‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Spoilers Discussion

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Cowboys and Aliens Spoilers Cowboys & Aliens Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already chatting away  in the comments section of our Cowboys & Aliens review, this is the place where you can discuss SPOILERS about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Below you can rate Cowboys and Aliens for yourself. After that, feel free to Discuss away!

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  1. Just got done seeing “C&A” at the midnight showing. I really enjoyed it, although 2 things.
    1. It felt like there were too many times a goodguy would help another in killing an alien, then look at each other and do a nod. It was sorta lame.
    2. I don’t care if she was an alien who took the form of a human, no human… And I repeat… NO HUMAN looked that good back in the day. It was genetically impossible!!!

    • Is Oliva Wilde an alien?

      • Sorta yeah, but don’t worry! You find out sorta fast in the movie! And hey! This was a spoiler discussion! Sorry guys haha

      • sort of she gets killed and her body is thrown into fire then she comes back fine that’s when u find out shes alien

    • But if she isn’t human, and I haven’t seen the film yet, does human genetics mean anything? She can make up any body she wants? Or did they use a human body?

      • She’s a different type of alien that the ones attacking Earth.

  2. Awww crap! I knew I shouldn’t of read this spoiler thead!

    • “Thread”

    • Don’t worry, it’s still a pretty good movie! and you find out about her sorta quickly in the movie.

  3. Gold??!! That’s what they were here for, gold??!! I enjoyed the movie but that’s a lame plot. Also, did Wilde’s character also come in some ship or has she been on earth for a long time before the aliens came? She said the aliens took her people but was she talking about her people from another planet or her people from a village on earth? That part was a little confusing to me.

    • Obviously she came in a ship but how long had she been on earth was my main point.

    • I had the same reaction. The line about “Like, what are they going to buy with it” was the best part of that bit of silliness.

  4. I thought the movie was great (although Spielberg’s ET like hands and Super 8 like alien who captures people who are later saved is getting a little old) but I can’t figure out what an ICE WAGON was doing at the end. In the New Mexico in the 1800′s it is not likely that you could make a living selling ice. They didn’t have ice making machines and even in the winter would be hard pressed to find enough ice to store for the summer and bringing it in by wagon couldn’t possibly be cost effective. At least they didn’t have ice cubes in their drinks.

    • Hmm, I will guess you did’nt take a chem class, or even history. Ice WAS used back then. If you took GIANT ice cubes from the north and pipe it down by train due to its specific heat index, it will last a very long time. We have all seen it! The snow man created at below freezing takes a week to melt no matter how hot it gets. I would recommend checking out the modern marvels episode about ice. Ice has an interesting history as used by man. But this has nothing to do with the film other then to indicate the town was growing and doing so well.

      • yes but the trian was not built yet so the ice could not be brought in.

        • Exactly.

  5. I was really excitied for the movie, but after I saw it I was kinda disappionted. I felt that the plot and ending could have been way better. Combining cowboys and aliens is a tricky thing, but in this age of movies anything is possible. Alot of things in the movie were left unexplained like why they needed gold, and olivia wilde’s character was awkward to me. I am a die hard movie goer and behind pirtates 4, transformers 3, this is the third let down of summer movies.

  6. I went in with low expectations and actually found a good deal of entertainment. What makes my heart ache is that it COULD have been really VERY good! Character development too thin. Aliens stupid looking (possibly rejects from other movies?) Good actors that didn’t get enough screen time (esp. Sam Rockwell). Yet, it all was worth it to see sweaty Daniel Craig in tight pants and chaps. Oh, baby!

