Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 21 2013

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July 21 Box Office The Conjuring Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 21 2013

The horror genre wins again this weekend, while Ryan Reynolds’ box office clout takes a serious hit.

At number 1 is The Conjuring (read our review) with $41 million. The horror genre has proven viable this year (read: The Purge, Evil DeadMama) and the trend continues with this film.

Director James Wan (SAW, Insidious) is no stranger to breakout success, but what is most impressive is his ability to register hit after hit with original fare. We wouldn’t be surprised if, like SAW and Insidious, Warner Bros. announced a Conjuring sequel sometime next week. It was no surprise to us: We said The Conjuring would be a hit as far back as 2012. 😉

Despicable Me 2 is the number 2 film with $25 million, which brings its total up to $276 million. Universal’s animated hit is now the third highest grossing film of the year and less than $10 million away from the number 2 spot (currently held by Man of Steel).

The animated film Turbo (read our review) comes in at number 3 with $21.5 million. One of two Ryan Reynolds releases this weekend, Turbo had some very stiff competition in the form of Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University. As a result, the film will be lucky to make back half of its $135 million budget, let alone turn a profit.

July 21 Box Office Red 2 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 21 2013

In at number 4 is Grown Ups 2 with $20 million, which brings its total up to $79 million. By comparison, the first Grown Ups was at $84 million by its second weekend, but it had the added bonus of a very busy July 4th holiday.

The number 5 film this weekend is RED 2 (read our review) with $18 million. For comparison’s sake, the first RED opened in the fall of 2010 with $21 million and went on to gross $90 million total and $199 million worldwide.

RED 2, on the other hand, was up against a diverse selection of genre fare, and clearly struggled to cut itself a decent-sized chunk of the box office pie. When all is said and done, RED 2 might equal its predecessor’s domestic tally but it will likely fall short overall.

Pacific Rim fell to number 6 this weekend with $15.9 million. While the film’s $68 million over two weeks puts Pacific Rim on track to become Guillermo Del Toro’s highest grossing movie, Warner Bros. certainly expected more from this film. That being said, we wouldn’t call the film a failure as it has grossed $178 million worldwide.

July 21 Box Office RIPD Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 21 2013

Coming in at number 7 is R.I.P.D. (read our review) with a disappointing $12 million. While early word of mouth going into the weekend suggested R.I.P.D. wasn’t going to break the bank, most expected the Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges film would do slightly better. Unfortunately, the film, which has a reported production budget of $130 million, is poised to become one of the bigger flops of the year.

In at number 8 is The Heat with $9 million, which brings its domestic total to $129 million. The film is unlikely to eclipse Bridesmaids‘ $169 million domestic total, but considering it cost only $43 million to make, we’d call it a smashing success regardless.

World War Z comes in at number 9 with $5.2 million. Although the film’s $186 million domestic total is still a few million below its reported production budget of $190 million, World War Z has grossed a very impressive (and surprising considering the circumstances surrounding the film’s production) $456 million worldwide.

Rounding out the top 10 is Monsters University with $5 million. Disney Pixar’s latest hit is now up to $248 million total.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates – based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, July 22nd – at which time we’ll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. I was close, didn’t think GU2 would be #4 though.

    Despicable Me 2 is a monster (pun intended), taking down the Pixar juggernaut.

    I had higher hopes for Pacific Rim, everyone I know who has watched it have said it’s a good movie. I just think it was marketed poorly.

    Looks like RIPD is DOA… and RED 2 didn’t do very well either.

    Even worse, Long Ranger didn’t even crack the top 10 and the 3 movies ahead of it have been out longer.

    • And pretty soon it will pull off upset of the summer by putting man of steel in 3rd place to go along with collecting pixar’s head as a trophy. Dont mess with gru and those minions.

      • Well, Man Of Steel only lasted a week at number 1 in the UK and Despicable Me 2 knocked it right off the top slot so yeah.

