First Official Image of Matt Ryan in ‘Constantine’ Costume

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Matt Ryan as Constantine 570x294 First Official Image of Matt Ryan in Constantine Costume

Whereas live-action TV adaptations of comic books were once both rare and mostly unsuccessful – for every Incredible Hulk and Smallville, there was Generation X, Birds of Prey, Justice League of America, and Blade – now the genre is easily one of the most popular.

Obviously there’s Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which are both currently on the air, but there are also a number of adaptations in development: The Flash, Gotham, iZombie, Hourman, Preacher, The Defenders, and Constantine, among others.

Speaking of Constantine, news has recently been ramping up for the upcoming NBC pilot. Last week, writer/producer David S. Goyer talked about what we can expect from the show, and a couple weeks before that, Matt Ryan (the voice of Assassin’s Creed 4 protagonist Edward Kenway) was cast as John Constantine himself.

And now we have the first official image of Ryan in full Constantine costume. Check it out below:


CONSTANTINE First Official Image 570x855 First Official Image of Matt Ryan in Constantine Costume

It’s pretty safe to say that Ryan looks like the spitting image – or about as close as anyone can reasonably expect – of his comic book counterpart. He has the hair (blondish), the trenchcoat, the five o’clock shadow, and the inability to tighten his tie or button up his collar. What more can you ask for?

In the image, Constantine also seems to be literally smoking. David Goyer recently indicated that the character’s signature cigarette habit (which eventually caused him to contract lung cancer in the comics) was “tricky” for network television and that they were “negotiating” its inclusion. Could this be a hint that Goyer and company won? Or is just a meaningless Photoshop effect?

Here’s the official description of the show:

‘Constantine’ follows enigmatic and irreverent Liverpool con-man-turned-occult-detective John Constantine, who is reluctantly thrust into the role of defending our world against dark forces from beyond.

Alas, there’s still a ways to go before we can begin to seriously look forward to Constantine being a part of NBC’s 2014/2015 lineup. It may seem like a sure thing at this point – after all, David Goyer is producing and Neil Marshall (Game of ThronesDescent) is directing the first episode – but many supposed sure-thing pilots have been sent packing before (e.g., the Beverly Hills Cop reboot/sequel series).

If the show does get picked up, we can expect Constantine to go up against the villainous Papa Midnite – a Voodoo priest, crime boss, and all around bad guy – throughout the first season, per a recent report.  Does that sound good to you, Constantine fans? How do you feel about Matt Ryan as John Constantine? Drop us a line in the comments.


Constantine is expected to air in Fall 2014 on NBC.

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  1. I’m suffering from an overdose of hype. I think I need to lie down.

    • Well let me know when you’re done because I think I need to lie down too.

      He looks like him, he’s a Scouser in the show instead of being Cockney or American like I worried about and he might still have his smoking habit.


      • Maybe I’m just seeing things, but that sort of looks like the shape of a cigarette in his left hand.

        • John Constantine without his ciggies is not John Constantine.
          But yeah he looks the part has the accent so fingers crossed.

  2. I’m looking forward to this show getting picked up. As for the picture, it looks like someone’s first attempt at photoshop.

  3. They should allow the smoking. It’s integral to the character. If they’re scared that it’ll be sending the wrong message then subtlely send the right one. I’m an occasional smoker, but I make sure and let the kids know it’s something they shouldn’t do.

    • I wouldn’t think it would be a problem anyway, since the “Hey, I’ve got lung cancer” thing is always kind of out there in the open.

    • Yeah it wouldn’t be that difficult to send the message that smoking is bad and it could add to the story.they did it in Dangerous habits where he found out he had lung cancer and wanted to do anything to be cured.He was cured by tricking some demons but he continues to smoke because thats just him.

    • yeah,the smoking is part of the character and whats makes him out !
      They need to keep it !

  4. I’m more intrigued by the fact he might have a scouse accent.

    Good luck dissecting that one Americans!

  5. Kids probably shouldn’t be watching this show anyways. Let him smoke!

  6. This could be bigger than Alternative Music.

  7. No smoking no sex, no real violence! Why not just write some generic s*** character and make that in to a show, and leave good solid respected stuff like const alone.
    So the shows American, const is from liverpool and that guy is welsh, accent will be generic American. Has to be, Americas world view is so narrow, they can’t even understand another accent

    • You mad bro?

    • …..I can understand other accents but if its everyday British english I need subtitles, Roight! :-)

      • “British English” as you described is the kind of accent Emma Watson has. That “BBC voice” that anyone who wanted to be in TV, radio or film adopted because there was a bias against regional accents back then. It’s the most easily understandable accent we have and never says “roight” or whatever.

        I believe some in England know it as “the Queen’s English”.

        • It’s the Cockney accent that we in America can’t understand.

          • Thing is, I discovered recently that the Australian and Kiwi accent is pretty much exactly the same as the Cockney accent in a lot of ways so if you can understand a typical Australian, you can understand a typical Cockney too.

            • NZ has a few regional accents itself. Influenced by ethinicity a bit, South Islanders (especially those south of Christchurch) will pronounce a much harder ‘R’ sound than those up north. I don’t think I know exactly what a cockney accent is like, but if it can be described as ‘lazy’ then you’re probably right to compare it to NZ and Aus accents.

              Source: I’m a Kiwi. Puss me tha sauce faw ma fush n chups, bru.

      • Thank you for proving my point. (everyday british english, roight)

    • Actually he’ll have a British accent, not American.

