Criminal Minds Season 6 Review & Discussion: JJ’s Final Episode

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criminal minds jj final episode Criminal Minds Season 6 Review & Discussion: JJs Final Episode

Tonight, the CBS hit series Criminal Minds once again loses an original cast member, AJ Cook (Jennifer Jareau). The loss of cast members is not a new experience to fans of the show – as series lead Mandy Patinkin (Jason Gideon) and co-star Lola Glaudini (Elle Greenaway) have both previously departed from the series.

However, this time is different.

While Patinkin left Criminal Minds because he grew tired of the amount of violence in the series and Glaudini left to return to her home on the East Coast, Cook was unceremoniously fired. For some reason, “the powers that be” deemed Cook’s character to be expendable. Even though thousands of fans wrote CBS, ABC Studios (the production company), and signed petitions – there was nothing that could be done. AJ Cook was fired and Jennifer Jareau is gone.

As Criminal Minds continues forward, one has to wonder whether the absence of her character will be felt by those watching – especially after the terrible season 5 finale and season 6 premiere.

Is this the beginning of the end?

Preview (courtesy of CBS)

While JJ attempts to reunite a family whose daughter has mysteriously disappeared, her BAU family braces for the loss of one of their own.


As you can see, the review has not been posted yet. While we strive to provide you with the reviews in advance, sometimes it’s not possible. Don’t worry, a review will be posted after Criminal Minds has aired. Until then, if you’ve seen JJ’s final episode, feel free to start the discussion in the comments or check some of our previous articles below:

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Criminal Minds airs Wednesday @9pm on CBS

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  1. I am very disappointed in CBS, first NYPD Blues, CSI and now Criminal Minds. please tell me that you really don’t care about loyal fans of these shows don’t mean anything to your network. I faithfully watched the first two i mentioned until you changed the cast and it ruined the entire shows. Now JJ, I can honestley say the I will never get hooked on any shows your network put out, because they have all turned into a huge disapointment. In the meantime the so called Reality shows that are everywhere are doing the people watching more harm than you would know.
    Please start using some impecability when writing these shows and stop sewing such garbage into your viewers minds.

  2. In a world as crazy as the one we live in, why can’t those of us who are sick of and never watch reality tv have something to enjoy!

    CBS… you can’t afford to make these kinds of mistakes in today’s world of fickle viewers.

    I only watch Criminal Minds… and without JJ… it won’t be the same. I have loved this show from the beginning and faithfully watch it weekly.

    So, this fickle viewer, amongst others… isn’t likely to be loyal for much longer. And will remember, it used to be CBS that we turned to for a great tv show.

  3. Have you lost your ever loving minds!! What idiot came up with this idea should be fired as well. I agree with several other comments, this will hurt the show.

  4. Does anybody know the name of the song and artist at the end of jj’s last episode

  5. I did not watch AJ’s last episode yet. I want to but I dont at the same time. I am very disappointed that they are taking her off. It wont be the same, and I probably wont make it apart of my evening to watch the show anymore. I love her on the show, she is just so understanding, expecially when it comes to children and mothers. Firing and changing the cast over money is definatley stupid and the show was wonderful. They got rid of Ghost Whisperer which was a HUGE mistake and now AJ. Why not just get rid of this channel. They are changing shows when they are great and they go make a stupid change. Making good change is one thing but taking away a main character and a whole show when it is popular is just wrong. I am beginning to not want to watch CBS anymore. I really hope they bring AJ back and Ghost Whisperer. TV sucks without them.