        It’s interesting though. MOS did better in the US than it did anywhere else in the world. I’m gonna hazard a guess that the opposite will be true for Pacific Rim, with that movie pulling more around the rest of the world than it will in the US, repeating what Dredd did last September.

        Speaking of Dredd (since I never saw it reported at Screen Rant yet), Karl Urban did an interview at SDCC saying that steps are being taken towards a Dredd sequel and that he and Alex Garland have growing support to make it happen.

        Also, 2000AD – the British comic where Dredd debuted as a character in the 70s – has now gotten behind the campaign for a sequel and has a petition up on its official website that already had more signatures than I thought it would in less than 24 hours of existing.

        • MoS only stayed at number 1 for one weekend here in the States, so it didn’t really fair any better here than the UK.

          • Yeah but it dropped down our top 10 a lot faster than it is over there.

            • Will it’s out of the top 10 now, after just 5 weeks in theaters, which is kind of sad for a movie of its scale.

              • @Appa ali Apsa

                Man of Steel is one of the biggest and most successful movies of the summer, it did incredible numbers. I don’t see what is so sad. The people at WB are not sad, I guarantee you that.

  2. Rest in peace R.I.P.D
    Lone Ranger is already out of the top 10 !!!!!
    I’m surprised that grown up 2 is holding better than pacific rim
    So much for that good word of mouth
    Turbo looks like a direct to DVD movie. It’s premise is uninspired, stupid and lame so I’m not surprised that audience went to see despicable me 2 again
    Red 2 should have been released in the fall

    • I’m angered at GU2 doing better than Pacific Rim personally. I’m guessing the asylums had a week long vacation when that movie opened and all the patients were taken to see one of them (Sandler) in yet another painfully unfunny movie about 40-somethings acting like 8 year olds.

      As far as Lone Ranger….it doesn’t release in the UK until August and I think the rest of the world will follow so Hollywood will probably take it as a success because it seems good movies that do better outside the US get ignored while studios greenlight their personal faves despite clear failure in box office numbers everywhere but the US.

      • Same. The box office performance of Pacific Rim and Dredd proves to me that america is dead.

        • Yep. I hate to say it but when those two movies do badly in the US, it sorta helps keep that insulting stereotype of “stupid Americans” alive and kicking doesn’t it?

          • I was more angry when cloud atlas bombed
            I knew there will never be a big budget celebral movie anymore

            • me too

          • I’d attribute that stereotype more to our electing Obama not once, but twice, than I would to the low box office receipts for Pacific Rim and Dredd…

            • Thank you for bringing politics into this. That was so very necessary.

              I’ll admit it does confuse me that Transformers 3 makes over 350 million in America, yet Pacific Rim fails. Come on, Transformers fans, the least you can do is support this giant robot movie!

              • Dazz alluded to the “stupid Americans” stereotype and attributed it, in part, to low box office receipts for two movies. I was simply correcting him…

                • You really think anybody reading Dazz’s post thought he was being serious and genuinely believed that that was the only reason people think Americans are stupid? No. You just felt like making a stupid political statement that had nothing to do with the current topic.

                  Also, sorry to burst your bubble, but speaking as a Brit, believe me, we were way more confused that you elected George W. Bush twice (who’s practically the poster boy for ‘Stupid American’ in Britain).

                  • I could debate you on many fronts, among them that, under O, we have more people in poverty and on food stamps than ever before, a national unemployment rate hovering around 8%, close to 17 trillion dollars worth of national debt (and growing), and multiple scandals, not the least of which are the Dept. of Justice investigating journalists and the IRS selectively auditing political opponents…

                    but like so many “stupid Americans”, you prefer to focus on his predecessor, plus, you don’t really have a vote here, do you?

                    • I’m with you buddy
                      I can’t wait to skip Elysium
                      This movie look like a liberal wet dream
                      What do you think of Elysium ?

