Creepy Little White Girls In Movies

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“Your Daughter IS The Devil”

Interview With The Vampire Kirsten Dunst Creepy Little White Girls In Movies

Another familiar creepy little white girl conceit is “your daughter (or son) is the devil/evil.” Evil, as in either sociopathic, as in The Bad Seed (or the boy version, The Good Son) – or that your child is the literal embodiment of evil.

Of course the image of a dangerously evil child is just inherently creepy. How can you fight what you cannot control, what you don’t understand and worst of all, what is yours to protect?

Sometimes the little girl is evil due to circumstances outside of her control – like being turned into one of the undead at an impressionable age. Such is the case for poor doll-like Claudia in Interview With The Vampire. The bloodthirsty little wench is easily the film’s most compelling character and arguably Kirstin Dunst’s best performance to date.

Let Me In Chloe Morentz Creepy Little White Girls In Movies

The latest little blood sucker brought to celluloid is of course Abby from the soon to be released Let Me In, the remake of the Swedish film Let The Right One In, which featured one creepy little white boy and one sexually ambiguous creepy little white… Eli. Now Abby may not be evil in the strictest sense of the word, but I won’t be running out to grab her a “#1 PLAYDATE” mug any time soon.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the weirdest (and most nonsensical) “creepy little white girl” of recent years – Ester from Orphan.

esther.orphan Creepy Little White Girls In Movies

Ester was actually a 33 year-old lunatic trapped in the body of a little girl, who as a result of her impairment, finds it necessary to dress as if it’s 1933… and kill folks. Of course the actress who played Ester (Isabelle Fuhrman) was actually a creepy little white girl playing a sociopathic dwarf… which actually makes the whole thing even creepier when you think about it. She almost did too good of a job in that role.


Creepy Little White Kid Gangs:

village of the damned Creepy Little White Girls In Movies

From time to time, the children of rural or suburban America find it necessary to gather together to terrorize and/or slaughter all of the adults in the surrounding area. It’s just one of those things.

Perhaps the two most quintessential examples of this phenomenon are Children of the Corn and Village Of The Damned (see above). If you thought the Hitler Youth weren’t scary enough – just add active parental mind control. As a nation obsessed with youth, where the toddlers so often rule the roost, this trend speaks to an understandable fear of the amount of power we give to the young.


Creepy Little Girl Meets Boy:

This combination offers a bit of creepy little romance. There is no overt mention, but some may infer that puppy love is coming Pet Cemetery-style for these boys. The “redrum” ragamuffin himself, Danny from The Shining, scored with twins his first time up to plate! That is if the “plate” is an old, rickety, vacation lodge that houses a gateway to hell.

The Grady Twins The Shining Creepy Little White Girls In Movies

The Mischa Barton character in The Sixth Sense is set nicely against Haley Joel Osment’s broody little white boy. She is of course the “little ghost girl” in need of retribution, reaching out to the living boy for help. Another “little ghost girl” haunting of an angsty little boy can be seen in Lady In White, which makes amazingly eerie use of the song “Did You Ever See A Dream Walking.”

The romantic element is far more overt in Lady In White.

Though she may not be evil herself, the creepy little girl often displays some feeling of malevolence against the creepy little boy’s preternatural sense… ah, women. Can’t live with em’, can’t kill em’ as they are previously murdered ghosts with a bone to pick.


Creepiest Little White Girl EVER:

There are plenty of qualified candidates for this honor listed here and still more that could be included. Yet the one big eyed, sweet dress wearing child that this girl considers the creepiest little white girl of all has to be Samara from The Ring.

TheRing2 e1276215301290 Creepy Little White Girls In Movies

The Ring performed a quasi bait and switch with the character of Samara. She embodies several aspects of the CLWG archetype. She (seemingly) steps out of the grave as a “creepy little ghost girl” in need of saving – and retribution against the parents who failed her. Naomi Watts plays the lioness mother saving her (seriously creepy) son, Aidan. She believes she is also meant to save little Samara from the clutches of a nefarious past – only to discover that sweet, lost Samara is in fact the embodiment of the monster in the closet that the boogeyman runs screaming from.

Samara personifies all the underlying fears that fuel the “Your Daughter IS The Devil” version of the CLWG archetype. In addition she represents one of the darkest notions the human mind can grapple with. She is inexorable, meaningless evil. She is relentless, she is without cause or reason, and the only way to stop her is to commit an act of evil yourself. This tale does not follow the traditional rules of other more moralizing horror films, and as a result it taps into what is perhaps the deepest human fear: that the world is without order or causality, that you are not protected, and that beneath the layers of self-created meaning  there is only a void that cares nothing for you or your life. Alrighty then!


Such an abundance of creepy white kids begs the question, why is the devil always and forever after whitey? As a creepy little white girl myself, I am just killing to know.

The Last Exorcism hits theaters August 27th

Case 39 and Let Me In follow a month later on October 1st

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  1. Ok, I haven’t read the article yet (I will but am pretending to work), but the title is FUNNY!

