‘Criminal Minds’ Season 8 Premiere – Does The BAU Need Prentiss?

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criminal minds season 8 jeane tripplehorn Criminal Minds Season 8 Premiere   Does The BAU Need Prentiss?

As the Criminal Minds season 8 premiere begins, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) once again finds itself replacing Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), now that she’s taken the position to run Interpol’s London office. Stepping in to fill her shoes is FBI linguistics expert Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn), who has a history with Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and, as we find out later, Director Strauss (Jayne Atkinson). Is Blake a good replacement for Prentiss, or will there always be a hole left by their former team member?

Strauss’ first case finds her and the rest of the BAU heading out to Texas to capture an escaped prisoner known for leaving his victims with their mouths sewn shut, which lines up with a former unsub known as “The Silencer.” In the end, the unsub turned out to be a mentally disturbed deaf man, seeking peace and silence, but Blake was still able to flex her linguistic muscles in an attempt to save the day, albeit extremely conveniently.

As a character, Alex Blake feels extremely similar to that of David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), as they’re both known experts in their profession and can each command a scene effortlessly, which proves to be a positive and a negative in the premiere. When Blake is taking charge, it feels appropriate, and she handles herself completely. However, when Blake is interacting with fellow team members – even if she is still “new” to them – it feels too much like she’s acting as a superior to them, rather than as a relative equal.

In replacing Prentiss, Blake’s strong presence will help to also replicate that element of their former team member – however, she was much more than that. Even though Prentiss’ position overall was technically higher than that of her co-workers, she was still presented as a friendly equal to them – which helped drive much character development and viewer attachment.

criminal minds season 8 alex blake Criminal Minds Season 8 Premiere   Does The BAU Need Prentiss?

Now that Blake is the new team member, her (now) appearance of being emotionally withdrawn may leave some feeling like there’s an element, not actress, missing from Criminal Minds season 8. Additionally, Blake’s authoritative presence might feel overwhelming when combined with that of Rossi and Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), making the friendly, comedic moments in the series even fewer, thus moving the series away from its previous perfected blend of suspense and levity.

Blake currently has a history with Reid and Strauss, so we’ll have to see how that plays out, over the coming weeks. Tripplehorn certainly has the talent to pull it off, she just needs the writing to allow her to do it. Hopefully Garcia’s (Kirsten Vangsness) friendly gesture at the end is the beginning of things to come.

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Criminal Minds airs Wednesday @9pm on CBS

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  1. Criminal Minds was one of my favorite shows and although I have nothing against Jeanne Triplehorn, she is definitely NOT a replacement for the Emily Prentiss charactor. It was a little encouraging when JJ was brought back. Why a successful show would mess with it’s characters is a puzzle. I used to never miss the show, now I hardly ever watch it. Too Many Changes.

    • Totally agree!!!!!

  2. It’s too bad that Prentiss had to go. We use to have a fan club for the show, now we don’t even bother because not that many people watch it. If they want to get to season 9 , they need to get Paget Brewster back or risk losing viewers.

  3. Criminal Minds used to be one of my favorite programs. Now it has gotten so gory I can’t watch it. Is it realistic???

    I really like the cast, but they seem to be only business and not friends as much as previously.

  4. Why did you/ they replace her she was the best I HATE whoever replaced her and I hope se finds her way back

  5. I barely notice the new Blake in the face of the increasingly unbelieveable story lines. the atrocious acting of the “puppeteer” and the dwarf in this latest episode concerning human marionettes has me wondering if I’ll bother turning the next episode on at all. This used to be my favourite crime show. What happened to the writers? Did they run out of rational plots?

  6. Prentiss brought so much to the show criminal minds, she was caring,funny,inteligent,witty,sympathetic most of the elements that Blake seems to be missing. This cast was amazing why let Prentiss leave the show, she is dearly needed back.!!! She adds so much to the perfect mix of cast.