                    • I concur…that movie does look like it takes a page out of the liberal playbook. Just like O and his party, it looks like it seeks to demonize the successful and wealthy, and by doing so, divide the populace. They make much of alleged “greed”, but speak little about “envy” or “jealousy”.

                    • Hey, I never said anything about the quality of Obama’s presidency, I was just stating a simple fact that, over here in Britain, George W. Bush is a much bigger symbol of the ‘Stupid American’ than Obama is.

                      Now, I don’t particularly want to debate politics with you because it has nothing to do with the article in hand and would be pointlessly derailing the comments. However, I would point out that a) Most of those problems are a result of Bush’s economic policies and b) Scandals happen in pretty much any politician’s term, be that president or (as we have in Britain) prime minister.

                    • While I do not like Obama. What Bush did five years (in general) set in motion the downfall that Obama inherited. And the same will happen to the next President because of Obama. Anything economy related usually has an after-affect years later.

                    • No one ever asserted that Bush was a fiscal conservative. Obama, however, is much worse when it comes to spending money he doesn’t have and creating debt for generations to come…

                    • Elysium is nothing new. In fact, see the Japanese comic
                      “Battle Angel Alita” which I believe James Cameron had the rights to. It’s eerily similar.

                  • Nobody cares about your ignorant foreign opinion Ruakio. Stay in Britain you pos nobody cares about the opinion of some ignorant foreigner who has no clue about anything in the United States.

                • Jeff do me a favor and google what the world’s opinion was after George Bush was elected to a 2nd term. Methinks the world holds us in much higher favor than then.

                  • “Methinks the world holds us in a much higher favor than then”…glad you think so.

                    Your evidence of the world’s opinion, however, is non-existent, and even if you had it, it would not matter, as O is an American president, not the world’s president. He is also, by far, the worst president in my lifetime, and despite the slim majority who are captivated by his cult of personality, history will come to judge him as one of the worst presidents in history…

                    • ‘Your evidence of the world’s opinion, however, is non-existent,’

                      Just like yours.

                      ‘and even if you had it, it would not matter, as O is an American president, not the world’s president.’

                      What do you mean ‘it would not matter’? You started this whole argument claiming that Obama was the reason the rest of the world thought Americans were stupid. Stop trying to turn this into a general debate about politics because this really isn’t the place for it.

                      ‘He is also, by far, the worst president in my lifetime’

                      There are so many jokes I could make right now about you being 4.

                    • Ah, Rukaio, I am in my 40’s, and I could make the same jokes about you being a toddler and inexperienced, if you believe O is any good. You lack perspective, friend. The two worst presidents in my lifetime, Obama and Carter, period. The greatest…Reagan, without question.

                    • Jeff…
                      You say Reagan is the greatest American president. That invalidates ANY opinion you’ve EVER had, have now, or will have. EVER.


                  • …and before you ask my evidence for making such an assertion, it was already given above, but there is so much more. You’d probably be more informed if you listened to more than just the mainstream media, who are unapologetic lap dogs for him, and if don’t believe so, then consider this…if more people were in poverty and on food stamps than ever before, if unemployment were around 8%, if we were close to 17 trillions dollars in debt, if an American ambassador was killed in Libya and no one was brought to justice for it, but rather, an attempt was made to deflect blame to a YouTube video, if the Dept. of Justice was investigating journalists, if the IRS was selectively auditing political opponents, and if we had a conservative Republic president, you and all the other hypocritical leftists in this country would be demanding impeachment and prosecution. Historians will not be so kind to this president, as ultimately, they will be documenting facts, outcomes, results, and trends, all in the context of a historical perspective…

                    • ‘…and before you ask my evidence for making such an assertion, it was already given above’

                      We weren’t asking for evidence that Obama is a bad president, we were asking for evidence that he was the reason people consider Americans stupid. None of which you’ve provided. Obviously. Because you just want a chance to rant against Obama, despite the obvious fact that this isn’t the place for it.