  6. show will just not be the same w/out JJ~ please don’t get rid of the girls

  7. I watched the first show folowing the firing of AJ Cook. It is just not the same show. She brought a warm, 3-dimentional characterization to the show, which is now sadly absent. The other characters are simply one dimentional, predictable characters: Thomas Gibson consistently scowls; Joe Mantegna, lacking any variety in his physical language, is a reference point (having founded the unit); Shemar Moore is a one-note muscles-in-action, angry young black man (almost a sterotype); and Matthew Gray Gubler is the resident genius. The remaining co-stars, females, basically support the males, and garner (earn?) much less screen time. All of this is important to note because AJ’s character was the only fully-rounded role, female at that, married, with husband, new baby, and a demanding professional career. Her complicated life was something viewers could relate to (especially young female viewers faced with similar life decisions to make). AJ’s character was the only one on the show allowed to be consistently human, have a heart, and a myriad of emotions. And the young actress portraying the role imbued her with all of the extensive talent and resourcefulness at her command. AJ Cook is not only a beautiful actress, but more importantly, she is an extremely talented one. Although I will no longer be watching the show (I don’t need another hour of testosterone thrown at me), I will be watching her career closely. I expect she will go far, expecially now that she is no longer tied to a show that reopeatedly underestimated her and her drawing power.

  8. unbelievable!if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. CBS exec who makes decisions on who stays and who goes, needs to be fired. shame on you, for being so dumb.

  9. Regarding JJ…my famiy and I echo all the previous comments. BRING HER BACK!
    Regarding the last live episode…very upset with the ending. Seemed much less realistic than usual. Seemed they left the las t victims life in jeapordy to long to try and build up suspense. Criminal Minds is a great show because it is realistic, please don’t change that. As far as looking for a younger audiance…you already have one…my 16 & 18 year olds love the show & watch it all the time…and liked it the way it was…with JJ.

  10. I can not believe you fired JJ. What is wrong with you people!!!
    It &is a show of great violence which we know does exist& JJ was the one that grounded all that violence with her warm caring so human natural way of showing the loving aspect of humanity.
    You think that is expendable. Like I said, what is wrong with you people, no heart?

  11. I can not believe you made a concious decision to fire JJ. What is wrong with you people!!!

    Your show is one of great violence which we know does exist & amongst all that was JJ with her oh so human warmth, caring, insight to the spiritual aspect of the soul, this balance out all the rest.
    So you think JJ is replacable? It was showing all of us and our children who see way too much violence the warm, caring, loving nature of mankind & you have deemed this not important.
    Like I said, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE”??????????

  12. I am sooooo upset that she is off the show! And even more upset that they fired her!!! She was one of my favorites on the show! I almost stopped watching when Mandy left. It still is not the same without him and I miss him. I am not sure that I will continue to watch it with JJ now gone!! I had hoped she was just leaving for a while and would eventually return! This REALLY STINKS!!!!

  13. i can’t believe you fired jj she was great you people are all about the money we want a great show and it seems to be going downhill i think whoever made the decesion to fire jj should be fired.

  14. I am soooo disappointed that they fired JJ. She is an essential and life giving part of this great series. Whoever decided to do this, has ruined it for me and for many others as I can see. We speak for those who dont or wont or have not the opportunity to do so themselves. Don’t replace her, we will only hate her replacement.

  15. Honestly, I love the show, but find it to be very biased against whites. How could it be possible that every single sick, deranged, serial killer is a white male? The only black character runs everything and is in the middle and mainstream of every investigation, always doing the Right thing in the end, appearing to be the Good guy. Firing AJ Cook is just another example.

    • Who cares what the colour of their skin is? You’re the only person who noticed such a redundant detail

      • Wrong, I noticed

        • It’s because statistically, most serial killers are white adult men. They mention it all the time in the show but it’s in many criminology textbooks as well.

    • I watch CM all the time and really enjoy it and I’m very upset with you for getting rid of JJ, I really enjoyed her part in the show.

      • I Don’t understand first Gidden then JJ ? The show used to be amazing now not so much!
        This show is losing the best very disappointed!

    • Actually, it’s statistics that most killers are white males

        • I work for the State Dept. (Wikipedia is not a good reference). Most serial killers are white males. That is a statistical fact. African Americans rank higher in crimes of aggression, but the thing that makes a serial killer so “unique” is their psychological profile.

          • coco,

            I missed the “serial” in the conversation. I was just looking at murder rates in general.


        • Any one who uses wikipedia as proof to there point clearly doesn’t know how to make a point… PROVEN stats show that most serial killers are while males

          • I’m sorry, I’ve never seen this show – is it all about serial killers or is it just about murders in general?


