Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Developing ‘Console Wars’ Movie

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Console Wars Sega vs Nintendo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Developing Console Wars Movie

Last year the rivalry between Sony and Microsoft picked up even more than usual as both companies geared up for the release of their eighth generation video game consoles: the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, respectively. It was a drawn-out and (figuratively) bloody battle as the two companies poked each other from afar with sticks and gamers took to message boards to compete over who could swear the most loyalty to their favorite multi-billion dollar corporation.

Many of those who bravely fought were veterans of previous console wars, including the fierce showdown between Nintendo and Sega that dominated the 90s. This tumultuous period is the subject of Blake Harris’ upcoming book “Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo and the Battle that Defined a Generation”, which draws on hundreds of interviews to create a fleshed-out retrospective of the late 20th century gaming scene.

Sony Pictures has apparently seen some potential in the concept, as the studio has bought the rights to an adaptation of Console Wars and has brought Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (This is the End) onboard to write and direct. The duo will presumably fit this project in somewhere between their Preacher TV series, R-rated animated feature Sausage Party and upcoming comedy The Interview.

sausage party seth rogen evan goldberg 570x294 Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Developing Console Wars Movie

Though it’s only just been made official, this movie (or one like it) seems to have been in development at Sony Pictures for a while. Back in 2012 the company registered a handful of domain names using variations of Console War Movie. Harris’ book won’t be published until August this year, but it’s possible that he pitched it to Sony back when it was still a work in progress.

Translating the excitement of gaming to the rather more passive storytelling medium of film has always been a little tricky, though filmmakers keep doggedly trying to get it right. Back in 1989 Fred Savage starred in the extremely transparent feature-length Nintendo commercial The Wizard, but arguably the most successful account of competitive gaming to date is Seth Gordon’s documentary The King of Kong, in which an underdog Donkey Kong enthusiast took on the world record set by the intimidating champion of the game.

Console Wars could easily hit the nostalgic sweet spot for current audience’s, as even adults who don’t go near games any more likely remember the classic Sega Genesis and SNES games of their childhood. All Goldberg and Rogen need to do is find a way to make corporate rivalry exciting and they’ll be onto a winner.


We’ll keep you updated on Console Wars as the project develops.

Source: Sony Pictures (via Collider)

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  1. This sounds like it could be fun. The question mark for me is Seth Rogen. He is kinda of annoying.

  2. Product placement wars.

  3. Sony Pictures huh? I guess the PS1 comes and obliterates the playing field at the end of the movie.

    • well thats how it went down… before sony consoles were for kids

      • I’d sort of agree with that statement but only because I was a kid myself at the time and the only adult gamer I knew was in his late 20s and owned a SNES with Mortal Kombat and F-Zero. He’d been gaming since the early 80s and was always just amazed at the technological leaps and bounds since his days with the Commodore 64 and other early-mid 80s consoles.

  4. I liked The King Of Kong because it showed the previous champion to be like all others who take gaming seriously (he came across as the most annoying d-bag I’ve ever had the misfortune to see in a documentary, which says something considering the documentaries I’ve seen over the years).

    I just hope this project doesn’t turn into that Street Fighter documentary because that started out talking about the game’s beginnings and then morphed into a love letter to a couple of eSports players.

    For the record, I was on Nintendo’s side, not just during the NES/Master System and SNES/Genesis (or Mega Drive as it was known here) but also during the N64 vs Playstation battle too.

    • Billy Mitchell may have his issues, but I give him respect for his video game talents (A perfect game in Pac-Man, among others) and for his love of the USA. (His hot sauce is pretty good, too!) You can’t deny that he certainly is an interesting character.

      I’ve heard certain rumors about how KoK director Seth Gordon edited certain happenings in the film to tip the scales in favor of Wiebe because Gordon and Wiebe were/are friends (like when Wiebe is playing DKong publicly, and Mitchell comes in with his wife and never speaks to Wiebe) when supposedly, Mitchell and Wiebe actually had a friendly conversation at the arcade. These are just rumors, as far as I know, so I’m not sure what’s true and what’s not, but the fact remains that Wiebe definitely wasn’t given total fairness in his quest to be champion.

      • That’s the thing though, the people who play games that much to become that good, I just can’t admire them at all. Not just because they’re horrible people in general (just look at any videogame message board and see how elite and superior they consider themselves to be over the rest of the world just because they can complete a game in a short amount of time or go without any deaths in a public deathmatch) but also because I’ve always had the opinion that videogames are meant to be fun and not taken so seriously.

        I can admit that in my younger days, I was unbeatable in the original Street Fighter 2, the first three Mario Kart games and Goldeneye 007 and managed to kill time in a cinema lobby by putting 50p into an Area 51 machine and making it last through two playthroughs of the game in a row until the movie (Tomb Raider) was about to start, making me walk away after reaching that feat with zero deaths and having never played the game before.