                      While a large part of me wants to go on a large rant calling you on your bs and pointing out that no presidency is without troubles and that at least Obama didn’t start a major war against the wrong friggin’ country, but I’m not going to. Because this isn’t the place for it. If you want to debate politics, go to a political site. This is a site for arguing about movies and TV.

                    • Rukaio, I agree that no president is without fault, and I’d love to engage in a debate with you about Obama, a president who has many faults, but you are correct, in that this is not the place for it. I also don’t believe that a mere internet interaction with me would be enough to change your apparently deep-seated ideology. I hope that time and experience, however, will serve to open your mind…

              • I was thinking the same thing. Clearly people like Transformers, you would think they would at least be interested in Pacific Rim. If Pacific Rim had an extra hour of melodrama, raunchy humor and Megan Fox booty shots then maybe it would have done better. Ugh, I worry about moviegoers sometimes.

                • I found “Pacific Rim” to be just a stupid as the Transformers movies. I expected more from Del Toro.

                  • Each to their own, I suppose. I thought Pacific Rim was a fantastic film, with some great and subtle acting, a script that (while not outstanding, was far from being bad) and some fantastic action scenes.

                    Transformers, admittedly, also had some good action scenes, but it was bogged down by the downright annoying characters and the physically painful bad humour.

                    • I had no problems with the action or design. It was purely the unreal characters, motivations, script etc… You can argue that it is just following cliche anime archetypes, but you can’t get away with that as easy with live action. The whole point of live action is to make it a little more relateable. It could heve been a movie that looked like a stupid popcorn flick, but offered something with substance too. Unfortunately, it was just a stupid popcorn flick (IMO).

                      And I’m a big fan of the genre too. I’ve got a gundam tattoo on my arm, so it’s not like I’m not the type of person this film was aimed at.

                      However…..I think kids will enjoy it just fine. The acting parts will probably just wash over them.

                    • I would have to agree with Motoko on this one. PR, although had the best visual effects, did not have a very good script. Some parts of the movie felt rushed while other felt like it was just there. It might be my older age or something but a movie where it relies on just action scenes with a below average script is not what I call an epic movie. PR was an okay movie for me. A good popcorn flick

          • Come on people besides great special effects the film has extremely mixed reviews and a slew of writing problems. Dredd on the other hand is womderful

            • Pacific Rim currently has 72% positive reviews on RT and a 7.8 on IMDB. That’s pretty damn positive. Admittedly, it’s not overwhelmingly positive, but it’s definitely not mixed.

              Also, I’d question the idea that it has ‘writing problems’. While the script isn’t outstanding, it’s far from bad. While the characters are archetypes, they’re entertaining archetypes and they add just enough subtlety and personality to make them likable.

              • Yeah man. I loved Charlie Day and Burn Gorman as the scientists. They were awesome!

              • That 7.8 on IMDB is worse than man of steel and i remember you calling it mixed (which it is) pacific rim also holds a 6.7/10 on RT i would also consider that mixed. A 72% is a C- which is barely above average

                • With that logic MoS is an F film because it had a 56% or something like that. If a movie has a 65 and up on RT that’s a pretty decent movie usually. Some of the films that are 55 and up can be good depending on your tastes. 80 and up are usually pretty damn good.

                  • im not saying pacific rim is bad, i thought it was awesome despite all the problems. Im just saying to demand it be successful because of the finished product is a little to much because it wasnt good enough to get any word of mouth or traction.

                    • PR was an okay movie. I do agree that it deserves another chance for it to bring in that same action aspect of the movie but also include a great script/plot. I think Del Toro doing the visual designs with Blomkamp directing could really bring this film to the next level

                • Actually, Man of Steel currently only has 7.7 on IMDB. And, to be exact, it’s mixed among critics. Even I can’t deny (although I hate the film), that it’s very positive among audiences.

                  Also, most positively received films are in the 70% zone for RT and the 6-8/10 zone. Despicable Me 2 (which I don’t think anyone’s calling mixed), only has 75% and 6.7 on RT. Only the rare overwhelmingly positive film (which I already said Pacific Rim isn’t) are higher up. Either way, they’re definitely not mixed reviews.

