New ‘Constantine’ Trailer Hints at a Bigger DC Comics Universe

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When he was first introduced by writer Alan Moore (Watchmen) for the comic book Saga of Swamp Thing, Liverpudlian magician John Constantine lived in a world filled with sorcerers and superheroes. It wasn’t uncommon for Constantine to walk the streets of Metropolis or Gotham City. It was only when Constantine’s own comics title, Hellblazer, moved to DC Comics’ mature-readers imprint Vertigo that these direct connections was slowly deemphasized.

However, the contemporary John Constantine once again rubs elbows with the likes of Swamp Thing, Frankenstein, and Superman – something apparently not lost on the creators of NBC’s upcoming Constantine television series. A new teaser trailer (hosted above) shows off some intriguing hints about the larger universe the paranormal investigator lives in.

There’s plenty of new content shown in the latest trailer for Constantine, but easily the most intriguing reveal shows a certain golden helmet lifted from dust and cobwebs. DC Comics superfans will recognize the headwear as belonging to the magic superhero Doctor Fate – one of the oldest and most venerable characters in the DC canon.

The appearance of Fate’s helmet raises intriguing, somewhat head-scratching questions about the larger universe of the televised Constantine. The first looks at the series seemed to be pulling from a combination of the Keanu Reeves-starring 2005 film and the superhero-light Hellblazer. Now, we must wonder whether the NBC series will actually be more like John Constantine’s current comic iteration – fully a part of the DC Comics universe.

Constantine Doctor Fate Helmet New Constantine Trailer Hints at a Bigger DC Comics Universe

That said, this brief glimpse of a magical superhero could simply be an Easter egg for sharp-eyed viewers. Everything else about the teaser suggests the more self-contained world of Constantine’s Hellblazer years rather than his more over-the-top superheroic adventures.

Then again, this need not be the case for the entirety of the show’s run. After all, Arrow seemed determined to stay grounded and (more or less) realistic during its first season, only for superpowers and secret societies to run rampant during its second. It will be interesting to see just whether Constantine will attempt that kind of narrative arc.

Constantine stars Matt Ryan (Criminal Minds), Lucy Griffiths (True Blood), and Harold Perrineau (Sons of Anarchy). The series’ pilot episode was directed by Neil Marshall, lately of the rip-roaring “The Watchers on the Wall” episode of Game of Thrones.


Constantine will be summoned on NBC at 10/9 Central on October 24th, 2014.

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  1. DR FATE!!!!

  2. CW was really on to something by keeping the first season grounded and realistic, and then opening up the doors to sci-fi and fantasy in the second season… in a way, that’s sort of what Iron Man did for the MCU before introducing Thor and GotG

    I hope that DC will do the same thing (or similar) for Gotham and Constantine as well

  3. It’s really interesting how the existing post TDK properties (film and TV), although they don’t explicitly reference each other, don’t contradict a shared universe. It’d still be a feat and there’s some minor casting conflicts, but no property has stuck its neck out in a way that undeniably eliminates possibly connections to other properties.

    • IMO, the big one’ll be Flash. I think if Gustin carries it well and the 1st season goes down well enough for WB/DC brass to want him as Flash, that’d at least tie Arrow and Flash to the DC fiml universe.

      • Maybe. It sounds like a massive stretch, but we have official casting for Cyborg and there haven’t been any rumors for a new Flash yet? Just intriguing.

  4. I would say that Dr. Fate/Specter were necessary introductions. If Marvel is going to intro Dr. Strange in a feature film then DC would need to head in that direction. Intro the helmet in Constantine and move the character to the movies.

    The psuedo JLA film will also have to intro a space based theme as well to keep up with the Marvel GotG and possibly Inhumans movies.

  5. DC is making really good moves. They need to increase the quality of the animated DVDs writing now that they have set art teams, and adapt more lengthy stories faithfully. Like Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and 2 were a perfect example. Imagine of Flashpoint or War was 2 parts. Thats good eats.

    • Flashpoint didn’t need two parts, it was a really good movie on it’s own. Dark Knight Returns is one of the more legendary graphic novels, that’s why they divided it into two parts. Everyone wanted a taste of that adaption because people had been begging for it for years.

  6. Looks very similar to the helmet used for Dr. Fate on Smallville. The character was done very well there too.

  7. Sweet. Professor Helmet is one of my favorite Marvel characters.

  8. Trailer is sadly not playing here in China :(
    Is he smoking in the Trailer ???

  9. I’d love to hear them talking about movie events similar to Agents of Shield. Perhaps lee passer know heroes could guest star, etc. very excited for this.

  10. I would love to see the incorporation of The Endless into Constantine…I mean, if any other storyline deserves that, this would be the one.

    • Agreed.

  11. Kind of hope we can have Zatanna and Swamp Thing appear in the show, but not in this season. It’d be cool to see Swamp Thing, though I have the feeling they won’t get him to appear since they’ll go CGI on the character and it’ll probably wont look that good.

  12. There is also a seemingly brief mention of another character. “The spirit took your body for a spin” possibly Deadman? Since there is a Justice League Dark movie in development could there possibly be a crossover?

