‘Cowboys & Aliens’ vs. ‘Attack the Block’: Invasion Movie Showdown

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Cowboys Aliens Attack The Block Aliens Cowboys & Aliens vs. Attack the Block: Invasion Movie Showdown

There is no doubt that Cowboys & Aliens is a blockbuster movie made by some of the best minds in the business. Top-grade CGI visual effects by Industrial Light & Magic; practical old west set pieces, costumes and props; epic action sequences and stunts; unique cinematography and a shooting style that both honors and melds western and sci-fi films - C&A was crafted on a scale that few other movies can hope to match. Of course, while the craftmanship is pristine, the creative choices (alien design, their technology) aren’t above criticism. For all the secrecy surrounding aspects of this film, the big reveals aren’t all that enjoyable or effective.

Attack the Block plays like a film made in the 1980s, visually speaking. With the constriction of a much smaller budget, Joe Cornish and Co. had to get creative – and creative they got. The aliens in the film look like…well, hokey-looking creatures, but their “shadow skin, neon fang” design (see pic above) is effective in its mystery, simplicity and menace. The creatures in AtB come off as being scary things, and that’s pretty much as far as it needs to go. As for the action: there isn’t a lot to dazzle the eye (at all), but the low-budget stunts and sequences Cornish and Co. cobble together excel in the departments of effectiveness and creativity. The dated feel of the effects also give the film a sense of nostalgia which works with the subject matter. Gremlins, Killer Clowns From Outer Space, and Tremors all came to mind as I was watching this flick – which only made the experience more enjoyable.

VERDICT: Again this depends entirely on taste. Some people only go to alien invasion flicks in order to turn off their brains and check out some sweet eye candy. Attack the Block is not for them. Other people aren’t yet enrolled at the Michael Bay school of filmmaking, and like their action to be grounded in logic, relevance and meaning to the story. Those types will likely find Cowboys & Aliens to be yet another boring and arbitrary assault on the senses. But in terms of pure craftsmanship, it’s definitely Cowboys & Aliens who takes the prize.



Cowboys Aliens Attack the Block discussion Cowboys & Aliens vs. Attack the Block: Invasion Movie Showdown

Cowboys & Aliens tells its story with a straight face; director Jon Favreau said all along that his goal was to create a legitimate western movie, a legitimate sci-fi movie, and then mash them together. The result (by our account, and many others) is a movie whose parts would functionally equally well on their own, but don’t quite achieve the necessary cohesion when put together. The fact that both the sci-fi and western elements are taken seriously means that there is little room to enjoy the movie in that tongue-and-cheek manner suggested by the title. From the direction, to the performances, to the story beats, this movie hinges on the audience not busting into laughter over the ridiculousness of the premise.

On the other hand, Attack the Block has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. Joe Cornish made a sci-fi movie that has traces of different genres in its DNA (horror, comedy, urban drama), and while this film also asks that you buy into what is ostensibly a ridiculous notion, it doesn’t not care at all if you lose it and bust out laughing at the lunacy taking place. In fact, it encourages that reaction at every turn. This film knows how ridiculous it is (and alot of other invasion flicks are), and makes sure to poke fun at that fact over and over again – a poking you’ll feel right in your funnybone (the metaphorical one, not the literal one… ).

VERDICT: Even if you can’t get behind the idea of aliens invading weird places, Attack the Block will at least make you laugh out loud with it, as opposed to just at it.



One film has one director primarily in charge of creating the vision of  a small, cohesive, enjoyable movie experience; the other has a director in charge of a small army of people all tasked with crafting their own pieces of a massive puzzle that is ultimately supposed to fit together as an epic blockbuster. One is light-hearted independent storytelling, the other has shades of serious Hollywood big-business scribbled all over it. Sure, both Joe Cornish and Jon Favreau are great directors with their own style, wit, and palpable affection for movie-making. But it’s not just about the qualities of the director – it’s about how those qualities are put to use (or not). In this case, only one director really had his personal signature working in full effect to distinguish his film.

VERDICT: The only thing that’s still surprising is that it’s still surprising to some people that one of these projects would turn out better than the other. Joe Cornish takes the prize here. Let’s just hope that the new opportunities sure to come his way don’t get him tangled up in the Hollywood machine like Favreau seems to be right now.

And the winner is…







 Cowboys & Aliens vs. Attack the Block: Invasion Movie Showdown

For me it’s Attack the Block all the way. It was just a better overall movie experience, in my opinion. While Cowboys & Aliens definitely offered much more in terms of a blockbuster experience, what it did right in that department wasn’t even as good as other blockbusters we’ve seen this summer (Transformers 3 is still king in that regard). Take away effects-driven spectacle and AtB quickly stands out as the better movie – funnier, more interesting, fresher and definitely hipper. It’s also more likely to live-on as a bonafide cult-classic; somehow, I don’t see the word “classic” ever being applied to Cowboys & Aliens, for any reason.

