Who Should Play The New Crow?

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the crow wallpaper Who Should Play The New Crow?

Mania.com’s Comics 2 Film has exclusively learned that the latest script draft for Stephen Norrington’s (Blade) reboot of The Crow has been “well received” by studio Relativity Media. The reboot is based on the cult-fav comic book character created by James O’Barr in the late 80s, which went on to become a 1994 cult-hit movie directed by Alex Proyas (Knowing), starring the late-great Brandon Lee.

Norrington was recently quoted about his own vision for The Crow, and said, “Whereas [Alex] Proyas’ original was gloriously gothic and stylized, the new movie will be realistic, hard-edged and mysterious, almost documentary-style.” With Norrington’s script getting the thumbs up from execs, The Crow will reportedly fly into production soon, with the next logical step being casting.

So who should play the new Crow?

For you readers not familiar, Proyas’ film was not exactly “art-house,” and when the subject of your film is a man brutally murdered who returns from the grave as an undead anti-hero bent on murder and vengeance, the idea of “realistic, hard-edged and mysterious,” seems pretty intense. The biggest question I have is whether or not the new Crow will have the martial arts-tinged fighting skills of Brandon Lee’s version, or will he be more of a run & gun, kick-ass brawler type (read: no kung fu training needed)?

Either way, the actor playing the role will need to be as super intense as Norrington’s script calls for – and I can’t help but feel like the character needs to have that kind of wild, devil-may-care attitude that Heath Ledger brought to The Joker. Maybe it’s just the similarities in makeup that have me feeling that way, but still, I need this new Crow to bring the crazy and brutal mayhem we all want to see.

Now normally this would be the part where I would toss you some truly brilliant nominees to play The Crow – however besides the obvious Goth-fav picks (example: Johnny Depp or Trent Reznor) I’m a little too far removed from the character to call it.

the crow trent reznor Who Should Play The New Crow?

Thankfully I have you guys, our loyal Screen Rant readers, to help me out. Name-drop your favorite nominee to play the new Crow in the comment section and if we reach enough of a consensus on a few names, I’ll do a follow up nominee post showcasing your picks!

We like to keep things interactive over here at Screen Rant.

the crow burning logo Who Should Play The New Crow?

No word yet on when The Crow reboot is aiming to be in theaters, although sometime in 2011 is the current popular guestimate.

Source: Comics 2 Film

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  1. @ Longshanks and Beckett

    You guys should collaborate to make the moon rise at dawn and the sun rise at midnight.

    Seriously though, You’re laying down a really stringent absolute “Never Remake/Reboot ANYTHING!!!” Those strains of “logic” usually don’t hold up to close examination.

    “Only a Sith Deals in Absolutes.”

    If not for remakes/reboots there would be no:

    New Star Trek
    The Ring American version
    John Carpenter’s The Thing
    David Cronenberg’s The Fly

    I could go on…

    You don’t like THIS PARTICULAR remake, that’s cool. But the whole dramatic “kill studio execs” thing is a bit over the top I think.

    And yes, people enjoy speculation pieces. They also like list posts and news posts detailing every, single, little, development, regarding a movie. People like what they like…

  2. Hahaha female crow?! Then it should be titled “Pigeon”!Lol!

  3. @Longshanks

    I’m not the biggest fan of remakes, believe me.



  5. @kofi

    Some remakes are very good (invariably of much older or foreign films) some are terrible, of the examples you gave; Star Trek needed new cast members and was always about the Star Trek universe rather than any single character (i.e. Draven), The Thing and the Fly were from much, much older movies and The (American) Ring was crap! ;)

    For me re-making ~The Crow~ is a pointless exercise artistically speaking. The Brandon Lee movie was as close as dammit to the graphic novel (drug-use aside) that any re-make is setting itself up as a very, very big target. That target is drawn even larger by wanting to take the movie in a ‘new, less gothic direction’…

    What is left then of the original story? An engaged man watches as the love of his life is murdered and swears revenge even from beyond the grave? That’s the Crow without the Gothic stylings, its also the plot to about 1000 other films. Why tarnish the reputation of The Crow (not the ‘sequels’ which were poor, much as I like Dacascos and that guy from Ugly Betty whose name escapes me) with a terrible, ill-conceived film?

    There are literally thousands and thousands of books that deserve to be made into movies (good or bad, preferably good) before the industry needs to cannibalise itself like it seems hell-bent on. It seems that in the last few months (years?) there have been more re-makes than at any other time.

    Sorry for the massive post everyone, the ‘making of DVD’ of this rant is available from http://www.givemeanoriginalmovieyousoulsuckingleeches.con

  6. Excellent post jordi.

    While I might have been a little extreme in agreeing with DrSamBeckett,I think your post pretty much captures the exact same feelings that I have.

    I will concede that there are some remakes that have been good and have actually given us something more that just existing as a pure money grab,but those seem to be too few and too far between these days.

    Like I said before,where’s a Grendel,X-O Man Of War,or even Bone movies?There’s so much material to choose from,but the Hollywood elite choose to overlook “originality” because,for lack of any other reason,they know that they can recycle and rehash the same old crap,and everyone is gonna eat it up.We might complain about it,but we’ll be grousing with every bite.

    Until we as an audience decide that we don’t want to see the same old same old,by not giving them our money,they will just keep on giving us the same old same old.

    It’s obvious that in Hollywood,dollars speak louder than anyone.

