‘Criminal Minds’ Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

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aj cook criminal minds Criminal Minds Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

Season 6 has been rough for Criminal Minds with cast changes upon cast changes – upon even more cast changes. After the dust settled, the prayers of fans have been answered and A.J. Cook is returning to reprise her role as Jennifer “JJ” Jareau for the foreseeable future.

Of course… that’s not all. As Criminal Minds ends its sixth season, one thing has absolutely been made clear: anything CAN and Will happen.

After the BAU stumbles on a country-wide human trafficking ring, while searching for two missing persons, the team must work overtime to bring down this unsub. As Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) warns that the BAU faces possible staff changes, everyone assumes the worst.

When a certain familiar face walks through the door, shocked cannot even being to describe their expressions.


In an attempt to almost mimic the real-life drama surrounding the series, the Criminal Minds season 6 finale, entitled “Supply & Demand,” awkwardly forced the return of A.J. Cook as JJ, while simultaneously delivering a somewhat interesting, yet entirely unfulfilling, storyline.

Changing the tone of a typical Criminal Minds episode, a car crash with dead bodies in the trunk sets the location for the BAU’s traveling. Before leaving, Hotchner gathers the remaining BAU members and informs them that there are changes coming to the team.

criminal minds season 6 finale jj Criminal Minds Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

As a whole, Criminal Minds tends to deliver storylines that transcend that of the generic police procedural. With a cast of superb, yet ever dwindling, actors and a talented writing team, it’s hard to believe that Criminal Minds would implement the return of J.J. in such an overt and completely disconnected manner.

While the transition and subsequent cliffhanger will surly right itself in terms of quality, this isn’t the first time that Criminal Minds has re-introduced familiar characters. Considering that fact, one would have expected the return of J.J. and Hotchner’s relocation would have been weaved into the finale’s storyline. Unfortunately, like many of television’s favorite series, the overall story and episodic plot are mutually exclusive. Acceptable? Yes – but it’s not ideal.

With the inclusion of a proverbial human trafficking ring, Criminal Minds served to once again raise the barrier for what can be expected on primetime television. Although, as the Criminal Minds season 6 finale progressed, both the reasoning behind the so-called human trafficking ring and the eventual reveal was extremely underwhelming.

criminal minds season 6 finale hotchner Criminal Minds Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

As the movies Taken and Hostel have somewhat paved the way for illusive human trafficking storylines, it would have been unoriginal to simply mimic their famed storylines. Unfortunately, the evolutionary nature of this specific human trafficking ring feels all but ridiculous. Even though the reasoning for any UNSUB to commit crimes may be unique unto itself, it’s hard to believe that there’s an underground world of people willing to pay to see someone murdered – and what were they bidding on if everyone watched?

While it’s true that almost any criminal act could logically be probable, the complete reveal of the intent of the human trafficking ring served to contradict everything that fans have been unwittingly learning while watching the series. For the main UNSUB, the focus was on power and money, but there wasn’t an active of enough role for those willing to pay to see someone murdered. Even the voyeuristic nature that Criminal Minds has seen in past antagonists wouldn’t apply since the notion of a large group and contact with others would be contradictory to someone of that nature.

Upon its conclusion, the manner in which the storyline was concluded was acceptable, but nowhere near as emotional as the producers had intended it. With a transition to the return of J.J. to the BAU, the eventual reveal felt somewhat important as “the possible change in the BAU” storyline was rarely touched upon in the series finale.

criminal minds season 6 finale garcia Criminal Minds Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

Using Hotchner possibly leaving the BAU as a cliffhanger was interesting, but like I mentioned previously, it all presented itself at such a quick pace towards the end that the actual weight of Hotchner possibly leaving was all but lost.

Given Criminal Minds’ past year of problems behind the scene, one has to give the series some type of leeway in regards to how they choose to develop the future of the series. As cast changes continue to happen, it can’t be easy to find a solid foundation to build the needed seasonal story-arcs. While it’s likely that the series will once again find itself next season, one can’t help but wonder whether or not Criminal Minds has run its course.

…and don’t think I didn’t notice that open-ended storyline that would have Garcia leave the BAU.

Criminal Minds airs Wednesday @9pm on CBS

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  1. YES! So glad to see JJ back here she belongs!

    • It was about time they realized the mistake of letting her go and the only other person I can see returning is Gidion I know it’s a reach but it’s what I think & he was a damn good part of the show!

