Craig Ferguson in Talks for New Talk Show

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craig ferguson Craig Ferguson in Talks for New Talk Show

At the end of July, Craig Ferguson told Larry King that he would be willing to do another talk show, but “not right away”. Today, just three and a half months after announcing that he would walk away from his job as the host of CBS’ The Late Late Show after nearly a decade before the end of this year, Craig Ferguson is reportedly in talks to host a new show that will be filmed on his current set. A show that may have a similar tone to the one that he is leaving behind.

It may sound as if Ferguson, who also hosts a new edition of The Celebrity Name Game, a syndicated game show that is already filming, is essentially porting over a large part of his existing operation. However, there are actually many differences between The Late Late Show and what this new show could be. For example, according to Variety, Ferguson’s new show will be syndicated through Tribune Media in 42 markets starting in the fall of 2015; if the deal is consummated, it will air at either 7 PM or 7:30 as a half hour comedy/talk show hybrid. That is to say, a new kind of show for a comic talent that has made a name for himself by gleefully snubbing his nose at late night conventions.

“New” isn’t exactly correct, though. Syndicated talk shows are a staple, but usually they air during the daytime. Ellen DeGeneres has made a late night-esque talk show work, but that show is a bit more sunny than anything that the occasionally bemused, often silly and laid back Ferguson could likely pull off.

Is it possible that another late night show could have been discussed? I suppose that anything is possible, but would that have been enough of a change from Ferguson’s current and soon-to-be former job? Besides that, would it have made sense for Tribune to go back into the extremely competitive late night field after the failed Arsenio Hall experiment earlier this year (especially with a talent that has failed to be a strong performer in the ratings on CBS)? In some ways, going into syndicated late night with Ferguson (a beloved host with a small but dedicated following) would have been similar to what they just did with Arsenio (a beloved host with a small but dedicated following). Ferguson’s track record would be more recent, but there would also be less curiosity and nostalgic magnetism.

craig ferguson leaving cbs secretariat Craig Ferguson in Talks for New Talk Show

With all of that said, the 7 PM hour makes sense, even though a syndicated show with a late night slant has already failed in these fields before – see former Late Late Show host Craig Kilborn’s The Kilborn File, which had an unsuccessful 6 week trial run in 2010. What makes that Late Late Show Craig different than this one? To my mind, it’s all about the personality. With all due respect to Kilborn (who I actually didn’t mind on The Daily Show and The Late Late Show), his smug routine has always been an acquired taste, and more earnest hosts like Jon Stewart and Ferguson have succeeded where he had previously failed.

Ferguson’s comedy can also seem like an acquired taste. He’s a bit weird and wild, but he’s also one of the best interviewers on television (because of that unpredictability and his lack of formality) and he can be heart crackingly real at other times – while talking about the world around us – all while still finding a way to make people laugh. Moreover, he’s original and genuine; he’s someone that people can trust to be straight with them; and he is a little rebellious and un-phony. There’s a reason why his acolytes have viewed his exit from late night as a fierce body blow to a form that sprung an originality leak sometime ago.

A 7PM version of that host? If it actually happens, that’s good news. Because while TV’s conventions – the 6:30 network nightly news and the 11:30 talk show – remain stuck in place, Ferguson’s natural style could seem, to some, as if it is borrowing a bit from both (or the spirit of what both used to consistently provide, namely trustworthiness and spontaneous “Did you see that!?” moments) to create a really interesting television show. A show that people can laugh at while they eat dinner and recover from the deluge of rules, seriousness and phoniness that fills the average day. Also, this could mean one less out of work robot.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson airs Monday through Friday @12:35AM on CBS

Source: VarietyLarry King Now

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  1. Oh please let this HAPPEN! I adore Craig’s show and his irreverent sense of humor. Craig does some of the best sketches and he really knows how to get the best out of his guests. Craig leaving the LLS was a sad bit of news to me, but if this actually happens it will be a highlight of my year!

  2. Why do they keep replaceing talk show hosts with still on the air talk show hosts? Why cant they hire some one who does not host a talk show. I dont mean a nobody… I mean some one who doesn’t have a talk show.

  3. Being a night owl I record Ferguson and Fallon to skip thru later, and flip between Letterman live and Kimmel live, then watch Meyers live. Now SETH is a real acquired taste too but his humor is relevant and never dirty like Ferguson. Meyers is unpredictable, unlike Ferguson who does the same schick every night…the German accent, the phone, dirty double entendre, boner jokes with Jeff, the analyst with the pipe, wearing full length sock tights, hogging the guests time etc.

    IMHO an early evening Ferguson show wouldn’t work because he has to be the center of attention over his guests.

  4. A 7 PM gig for Ferguson ?

    I’m happy that he got a new gig. But a 7 PM show means he’ll have to toned own his language a bit. There are certain things he can getaway with Late Late Show.

    • A lot of stars don’t want the grind of hosting a talk show 300 days a year. Actors and performers are used to a more open schedule allowing them time to work numerous projects throughout the year. Agreeing to do a Talk Show this frequently is usually a sign that they are willing to put their career on hold and do nothing else.

      SEE: Drew Carrey on Price is Right

  5. 7 pm? bah.
    He would work for a really late late show.
    I mean… you know…the kind of show featuring games with hot guests or something?… anyone? does that even exist in the US?

    • You mean like Fallon?

  6. If you haven’t read ‘American On Purpose’, do it now. Fantastic book.

    Craig Ferguson was given the job of late night talk show host in part because he actually listened to his guests, had real conversations – and does to this day. Letterman, Leno, and even Conan have the whole guest bit scripted, there’s seldom a real conversation or spontaneity.
    What would be perfect for Craig, is a light live news talk variety show. Celebrities, experts, people behind the scenes, political ánd tabloid topics, with, of course, a gay robot skeleton in the room. He’ll be able to tackle heavy news items, turn them on their heads, spin it around, and use comedy to make a thing like what’s happening in Ukraine a little easier to digest. Or he could choose to have a serious talk about it, more Bill Maher-style. Craig has a huge range, he can take on anything, I believe, and make something funny or special or thought provoking from anything.

    Live would mean however he can’t *crocket* curse anymore…

  7. He was supposed to replace Letterman, but they ended up giving it to colbert. I love Colbert, but I also would rather have him stay on his show, which seems to work for him. But, Ferguson would have been more an qualified to replace him.

  8. Craig only decided to leave the show because he was passed over for Lettermans show which Letterman promised to him. Letterman let the network talk him out of honoring the deal which was no surprise if you know anything about Letterman. Ferguson is the only late night show I watch anymore because its a different type of show, more like Johnny Carson was and not a totally scripted politically correct way to promote what ever the guest is doing.

  9. Im thrilled to hear Craig Ferguson is starting a new talk show! Woo! Woo! He is the best talk show host on Tv. Ill watch his show everyday now! Love the new time frame.

  10. I am so happy to hear he will be coming back. I have been watching him since 2005. got very depressed when he went off. Will watch anytime he is on. he is the best. The rest cant hold a candle to him. just made my year. I hope it happens.


    • Ferguson’s humor is so sophomoric – the kind you might hear in a boy’s locker room at a Jr. high school. I believe he was run out of Glascow. This from a Scottish reader

  12. I loved loved loved Craig Ferguson’s late late show. His show was “not like any other late nite show” and it was great! He is naturally funny and so talented he can do anything. I also loved Geoff the skeleton and the horse they were amazing! His late show was the only one I watched and I cannot even watch the others. I did just watch James Corden last night for his opening show and I liked him but still miss Craig :( I hope he will have another show I will be watching!