  7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  8. i think hayden christensen should play him

  9. i think johnny depp would be perfect…. he can fill those shoes just fine.

  10. hey i know it might sound like a stretch to some people or a long shot dark horse or what ever but i think Macaulay Culkin would be great for this role…

  11. ^ Right on…the part about it being a stretch :)

  12. Joaquin Phoenix

    • i think and believe that johnny depp would do so good as the crow
      and the director should be tim burton

  13. @ Kofi

    Could you really go on? How many other great remakes are there?

    I will agree with alll the ones you listed, although I still consider Star Trek to be part of the traditional cannon, almost like a mirror universe episode.

    Does anyone seriously think remaking The Crow is a good idea?

    And I saw Hayden Christiansen’s name mentioned, in all fairness thats not a terrible idea, as he is a decent actor. I love Jumper, where’s the sequel to that???

  14. Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be awesome, Hayden Christensen definitely could play him (total Anakin role), and Johnny Depp is an obvious choice. Personally I think James Franco would do an excellent job as the new Crow, I love his dark side!

    • While I agree that Anakin was a darker role for Christensen, he was still really whiney like he is in all of his roles. Now, maybe he’s that way because directors are trying to emphasize his youth, but I wouldn’t risk it.

  15. I think JGL is a pretty decent choice, but Depp? C’mon guys…I don’t want the “sexiest man of the year” to be The Crow. Same thing with Hayden C., I just don’t think he can pull of the dark/gothic/depressed look.

    We need someone to do to the Crow what Heath Ledger did to the Joker. In fact, if Heath Ledger was alive, he’d be a great choice (RIP)

    • I hear what you’re saying; you don’t want to look at the screen and see Johnny Depp. You want to see Eric Draven! But Depp is amazing at what he does, the way he gets completely absorbed by a character. I think Depp would be a good choice, but not with Tim Burton. I don’t wanna see Edward Scissorhands with a lust for vengeance…

  16. JGL, no thanks. not interested in watching the kid from “3rd rock from the sun” redo Eric Draven. I’d rather it be an unknown or someone under the radar, no super hollywoods.

  17. Right on, to the T.



  20. I believe a remake isn't really necessary but if I had to make a choice I would maybe say Jared Leto would be a good choice. He can make very dramatic transformations like the one necessary for character of Eric draven. Look at what Jared did for the film Chapter 27. He's also quite good at portraying very dark characters. But this is just my opinion.

  21. I believe a remake isn't really necessary but if I had to make a choice I would maybe say Jared Leto would be a good choice. He can make very dramatic transformations like the one necessary for character of Eric draven. Look at what Jared did for the film Chapter 27. He's also quite good at portraying very dark characters. But this is just my opinion.

  22. Jackson Rathbone 4 the crow

    • wow a new movie of the crow… i think jonny depp should play this one. because he has more, more i don’t know what you can call it, but it’s good.

    • Definitely Jackson Rathbone as the crow he can seriously act. The best credit to his talent that I have seen so far was when he guested on criminal minds! He is the best choice, though I’ll doubt they’d consider him besides it sounds like they might ruin the film if the rumours I heard about part of it being set in Mexico are true. Why leave the original plot, especially the setting when it was so beautiful as is?

  23. I think a good person to play as The Crow, would Chris Angel…but that’s just my option

    • Seriously? Have you ever seen him try to act? He’s a great magician but a terrible actor.

  24. Even the idea of another The Crow Remake sounds ridiculous to me. Not even the sequels did the complete justice of what the original The Crow brought.
    City of Angels was okay, Salvation was overly cheesy with horrible actor choice, and Wicked Prayer was an absolute joke. None of the sequels were up to par, most not even close, to the vision of the original The Crow and the comics by James O’Barr.
    The Crow is SUPPOSED to be gothic and romantic. To change it into something it’s not completely ruins it.
    I think if you’re going to do a remake of something, while a different view is good, it’s inappropriate to completely change everything.
    This isn’t a personal attack, but the point of view from a The Crow fan
    I don’t want to see The Crow twisted into some hardcore thug that somehow has a “mysterious” side. It doesn’t fit. Eric Draven was b.a. and epic in his own way, and as he should be at the same time. I feel changing the character of The Crow taints what it was meant to be.
    The best should be left alone, to have their own glory, especially considering the vast majority of remakes nowadays get horribly bad reviews.

  25. alot of you who say oh the sequals to the crow were horrible and not needed and oh how it brought the series down well go to hell ok if you liked and supported the 1st film then you should like and support the rest its about the legened not the actor ok so what brandon lee died on set yes that was tragic and unfair but whats done is done christ!!!!!

    • I agree with you 100%

    • Actually, when it comes down to it, it’s about the quality of the movie, and the sequels all sucked badly. I think a remake of the original is a great idea. If you think about it, all of the sequels are really horrible attempts at a remake while trying not to make it look like a remake. So, maybe this one will actually be great!

  26. I believe if anyone should be the crow I forget his name but the dude from the series or even tna wrestler sting

    • You cannot be serious…

  27. mark dacascos is the dudes name

  28. matthew gray gubler.
    he’s got that mysterious look and attitude yet that nurturing feel to him and not to mention, great actor!

  29. I really think it should be Johnny Depp hes awesome and I think he can do a little training and look baddass in this film I mean look how baddass Keanu Reeves was in the matrix and he had no martial arts background but he learned for the film…Team Johnny all the way