  2. Very happy and excited to know that J.J. has rejoined the team. I will try and patiently wait for next season.

  3. About time!!! Guess they realized they messed up letting her go.

    • I mow she is so awesome what’s not to like

  4. Yes! J.J. is back.

  5. Whatever happened to the psychology of the show? They had a great unsub but not divulging how she ended up the boss of men much bigger (and stronger, eh, Morgan?) than her? Weak. I miss Gideon. He could be a know-it-all at times but I enjoyed his give-and-take with a suspect. Now it’s all guns and Reid with a map.

  6. Yeah, J. J. is back. Now they need to ditch the rookie blonde, send her back to acting school. Wish they would bring Emily back too.

    • I love that girl stop being mean to her is is not a rookie

  7. I am glad J.J. is back and I too miss Gideon. I think he should come back on occasion a few episodes.

  8. Wow! JJ is back. Now I will definitely continue watching the show. I would still like to know what they were thinking when they changed a good formula. At least they had sense to correct their mistake.

  9. So excited to see JJ is back; I agree having Emily back with make the team work again. Hope they go back more to the format of the previous years – found this year a bit darker.

  10. Thank you!!! I am so exhilerated that J.J. is back!!! Stop fixing something that wasn’t broke!!! Now please overhaul Suspect Behavior!! No chemistry…overacting Forester.

    • Or maybe cancel Suspect Behavior – and get the orignal cast back on the original Criminal Minds.
      Suspect Behavior does NOT WORK…..

  11. Still missing Emily……hopefully the team will be whole in 1st episode in September

  12. I love that JJ is back. I want to see Gideon back. I bet next season they will find out Prentis is alive and that will be a good show. The team will be so upset they did not know.

  13. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! I’m so happy JJ is back!! Next season will be a GREAT one!!

  14. Thank you! It’s wonderful to see A.J. Cook (JJ) back; now all they have to do is bring Paget Brewster (Prentiss) back and the family will be complete. Why they messed with a cast that was great is beyond me. This group of characters and actors complement each other well. Send the new girl back to the academy for more training and Gideon can stay wherever he is.

  15. Now that JJ is back I’m hoping that they will see the light and bring Prentiss back also. Don’t mess with perfection.

  16. Is there an underlying clu in Hotchner leaving the room before the others? “He’s never left before us.” Just asking…

  17. Whoop hoop JJs back!!!!

  18. Whoo hoo! JJs back!!!! So happy!!!

  19. I was just picking up my computer to e-mail the producer’s of the show to beg for the return of JJ and Prentiss when the finale clincher appeared before my eyes!! Thank God for the return of JJ! Now to get Prentiss back. Although I’m sure she’s a very nice girl, the new female agent has about as much personality as a bowl of squash. And, please, leave ALL the men exactly where they are.

  20. About time it has not been the same without her I actually was not watching I would watch the reruns on ION and A&E.

  21. Us hoshner leaving i hope not it will not be the same

  22. SOOOO glad to see JJ is back. Was a huge fan until they got rid of her and Prentice. Just started watching this evening after hearing JJ was returning to the show. Now, if only they would bring back Prentice. It was such a great team I can’t believe anyone thought it would be a good move to break them up!

  23. I missed the end of the show – got interrupted. Now that the episode has been aired, I hear JJ is back. Is it true as above that Hotchner is leaving? Who was Dave speaking to (chick in high heels?) on the preview where he asks the woman, “So you’ve thought about what we’ve discussed?” What happened at the end? Is it a cliffhanger til next season? (I had to take a phone call, sorry)! I agree, please leave all the male characters whre they are! I like Hotch. What is it with the show, they seem to always be trying to break up a good thing once they’ve got it? Did Penelope leave? I never could get into soap operas, but I’m starting to sound like my mother – “What happened on my show??” Thanks!

    • Dave was speaking to JJ. That was the very end of the episode and JJ was in all of maybe 15 seconds at the very end. But, the last line of the show was her saying “I’m coming back.”

      The only one at this point who hasn’t signed a contract is Thomas Gibson. I could see how they could write his character out of at least a full time regular spot, but the unit wouldn’t be the same without Hotch. I would imagine he could take Strauss’s position and Morgan be bumped up into the unit chief, but eh…keep it the same. Even Rachel Nichols said on Twitter yesterday that her character is slotted to return next season. With the cancellation of Suspect Behavior, maybe they can now put their money in to keeping the cast on board.

  24. I am so glad JJ is back. Each one of this cast is the catalyst that holds the others together. it’s a great chemistry that you don’t find very often. Emily should come back, and by the way the finale ended I’m worried about Garcia. I’m not impressed with the new Criminal Minds. The men on CRIMINAL MINDS should all stay, can’t even imagine the show with out Reid, Dereck, or Hotch. Quit playing with the chemistry!

    • I agree – Let’s get Prentice back along with JJ, leave the guys as they are. Why mess with a really great show as there are so few of them!