‘Constantine’ Pilot to be Directed by ‘Game of Thrones’ Alum Neil Marshall

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John Constantine Hellblazer Constantine Pilot to be Directed by Game of Thrones Alum Neil Marshall

Though he’s probably best known for his work on movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel, writer and producer David S. Goyer has also done a significant amount of work in television on shows including FlashForward and Blade: The Series. His latest project is also a TV show: Constantine, a series based on the “Hellblazer” comics that were published under DC’s Vertigo imprint and, more recently, the “Constantine” reboot that has been incorporated into the New 52.

The project has been in development for several months and NBC recently ordered a pilot episode, the story for which was conceived by Goyer and Daniel Cerone (The Mentalist) and scripted by Cerone. If all goes well, the show could be aired as early as fall 2014.

Constantine is now one step closer to production, according to Deadline‘s report that Neil Marshall has been chosen to direct the pilot. This news also comes with a synopsis for the show, though it’s unclear whether this was the exact wording given by the studio:

Constantine centers on John Constantine, an enigmatic and irreverent con man-turned-reluctant supernatural detective who is thrust into the role of defending us against dark forces from beyond.”

Dog Soldiers screenshot Constantine Pilot to be Directed by Game of Thrones Alum Neil Marshall

Neil Marshall made his name with horror B-movies like ‘Dog Soldiers’

Marshall seems like an ideal pick to bring to life material as laden in horror and the supernatural as the “Hellblazer” comics. The director first gained attention with his gory, tongue-in-cheek werewolf movie Dog Soldiers, then followed it up with the supremely creepy horror film The Descent, in which a group of spelunkers go exploring an uncharted cave system and are attacked by blind, mutated underground predators.

Fans who are hoping that Constantine will have the same setting as the comics should also feel heartened by the fact that a British director is handling the pilot. While a relocation to the US wouldn’t necessarily stand in the way of Constantine becoming a great show, both the character and the comics have a distinctly British flavor to them. Even though the show is produced by an American network, it could easily be set and filmed in England.

Interestingly, Marshall’s more recent experience suggests that this could be what NBC is planning. He’s recently been making the move from film into television, having directed the pilot episode for Starz’ Black Sails (read our review) and the acclaimed “Blackwater” penultimate episode from season 2 of Game of Thrones (he’s returning for season 4) – two US shows which are filmed overseas with largely British casts.

Constantine NBC TV Show 570x294 Constantine Pilot to be Directed by Game of Thrones Alum Neil Marshall

Aside from the location issue, one of the other main concerns that fans have had is whether or not NBC will allow the show to contain the same kind of mature content as the comics. Bryan Fuller’s gruesome serial killer drama Hannibal seems to set a good precedent for some of the more bloody horror elements, but portraying sex or nudity might be more of a problem.

For example, at Comic-Con last year Fuller recalled an incident where the network told him that one of the shots used – of a naked couple who had been partially flayed with the skin from their backs stretched out to form wings – was unacceptable due to the fact that the corpse’s butts were visible. As a compromise, Fuller offered to fill their buttcracks in with blood in order to make the shot less offensive. NBC said that this would be fine.

Perhaps something like this could work in Constantine as well; any time a character is in the nude they could use some entrails or a decapitated head to cover up the important bits. Like a fig leaf, except more bloody.


Constantine is expected to air on NBC in 2014/2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Good choice, I thought Dog Soldiers was decent and The Descent a good film.

    • Jeremy Irons as Alfred was unique.

      As for this story, it’s difficult to get too excited about the direction until there’s some casting decisions to consider how it all might play out.

      • Irons as Alfred….I called it on this very website ages ago so I’m just in one of those smug as hell moods right now, lol.

        As for this news, I’m excited because now it’s definitely going to happen and I’d love for a real Hellblazer adaption.

    • It could be good.

  2. Nice!

  3. I’m one of the people who didn’t know anything about Constantine until the reboot. I love the character in the New 52. I realize he was probably more edgy back in the Hellblazer days. Wonder what he will be like on this show.

  4. Where this article is next to worthless is in not putting it in context.
    The main thing is understand what a pilot ordered by NBC entails. That in itself is a almost certainly a Death sentence and comparing its potential to the extremely well done Hannibal is a case in point.

    Hannibal is not a NBC show. it is a international show in which NBC has bought the rights to show in America. And it was the very last show they begrudgingly accepted for back for a second season/and this even with most of the financing being paid by others then them.(this is why there were many articles of Amazon and others taking over the american showing of the series)

    So Terrible comparison as Hannibal actually shows how little respect NBC gives it’s serious dramas.

    And I give this a 40% chance of actually being done, which means any statement of Constantine staying British or blond is extremely premature.

    Best thing that could happen is that the pilot is done well and nbc passes and one of the respected networks HBO/FX etc pick it up and let it be what it should be.(which is Constantine)

    Common Knowledge.

    • If you go back and read the article again, you’ll find that the comparison to Hannibal was purely to point out that there is a precedent for allowing mature content (certain types, at least) in shows aired on NBC. I never claimed that Hannibal was produced by NBC.

      P.S. Try a little more civility with your next comment. Who knows, you might like it.

  5. Don’t be daft and then totally ignore that you were, while condescendingly talk about civility..

    If I do a article about a show and reference it to both Hannibal and NBC. as in your case, it was obvious you were comparing the two and we might expect that the shows both being on NBC sounds exciting because of that connection.

    I corrected that erroneous error (and it was a large one) and maybe I did so rudely(so forgive) but I am so damn sick of all these articles not only pretending that networks are doing these big series(but that because of what some pre production stage banter that the hopeful show runner or agent puts out there. we get all these articles who come across as a sure thing when it turns out that it was more just two ole agents drinking to much.

    Almost none of this pre information articles have ever been correct, remember the Millions of different “The Dark Tower” articles.

    But yes,I stated the facts of the case. you could say you were just alluding to the president that hannible is on NBC, but it is one only slightly attached to the newtork in the elast, as again NBC did not create the show, they just gave some money for american rights to air the show and they took forever while they were debating on paying for a Kardashian Babies show or to go ahead and send the little(LITTLE) cash to the over seas company and finnaly agreed that they would air the shows for the second season.

    Franky I will be glad when they do eventually cut the cord and the show from their network as I feel they don’t even deserve to have it in their programing. Let these other channels who want it not because of the big ratings it doesn’t have any, but for the critical acclaim that it has received from critics and fans everywhere.

    So call for me to be more nice)sorry) but don’t hand me that Bull as my original statement was spot on and you did insinuate that yes Hannibal was a NBC product, by your decisions to not mention that it’s not a nbc production. So you should just left that retort put up as there isn’t anything in that cup that won’t turn to piss and vinegar before the night is long

    Anyway I loved you mentioning the greatness of Hannible. But when you mention nbc with it, you have to state that the greatness of the serious has nothing at allto do with nBC(this is a rare occasion so I understand not knowing) but Hellblazer being on NBC will never be more then a what could have been, and thats if it somehow gets that farther in production.

    I’m hoping it doesnt and is picked up my others.

    • Wow, just found this.

      “If I do a article about a show and reference it to both Hannibal and NBC. as in your case, it was obvious you were comparing the two.”

      Yes, I was comparing them in terms of mature content as a gauge for what kind of content NBC will allow in Constantine. You claimed that I said NBC produced Hannibal, which was not the case, and seems to be an “erroneous error” on your part resulting from not reading the article properly.

  6. This won’t even get off the ground if the casting rumours are true. Get a new casting director who won’t employ bad actors with bad accents and maybe just maybe it will have a shot.