real man inside the body of a doll. The one thing Chucky cant handle is water because the actual doll in which Charles Lee Ray resides in is in fact battery operated

    • Thank you dennis25 you have said the same thing i been telling ppl no one is really paying any attention to the fact that this man has beeb in this doll for 20something years not once did he receive a new body except part two but they kept the head .. My point is he is gonna look weird why because he is in full human form ..


  29. First of all .. thought curse of chucky was and epic comeback fromhow bad I personally thought bride and seed of chucky was .. did not like the humour effect .. only the horror ! .. and second I would just like to comment about the placement in the series that this film has .. I think it has to be just a sequel to seed of chucky cause it has to include bride of chucky since tiffany was in it ..un less you just take out seed and make it after bride but either way bride of chucky has to be included or no one would understand who the chick was who was shipping him everywhere ! – but again , thought it was an epic comeback and just loved the ending more then anything ??! .. I would like to know though if there eill be another one or if it gets to end with andy killing him ??!