  7. “Restoration” best episode this season. Not only did Shemar do an excellent

  8. “Restoration” best episode this season. Not only did Shemar do an excellent acting job, as did the rest of the team. I still don’t get Tripplehom/Blake. She is so WOODEN!
    Story line hopeully helped other “Derek’s”
    There has to be other actors better suited for her role.

  9. You guys should put Emily prentiss ( Paget brewster) back its not the same with out her

  10. Still miss Prentiss & her inter action with the other team. After watching the last episode (5-15) seems like Tripplehorn is here for a while. (Until the last scene, I thought, Oh good this is her exit!)
    In my opinion, if Prentiss doesn’t come back the team can still work.
    PLEASE do whatever you need to do to replace “Blake’s” character.
    I will miss C.M. & will continue to watch re-runs & hope to see the others,
    especially Shemar, A.J. & Kirsten on other programs.
    “Better a hole than a replacement.”

  11. i wood like prentiss back on the show.

  12. i use 2 wait 4 the next EP and now,,,,,its boring

  13. Well I love this show and if I give you my address can u send me there auto graphs plz my address is 4028 Gilmore street jax fl 32205
    Thank you and plzz

  14. Yes we need prentiss back she makes the show just like giddeon did please stop replacing the bau team members I’m a dedicated watcher of crimmal minds have every season of it

  15. Bring Emily back quickly just don’t feel right without her.

  16. Pagets character Prentiss was a deep, beautiful, mysterious character that we all loved and she along with JJ are amazing also the rest of the cast. In my opinion alex blake does no way come near to prentiss and she never have and never will fill the hole that paget(prentiss) left. I know along with the other viewers know that it was pagets decision to leave the show but I’d like her to know its not the same without her!!! Other than that Loving Criminal minds!!!

  17. I think Agent Emily Prentiss had demanded a lot of money for continuing her role in Criminal Minds, that’s why the Producers took her away.
    Agent Blake can never be her replacement. Prentiss was just so Perfect in that Role.
    I didn’t even like the Season 8. Through the whole episodes a great suspense was created about the Replicator. there was so much Hype about it. But in the last episode it looked to be in a hurry. everything happened so fast and BAU fooled him so easily that it took away the essence of that suspence.
    I think Criminal Minds is finally going on a downward stream.

  18. There is no doubt that majority of Criminal Minds viewers that love this show would take Prentiss over Blake anyday…Prentiss is awesome on this show…It should be a no brainer ….Prentiss has to come back…I have all the ones with Prentiss on it recorded to my dvr ..Honestly I have watched the first one that Blake appeared on after that i watch all the others with Prentiss…And will continue to watch and not watch the ones with Blake…

  19. I loved Emily Prentiss! Her relationship with the team is not just business but friendship as well. I really miss her and CM will never be the same with out her.

  20. Bring PRENTISS BACK!!! It’s NOT the same without her!!! I don’t even want to watch the show anymore!!! There is nobody no matter how good they are that could replace any of the cast and it still be awesome! It’s just not complete without the whole team!!!! Criminal Minds was my #1 show, now it’s just blah and falling to the bottom of the list with every episode without PRENTISS!!!

  21. Every time I look at Triplehorn I see her on that sister wives show. She looks like a fish out of water. Why did they pick her? She needs to wear some mascara. I wish they would pick someone else.

  22. BRING PRENTISS back!! She was such a complex, interesting and engaging character. Criminal Minds is still a great show, but the dynamics of the team has definately changed. Bring Prentiss back!!

  23. please bring Emily back, the show needs her acting career is great but without her there is no interest in Emily no more .Each individually on Criminal Minds is absolutely needed for criminal Minds to go together and to be a great movie of all times.thampton10@verizon.net

  24. Not the same without Emily, if you keep changing the cast ,you change the programme..people connect with these characters , they bond with them , when you replace them the programme is no longer the same ….saving money by cutting peoples fav characters out of a show NEVER work….you will and have lost viewers……