CSI: Miami – Season 7 Story and Cast Notes

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csi miami broken glasses sc CSI: Miami   Season 7 Story and Cast NotesLast season, CSI: Miami ended on a surprising cliffhanger that raised my eyebrows.

The season 6 finale of CSI: Miami was jam packed with death threats on Horatio Caine and some surprise character developments, or so it seemed.  The episode had a different pace than most because it had a lot more to tell.  (If you were planning on watching last season to catch up, the rest is a bit of a DVR spoiler.)

In the last episode, the new Medical Examiner who replaced Dr. Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander) was shot almost within minutes of showing up!  Bummer, she was hot.

Horatio was inordinately busy tracking down illegal ammunition; dealing with his recurring nemesis, Ron Saris (Played by actor Kim Coates) and dealing with death threats to himself and his family.

After Horatio arrests Juan Ortega, the man behind the illegal ammo, he makes a phone call, giving Horatio’s name over the line and asks to be told when it’s done.

csi miami horatios family CSI: Miami   Season 7 Story and Cast Notes

Julia, his ex-wife, who should be scrambling to meet Horatio, disappears for a bit – leaving their son in the hotel room.

While Horatio is awaiting the arrival of his family on the airport tarmac, a shot rings out and Horatio falls to the ground; his infamous sunglasses break.  An intense symbolic representation. He seems dead.

The surprise ending that really took me for a spin was Ryan Wolfe getting a text message that read “It’s done” right after Horatio is shot.  Are you kidding me!?

Is Wolfe involved?  Is Horatio’s ex involved?  Could it be the continuation of the ongoing feud with Saris?  Or the obvious choice, Ortega?  I can’t wait for the new season to GET HERE ALREADY!  It’s a good thing I am a calm and PATIENT person.

I like some of the developments that have been occurring in the show.  We saw just how brave Callie can be under extreme duress when she was kidnapped earlier.  The direction that Horatio has been going in the last few seasons has been interesting, where he’s been dispensing his own form of wild west justice.  It’s a nice change of pace from his usual set of stoic one liners and last minute arrests.

csi miami horatios julia CSI: Miami   Season 7 Story and Cast Notes

CSI: Miami Cast Notes
As you may or may not know, Khandi Alexander (Dr. Alexx Woods) left the show.  I really enjoyed Khandi Alexander’s portrayal of the even keeled medical examiner who always had a bit of wisdom to dispense in any situation.  I am bummed she’s leaving.  When Khandi left the show, rumors were that she was butting heads with David Caruso. But she’s recovered fine with a new gig on HBO called Treme.  (BuddyTV)

My gripe when characters leave / actors fired is that we get this quick one episode explanation.  No build up, no warning, just a sudden development that was made to look like things were always going on in the background.  I think if they spent just a little more time on Khandi’s character, it might have been harder to dispense with her.  I hate the quick explanations.

Rumors have it that Alexx may show up every now and then, but I’m not holding my breath.

The new medical examiner, who’s likely to not be shot within the first few minutes of showing up will be played by Megalyn Echikunwoke, who joins the cast as Dr. Tara Price.  Her last gig was on USA’s 4400.  (NY Daily News)

An interesting side affect with Horatio getting shot was people panicking that he was leaving the show.  CBS was going through some cast changes across all CSI shows and everyone started freaking. (TV Pop Crunch)

SPOILER (of sorts)
But let it be known that he will be back this year, don’t fret.  As Caruso pointed out with some glib humor, it’s easier to count the characters who haven’t been shot on the show than the characters who have! (ET Online)

Now if they can just get past those infamous one liners of Horatio’s in the teaser openings, things could just start looking even better.  Otherwise, look for some character development of his ex, Julia Winston this season.

Based on different tidbits around the internet, the CSI staff gets serious about finding who shot Horatio and some other interesting things are coming, but I’m not about spilling all the beans.

CSI: Miami on CBS will be starting it’s 7th season on Monday, September 22nd

Images from CBS.

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  1. I realize its no secret Horatio is coming back but couldnt they come up with a better title then Ressurection?

  2. Agreed. One of the lamest titles I have heard in a long time and so obvious!

  3. i think they have quite the challenge surrounding H. He is the driving force behind the CSI team but Caruso has been so mono-syllabic with his character portrayal, that they have multiple challenges.

    If you’re a fan of his, you’re good. If not, you see these things.

    Otherwise, I like how the rest of the team carries the stories forward and how the creative team is starting to develop a back story and slowly but surely filling it in for H.

  4. What really annoys most of the viewers is that the super-hero-grandeur Horatio Caine seems to have developed. HE has to be on the winning end EVERY time. No matter how unrealistic or how bad aree the odds against him.
    In episode “To Kill a Predator” Caruso’s character was beating up a defenseless suspect. A huge NO-NO for many viewers.

  5. David Caruso, beating somebody up?
    (That’s gotta look pretty funny)!
    Was that inbetween striking a cool looking pose ???

    These CSI shows are some of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen.
    So unrealistic and over the top.
    (The Who songs crack me up).
    The actors are so image concious its like a male fashion show.
    (Fringe is a better show )

    I used to love William Petterson from “To Live and Die in La” but when he did CSI, he turned into a soft spoken wimpy soccer dad.
    David Caruso just looks like a redheaded ghost of a metrosexual freak,,,
    (Sure he’s a nive guy).
    Sorry Bruce, but this show really makes me laugh… ;-)

  6. Lol Vixen,,, I don’t like to bag on ppl for their looks but actors are a whole nother ballgame.
    David Caruso has allways come off as a guy that thinks he’s (all that, and a bag of chips) but come on,,, my Mom laughs at him.
    The opening CSI-M titles alone make me laugh MAO!!

