Thomas Gibson May Not Return For ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 7

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Thomas Gibson Hotch Criminal Minds CBS Thomas Gibson May Not Return For Criminal Minds Season 7

Not surprisingly, Criminal Minds is having a problem holding on to a member of its cast. Unlike the drama that surrounded the exit (and subsequent return) of A.J. Cook & Paget Brewster, however, the problem this time surrounds the future contract of key star Thomas Gibson.

For fans of Criminal Minds, the off-season and off-camera drama has often outmatched even the twisted storylines thought up by the show’s writing staff. Having made a name for itself with an ever-changing line-up of acting talent, the CBS police procedural had managed to keep Gibson’s central character Special Agent Aaron ‘Hotch’ Hotchner around for six years – while key players like Mandy Patinkin simply up and left, and the aforementioned Cook and Brewster played musical chairs with available spots on the show.

The delay in Gibson’s contract means there is growing worry production on the upcoming season of Criminal Minds will be negatively affected if an accord cannot soon be reached. This fact has certainly placed additional strain on the negotiations – and may account for rumors that dialogue between the two parties have hit a wall.

Writers for the show have already begun preparatory meetings in order to hash out the overall storylines of the season – with Hotch’s return up in the air, the writers are finding it difficult to get anything set in stone. In the event Gibson does not come back, the entire balance of the show could be upset, thereby drastically altering the status quo of the characters, not to mention the added headache of possibly finding someone to take his place.

Criminal Minds Cast CBS Thomas Gibson May Not Return For Criminal Minds Season 7

While losing an integral character like Aaron Hotchner would certainly be a major blow to the series, CBS and Criminal Minds writers planned for such a contingency with the season 6 finale, so they’re at least somewhat prepared. Additionally, those penning the scripts will be able to draw upon their experience when Joe Mantegna replaced Mandy Patinkin in a similarly high-profile role.

However the negotiations work out, a great deal of credit needs to be thrown Gibson’s way. Despite the undoubtedly stressful situation he finds himself in, the actor has still managed to fulfill his obligations to the show – primarily by appearing at the CBS upfronts last month and meeting with international buyers interested in acquiring Criminal Minds for overseas markets. With luck, Gibson’s commitment at these events suggest the actor is still interested in returning to the show and that talks may not be going as poorly as the delay implies.

As news breaks on whether Gibson will receive a new deal or his walking papers, we will be sure to keep you posted.


Criminal Minds returns this fall, Wednesdays @9pm on CBS.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Will not watch CM without Hotch. If Thomas is demanding ANYTHING from CBS, they should just get it over with and give it to him. He doesn’t need this job, and has a family he’d love to be at home with. Don’t mess around with this, CBS! Without him, the show could very well end up in ruins. Even many regular viewers who are NOT non-hardcore fans will probably see that Hotch is gone and say “This isn’t Criminal Minds anymore. I’m not going to watch if they keep messing with the cast.”

    Hotch IS Criminal Minds. Don’t mess this one up.

    • Well said! I agree with every word. CBS will be the ones losing out if they don’t sign him. Not only will they lose an extremely talented, irreplaceable actor, they will lose this fan, and many others, if that happens.

  2. Its sad that Criminal Minds has to pull stupid stunts all the time, the show like musical chairs with constant changes in the cast, that its becoming really boring. It’s to the point I don’t think anyone will care if Hotch is in the show or not. Last season the writers delivered a terrible script that the whole show was a let down from start to finish even with the revolving door of women. Bad writing is this show problem, and one of the reasons Many Patinkin left because of creative difference, you can totally see where he was coming from now.

    • Woah you’re so wrong! People will be outraged if Hotch is not in the show! And I believe Mandy Patinkin left because he thought there was too much violence in the show… You couldn’t really have criminal minds without violences..! He was a flight risk anyway. But back to TG… He is Criminal Minds… Without him the show will crumble! He seemed to be in season six a lot less than he has been in the other seasons which I think is one of the reasons season six was so awful… Anyway, No TG no CM

    • You are absolutely wrong. Fans will leave in droves if Hotch leaves. Thomas Gibson is amazing!

  3. Bring it back with Thomas Gibson – if you want to drop anyone, get rid of the annoying know=it=all doctor. His part is getting larger and larger and he is more and more annoying!!

    • Absolutely not! Reid is an integral and important part of the show, and a TON of people will stop watching if he goes. CBS needs to stop messing around with the cast we love and re-sign Thomas Gibson a.s.a.p.

  4. What’s becoming very annoying is all this “drama” surrounding Thomas Gibson & this contract!! What does HE WANT???? If he’s tired of the show and wants to do something else… he should just say so!! We’re all mature adults here, at least I think we are? Surely we understand that people do mature/grow, get weary, feed up… or whatever!!! But this constant wondering— Will Gibson stay or will he go??? After awhile, the Criminal Minds fans WON’T REALLY CARE!!! Just as with the changes that have taken place within the 6 Seasons, I’m sure that Criminal Minds WILL survive without “Hotch”…

    We’ll be a little sad… for about ONE MINUTE!! But we’ll live to watch additional episodes of Criminal Minds come September 2011.

