‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ Sequel Starts Filming in May

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Chow Yun Fat in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel Starts Filming in May

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon‘s marial arts epicness earned it a place at the top of our “Best Martial Arts Fight Scenes” list, and Ang Lee’s multi-Oscar-winning film still remains a favorite of moviegoers worldwide.

That said Crouching Tiger was a pretty self-contained cinematic tale – which is why eybrows are sure to be raised by the news that The Weinstein Company is gearing up to start production on the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel (which could be titled Iron Knight, Silver Vase – but more on that later…).

Deadline reports that the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel is set to start filming this May in Asia. Ang Lee is not coming back to direct the sequel; he could be replaced by Ronny Yu, who is currently in talks with TWC. Yu directed the 2006 Jet Li film, Fearless - but he also directed Freddy vs. JasonBride of Chucky, and the action flick Formula 51 (aka, Samuel L. Jackson in a kilt). Basically, three films that have gained something of a cult following for being terrible.

It’s not necessarily a known fact to the average moviegoer, but even though Crouching Tiger seems like a self-contained story, it is in fact part of a five-volume series of books written by early twentieth century Chinese author, Wang Dulu. In order of story chronology, Crouching Tiger is actually the fourth book; it is followed by the concluding book, Iron Knight, Silver Vase, which will be the basis of this sequel film.

Handling script duties is John Fusco, who is best known for writing films like Young GunsHidalgo and The Forbidden Kingdom (another film that made our “Best Martial Arts Scenes” list). Those aforementioned Fusco projects all came with a solid mix of action, adventure and heart, which is encouraging for this Silver Vase project – even if the choice of director is not. Added bonus: Fusco is a fan of Wu Xia, the Chinese genre of storytelling (about wandering heroes like those seen in Crouching Tiger), so this is a passion project for him.

Michelle Yeoh Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel Starts Filming in May

No casting news yet, but there is speculation that acclaimed Crouching Tiger fight choreographer Wo Ping Yuen (The Matrix) could return for the sequel.

Aside from Fusco (and Wo Ping possibly turning) this project seems to be teetering on the line between legitimate sequel and franchise cash-grab; to that point, The Weinstein Company and Sony were once battling for the rights to Wang Dulu’s work, as the late author’s family felt they were not sufficiently compensated for Lee’s movie. Deadline notes that the Weinstein’s “feel” they secured the rights – but the possibility of a legal challenge doesn’t seem to be out of the question.

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel (titled Iron Knight, Silver Vase?) will start production in Summer 2013; a release date is unknown at this point.

Source: Deadline

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  1. No Chow… so how does it work?

    • I guess it’s not a zombie movie.

  2. Ronny Yu? WTF? Oh, man. I’d only be intrigued if Ang Lee returned but he’s too busy not wasting his time.

  3. Michelle Yeoh has an Outline of each of the boos in the series on her personal website


    • I Meant to say BOOKS not BOOS LOL

  4. dont like these flying through the air kung fu movies …
    Best ever kung fu film? Kung Fu pilot episode!!!

    “Perceive the way of nature and no force of man can harm you. Do not meet a wave head on: avoid it. You do not have to stop force: it is easier to redirect it. Learn more ways to preserve rather than destroy. Avoid rather than check. Check rather than hurt. Hurt rather than maim. Maim rather than kill. For all life is precious nor can any be replaced.” – Master Kan

    • When you have found these things… YOU WILL KNOW

  5. Formula 51?

    Was that the one also starring Ewan McGregor with Samuel L in the UK? Only ask because that movie was The 51st State and I just had a sudden feeling of familiarity when I read Formula 51 and “Jackson in a kilt”.

    Also, this may garner me some derision but….I didn’t really like Crouching Tiger. Found it quite a chore to finish watching. The full almost 4 hour version of Red Cliff however was fantastic.

    • Yeah it was The 51st State, Robert Carlyle was in it with an awful scouse accent along with every other British actor available at the time!

      My mate was an extra in the part where Sam Jack comes out swinging! Always makes me laugh cuz my friend just looks totally out of place lol

    • Kudos to you for Red Cliff. Great film. Still think Hero (Jet li) is the best Kung Fu movie.

  6. Who ever Director takes over,one of the big highlights of the first film Yuen Wo Ping fights and Ang Lee’s Direction on it !

    NO QUICK CUTS…LONG TAKES OF FIGHT SCENES,CAMERA IS FAR OUT..where you actually can see the action !!!!!

    Thats something most Directors don’t get,they destroy the wonder and energy flow of a cool fight by cutting it to pieces,with close ups and quick cuts every second,no idea how to film and show a beautiful fight !

    Most of those Movies are about the Action and how its presented !

    If they get the fights right..then i would have hope..but my guess is..forget about this sequel cause most directors have no idea what they do !!!