  13. Saw the trailer, and there just seemed to be this slight comedic quality to the show. I was thinking this show was going to be a very serious show but it felt a little bit campy to me. I hope I’m wrong. OH and it’s on NBC so I expect them to make just enough shows to get everyone to like it then promptly cancel the show. #%*kers!

    • indeed!! my very thoughts on it

    • Campy?

      Not really. Just the kind of sardonic British humour the Hellblazer comics have always had.

    • I didn’t find it campy at all. I do however think your right when you say they will cancel it, I almost don’t even want to start watching it because they do have a really bad habit of cancelling shows.

      • They have been smart to keep Grimm on the air and Black List is getting a second season. I have hope Constatine will survive past a first season. Pairing it with Grimm on Friday night was also a smart move imo.

        • Agreed, I love Grimm, and I think that Constantine’s best chance of prevailing is following Grimm. I may be bitter over the cancelling of Community but it did have awful viewership numbers, so as long as we watch Constantine NBC won’t cancel it. They’re not FOX in that respect.

  14. Great. I try to stay away from everything that has to do with the occult as much as possible. Now it looks like both Marvel (with Dr. Strange) and DC (with this and possibly Justice League Dark) are going to make me watch things that involve them if I want to keep up with their on-screen universes.

    • Why do you stay away from the occult?

      • I was raised in a Christian family and have been taught all my life that the demonic realm is real and very dangerous. According to what I’ve been taught, things like Ouija boards and the Harry Potter series (and my dad even mentioned Dr. Strange a few times) are ways that Satan can get a foothold in our lives.

        I’ve never been quite sure how much I believe it, but I promised myself years ago that I would never get involved with it, just in case. But now I’m starting to get in a bit of a dilemma, because I love these universes that are being built, and I want to follow them.

        • It’s all creative thinking, it’s all stuff people invent because it’s fun to think “imagine if this was real” which it’s not real. Even the bible and other religions are fictional, it’s perfectly valid stories humans have been telling each other for thousands of years, to teach life lessons and help mold and shape the respective cultures. The ancient egyptians used it as a system of government by proclaiming the king as their god.

          Ouija boards are just paper and plastic, they aren’t actually connecting with spirits. Don’t get too hung up on it or you’ll miss out on some great creative output from some great people.

        • It’s all fiction mate. Don’t get scared about it, Doctor Strange and Harry Potter are just cool stories, they don’t connect to any demonic stuff (which by the way are also fictions)

  15. I think my old eyes are the first to see and comment on the item seen behind the venerable Helmet of Fate – nothing less than the Ibis Stick (Triangular tipped Wand with an Ibis incription)of Ibis the Invincible, a great golden age hero! I hope the series does the source material justice.

  16. Me i like john constantine, and doctor fate,santana,swamp thing and many dc supernatural heroes will be in constantine tv series and also that bigger universe tv series and many dc univers movies for future dc movies.

  17. I’m sending out a search party for Goldilocks, he seriously needs to know about this Dr Fate helmet and hasn’t showed up yet.

  18. I think it is just a lame attempt at confusing audiences before Marvel’s Dr Strange movie comes out in few years’ time.
    They probably want to say ‘We did it first!’.

  19. I’m surprised that they still go with the wrong way to pronounce his name :/

    • What’s the right way then?

      As a Brit, I’ve always thought it was pronounced “Con-stan-teen”. That’s what most of us Brits say.

      • Same, also a brit and I’ve always read it and said it as ‘Con-stan/sten-teen’.

  20. Perhaps the helmet (though an Easter Egg) is supposed to represent some ancient Greek warrior’s supernatural patron

    The film wasn’t too bad, I wonder if they’ll draw from it.

  21. I was sort of on the fence about whether Constantine would be any good or not. Still not sure it will be that good, but if there is any chance, even remotely, that we might see Doctor fate at some point, I might watch it. I would love to see Dr. Fate appear, and get spun off into his own series!

  22. Sooooooo, he’s not chain-smoking, because it’s a Network-Show geared towards 13-year-olds? Why is this not going to something like Netflix or Premium-Cable?

  23. Yeah totally into this series.
    Wanna see more!
    Dr Fate can go fudge himself.
    Great that they are expanding de DCU but who REALLY cares about Dr. Fate getting on the show? It’s about the original HellBlazer!

  24. The fact that it is on NBC gives me pause because they are much more subjective about what stays than other channels like CW or TMC. I’m only cautiously hopeful and will probably Tivo it until I know for sure it is being renewed or has an ending, due to NBC’s (and indeed CBS & ABC’s) track record for new shows.

    • I live in Spain so I won’t be following it as it’s shown in the states but I’m definitely gonna watch it once it starts here. But I think it’ll do ok on NBC, I mean I doubt it’ll be much further out there than ‘Grimm’ and it should draw in comic fans and keep some of the ‘Grimm’ fans as it’s on after.
      Also, while I hate them for cancelling it, NBC did give Community 5 season when it’s rating were terrible. I’ve got faith that it’ll at least get season 1 and 2.