    • If Gibson wants to go let him go, I agree people will still watch. JJ is my favorite and I’m exuberant she’ll return. I think what CBS should do is clear, let Thomas go. Have Prentiss running back as Team Leader to fill the void of Hotch explaining what happened to the team. Reveal Rossi knew about Hotchner’s resignation and that’s why he pressured JJ to come back. Personally I feel the show would STRENGTHEN w/ a new cast. Taking out Hotch opens SO many opportunities if he wants to go, let him. People will still watch. I agree with you Smoke 100%.

      • Your crazy! If you want a whole new cast why don’t you watch a whole new show like CM Suspect Behavior, oh…yeah, it sucks because TG isn’t in it, DAH…..

  5. it will be different without thomas gibson in the show…besides he deserves to be paid well since the tv show has a good rating at all. dont let him go…please

  6. I think they should give him what he wants. I mean even though his contract is still on going he has been very loyal to the show by going to all of the functions they have and promoting for the show overseas.He has given up a lot with his family to be with his tv family in the last six years. I think he deserves what ever he is asking for. They lied when they said nothing was going to happen to the original team when they brought the spinoff aboard. We all know how that all turned out. We had to fight to get all of them back and now it comes down to we might not get everyone back next season that really stinks. I am like all the other here that responded to this CM will not be the same with out TG. No matter what some of you said I don’t think that we could get over this one after a minute.

  7. There is no show without Thomas Gibson. Period.

  8. This article feels like half a story and doesn’t give any information on what Thomas demands are that aren’t being settled. How can people make an education decision on what’s going on and whose being difficult him or CBS? One simple question what does he want.

  9. There would be no Criminal Minds without Aaron Hotchner. He is the
    backbone of the show.

  10. Will not watch without Hotch……he is the anchor.

  11. There is No Criminal Minds without SSA Aaron Hotchner. CBS Just give him what he wants Jezze…


  13. Gibson’s Hotch is the proverbial cornerstone of the series, as he’s been the team leader since the pilot while Patinkin’s Gideon and Mantegna’s Rossi have been more like the ‘rock star’ of the group. If Mr. Gibson were to leave, why would they need a replacement? For two seasons, Shemar Moore has been groomed – and even enjoyed a brief stint – as the new team leader. By default, he should be rewarded for his loyalty with the advancement of his Morgan character, should the series suffer yet one more departure.

    Hopefully they won’t bring any of the Criminal Minds spin-off cast in as replacements.

  14. Talk about someone who just wants to have his ego massaged, has their been any disagreement between him and CBS that he is holding up the show. If he not going to come out and say what he wants how are people to know. The Criminal minds writers are not mind readers he being completely selfish. The show has had enough cast changes whats another one.

    • Sky, TG is a professional in every sense of the word. The details of his contract are not available for that very reason. He is fulfilling all things asked of him and does a lot of publicity appearances, etc. that the other cast members don’t simply to promote CM. He’s not trying to get people to feel sorry for him or just being selfish, as you seem to think. For all we know, he wants additional publicity duties or none so he can have more time with his family. Without the details available, you saying he is selfish and wants his ego massaged comes off as both mean-spirited and just downright clueless.

      • Well said, Keri.

      • You say that Keri.You right and maybe it is him then again it could be them. I like you after all he is going through he still is deciated to the show by doing all the promoting and other things for the show. He also makes a lot of scafices were his family is concern. From what I have read or seen from an interview that his family lives in one place and he is in another while shooting. If this is true not only him but his wife and kids also giving up a lot. I say that is what True Love is all about all the way arouind.

      • Totally agree with you, Keri.
        I don’t think he’s being selfish. Why should the whole world know about every detail in his contract? I don’t want to know about the details in his ***** contract, I just want to see him back on Criminal Minds, nothing else.

        Also, I truly love him, because he’s NOT doing it (Okay and because he’s a great actor xD) Maybe TG is someone who thinks about his family, too. (CM-Family and his real one) Just read an interview: “I really miss doing something my kids can watch, too.” (Yeah, he’s not letting them see CM^^)

        So, please, please think about it.

        Hugs from Germany <3

        P.S.: Sorry for cappy English. We call it "German-School-English" =))

    • You are too RUDE.

  15. CBS is saving millions by firing Charlie Sheen so they can afford to compensate Thomas Gibson and other leading actors in other CBS shows as well.

  16. they are making it so easy to watch something else hey cbs GIVE HIM WHAT EVER HE WANTS

  17. One thing is sure: No Thomas Gibson on CM? I won’t watch.
    I think he’s a really important Chara for the show and lots of people will be upset if he has to leave…Without Hotch CM is not the same, I’d truly miss him and Jack -There’re so sweet together.

