Blood: The Last Vampire is an upcoming horror-action film that’s a live-action adaptation of an animated film from about ten years ago. It’s about a 400 year-old half-human half-vampire who uses her samurai skills to hunt down and kill vampires, all the while knowing she needs blood, the same as they do, to survive.

Ya’ know – kinda like Blade from the female perspective…

Last week Screen Rant posted an amazing poster and very cool trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire, and today we have a batch of new images from the film to give you more of a flavor of what it will be like.

Check them out below:

blood the last vampire image1 Cool New Images From Blood: The Last Vampire

"Just standing in the rain with my sword..."

blood the last vampire image2 Cool New Images From Blood: The Last Vampire

"...And with my sledgehammer."

blood the last vampire image3 Cool New Images From Blood: The Last Vampire

Expert ninja training...

Martial arts and the '70s collide...

blood the last vampire image5 Cool New Images From Blood: The Last Vampire


For a lot more Blood: The Last Vampire images you can click the FilmSchoolRejects and LiveJournal links at the end of this article.

Apart from the fact that this seems like a movie more suited to being in the Japanese language (it’s in English with an Asian actress – think Memoirs of a Geisha, except… different), this looks to be one hell of a kick-ass movie. From these images above it looks like an absolute hoot – samurai swords, a sledgehammer, afro vampires and what looks like a relative of one of the Orcs from Lord of the Rings… I can’t wait!

I just hope this one lives up to the promise and potential of the poster, the trailer and these images. It could very well be a case of brilliant and deceptive advertising, with it ending up not being very thrilling or exciting as I am hoping and expecting it will be. For once can’t the movie be just as good as they make it out to be?

What do you make of these latest images for Blood: The Last Vampire? Are you looking forward to the movie?

Blood: The Last Vampire is scheduled for a UK release on June 19th, and a US release sometime in July this year.

Sources: FilmSchoolRejects and LiveJournal (user: SUPALOOPA)