        • America isn’t dead, but we’re getting pretty close. It’s do to the disproportional moron to nerd ratio.

          Idiocracy here we come!

    • RED 2’s marketing must have failed, cause for some reason I didn’t think it came out till later in July… I really want to see it and several of the other ,Movies that are getting panned in this article…

      I did see RIPD and it was good, not as good as I’d hoped it would be but, worth the cost of seeing it… It was a double feature at the drive-in with DM2 and both were worth watching..

      I think that now more than ever, people tend to stay away from questionable movies because they can always wait till a friend rents the dvd and watch it l8tr at no cost to them…

      The Theatre experience is being trumped by the Home Theatre experience…
      This is in part why I prefer our Local Drive-In Theatre… It’s almost like watching a movie at home… Plus I get 2 for the cost of one in a normal Theatre…

  3. A few more flops and Johnny Depp career will be over

    I hope it’s not the case for transcendence tho

  4. I’m calling it now. This is my list of the top 10 biggest B.O. movies of 2013:
    Iron Man 3
    The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
    The Wolverine
    Thor 2
    Despicable Me 2
    Fast and Furious 6
    The Hunger Games: CF
    Man of Steel
    Monsters University
    And The Croods (Though The Smurfs 2, and or World War Z might take this spot).
    This is kind of a disappointing year B.O. wise, considering we had like 4 movies break a billion last year.

    • I just realized that literally none of those movies are originals, they’re all sequels/reboots.

    • Don’t have a problem with your top two, but I think The Hunger Games – CF and Despicable Me 2 will be in the third and fourth spots, and the rest could go in any order thereafter…

      • The reason I put The Hunger Games 2 and DM2 where they are is because, I feel like the buzz for THG 2 isn’t as high as it was for The Hunger Games. And I think Thor 2 will be huge because of the popularity of the MCU and The Wolverine will be bigger internationally (it’s primarily set in Japan). Though I could be wrong. DM2 might just beat all of them.

    • The wolverine won’t make that much son
      It won’t break into the top 10 domestically
      Americans are tired of the wolverine

    • Despicable me 2 should be way higher than this
      And feel free to add the wolf of Wall Street
      This movie will be a big hit in the U.S

      • The Wolverine will be released in 3D, considering the last X-Men movie made 350 million, and was released in only 2D (as all X-Men movies have only been released in), 3D sells could have conceivably doubled that B.O. return. Not only that, but The Wolverine is set in Japan, and will be bigger internationally, especially in Japan and Australia (for obvious reasons). I think it or Thor 2 will take the number 3 spot.

        I think Despicable Me 2 will end its run with 700-750 million, its going to have a lot of competition from family movies in the coming weeks with Smurfs 2, Planes, and whatever else is there. I expect both The Wolverine and Thor 2 to end somewhere in between 750-850 million. The number 3 spot can be taken by either movies really, I just chose Wolverine because he’s more famous than Thor.

        • Hemsworth might be more famous right now than Jackman though. Might be I don’t know for sure.

    • Don’t count on the Hobbit grabbing number 2, allot of non film geeks got suckered into seeing the first one because they didn’t realize it was part 1 of 3. Odds are the common man will just wait for DVD or cable since they now know it’s 3 parts… but there may be people that think it’s only 2 parts so who knows.

      • The first Hobbit made 70% of it’s B.O. return abroad. It was released in December, as this one will be too. A big block buster release in December is a sure B.O. success (just ask James Cameron–Avatar, Titanic), because it’s the holidays, there are few movies out, people/children are out of work/school and have nothing better to do. This movie will make 1 billion.

      • I’d easily bet that The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug will make more money than its predecessor, and that means over one billion dollars. Although some critics did not think highly of the first movie, it garnered 82% approval from the fans on Rotten Tomatoes, and this film will be focusing on Smaug, the dragon.

