HBO Optimistic that ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 9 Will Happen

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 HBO HBO Optimistic that Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Will Happen

Apparently, after seven years on the air, people are catching-on to Curb Your Enthusiasm. After posting strong ratings and garnering critical praise, the eighth season of Larry David’s adventures in misanthropy has HBO thinking about season 9.

When the season premiered three weeks ago, it earned unusually high ratings, but then, something weirder happened – the ratings improved in each subsequent installment. Last week’s episode “Palestinian Chicken” pulled in 2.4 million viewers – up 24 percent from the week prior, which saw an increase of 12 percent from the already high numbers of the premiere.

Of course, all of this good news has thrown the normally cantankerous David for something of a loop – leaving the creator wondering what ingredient is creating this better-than-expected response. “What does it mean? Is it the lead-in? Is it the show?” David asked, when the numbers started coming in.

According to HBO, sure, the strong True Blood lead-in is definitely helping, but more to the point, after an extended time off, it could be that audiences just missed the guy.

The last time Curb was airing new episodes was early November of ‘09; putting 20 months (give or take) between the season 7 finale and the season 8 premiere.

It turns out, longer than average cycles between seasons can have a positive effect on the ratings for some shows. While it’s not uncommon for HBO to allow more off-time for its creators (such was the case with The Sopranos - in which nearly two years passed between seasons 5 and 6), Curb‘s absence may have had more to do with David and Co. wondering how much funny was left in the tank. Evidently, there was quite a bit.

Certainly, the creative process benefits from time, as evidenced by the strong return of another hit show that had been AWOL for more than a year, AMC’s Breaking Bad. Walter White’s return to the airwaves also posted strong ratings, and the critical praise to which the show has become accustomed.

Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm HBO HBO Optimistic that Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Will Happen

J.B. Smoove & Larry David agree 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' is great again

Although other circumstances delayed the fifth season of AMC’s other darling, Mad Men, it won’t be surprising to see the extra time-off result in a strong season 5 for Don Draper and his fellow scotch swilling ad execs.

It wouldn’t be show business if a good thing weren’t followed up with more, so, naturally, HBO is eager to get David to agree to a ninth season. Mind you, that would tie Seinfeld‘s run on NBC – though it’d surpass David’s run on the show (he bowed out at the end of season 7).

As far as HBO is concerned, they have reason to be hopeful. According to the network’s president of programming Michael Lombardo, “For the first time ever after this season Larry didn’t say ‘I never want to do this again’. That is a promising start.”

You can catch new episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday nights @10:00pm on HBO.

Source: Deadline

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  1. “Apparently, after seven years on the air”

    Eleven, eleven years on the air. Season 1 aired in 2000, and the pilot TV-movie is from 1999.

    • And it was on the air for 7 of those 11 years. How do you not understand this? A show can go off the air for a period of time and then come back. Can’t stand people who go out of their way to correct other people when they’re obviously completely wrong.

  2. Best comedy on the air today. It has surpassed sienfeld IMO.

    • I completely agree! It long ago left Seinfeld behind. And that to me is the best type of competition…competing with oneself to keep improving.

  3. “Palestinian Chicken” was one of the funniest episodes of Curb ever. My father was visiting last weekend and that was the 1st episode of the show he has ever seen and now he’s hooked. And I agree with the logic that a long break in-between seasons helps because at 8 seasons in the show has not become tired and lazy. So as long as David wants to do it I’m on board.

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      • F**k off with your spam mail, you c**t!

    • We used to be on board (in the past seasons) so I understand you’re feelings, however, this season we’ve missed Cheryl & especially The Blacks, go back to the original format & stop all this silliness – we’re not on board anymore – sorry

      • I’m sorry but what are you talking about? The show isn’t about the Blacks, and if you remember correctly one of them are still in it. They moved out exactly at the right time if you ask me, most episodes that included them we’re largely about their views and how Larry incorporates that in his decisions. You want that to continue forever? The whole thing about Curb is that it keeps progressing with lots of turns(Cheryl leaving, Larry moving to New York). To be honest, Cheryl was not a popular character. She left the show because it was a reflection of Larry’s real wife leaving him, but also because she was not allowing him to be himself, which I think is a very valid reason to leave a partner. The show is real, and yes, silly, but in an infinitely more clever way than 99% of the tripe on TV.

  4. Every episode this season has been A HOMERUN! But Larry not saying that he’s not sure about another season kind of worries me a bit though. It like we should knock on wood or something (by the way, for years, I’ve always hated the “knock on wood” expression and always wanted to see Larry’s take on that expression, especially when people physically knock on wood…drives me freagin nuts)

  5. “For the first time ever after this season Larry didn’t say ‘I never want to do this again’. That is a promising start.”

    THAT scares me more than anything!

    • You’ve got that one right! Bravo!

  6. The best show EVER!!! Bring on season 9 pleeeease

    • Not quite the BEST show ever – you really must watch more TV!

