‘Cujo’ Remake in Development?

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Cujo remake Cujo Remake in Development?

An odd piece of news regarding the remake of an old horror classic has just come to light. The fact that it’s a horror remake isn’t odd – after all, horror remakes are a common occurrence in current cinema and can occasionally turn out quite well. The plans surrounding this particular remake, however, become less reliable the closer you examine them.

Sunn Classic Pictures, which produced the Stephen King adaptation Cujo back in 1983, has announced their intention to remake the film this year in order to mark the 30th anniversary of the original film’s release.

Dread Central published the press release earlier today, along with a sales video that consists mainly of footage from the 1983 version of Cujo:

Lang Elliott, President & CEO of Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc., announced that Sunn plans to produce the remake of “CUJO” this year representing the 30th Anniversary since Sunn produced and distributed the original “CUJO” motion picture in 1983, based upon Stephen King’s novel. The 1983 version was highly successful at the worldwide box-office and, compared with today’s inflation and higher ticket prices, the box-office would be well over $225 million even without ancillary sales (i.e., DVD, cable, free television, pay-per-view, etc.).

“CUJO” is the story of a large, playful St. Bernard dog that is transformed into a hideous killing machine after being infected by rabies. Donna Trenton’s car is on the fritz, and she and her son take her ailing automobile to their mechanic. Upon their arrival, the car stalls and refuses to restart. The mechanic fails to appear so Donna searches for him. The transformed, maniacal “CUJO” reveals himself; he is highly agitated and very aggressive. Donna hardly recognizes this filthy, monstrous creature foaming at the mouth. Suddenly “CUJO” charges Donna, who barely makes it back into the car for protection. Trapped with her son and the windows rolled up, the sweltering heat begins to take its toll. “CUJO’s” powerful state of insanity and violence await.

And check out the sales video:

In theory, a Cujo remake might not actually be a bad idea. The Stephen King novel upon which it was based has a very simple but effective premise, and if the remake were done properly, then there’s a lot of potential for a tense and claustrophobic “monster” horror. The original movie is something of a horror classic, too, but of the eighties horror movies that could be remade, this is one that could definitely benefit from an update.

However, if Sunn Classic Pictures really plans to get the movie out before the end of 2013, then ideally production would need to have already begun. The press release was posted on the production company’s official website back in January, and the sales trailer has been online for over a year, but there’s no information yet as to where the funding for the film is coming from or what kind of talent is attached. The press release above, with its mention of the remake’s box office potential (judging by the success of the original), reads predominantly like a sales pitch for potential investors.

Cujo Movie Poster Cujo Remake in Development?

Unfortunately for horror fans who would be interested in a Cujo remake, the plans don’t seem to hold up to scrutiny. Sunn Classic Pictures has not produced a film since 1987, and the only other project on the company’s official website is a self-published paperback children’s book called Pinocchio in the Hood. Also, while company director Lang Elliott claims that he’s planning a Cujo remake, he also claims in his bio that he was the original founder of TriStar Pictures. That’s probably quite startling news for Victor Kaufman, the actual founding chairman and CEO of TriStar.

To put it mildly, this is one piece of horror remake news that’s best taken with a pinch (or perhaps a truckload) of salt.


Source: Dread Central

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  1. Was I the only one terrified of this movie when I was a kid?

    • nope i sah it when i was a kid didst even know what it was called then and only sah the ending parts did not want to watch anymore

  2. this is one film i would like to see but still havent had the chance to.

  3. They should just re-master it and release it in October. If we are constantly getting movies made in this day an age that look like they were shot in the 20′s, 30′s, 40′s, 50′s ect. Why can’t we get a movie re-release from the 80′s.

  4. Cujo….3D!

  5. Great just what we needed… A cgi Dog and explosions

    • My thoughts exactly. Let it rest, Hollywood!

  6. They should just re-master it and release it in October. If we are constantly getting movies made in this day an age that look like they were shot in the 20′s, 30′s, 40′s, 50′s ect. Why can’t we get a movie re-release from the 80′s.

  7. I just saw the Original again the other day on AMC, Still a great movie.

    I wouldn’t be totally against a Remake, but it shouldn’t be rushed just to meet a date. I’m just ”meh” at this news… Could turn out good or like most horror style remakes extremely sh*tty.

  8. Cujo was my first Stephen King book and the movie is one of the better King adaptions. If they make a new one, they need to set it in the time it was written. Because these days, everybody has a mobile phone, and Donna and her son wouldn´t have to wait a week before someone finds them.

    • 100% agree! It just wouldn’t be as realistic today. But I love the original & I’m not completely opposed to a remake if they can do it right!

      • Say this movie were to be set during the current era, don’t you think a well loved town dog would have had its rabies shots? Also if it so happened they were on a camping trip lets hope the family had been reasonable and left the unnecessary electronics at home. Regardless, I feel that you completely misjudged the entire film and gave a synopsis on what YOU felt the movie should be. Let the directors do the directing and you stick to your day job.

    • I feel like they “fix” that problem in every movie with a quick “Are you getting any service out here? Me either!”
      I’ll laugh if that happens in this if it gets done.

      • I guess it all depends on how they set it up if it’s set in the modern world.

        Then again, they’d have to have a setting from the original time mentioned in the book because any other explanation would get weird looks and “this isn’t believable!”

        Case in point, the only phone I own is in my house. I don’t have a cell, never felt the need to get one and when people ask for my number (like booking a tattoo or something) and I give them the house number, they sarcastically ask if I have a cell number to give them and then look at me funny when I say I don’t own one. Especially because I only just turned 29 two months ago and they sorta expect me to have my face constantly pressed against a portable screen (which I don’t, never owned a tablet either).

      • Man, if they go that route…One spot where you cant even get onstar? I MEAN COME ON!

  9. First Carrie, then an unnecessary prequel to The Shinning gets a writer and now Cujo’s getting a remake…Poor King.

    • Actually that’s more money for Mr. King

  10. this is anwsome now

  11. Meh

  12. Then again, they’d have to have a setting from the original time mentioned in the book because any other explanation would get weird looks and “this isn’t believable!”

  13. @Jeff W

    Don’t mean to lift a leg on your suggested scenario; it reads well but plays like cliche horror/suspense that we’ve seen many times over. Still, a litter of pups is good. So, Cujo is a “girl”? I like that; it sets up a sequel, doesn’t it? There is one reported HUMAN case where the mother was dying of rabies and transmitted the virus to her unborn child. Why not a dog? But, like the sequel, that’s another story.

    The press release “reads predominantly like a sales pitch for potential investors.” This is pretty much the book on a so-called remake of CUJO. That, and presenting a “sales video” featuring footage from the 40-year-old movie; it’s a funding strategy with no specific ideas beyond what we already know from the source material.

    Somebody’s running this up the flagpole, see if it waves.

  14. My favorite “CUJO” is Curtis Joesph, former outstanding NHL goalie.

  15. Dear H. Shaw-Williams
    If you had done your research you would know that Lang Elliott was in fact the original founder and owner of TriStar Pictures (refer to IMDB and early TriStar films that Mr. Elliott produced, directed and/or distributed). In the 1980’s Mr. Elliott sold TriStar to Columbia, HBO and CBS for an undisclosed amount of money. Once this transaction was finalized the first president of the NEW TriStar Company was an entertainment attorney in Beverly Hills. Further, Mr. Victor Kaufman did not enter the picture until years later. As a reader of your articles I think that a published correction by you is appreciate to clarify film history.