    • DrSamBeckett,

      It’s another great article from our only resident lady contributor. :)


    • LOL

    • “Stooping to a PG-13 level” – I know for a fact the rating wasn’t a consideration in how they made the film. Roth (who produced it, not directed it) gave total free reign to the director to do whatever they wanted. When you see the film, you’ll know they didn’t set out to make a PG-13 movie, they just made it, and the MPAA gave it a PG-13. It never feels like they are trying for a easier rating.

      • im not gonna see the film lol, and im well aware he didnt direct it. him being involved in a PG-13 film is beyond me, end of story:)

        • Again, the movie was intended to be rated-R but the MPAA gave it the PG-13 rating instead, you know how weird they are.

          • @Jose & John Campea

            You guys could try to apply logic for days – some people who comment on this site just get themselves into a mindset and stay there.

            I will be seeing this film.

            • The strangest thing…when I read this article, I was reminded of a PG movie called Poltergeist.

              Real strange.

        • anthony,

          I’ve seen the film (review on Friday) – it’s very effective at PG-13. They could have bumped it to R with some gratuitous nudity and f-bombs, but it wouldn’t have added anything to the story.


          • And hey… I’m a big fan of gratuitous nudity and F-Bombs… but once you see the film, you’ll understand why they just wouldn’t have fit. It would have been out of place and felt forced.

        • I still fail to see the connection (because there is none) between a movie’s rating, and it’s quality. How does cursing, blood, and boobs help a film’s story or acting? It doesn’t. Alien Ressurection had blood and cursing, and it sucked. Big time. TDK had graphic violence and themes with a PG-13 rating, and it was far superior to many R rated films.

          If you’re tired of hearing about TDK, then I have plenty examples of great PG-13 films.

          • Yup, some films benefit from, or really need to have facets that make them R, but I’ve seen films that would have been perfectly fine without those additions and could have been PG-13. I’ve also seen films that are PG-13 and would have been just fine with a PG – sometimes it seems that they introduce things into a should be PG movie just to bump it up to PG-13 so it won’t be perceived as a kids’ film.


            • You know Vic you almost never see PG anymore it’s strange. Most things are G or PG13 and PG sort of rarely gets used. It’s like they are afraid if they make it PG adults will be afraid to bring their 3 year old and adults won’t want to come alone lol.

              • In the uk you never see PG anymore.

          • I agree. I just don’t see a correlation between a films rating and it’s creative and entertainment value. The only time it’s awkward is when it’s clear that something (that for purposes of story shouldn’t be) is sanitized in pursuit of a PG 13 rating. In other words you can not do a movie about gangs and specifically NOT have them curse. It would be unrealistic. But that wasn’t the case with this film. Not at all. Everything was appropriate to the characters as established.



  2. How about the Red Queen from Resident Evil? I thought she was horrible.

    • she wasn’t creepy.

  3. Wow i will definitely see these! :D

  4. I don’t see Sarah jessica Parker mentioned for the sex in the city series/movies…….

    • You made me spit up my drink in laughter, good one.

      • HA! Now THAT”S funny!!!

    • as Scary Carrie?

    • Lmao!!!! *Sigh* good one

  5. I thought Jodie from the Amityville Horror should’ve been mentioned. haha

    • Yeah I thought about her – she is a good example of The Devil Is After Your Daughter :)



  6. Great article. I agree on The Ring. That movie made me feel very uneasy.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I really was scared by that movie.


    • Sorry, but I thought it was awful. Not scary at all.

      • No need to be sorry – different strokes for different folks. Movies are subjective – part of the fun is talking about them and seeing other peoples points of view :)

        What scares you?


  7. the ring was good,but they couldve done so much more with that idea.

    • lol…

    • Possibly due in part to seeing it at midnight on Halloween night – but man that movie scared me good.


  8. The little girl from Poltergeist always creeps me out.

    • Me too. Yeah she would have been a great illustration of the Creepy Little Savior Girl :)


  9. what about that “girl” from orphan???

    • She’s there – on page 2 and yes VERY creepy she is :D


  10. I might of not seen it on the list. But what about Wednesday Addams?

  11. Ugh Not intention in seeing any of those films they are all pretty un original copy’s of other films that sucked as well. It’s among the most unoriginal Genres there is. I get most movies are ideas spawned from other stories, but the horror genre is almost a shot by shot copy of what ever recent horror movie was a success. This article proves that. Throw in a few cheap scares where nothing happens, but there is a load noise or a cat jumping out of something add a creepy little girl and kill people off. Not to mention a bunch of girls only one survivor if they are lucky. Everyone of those things is in everyone of these types of movies. Basically all these Grude or Ring type films are the same and even when they usually try to change it up the smallest it still sucks. The films just are not good films.

    All that said loved the article. It’s so very true almost anytime I’m forced to sit through a crappy generic horror film I find my self waiting for the creepy little girl I know it’s coming. it’s a common thing that I identified long ago, but it’s nice to get a little list of sorts and have others talking about Hollywood horrors oldest most common trend. Hell as much as I love the show Supernatural they have even done it several times. Just once couldn’t we get a creepy black girl at least? Switch it up a little bit? Try to at least pretend like your trying something new.