  7. I hope this she never ends and they should run it full time new episode every week all year and a 4 to 6 hour movie of just Larry being Larry!!! I mean it’s gotta be mad fun to walk around la and ny getting into trouble lol I’d do it my self here in by but I don’t think I could be as entertaining as Larry so keep the series comin and surpass the Simpsons air time

  8. Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9 it is not funny at all it is boring.
    Seinfeld was more funny than Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    • BRAVO! Our feelings exactly! Thank you

    • Season 9 isn’t out yet. Also, season 8 was the best season so far, even though they were all great. Seinfeld is tame compared to Curb, so you must have a very small tolerance for unconventional TV humor, which is exactly what Curb is all about.

  9. There has to be a season 9… i have just starting watching this show 2 seasons ago and i have went back and watched every single episode. It is hilarious!!! Best thing on TV in my opinion. Its the only reason i get HBO….
    If it doesn’t return, neither will I.

    • After that season finale I hope there’s a 9th season!

      • If there is a 9th, we won’t be watching – Curb used to be our very favorite, but since this last season, it’s lost its hilarity

        • Strange, the show lost your loyalty but gained loyalty of 24% more people than the previous seasons, I’ll let you do the math. Also, you’ve made it clear that you don’t like it anymore, can you let it go now?

          • I still think season 3 is the best of all, but that doesn’t mean the show is not consistently brilliant. Season 8 was pretty good, but the Blacks caused so many hilarious situations I think it took a while to adjust to them not being there. Their inclusion was a masterstroke.

        • Then don’t watch it. If you don’t like it, stop talking about it, no one cares at all. Half of this thread is you responding to every individual person and telling them you don’t like the show.

          Let me reiterate: NO ONE CARES.

  10. This is my favorite show in TV. Please come back Larry!

  11. Season 8 was the worst of Curb – we’ve always loved Larry David in Curb, however, this season each episode was less & less funny – the season finale with Michael J. Fox was the only one we would call funny – the rest were all less than what we’ve seen in the past seasons – by the way, you can get rid of LEON now that there are no more Larry and The Blacks – Leon is not even funny & makes the viewers even question WHY Leon is living with Larry for nothing – anyway – season 8 – just a big bomb – bring back Cheryl & bring back The Blacks too – previous seasons were much MUCH funnier -

    • Wow, surprising comment Helen. Sorry you haven’t enjoyed it. I think this is easily among the best seasons of the entire show. I own every episode (minus this season of course, but I will), so yes I have seen them all. This season has had a strong infusion of good ol’ comedy fun. I don’t really miss Cheryl all that much, even though she was really great in prior seasons. It’s all about Larry. What else can be said. And I agree with a comment further up, yes the “Palestinian Chicken” episode is easily a top 5 best episodes ever. I think I have watched it 4 times already. LOL :D

  12. I’ve been a fan from the start. Larry is a genius. Please more Larry!

    • Sorry, ENOUGH Larry – the past episodes were funnier – this last season was just plain stupid – the only one we really liked was with Michael J. Fox – The End!

    • Yes, Sal, we’ve been a fan from the very start also – however, it has changed now, sad to say – Larry should go back to the formula that worked, with Cheryl, with The Blacks, everything was funnier then – this season was silly & chatty – the only one we really & truly liked in this season was with Michael J. Fox. We’re not going to be fans anymore because Larry has changed the magic formula that worked previously, sorry, not a fan!

  13. Thanks Helen, I think we all know by now how you feel about season 8.

    • Okay Mr. C. so very glad you know how I feel – now I won’t lose any sleep

  14. Helen come on, seriously stop trolling on every post. This shows is incredible and I as many here in the UK believe that season 8 is a huge hit, I recommended it to a few friends who had never seen the past season’s ever before (some of them watched seinfeld and weren’t fans of it at all) and were hooked. They’ve even ordered the previous seasons box sets !
    Larry plays his part extreme accuracy – he always cracks us up, leaving me with pains from the laughter down my side ! if you ask me the Leon they picked “IS” the best and no other guy could have done it better since he does it all naturally, just cant stop the laughter once he starts try to give Larry the usual pointers!
    All in all a great show love it and will miss it, cant wait for season 9 so will be watching watching season 8 again. This was a 10/10, a change from all the other garbage on TV.

    • I agree with you! Helen IS trolling every post with the same negative view. The Curb has been my fav for as long as it has been on the air but Season 8 got funnier with every episode. Of course we miss Cheryl. Love love love her as Larry’s wife. But I still love it with or without her and I am hooked as are so many I know.

      • It’s not even like Helen is giving any constructive criticism, then she could have run her mouth all she wanted. Saying “do the same thing over or I won’t watch it” is really the dumbest thing one could say, and the worst thing they could do, besides not making any more episodes of course!

        • She’s entitled to say whatever she likes, I also think season 8 was missing something. Losing Cheryl and The Blacks left a bit of a void that Curb struggled to fill, but for the most part the season was still excellent. Roll on season 9!!!

