Today we’ve got a little collection of the latest posters for you for Let Me In (the remake of Let The Right One In) and The Book of Eli to go alongside the new G.I. Joe posters that we also put up today.

None of these posters are official one-sheets for either of the films in question so to speak as some are special artwork exclusive to Comic-Con and others are concept work for early marketing of one of the films. Check them out after the jump.

/Film got a hold of some concept posters for the upcoming remake of Let the Right One in which were apparently used to help market the film internationally. They look pretty cool for what they represent but I’m not sure the movie itself will be so well received compared to the first one (especially since it’s an instant remake).

Check them out and see what you think:

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This one reminds of the HBO series, True Blood:

Interestingly, all of these Let Me In posters emphasize that it’s brought to you by director Matt Reeves and that he’s the director of Cloverfield – however, that’s of an entirely different style than this movie and I wonder if some unknowing moviegoers will associate the queasy first-person handheld style of Cloverfield with his version of Let the Right One in?

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Next up are a pair of awesome artistic posters by artist Chris Weston which represent Comic-Con exclusive posters for The Book of Eli movie.

Here are two of the one-sheets by Chris Weston thanks to Bleeding Cool – Head over there for another one and more information on signings by the artist at Comic-Con [Click to Enlarge images]:

If you’re in San Diego next week for Comic-Con, definitely check out the Warner Bros. presentation in the infamous Hall H on Friday morning 10:15am- 12:30pm where The Book of Eli will be one of the film topics along with Where the Wild Things Are, Nightmare on Elm Street, Jonah Hex and Sherlock Holmes.

You may even see one of us Screen Ranters there!

As for the one-sheets, you may not see any of these in your local theaters as some are for comic-con exclusively and some are early concept work but they’re still something worth seeing as are both films.

The Book of Eli is directed by Albert & Allen Hughes and stars Denzel as the lead alongside a talented cast including Michael Gambon, Mila Kunis, Gary Oldman, Jennifer Beals, Tom Waits and Ray Stevenson.

The remake of Let the Right One in is directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) and may star Kodi Smit-McPhee as the lead male.

What do you think of the posters and will you be checking out these movies?

Let Me In (Let The Right One In?) is expected to open in the Fall of 2010 and The Book of Eli opens January 15, 2010.

Sources: Bleeding Cool, /Film