    • I can totally understand your frustration. I am black and native American. I think the reason why the show depicts serial killers as white males is due to the fact that it is an actual fact. Forgive me for not having a better way to diplomatically write this, but “black crimes” are usually crimes of a different kind. Robbery is an area that you will find most black crimes. Blacks are not prone to psychological criminal behavior, that is what made the D.C. sniper so shocking. Historically, white males have been at the center of all serial killing. I’m not really sure why, but blacks are not passive aggressive criminals. I hope I don’t come across as offensive to any race and I don’t mean to generalize, but I just happen to know the stats.

    • It is a FACT that the majority of serial killers ARE infact white. I state this as a FACT as I too am white but that is a painful truth that needs to be accepted, nothing rascial about it UNfortunatly…

    • Oh please. How is this show racist when ONE of the main characters is black? That is too funny to even comment on. If you check statistics, you will find that most of the murderers of this type are indeed white males.


  17. Why fire the one person worth looking at. Smart looking, adding a touch of class, an appearant great actress, perect for the team. The brass screwed up, viewership will have to suffer. As the original cast is moved out the show will suffer and loose followers.

    • I watch the show all the time and am very upset that you fired JJ’s character, she really is a excellent actor and will really be missed. Reconsider and bring her back.

  18. Was number one fan until you fired JJ I’ve been watching the show since the beginning I was mad when they got rid of Giddian but now I’m really upset because they keep messing with a great show JJ was great in the show can you tell me why they fired her could you please bring her back or you have lost a great big fan I will just have to start watching LAW@ORDER SVU

    • I completely agree with you! I can’t believe the fire JJ I love her!!! Criminal minds is not going to be the same without her. I think that was a really messed up decision! I really hate when executive make stupid decision just to cut on cost! Come on it’s not as if Criminal Minds wasn’t doing that well, it is doing great why ruin that! If the replace either Reid of Garcia I’m done they can forget about me even thinking about watching the show. I really wish (which I know is just a fantasy and will not happen) that they realize their mistake and bring her back!

    • I also have watched this show from the very first episode, and I also think that firing AJ is a very bad decision. And look at the person or should I say character they are trying to replace her with ! No way I have not missed one episode, and I watch all the reruns, but the new girl, just is not going to make it for me. I have only watched one show with her in it. so long criminal minds for me !

  19. I find the so-called alpha male featured in the 4th episode (season 6) really ugly and I don’t think he corresponds at all to the definition of an alpha male. Hotch is an alpha male.

  20. I must say I will miss JJ because I most identified with her. Her character was showing how a mother can still be a successful at her job even though it is so very hard for someone with a child. I of coarse still miss Gidion, but I didn’t much care for Elle.

  21. are they going to bring jj back?????

  22. I really hope that this show does not get cancelled and I hope they bring A J Cook back asap.

  23. This season’s episodes are not up to the previous offerings. Last night, the team members did very little as far as profiling. The majority of time was taken up by the “unsub”, or the storyline about the young girl. Are they trying to save money by not featuring Hotch and Reid? Anyway, as someone who has become addicted to the reruns, this season is disappointing. There was a winning combination of players, and now the rhythm is gone.

  24. I have just watched JJ’s departure and thought it must be wrong so came online to check it out. Oh dear what a mistake in taking JJ out of the show. I love the show and everyone on the show but without JJ it will not be the same, why have you done this. When something works why do you have to go and stuff it up. If it aint broke don’t fix it it was perfect the way it was please please please please bring JJ back. When you really enjoy something it is so dissapointing when you jave to change it. Just remember the ‘powers that be’ are not always right. Please eat some humble pie and beg JJ to come back. She an integral part of the team we enjoy watching so much, please don’t spoil a good show
    CHeers Burnadette from Australia

    • Amen !

  25. Ok I was a big fan of the profiler, has anyone noticed cast showing up, Bailey has been on, Grace, even Jack, but no Ally Walker just thought it was cute considering it is basically the same show just different people, but I do enjoy the show as well