  7. The acting is decent, the effects are pretty good and jon Favreau does a good as director. The problem is that the writting is a mess. Let’s start from the beginning. Daniel Craig wakes up in the desert without any memory. Why is it that he can’t remember anything for almost the entire movie but everyone else who gets rescued from the ship can remember immediately? We know he escaped from the alien ship in the very beginning of the story but why didn’t the aliens try to get him back? It’s not like they didn’t know he escaped. How is it that he got so far barefoot in the desert? It takes them quite a while to get to the aliens ship on horseback. How is he able to use the bracelet? It’s not like the thing comes with instructions and a 1900 century man would not be capable of understanding it’s workings. The girl knows how the bracelet works so why doesn’t she tell him to remove it so that she can actually use it properlly? How did the girl get to our planet? If she came by ship than where is it? Why is she in that town and how long has she been there? It’s never said but it’s kind of implied that she’s been there long enough for townfolks to be familiar with her and for her to have a job. Why is there a river boat upside down somewhere along the way? The characters mention that there isn’t a body of water large enough for that kind of boat for 500 milles so why would the aliens capture the boat to then drop it far from their ship? It’s not like they needed the boat since their ships capture only people. The method by which we discover that Ella is an alien makes absolutely no sense. She had to die to then be thrown in fire so that she could rise like the pheonix. What if they had buried her? I guess no coming back from the dead. If she’s going to comeback from the dead then why does she have to die again at the end? I could go on but frankly what’s the point. I read that there were 12 writers not including the author responsible for this mess.

  8. Come on guys! Why is gold a problem for you? It’s rare to the aliens (stated in the film) making it very valuable. On top of that, gold is possibly the best metal to use in electronics, far better that copper. Given that the aliens obviously depend on advanced technology, they probably need a lot of gold for it.

    • You’re right.
      Just like “Avatar”, the aliens are doing the same thing as the humans on Pandorra. If it’s very rare on their planet, they need to get it from somewhere else. And let’s face it, once there’s not oil, coal, gas, etc. left on earth, and technology didn’t develop fast enough, we will try to do the same thing^^

  9. The movie is fantastic, great special effects, excellent action, good plot line, suspenseful, and the acting is very good [for an action movie], but dysfunctional critics won’t like it, because the different opposing factions joined together instead of the usual divisional angry Hollywood movies. Critics like bad movies with a lot of sleepy time useless drama, with in fighting between supposed allies. An excellent movie would be to much for a critic to handle!

  10. Late to the party, but I just saw this movie. Not terrible, but could have been better.

    In my opinion the ending should have been different. The girl should have stolen the ship and taken off into the sunset. That’s right. All you piddly humans got played so one alien could rob the gold from some other aliens. Maybe at the very end some other characters are revealed to be aliens and they take off with her. Although her being alone would work pretty good too – she was waiting for an opportunity for the humans to be of use, and Jake escaping with a bracelet was just that opportunity.

    It’s a Western. What happens in Westerns? Heists. The whole movie is a set up for one alien to heist the other aliens. Maybe in the epilogue reveal that the gold in the area was played out. The “bad” aliens had already taken most of it.

  11. I hate to bring up a past conversation, but the ICE WAGON thing still confuses me. I understand that it would be possible for them to have ice due to train, however at the end they were still in the planning stages of having one. No train existed in that town at any point in the movie. So why would an ice wagon be there? Maybe it was a mess up, but id like to know.

  12. Patrick nailed this movie…everyone talking about ice or gold needs to read Patrick’s post and realize ice and gold were the tip of the “ice”berg. Good concept,but it had waay too many holes and bookends not wrapped up.
    And am I the only one who wanted Jake to be an alien and the girl in the beginning with him to be the girl at the end? There’s so many clues that that’s where this was heading…it would explain why he can use it, why she’s so weird around him, why his memory is effected more than others, why he stole the gold in the beginning…I could go on…
    Anyways, still liked it…

    • I guess I’m not the only one that was really disapointed with this movie since it died at the box office. They only made 174 millions and the production budget was 163 millions. Then you have to add advertising and promotional cost which must be at least 20+ millions. Now normally a studio can hope to make a profit with dvd sales but I don’t think they’ll make their money back this time.