Who Should Play The New Crow?

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the crow wallpaper Who Should Play The New Crow?

Mania.com’s Comics 2 Film has exclusively learned that the latest script draft for Stephen Norrington’s (Blade) reboot of The Crow has been “well received” by studio Relativity Media. The reboot is based on the cult-fav comic book character created by James O’Barr in the late 80s, which went on to become a 1994 cult-hit movie directed by Alex Proyas (Knowing), starring the late-great Brandon Lee.

Norrington was recently quoted about his own vision for The Crow, and said, “Whereas [Alex] Proyas’ original was gloriously gothic and stylized, the new movie will be realistic, hard-edged and mysterious, almost documentary-style.” With Norrington’s script getting the thumbs up from execs, The Crow will reportedly fly into production soon, with the next logical step being casting.

So who should play the new Crow?

For you readers not familiar, Proyas’ film was not exactly “art-house,” and when the subject of your film is a man brutally murdered who returns from the grave as an undead anti-hero bent on murder and vengeance, the idea of “realistic, hard-edged and mysterious,” seems pretty intense. The biggest question I have is whether or not the new Crow will have the martial arts-tinged fighting skills of Brandon Lee’s version, or will he be more of a run & gun, kick-ass brawler type (read: no kung fu training needed)?

Either way, the actor playing the role will need to be as super intense as Norrington’s script calls for – and I can’t help but feel like the character needs to have that kind of wild, devil-may-care attitude that Heath Ledger brought to The Joker. Maybe it’s just the similarities in makeup that have me feeling that way, but still, I need this new Crow to bring the crazy and brutal mayhem we all want to see.

Now normally this would be the part where I would toss you some truly brilliant nominees to play The Crow – however besides the obvious Goth-fav picks (example: Johnny Depp or Trent Reznor) I’m a little too far removed from the character to call it.

the crow trent reznor Who Should Play The New Crow?

Thankfully I have you guys, our loyal Screen Rant readers, to help me out. Name-drop your favorite nominee to play the new Crow in the comment section and if we reach enough of a consensus on a few names, I’ll do a follow up nominee post showcasing your picks!

We like to keep things interactive over here at Screen Rant.

the crow burning logo Who Should Play The New Crow?

No word yet on when The Crow reboot is aiming to be in theaters, although sometime in 2011 is the current popular guestimate.

Source: Comics 2 Film

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  1. Taylor Kitsch who played gambit in Wolverine Origin?

  2. ooo, another emo-goth film? and one without vampires?
    meh, pass.

  3. Ideally, NO ONE! Brandon Lee was the best and it should’ve been left alone after that.

    As far as the “realistic and contemporary”, that really scares me. The CROW franchise was built on the mysterious and gothic characters, colors, outfits, etc. Without it, it’s just another rehashed Hollywood movie idea. The last crow movie, with Edward Furlong, took a more realistic and contemporary approach and it was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. These guys just don’t get it.

  4. I’d have to see the script. Depends on how far off the original comic this is.

  5. Either of the two mentioned could look the part, with Depp being the one who could “act” the part. Don’t know what Reznor’s acting abilities are to say yea or nay.

    @kissjonez – great idea, I think he could pull it off. I second that vote!

    One would “hope” the script would be up to snuff. I loved the original with Brandon Lee, but hollywood is hollywood. They are going to do it regardless.

    @ogb – I agree it was frickin awful stuff. Stick to the original comic (@Kevin Jones) and stay true to the story.

  6. The Crow is one of my all time favs. I don’t want to see it redone. So I don’t care who they choose.

  7. I’d like to register my vote:

    No-one. Leave it alone you leeches.

  8. Johnny Depp should play some weird villain if he’s going to be in a Crow movie, that would be awesome :) Hmm they ought to get some unknown kid to play the Crow

  9. The guy from Buckcherry would be awsome. As long as
    he can act !!!

  10. IDK…there were some scenes deleted in the orginal. i.e. when Eric tried to kill him self, thus the e-tape on his hands and torso..thoser who did not know what was going on always asked that question..Eric takes the guitar string and puts Shelly’s ring around his neck…..maybe filmed before Mr. Lee died, idk, but it is an amazing story. Hard to say how I feel about it. guess it comes down to casting. ( NO Rogen…NO Cage, No Fraier, NO Stiller for starters)

  11. No one should play the new Crow. The original Crow movie was great and doesn’t need to be reboot. No chance in surpassing what Brandon Lee did with the role.

  12. Well, there were several Crows in the graphic novels. So they could go in any direction. Unfortunately, very few people know about the other stories and the failure of the “sequels” shows few people care about any one else but Eric Draven. Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be awesome, though.