  15. Helen – I’m buying you season 8 for Christmas.

  16. I need to question the taste of anyone who says get rid of Leon. JB Smoove is a RIOT.

  17. As another poster has stated: I think Curb being in syndication bought it to the attention of many and they caught up on DVD and were raring to go for Season 8.

    As for Breaking Bad: it wasn’t the wait that exploded the ratings – it was BB being available for streaming on Netflix. I know tons of people who caught up with the show on Netflix and were salivating for Season 4.

  18. when is Curb your enthusiasm season 9 on hbo?????? Love the show….

  19. I LOVE LARRY! Every season is great, with my favourite season being the “Seinfeld” reunion storyline (season 7). The George vs Larry stuff was hilarious. I have enjoyed “Curb” since the hour-long special that began it all and my jaw is still slightly out-of-place since it dropped at the typo in the death notice, in a season one episode. I can’t wait for season 9 (fingers crossed) and I hope Leon is part of it. J.B. Smoove is HILARIOUS! He voiced a recent ep of “American Guy” (“The Worst Stan”) and I recognised his crazy voice immediately. And Helen, as we say in Oz, “you’re a wanker”!

    • …. which, is not profanity or a personal attack – just a friendly “dig”!

  20. the best show ever!!! hope season 9 is coming

  21. Best show ever!!!! I hope they air season 9 soooooon!

  22. Why has no one noticed helen keeps saying we instead of I? thats creepy

  23. I think she is referring to her partner or her family or cult, I don’t know. Maybe there are multiple personalities in question. Whatever, they ALL agree with Helen. Reading back through these posts, I wondered what even brought Helen to this article. It is about HBO being optimistic that “Curb” will return for a ninth season, but Helen is quite adamant that if there IS a ninth season, she … er sorry … THEY won’t be watching. So WHY even bother with this article?? She also said “this last season was just plain stupid – the only one we really liked was with Michael J. Fox”. That was the FINAL epiosde of the season! So even though the show was “just plain stupid”, she, er, they, watched ALL 10 EPISODES! Very, very strange!

  24. I think they should include them (the Helen) in season 9 of Curb.

    • Genius!

    • The Helen. A group following in her name. OR, maybe she is the WHOLE group. That’s the mystery facing Larry in season 9. This woman moves next door and talks of “us” and “we” living there, but Larry never sees anyone else. Are the others locked in the basement? Or, are they all in the head of “The Helen”, as Larry and Jeff and Richard now call her, as in “I saw ‘the Helen’ last night at the market. She was buying up big. That cart was pretty, pretty full. I’m telling you, there’s more to ‘The Helen’ than just ‘The Helen’, you know what I mean? There’s gotta be 20 people living somewhere in that house!” Hmmm … has Kathy Bates been on “Curb” yet?

  25. I dont know what you people are watching Season 8 of Curb is tired and worn out. The writing and story lines are not nearly as tight and as well constructed as in the past. Season 8 is mostly forgettable, reaching really far for week relatively un-clever jokes.

    • So, you didn’t find Rosie O’Donnell and Larry going after the same woman funny? ; Larry suspecting Michael J Fox of using his illness to get the better of Larry? ; The girl scout selling cookies and suddenly having her first period at Larry’s house? ; Larry moving across country to New York, just to get out of helping Michael McKean’s charity (and finally, being banished from New York)? The waiter ruining Jeff’s wooing of Ricky Gervais? The Car Periscope? None of it inspired? None of it well-constructed? None of it original? Gee, I can’t wait to see the TV comedy YOU come up with? It will be a smash hit, the most hilarious sitcom ever. Let me know when you get that up and running. While I agree everyone has a right to their opinion and the right to voice it, I just have to ask- WHY, considering you disliked season 8 so much and found it so dull and forgettable, what brought you to a story and a forum about the possibility of a ninth season of “Curb” being produced? A show you no longer enjoy? Are you a glutton for punishment? I guess so, or you would have just used the on-off or channel change buttons on your TV remote.

      • Well said! The Ricky gervais and Palestinian chicken episodes are a couple of my favorites in the series. Him becoming a hero from tripping on his shoelace was brilliant!

  26. Why does Helen keep referring to herself as “We”? Is she Venom?

    • I like the earlier ones , season 8 is just getting silly

      • Great! She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. And look! It’s no longer “we”. Looks like Helen’s single again fellas! And she’s looking for someone with no sense of humour or even their own opinion, who will let Helen do the talking for them.

        • Also, if you can have just ONE thought and repeat it ad nauseum, until people get so sick of the SAME negative comment appearing over and over at the bottom of their positive post so that people they begin talking about YOU and suddenly YOU have become the topic of conversation, don’t bother, Helen is doing fine with that already. BUT, if you are so thick or deluded or whatever that you think a program that ended 7 months ago is still on the air (“I like the earlier ones, season 8 is just GETTING silly”), then we’ve got just the girl for you!

      • Someone GAG this b****!

  27. P.S. Best Comedy show Ever!! Helen is a trolling c***..

    • I was going to say “that’s a bit harsh”, but, then again, if she were a charcter in his show, Larry would call her that.