    Friend of mine saw David at LAX, instead of signing autographs he was handing out baseball card size pictures of himself. (Pre-autographed).

    Caruso, is comical. I’ve only liked him in one film, and I believe it was called “session 7″ it was a very well done horror film…

  7. They faded into black before it got serious. But Caruso was getting rid of his watch andd told the poor perp that he just had resisteed arrest, thus is deserving of what is about to come.
    I don’t know if this originally was the writers’ idea or Caruso’s. It was pretty cheesy and upset a lot of people.

    I love your metrosexual remark. I think Caruso may have a career as a catalouge model in mind when CSI Miami closes forever. He poses so frequently that it looks like a rehearsal for a fotoshooting!

  8. “Resurrection” is a superb title, far superior to many they’ve had. The promos look promising, especially Jonathan Togo.

    IMO, Caruso is the better actor of the three CSI’s leads, though the series doesn’t showcase this. All are over the top, but isn’t that a requisite for survival on primetime tv?

  9. Exactly. How many celebs do you know who carry pre-signed autograph cards with them? Sometimes he even hands them out when people don’t ask him for it.
    It is simply ridiculous.

    Some actors shine with talent. And those who haven’t any “shine” with poses. Caruso clearly belongs to the latter.

  10. Caruso is the worst of ALL three leads. Sinise and Petersen have at least some talent.

  11. Speaking of backsory,
    are we ever going to get the scoop on that murder case Horatio was involved in
    Back when he was in New York before he became a cop?
    I think it had something to do with his mothers death.

  12. Vixen: You mirrored a thought I had in my mind about Caruso’s portrayal, “super-hero-grandeur”, and I think that coins it pretty well.

    I don’t mind where H is going. Getting darker means a little more depth to Caine than we’ve previously seen. (Or at least that would be my supposition on the matter!)

    Is it possible the show runners have heard the fans? If everyone makes enough noise and it’s a consistent noise, it’s hard to ignore.

  13. No, not very likely since the writers of CSI Miami are not too much interested in continuity (or so it seems). The last we heard of it was in season 4. However, it would be very interesting to see how that pans out. It is preferable to the father/son/ex-story that seems to be going nowhere.
    But they promised us that HoCaine is going to be “darker”. Whatever this iss supposed to mean!

  14. The show-runners at least tried to give in to some fan-pleas to put Horatio back into the lab. At least for one episode.

    I agree. If getting darker means more more depth to Horatio Caine that would be fine.
    However, how “darker” can get someone who alredy has eliminated (killed) 9 people, beaten up a suspect and bribed/intimidated a witness?

  15. I take back my complement, you’re no better than Vixen.

  16. Disregard last post please.
    Wrong message board.
    That comment was intended for you, Bruce.
    I apologize.

  17. I have loved CSI Miami and watched it faithfully. Horatio is the talk in my home. Horation IS CSI Miami. Now that this particular change has been made and you know what they say … “if it works, don’t change it.” Should I not see HORATIO on CSI Miami I moving to Nash Bridges who is just as wonderful. You probably have guessed … I am a HUGE Horatio fan, I loveeee Horatio. Wake up!

  18. If they would go back to the roots and if Caruso could decide to start acting again instead of posing I would be a fan again. But the way I see Horatio Caine now – what is the difference between him and a common criminal?
    Only the badge!

  19. Vixen,
    ever watch 24?
    Jack Bauer crosses the line way more then Horatio Caine .

  20. No, but then Jack Bauer doesn’t pretend to be above all the others. Horatio likes to lecture people that nobody is above the law etc. However, since the laast two seasons he seems to break the law constantly. Just a thought.

  21. Where can I watch the first show of the season? I don’t know why CBS doesn’t have it on their web-site? I would like to see ressurection and since I work nights, the only place I can see the shos is on the web.


  22. I haven’t checked but maybe try Hulu.com or IMDB.com.


  23. I’m looking around Leonard. I find it irritating that CBS has pulled it already. And the few other spots on the web I’ve found it does not make me happy… one site, when I went to check out their version, popped up an *friendfinder web page…

    I am not sure you will find a legitimate version out there and I won’t propogate the questionable sites I’ve found.

    If you go looking, be cautious on where you go.

    Have you ever considered a DVR or some such service like that? It might be a fair option for you, depending on costs.

    Vic, any thoughts?

  24. i Love watching CSI over and over again!!

    I know “H” is alive!!

    I want Dr. Woods be back on the scene to complete the group!

  25. I dnt know if anybody else agrees with me, but i dnt like the new medical examiner that they have in the new season 7..she is too fake, and tries to hard to be liked..i just wish there was a way where Alexx Woods can come back..i feel like the new medical examiner likes delko, and i actually want to see delko and callie hit it off..they are perfect for each other, and plus they look good together…if any one disagrees or agrees with me, plz post it,,,because WE NEED ALEXX WOOD BACK!!!!!!!!

  26. Yep… it would be nice to see Alexx Wood back, but she’s got a new show goin’ on, so that isn’t likely. Sorry.

  27. Leonard,

    Beleive or not, Netflix has the current season on their Instant View Que. I watch an episode there when my DVR messed up. You have to have a rental subscription but you can see each episode for the season.


  28. That’s awesome info Juanita. Thanks for that tidbit!