        Having said that, I never used it to brag to anybody or feel entitled because of it like a lot of other gamers do and just use gaming as a way to kill what little spare time I have.

        I’m constantly battling against people on the Super Smash Bros boards on a certain gaming site I won’t name because they think that only people who can pull off massive damage and huge combos in that game series should be allowed to play and hate when the developers “cater to the filthy casuals who only play for fun”.

        It’d be like coming to this site and reading comments that only people who can name 50 arthouse movies nobody has ever heard of should be allowed to watch movies and everyone else should stick to TV. Probably a bad example but still, the point remains that whether it’s bad editing in that documentary or not, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitchell really was a total a-hole, having met and interacted with hundreds of people just like him over the decades I’ve been gaming.

        • I’d have destroyed you in any of the street fighters. All day every day.


          • lol

            ‘Murica indeed. (Is that the response all of us non-Americans give when making ridiculous and exaggerated statements or seeing something kinda dumb like “every household should own a gun, they’re the safest thing in the world”? Seems like it sometimes.)

            But yeah, maybe. I was godly amongst my friends and the rest of the schools I attended in the 90s but outside of that, there were people better.

            Hadn’t played Street Fighter between 1995 and 2011. The last one I did play was SF2 for the SNES, then I bought SF4 for the Xbox 360 and found myself getting demolished online within a minute. Then again, I guess if I spent all day every day putting in the time like they did, I’d be as good as them too. Too bad I have work and other real life commitments to keep me occupied.

        • I understand your point. My male students like to brag to each other about who has the best online gaming skills. They have to play to dominate and find fun only in being the king. Sad.

          Likewise, I have a local running race that I enter every year, and this one competitor, who’s been there the past few years, always beats me. He’s consistently just a few steps ahead of me at the finish, and after I cross the line, he always rubs it in that he’s beaten me. I just smile and offer my hand, congratulating him. Sure, I could let it bother me, but instead, I shrug it off. He’s the one with the ego problem who forgets that some people run just for fun. Maybe someday I’ll catch him, but if I don’t, that’s cool. He would love if I took his bait, but I never bite. And maybe someday he’ll lose the ego.

          Anyway, maybe Mitchell is like that. The movie does seem to point to that. If so, I hope he’s able to kill the conceit. And good for you for not becoming like those egotistic players. It’s sad you have to put up with them in order to enjoy online gaming.

  5. Forgot to ask, which did you have during this console war then, Hannah? Or if the answer is “both”, which system did you own the most games for?

    • I wasn’t allowed a games console when I was a kid, on account of my parents believing that they rot the brain. I’m making up for lost time now.

      • Haha nice

      • @Hannah – I had just about every console growing up: Atari 2600, Collecovision, Sega, Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and the ill-fate Atari Jaguar. The only one I couldn’t afford at the time was the NeoGeo. it didn’t fair too long at $500+ price tag back then. Cool thing about it was being able to take your saved game from home, then continue it at the arcade and vice-versa.


  6. TOO LATE. Japan already beat them to it a couple years ago!
    An anime/manga about two kingdoms, Ninterudo and Segua, battling for supremacy in the world of Consume.
    Sorry, Seth Rogen! Better luck next time!

  7. Nintendo won, by the way.

    • You know, seeing the 32X and the Mega CD, you’d think so, but then again, Nintendo inadvertently spawned the Playstation AND got screwed with cartridges while Sony kept their CD player idea and thus made tons of money with FF7 and other stuff :P It’s a whole other type of “losing”. Lucky for them, they had Pokémon and great first party games.

  8. Although the idea sounds good I just don’t know. Seth Rogen annoys me and he does the same bit/character every single movie. I hope the guy can create/direct/produce some good stuff other than comedy like a Ben Stiller. I had doubts about Stiller but I grew to like him with Tropical Thunder and then Mitty just blew me away. I hope the guy can follow that path but I just have a feeling he’s going to put his comedic spin on stuff and therefore ruin something that could have been great

  9. Scene 1: a boardroom and people discussing things in a very business like language… Scene 2-225 repeat with alternate locations in Japan.. fade to black after approximately 90 minutes… Yawn.

  10. Christian Bale should play Tom Kalinske. Plus they should remake all the old commercials referenced in the book for viral marketing.

    That’s all I really have to say, other than I’m pumped and hyped out for this film.

  11. Could be interesting if done right, Seth Rogan being involved I’m not so sure about, he’s kind of a lame duck, really annoying and not funny at all. I grew up during the console wars so a movie made about it would be fun to watch if they keep it true to how it all really happened and don’t put their Hollywood on it.