  13. i would like to see a Female take the next crow lead.

    and i think little ole BRITTANY MURPHY should play it. Seriously, she seems like she can play a loose cannon who shows some kind of sick pleasure while killing her attackers. Give her some super strength and the ability to take a clip to the face and Wella.

    Besides the loose cannon thing i picked her cause that creepy, beautiful, evil smile she can pull off.

    • thanx for the mental image im going to be having good dreams tonight lol

  14. i also think this because M-Cats right,

    it doesnt need a remake the first was perfect

  15. if you are going for the younger crowd then Taylor Kitsch (gambit) isnt bad but add a few other young talents to the list of up and comers: Steven Strait (The Covenant, 10000 BC), Taylor Lautner (Twilight, New Moon), Sean Faris (Never Back Down)….

    Im just grasping at straws and throwing out ideas…as for the crow movies, most of the time ive read peoples notes about movies 2-4 sucking because it wasnt Eric Draven. Im a fan of the myth or legend James O’Barr created with the crow…a spirit of vengeance so to speak that is a different person every time. I liked the second and third movies, thought they were decent enough, but the edward furlong Wicked Prayer movie was crap!! I read the novel it was based on and if they had kept to the story in there and still had the same actors it might have been better….then again it was ed furlong and tara reid in there along with David Boreanez and Dennis Hopper, Danny Trejo too.

    Check Amazon.com for other crow books including a short story book with stuff in it from the likes of IGGY POP (who appears in movie #2)!!

    PS: RICH!! That is an inspiring choice….Brittany Murphy as a female crow….dammmmnnnn!! Im writing a crow story myself and may have to use Brittany as the mental image for my female crow character….=)

  16. While a female Crow would actually be pretty cool, let’s face it. Hollywood isn’t that creative. That’s why we’re getting this rebootmake so soon.

    I honestly can’t think of anyone other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Lots of people want him for Joker (I’m against that, though) so he should be able to pull off that Joker-esque feel you want, Kofi.

  17. hmm my comment got erased… twice?

    1. M-cats right the first was perfect, doesnt need anything more

    2. If they were to do another crow they should let a chic become the dark angel.
    and my ridiculous pic is BRITTANY MURPHY. shed look dam good in that makeup and i think she could play a good loose canon immortal super strong character.

  18. lol never mind they just appeard, sorry for the repost

  19. Here we go with another “who should play…” thread.

    Since it seems that Stephen Norrington is attached to this project,it’s already doomed.LXG was terrible,and I don’t know if anyone has seen his movie The Last Minute,it’s probably one of the worst films I’ve ever seen in my life.

    He is already taking the “soul” out of the original idea of the story by making it less gothic.Sorry,but there’s obviously a reason that the guy has only 4 films to his credit.

    This series was ruined a long time ago by others,and should just be left alone at this point.How about coming up with another semi obscure comic character to make a movie of,like Grendel.

  20. I love Johnny Depp have for many years, but would not like to see him in this movie.The only way I would even want to see a Crow movie is if the script was excellent instead stupid. The Crow movies have not been that good since the first one. Why not quit while they are ahead? I agree the last Crow:Wicked Prayer was awful. Why does everyone want to remake the originals anyway?

  21. If Heath Legder was not dead…!! He would been Good for that role..!! :(

  22. Trent Reznor would be awesome!!! I think the remake is completely unnecessary but TR would do a great job. I’ve been waiting for an acting part from him since he graced the screen in Light of Day

    • accually trent reznor wouldnt be a bad idea since he is a musican and eric draven was in a band in the movie and whats funny is nin had a song in the first one

  23. Somebody hit the nail on the head with JGL. Loving it. Also acceptable: Zachary Quinto. Think about it kids.

  24. @huntthejest: I absolutely agree with you. Zachary Quinto would be my choice too.

  25. ED

    Heath Ledger would be AMAZING as crow…and here I thought his passing could not get any sadder…RIP

    What are you guys smoking to think Spock would make a good Crow?

  26. No one should play the new Crow. The original is great, why tarnish its memory by doing a rubbish remake?
    As far as I’m concerned any studio exec, director or writer wanting to do a remake of anything should have their guts torn out and then made to eat them!
    I would love to see some real imagination brought back to movies, but i suspect this wont happen.

  27. I liked it as it was but Ryan Robbins from Sanctuary would do a good Crow IMO.
    As far as female Crow Characters how about Erica Durance(Lois Lane from Smallville) or in the either make it awesome or bust it up completely vein try Miley Cyrus, let’s see if she can do more than bubblegum.

  28. @Longshanks

    People like these articles and it’s fun to speculate.


  29. @ Vic

    I know that people like to speculate about this stuff,but
    personally,I’m sick of hearing about remakes and reboots.


    I agree 100%