        • I would agree with that. I am actually more excited about Desolation of Smaug than I was for The first Hobbit film. Also with the whole experiment on the FPS, people will now be able to know what version to see it in. I expect this time around you will see higher normal FPS sales than the higher one but we shall see.

    • @Appa:

      I’m not sure I would put The Wolverine and Thor 2 in the top 5.

      I’m assuming this list is worldwide.

      • Of course I’m counting worldwide.

    • @Appa ali Apsa

      You are dreaming if you think that The Wolverine is going to beat The Hunger Games and Man of Steel, (I don’t even think that Thor 2 is going to beat them) Wolverine is going to be a major box office disappointment, People did not like Origins and the marketing has been weak.

  5. For Pacific Rim, given its budget and the marketing $$ that likely went into it maybe you cant call it a faliure but its certainly a major dissapointment for the studio.

    For WWZ a troubled shooting run with rewrites etc dosent phase the general movie going audience whom have no idea about these things unless they read the film websites like this one. Find the “surprizing” comment a bit odd. It was well marketed and proves Pitt still has quite a bit of pull at the box office (and it helps that zombies are deffinitly “in” right now).

  6. Wow, The Conjuring was no surprise at #1 given the hype and extremely positive reviews including SR but GU2 at #4 and ahead of PR? That’s surprising

  7. Please,don’t count Pacific Rim out quite yet,it is only in its secound week in theaters(with almost $200 million globally at the b.o. so far) and the only big movie coming next week is ‘The Wolverine’ and the other action movies out are fading,I think by the end of August,Pacific Rim will gross at least $110 million in the U.S. and about $400 million worldwide,and when you add that to the dvd/blu-ray sales later in the year,Warner Bros and Legendary should’nt be TOO upset about their investment,in the end it should make a small profit for all involved,and we can only hope and pray for a sequel,but I feel it is possible,because Pacific Rim was an amazing movie,IMO.

    • Since it cost $190M to make it, it needs to make at least $380 just to break even. But I’m hoping for a sequel too.

      • Huh? 380 mil would be doubling its budget. That would be a huge profit.

        • Nevermind. lol

          • LOL….math

        • No. Take the total of the budget out of the movie and at 380 Million Pacific Rim breaks even.

          As for The Hunger Games catching fire, if you consider The Hunger Games cost 78 Million and gross north of 650 Million, it will no doubt allows Catching Fire to earn more. So, Catching fire could slip into the top three grossing films and will most likely place in the top 5. Kids love movies adapted from books, and I would say that Enders Game would do well at the box office.

  8. Really not surprised that GU2 beat Pacific Rim. I was talking to a relative of mine and told him that I figured PR would drop somewhere between 8-10 and GU2 to be anywhere between 4-6. I wasn’t on the dot but I was pretty damn close.

    But it’s really annoying and bothersome to me that crap like GU2 beats Pacific Rim, it really is. As much as I wanted it to be a box office smash, I knew it wasn’t gonna do that great from the beginning.

    I’ve heard so many comparisons to Transformers and Battleship and it just really pisses me off. Those movies are straight sh*t (IMO) and to hear them compared to such a great movie like Pacific Rim is saddening, America is just getting stupider and stupider. When the Superman/Batman sequel was announce yesterday someone said something to me along the lines of Michael Bay should be doing it bc he makes great movies or whatever and that Pacific Rim was a knockoff or whatever and I got steamed.

    Hopefully, this doesn’t deter PR’s sequel because I’m really hoping for and looking forward to that

    • I whole heartly agree with you AmazingFantasy#15,Pacific Rim was a great movie,IMO,and I think in the long run it will have pretty decent box office worldwide,also I read some post on other sites comparing Pacific Rim’s b.o. to Dredd 3D(2012)and to that I say bulls**t,that movie had made less than $5o million worldwide during its entire run,PR is in NO danger of going down that road to box office obilivian,Pacific Rim will have legs up until the end of Augast.