      • No he won’t he will have a generic eng/tv accent that exists only on american tv

        • I can’t say I’ve ever noticed such a thing, and I watch a lot of American TV.

          • I remember Jane Leeves slowly drifted towards her own accent in the later seasons of Frasier after playing it with a Yorkshire accent to begin with but she and maybe James Purefoy as Joe Carroll are the only ones I can think of that have the kind of accent filmlover seems to be talking about.

            Then again, a lot of complaints when Agents Of SHIELD first started were leveled at Fitz and Simmons having “hard to understand accents”, which made me laugh at how ridiculous that accusation was.

            I could understand if everyone talked pikey like Brad Pitt in Snatch but that’s not the case at all so I can’t see the complaint about accents myself.

            • The accent that Jane Leeves had in Fraiser was from Manchester, not Yorkshire. Just saying.

    • Yeah. We get it. You’re butthurt.

  8. Dude looks perfect. I’m so excited (and I possibly can not hide it) for this show. I’m also pretty glad that it is not on FOX which gives it a better chance at survival.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but NBC cancels more shows than fox by a margin of like 4 to 1.

      • Thats what has me worried the ratings could be low considering that only us comic book fans know who he is.

        • Indeed. That is why I don’t think that both Gotham and Constantine will past season 1. Constantine is on NBC so it will get low ratings, it’ll suffer like Hannibal, but Hannibal is a rich show that can’t be put away even if NBC canceled it. So I do hope that both Gotham and Constantine be a success.

  9. Can’t wait to see this!

  10. sorry if it has already been mentioned in the comments or even in the article its self, but have they said which station it will be on? or perhaps the possible stations that are interested? if not, i would hope something like HBO would pick it up because it would be amazing on it.

    • NBC. :-)

  11. Wow he looks straight out of the comic book. I really want this show to succeed. The same for Gotham. I just want the quality of the show to look and feel like a theatrical release. I do not want this show or Gotham to feel like I am watching a television show.

  12. So I guess I’m the only one who hates it? He’s…CLEAN. He looks presentable! That isn’t John Constantine!
    Constantine is supposed to wear a battered, stained old trench coat, one that looks like it’s been through a war or two! All his clothes here look fresh off the rack, pressed, drycleaned! He looks like he’s had a shower recently!

    • Give it time. No coat can withstand the forces of Hell and the mean streets of wherever its being set without getting a little muddy here and there. Be fantastic if he started out fresh and gradually descended into a walking filth pile.

      • Hell is fine, but from the comic pic at the top, he,s on his way to glasgow, makes hell look like a walk in the park.

        • This is true.

    • The set photo looked better in that regard. This looks a little Photoshop-y. I think they threw it together ASAP because the set photo was making the rounds, so there’s a good chance he’ll look better (i.e., more rugged and haggard) in the actual episode.

  13. Definitely looking forward to this! Not too excited with Flash, so hopefully this will make a good replacement for Arrow 😀

    Just… don’t make it too soap-opera-ish please.

  14. Between this and Supernatural, one might think the Trenchcoat crossover may happen one day. So hyped about the show, though. Matt Ryan is a spitting image of John Constantine in that picture. Although, this show might benefit more if it was in HBO among their R-rated shows. Nothing too vulgar, but definitely capture the mature spirit of the comic books.

  15. Oh. My Gods. Why did I not know about this before NOW?!? I can’t wait!!!!

  16. So I don’t get there some new rule that smoking isn’t allowed on tv anymore?? I must of missed that meeting…of course showing drug use like heroin or cocaine on cop shows or on Elementery, is totally ok right???

    • Yeah, it’s a global thing to only show smoking in TV shows or movies aimed solely at adults and where children can’t see them accidentally. Major crackdown in the last decade on commercials and some movies repeated on TV in the last few years have even had the cigarettes digitally removed in some cases I’ve seen.

      It’s one of those “this is what’s good for you, we don’t trust you to not smoke if you see someone else doing it” issues which is ridiculous.

  17. Nailed it!

  18. Even Keanu’s Constantine smoke. I wished they didn’t make Papa Midnight the big bad but instead use this show to explain why are they at odds with each other.

    Glad that they kept him as a scouser. The only thing I’m disappointed at are the fact that I may not get to see Dream and Swamp Thing in this show…

  19. I’m really excited about seeing this! I loved the (2005)film ‘Constantine’ with Keanu Reeves, it introduced to me the character of John and got me into TV shows like ‘Supernatural.’ The only problem I still have with that movie is annoying actor Shia LaBeouf, (Chas Kramer) can you say a line without spitting? Anyways, with the smoking issue they could do the thing they did with Disney’s ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ show John Constantine constantly coughing, and maybe taking cough syrup with others commenting on his health like ” you should stop that nasty habit John, it’s going to Kill you one day.”

    • It would be hilarious to explore his lung cancer story arc with cough syrup being the cause.

      Then again, the BBC’s version of Sherlock Holmes replaced his heroin addiction with smoking.

      • Yes and no. He takes heroin in series three, and they alluded to his drug habit in series 1.

  20. Um… no…. the guy has a baby face. I would have preferred a more older John Constantine.

    • Ha an older actor, in the lead role of a mainstream American show, aimed at this demographic never going to happen. But maybe the new doctor will change that.

  21. Excitement.

    I drool with anticipation whilst waiting……

    Come to me Constantine. I am waiting.

    • I think you must’ve missed the part where I wrote “or about as close as anyone can reasonably expect.”

      • Why is finding an actor who looks more like Gordon Sumner unreasonable?