Which one was your favorite alien invasion flick? Or was it another invasion film in this year of the alien?

Attack the Block is currently playing in limited release.

Cowboys & Aliens is currently playing in theaters everywhere.

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  1. cowboys and aliens is wayyy better

    • What did you think of Attack the Block? If it wasn’t as good, was it still a good movie?

    • how the hell Attack The Block is not good aswell. i seen Attack The Block here in the UK and its a good movie.

      • I’m interested to know as i’m rooting for Attack the Block to be really good. I just want it to succeed as Shaun of the Dead did. I’d love some of Joe Cornish’s genius to rub off on hollywood.

        • the movie is very entertaining. the problem i feel the US audience might have is our British slang and them kids. them kids u start of not liking them at first but after they show what type of family life they have u start to like them i.e. one of the kids is actually a mummy boy LOL.

          also the aliens in the movie is actually so different its actually good. the glowing teeth works great in the movie cause the setting in the movie is at night.

  2. I wanted to see AtB. Sadly no theater in my area was playing it. Even looked in two other cities around mine and still none. Limited releases suck when you really want to watch the film.

  3. I saw both this weekend and enjoyed both but thought Attack the Block was the better of the two imo. Even though C&A had veteran actors I just felt the A.T.B. had more developed characters. I also thought it was tighter as an overall movie than C&A. Maybe that goes back to the whole “too many cooks in the kitchen” point you made.

  4. the truth is Attack the Block has a cult classic sci-fi horror style that can live on forever

    Cowboys and Aliens is just a big budget Hollywood movie that can come and go right way.

  5. I think “Cowboys & Aliens” would have been better, if they only have filmed it in a more tongue-and-cheek manner.

  6. Attack the Block was better; it had the hungry energy of a young director and an underground hit. It had better flow, was fresher. That said, by the end credits I could only roll my eyes due to the same plot holes we always see (the aliens are stupid and loud, no wait, they’re sly and highly intelligent). In this case, they follow female pheromones – except when they just kill anybody. They’re fast except when they’re slow. They are after mating except when they just want to eat a human. They can break down doors/walls of any strength but can’t get into a dumpster with a plastic lid. They’re impervious to bullets some of the time. They have mastered space travel but can’t operate elevators. They’re all after the one female except for the one who;d rather spend hours in front of a dumpster. They can track and follow any human except when Sam escapes the weed room and then they just ignore her. ETC. There were a couple plot holes with the humans as well.

    • @Jensen

      In order of your complaints:

      1) “The aliens are stupid and loud/quiet and intelligent” I didn’t see a lot of intelligence from these guys. Though I should also point out that humans don’t exactly have a single personality either.
      2) “They follow the pheremones/except when they kill someone” As explained near the end of the film, the people they kill ALL got pheremones on them. There was a bit of a plot hole where one of them attacked the girls, since we see they get to run clear of the block unharassed not long after. Then again, that may have been a reaction to it getting covered in a bedsheet and whacked with a lamp.
      3) “They’re fast/except when they’re slow” Humans can stalk prey. Or they can sprint at them. Or they can ambush them. This isn’t really a plot hole as much as that the aliens don’t just charge blindly at people every time.
      4) “They are after mating/except where they want to eat a human” They want to mate with the female. There is no female, because Moses killed it. Moses smells of female alien. Whoever touches Moses smells of female alien. Male aliens attack creatures that smell of female alien that are not female aliens.
      5) “They can break walls and doors/cannot break a plastic lid” They had a run-up for the doors (I don’t remember the wall part happening). The refuse bin, meanwhile, has the plastic lid above it. The creature couldn’t have rammed it open just by jumping up and down.
      6) Sometimes humans don’t die of bullet wounds, either.
      7) They haven’t mastered space travel. They arrived on Earth in spores, not spacecraft. Something might have put them in space, but it wasn’t them.
      8) Again, pheremones. The guy in the refuse bin smelled of female alien.
      9) Sam escapes the weed room because they -can’t- track and follow humans unless they have female alien pheremones on them.

      So in conclusion, most of those ‘plot holes’ were just that you missed the part of the movie where it takes pains to spell out to you exactly what is going on. This includes an allegory to butterfly mating, and the fact that the pheremones glow blue under UV lights.

      If you read this two years after you posted, I salute you.