    • daniel…look behind you man, its a creepy black girl! :)

      • Holy crap anthony don’t do that I nearly pissed my self lol

        • hahahaha

          • guys there will be blood tonight muahahahaha!

            ROTH CORNET
            Oh yeah must have missed her lol!

            • not mine sucka

  12. Ah, but no mention of little dead girls in red parkas?

    Don’t Look Now….

  13. I’m failing to understand why movie ratings and budget costs and things other than the pure attraction make people not wanna see a film. If i wanna see a movie i wanna see a movie regardless of the minor details.

    • Same here.

  14. I knew she wouldn’t be on here, but the little girl from the beginning of Dawn of the Dead scared the heck out of me the first time I saw it. And if you have ever seen The 40-Year Old Virgin, a hilarious scene spawned off of that girls scene.

    I actually think Zombie/Vampire kids (small parts) in horror should have been represented in this. Could have included the 30 Days of Night girl too.

    • Mmm, that does make sense – creepy little zombie girls. And yes the girl from the begining of Dawn of the Dead was really scary.
      There is are a couple vampire girl mentions on the second page.

      Good thoughts.



      • Yeah, I thought about that after I posted. But, I am more talking about girls that weren’t the main stars in the movie. Like the little girl from 30 Days of Night (I love watching my mom jump everytime that scene comes up!).

  15. Roth, you forgot to mention one creepy white girl movie coming out. That justin beibher 3D movie lol!

    • That made me laugh out loud! He/she/it is a vile creature that should be anihilated at all costs.

    • that is so not funny i bet he is a better man then you are…………

  16. SULLY

    OMG,LMAO,ROFL thats so funny :D !!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. This made me both chuckle (creepy little white girl) and gave me chills as I remembered scenes from some of the films mentioned (and not mentioned).

    As for movie ratings — don’t even get me started. I think the entire system (in the US anyway) makes no sense. I think violence is more of a reason than curse words or nudity for a more mature rating in many cases. And why an innocent scene w/ mere sexual innuendo that involves people of the same sex rates an R when I’ve seen more graphic/explicit scenes that are heterosexual at a PG-13 has never made sense to me.

    Next tangent — I have since seen the trailer and MIGHT go see Let Me In. I really liked Let the Right One In and I really don’t get the whole remaking a movie (especially one that just came out) — see also Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (etc…) as I hear they are remaking that as well.
    It’s not even always a matter of people being reluctant to seeing foreign/subtitled films. What was with Death at a Funeral??? Explain that one to me???

    • @”innuendo that involves people of the same sex rates an R when I’ve seen more graphic/explicit scenes that are heterosexual at a PG-13 has never made sense to me.”

      That’s b/c like most people, the MPAA thinks it’s “wrong” to be homosexual. It’s ridiculous.

    • Hey Dana,

      Thanks! :) I really agree on the ratings system. I said this in an earlier reply as well – so sorry if I am getting repetitive :) But I do not see the correlation between a movies artistic merits and it’s MPAA rating. I also – absolutely agree that violence is more of a reason for a higher rating than nudity. Peoples response to nudity is always so surprising to me. It’s just a body for goodness sake! We all have them. It makes me sad that ppl make it something wrong. That’s what creates some of the more negative images of bodies and sex. All that shaming creates conditions for crude or demeaning interpretations of sex – which we do see far too much of I think. I think there would be a lot less of that is we were all a lot more natural and comfortable in our own skin.

      I would rather my child see (a positive) image of human sexuality than a ton of violence as if that is okay somehow. I think that’s what makes ppl so apathetic when it comes to real violence in the world. Makes me very sad. Okay *off soapbox* we are in agreement.

      As to Let Me In, I am really keeping an open mind. I liked Let The Right One In as well. But think this may be a decent remake.

      Many Thanks!


  18. Ha! This article is great! I hope the sequel of creepy little boys (The Omen, Pet Semetary, Child’s Play, El Orfanato) is coming soon.

    • Thank you :D! Hmmm, will have to start working on that ;)!



  19. How about “Juno”s Ellen Page being the “Creepy Little White Girl” with a brain in “Hard Candy” That’s a losing battle

    • LOVE Hard Candy – favorite femme vigilante movie!



  20. Holy crap, yeah, horror movie kids are the freakiest!
    I don’t know what it is, but the silent, staring one’s are the worst (or the best!)!!!
    Soooo unnerving!

    • Totally agreed!Silence speaks volumes! It’s what your own mind can fill in that is really so creepy!

  21. Is that picture of Samara not from The Ring remake? She is far scarier in the original, in the US version she just looks like a zombie, her big black eyes in the original creep me out.

    • DrSamBeckett,

      Yeah, I tend to agree – the original Asian version of the film FREAKED me out. I believe the focus here was US films, though.


  22. I would like to add the “creepy little Japanese boy” of Ju-on (The Grudge)
    Also the “creepy little white boy” from Sleep Away Camp Series.
    And what about the creepy little blonde boy from the soap opera Dark Shadows. And then there is the creepy little white girl from Harry Potter Moaning Myrtle. just thought I’d add a few.

    • All great ones!



  23. samara is the creepiest girl ever.