    Best recent Example was the RZA !
    Respect for the Man,I really do,he has the heart at the right place,and his “MAN WITH THE IRON FIST” was very promising,but the then…he came and we saw..the fights were really badly edited and cut to pieces like crap !!!! :( Sad !!! Could have been a good Movie ! And thats made by a real fan of those old time Movies !

    • I remember this being a problem for me Resident Evil 2. Cuts so quick you couldn’t really tell what was going on. All you really knew was that Alice was kicking ass. Chalk it up to low budget, I guess, or just not really knowing how to film a fight scene. Some of the best fight scenes I’ve seen have always been in wuxia films.

      • Resident Evil was really Evil in the cut / edit department,couldn’t agree more with u !


        • The quick-cut editing also ruined the Bourne movies for me.

  7. I remember in the extras of the dvd Michelle Yeoh talking about the story between her character (Shuu Yen), Chow Yung Fat’s (Li Mu bai), and the man Shuu Yen was supposed to wed is a tragic tale, and she wanted to push Ang Lee to make/direct this prequel. Seems like someone answered her plead, but years later… and in reverse. Oh well. More of the Green Destiny swordsmanship from a younger Li Mu Bai would have been really sweet. Guess I’ll go pick up Wang Du Lu’s books/comics adaptation after all.

    • As late as 2005, Ang Lee was still intent on directing the prequel, but he could never get the script to the place that excited him to return, then in 2006 a legal dispute broke out over the rights to the novels which set things back a few years, that dispute has now been resolved, leading to the sequel now given the greenlight to begin production.

      If Michelle Yeoh and Ziyi Zhang return to their respective roles, it has a shot at being pretty good, but i would prefer someone like John Woo to direct it, he clearly has the equal talent of Ang Lee to make this film stand on it’s merits…

  8. Well this will definitely be one film I WON’T be wasting money on as the first one was ridiculous, stupid and unwatchable. I could not even finish watching the first one.

    • +1

  9. Crouching Tiger was made in 2000. I’d say the world has moved on. It was a great movie and shouldn’t be spoiled by unwanted sequels. I mean come on… What if they decided to do a sequel or a prequel of either Terminator or Terminator 2? Uhm…. Yeah… Nevermind…

  10. This really interests me, seeing as the books have never been translated into english. Granted there will be no Mu Bai, but the books are about the sword, not the man. Although, it would be interesting to see the backstory of how Shu and Mu Bai met, and how Mu Bai was there when Shu’s husband died. Ah well ~ bring on the Green Destiny!

  11. I love the first one. I’m resistant to the idea of a sequel but I know nothing about the story.

  12. I grew up on high flying HK martial arts movies from the 90′s and Crouching Tiger is in my opinion just an average action flick. I actually fell asleep watching it in the theater. The action sequeneces, although grand, was way too “dancy” for me, and I know it appealed a lot to the people out here in the states because they have never seen it before. One of the best martial art martial arts movie from the 90′s was Swordsman 2 with Jet Li. It is very fast paced, and presented that mystical/fantastical feeling of the hidden era extremely well.

    • Swordsman 2 as great,the other were for sure Wang Fei Hung and Once upon a time in China !! Great Great Stuff !!

      And mentioning those..I think there is no way not to list A Chinese Ghost Story 1 & 2 !!!

      Cheers !

  13. Meh, the original was a classic that inspired many movies in the past decade or so. The story ended though, there really is no way to continue it that would make any reasonable sense aside from it having to do nothing with original, meaning none of the original cast are involved

  14. I adore the original and the fight scene between Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi is by far my favourite of it’s genre. The genius of the movie was all fight scenes were driven by plot, by the emotions of the character that have been building up through excellent character beats and arcs (by the time the aforementioned scene comes, the two women hate each other and you can absolutely feel it). The idea of a non Ang Lee sequel is just rotten. I cannot see for the life of me this working at all and I suspect it will be a two star (if lucky) straight to DVD instantly forgettable B-movie.

    One thing it will not do though is ruin the legacy of the original.

  15. This movie was so bad and was the biggest joke of the 2000′s where I lived. I can’t wait to see how much worse it can get. lol.

    • I concur.

  16. Add Kung Fu Panda to the cast and I’m in!!!

    • Hellz yeah!

  17. I grew up watching old Kung Fu films, like 36 Crazy Fists and Half a Loaf of Kung Fu—my dad owns them all—so I wonder if the director will follow the old-school style or succumb to the horrible fight-scene direction we have now.

  18. Pedantry:

    It’s not “Wu Sia”, it’s “Wu Xia”. It’s a bit more than wandering heroes, as well, it’s more specifically the more fantastical hero story, as Crouching Tiger was.

    • (In the older romanization systems, it would have been written “Woo Hsia” or close to it. X is not an S sound in pinyin, it’s one of two “sh” sounds that Mandarin has.)

    • We respect Pedantry here, sir. The change has been noted.

  19. I’m surprised the wuxia genre is still around