    Most important queation #2: Who is going to replace him?

    Greetings from Germany <3

  18. I don’t get it, first there was elimating of JJ’s character, then Emily, now Hotchner why?? I was so mad when JJ was gone and then furious when they decided to let Emily go because of their budget, so they could start a spin-off that non of their fans wanted. Now they want to let Hotch go, what are they thinking. Don’t we the fans matter. This show has been so popular because of the unit and how fans have related to them. So all I can say is go ahead and you will be the ones to suffer because it will be us who leave you….

  19. I am surprised at the people who know nothing about the negotiations and still call Thomas Gibson “selfish.” Why? Because he won’t humor you and sign a deal that it less than what he wants? And how do you know what exactly he is asking for? On the other hand, you know very well that CBS more than screwed up with this show: it did away with two very popular cast members, wrecked havoc on the cast, even introduced that ridiculous spinoff (were they drunk when they made that decision?) for which they most definitely spent tons of money that literally went down the drain. They could have invested a fraction of that money, which apparently was there to play with, on the good, popular show which attracted the fans in the first place. If it’s money that TG wants, I don’t see why he shouldn’t negotiate even double his current salary. He was earning $125,000 per episode when Shemar Moore was earning $50,000, and who now earns $100,000. It’s clear that Shemar Moore, who is great in his role and very important for the show, could not carry the show without Hotchner’s character. And CBS apparently has the money to spend on a whim. TG may also be negotiating other things that are important to him and to his life besides money. Who’s to say if you guys are not privy to the negotiations? So if you are going to be mad at someone, be mad and pressure CBS who has the $$$ and who can make it happen. What we know is that they screwed up on a whim and that the actor wants to come back but with a good deal, details of which we don’t know.

    • Very well put, Delia. Rumors flying for the past several months say that Thomas Gibson is tired of the “dark” side of the show and wants out – unless CBS offers him an obscene amount of money and/or more time off to be with his family. Fair enough. CBS either goes along – or it does not. One thing is for sure, the negotiations have gone on this long because CBS knows how badly they screwed up with Paget Brewster & AJ Cook resulting in a huge viewer backlash. Losing Gibson now would be very bad for CBS.

      Just my own opinion – I think Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler can press on without Gibson, especially with the ladies back. This is an ensemble cast – not “stars” or Charlie Sheens. If Gibson drops out, he can be replaced with one or more of the regulars and the show will go on.

      If I am wrong, Chris Meloni is lurking out there with no place to go… : )

  20. This is the best show on T V stop messing with the best cast of any show on.I think the people who put this together did a great job.

  21. So very sad if Thomas Gibson backs out or more so if he doesn’t get a contract. Criminal Minds will end up like Suspect Criminal Minds, which
    really never made the grade as was evident with all the negative remarks it got. CBS don’t do this to one of the best series TV has had in a very
    long time. Sure it is fictional, but it makes you think and is not just a
    program to watch, it gets your brain working. Really think what your doing. These are excellent professional actors and should be treated as such. Please do the right thing!

  22. No Thomas Gibson NO criminal minds within 3 months

  23. If Hotch isn’t there, criminal minds cannot exist.. All the cast members are important but Hotch is the heart.. We can’t watch it without him..

    • I agree. I won’t watch CM anymore if Hoct isn’t there! Better keep a good memory.

  24. I don’t know what the fuss is all about, people are going on like he hands his pay packet over to them. Get over yourself TG, joining the rest of the world who are underpaid, at least you have a job the spin off cast all got thrown out because of something Ed Bernero was responsible for, not to mention what happened to Rachel Nichols. The man is 100% selfish

    • Please leave TG out of your stupid rants. People who are excellent at what they do should be compensated for what they bring to the table and I do not believe for one second that this man is selfish, but misery loves company, right? Take your beef up with God, not everything in like is fair,
      So, please leave TG out if this

  25. I will not watching Criminal minds without Thomas Gibson. He is the major character. Criminal minds without Hotch=TG will be another and i will not watch it like many others fans of Criminal minds. DO NOT DESTROY THIS GREAT TEAM WITH IT’S LEADER – HOTCH.

  26. I wonder who will watch it if there is no Thomas Gibson…..

  27. Criminal Minds without Hotch is unthinkable!

  28. I love the team. They are like a family. It is also very informative and as a female their have been some very helpful things I have learned.
    I think they enjoy each other as well and that makes for a good show.
    Please try, if you can, not to change any of them. It would be like watering the show down and eventually you will ruin it. Why play with perfection?

  29. are jj and hotch having an affair on or off air .if he and jj pulled off such a ploy w/prentiss, w/the help of the team he could of saved his wife. salary negot.around her return.