    • Grown Ups 2 and Pacific Rim are two completely different movies. You can’t compare them. They are nothing alike. Grown Ups 2 is a comedy, and Pacific Rim is action.

      Transformers and Battleship are definitely better comparisons genre-wise.

      • Only reason I’m comparing them is because they came out the same day and Grown Ups 2 beat Pacific Rim at the box office (sadly)

        • Yeah but Despicable Me 2 beat both of them in its second week. So why don’t you go ahead and compare that too?

          • Dude, you’re missing the point. I’m comparing them because they opened up on the same day and (IMO) Grown Ups 2 was crap

            • But that’s not how you compare movies. Django Unchained, Les Misérables, and Parental Guidance were all released on the same day. But you wouldn’t compare them to each other, would you? Of course not! The studios released them on the same day on purpose, bc its counter-programming.

  9. I had a feeling that Turbo was gonna bomb, when I heard that a snail was the protagonist. Kids aren’t gonna relate to snails. They are gross, ugly, and slimy. But I gotta admit, Dreamworks somehow managed to make Turbo actually look cute (for a snail).

    The movie looked like it would be a really fun time at the theaters for kids. But it made the mistake of coming out the week after DM2 was still #1 at the box office. It would have fared much better as a mid-August release.

  10. I almost feel bad saying it, but I’m really glad The Lone Ranger is out of the top 10 already. By it bombing, maybe the studios will realize we don’t want movies like that. Unfortunately this probably just means they’ll go back to what’s a sure fire money maker by giving us another crappy Pirates of the Caribbean sequel.

    Also glad RED 2, Turbo, and R.I.P.D. didn’t open too strong.

    I’m glad The Conjuring opened first, maybe it’ll encourage more filmmakers to make original horror films.

    • Yeah, just wait till The Conjuring 5.

      • +1

      • Precisely the point I was trying to make, let’s hope this DOESN’T happen.

  11. It’s Comic Con week…
    We’re not really missing much. The only movie you should be crawling to see is “The Conjuring”, other than that you could have skipped this weekend.

  12. I like Ryan Reynolds, he’s a really good actor. But seriously, he needs to start choosing some better scripts. Needs to find him himself some good roles like McConaughey did. By the looks of it (IMDB), he’s realized that. So hopefully, these are the last set of disappointing movies he does. Two bad years so far (2011&2013). Next year should be better.

    • Yeah, I actually like him too but other than Blade Trinity and Green Lantern I don’t think I’ve liked any of his movies.

    • Lets be honest. He’s a decent actor. But he’s got movie star good looks. As long as he has that face, and that body, he will always have a career in Hollywood no matter how many bombs he makes. Look at Ben Afflec or Robert Downey Jr as the prime examples. Both of their careers would be over if they werent good looking.

  13. I’ll be curious to see what everyone is saying about Pacific Rim 6 weeks from now, and how China and Japan will receive PR. The era of International moviemaking has truly arrived, and Hollywood no longer has a lock on Blockbuster production.

  14. Just got back from seeing Pacific Rim and my kids and I loved the movie! It was action packed, great visuals, loved it from beginning to end. Can I have some more please?

  15. Even though iam a huge marvel fan but MOS, pacific rim, and star trek 2 are best science fiction movies this year. Pacific rim my number pick this year so far unless
    elysium and thor do something monumental.

    • Star Trek 2 is my number 1 on my list soo far. The bar was set pretty high with awesome action scenes and an excellent script. After that is a tie with MOS and PR for sci-fi

  16. Does anyone actually understand Hollywood accounting practices? I’ve read that Forrest Gump and Return of the Jedi supposedly “didn’t turn a profit”.

    • Someone got paid. Think of it like a pyramid scheme. The small amount on the very top make a lot of money, and the people on the bottom get next to nothing.

    • These days, the actors are the individuals who make the most. I believe Robert Downey, Jr. gets paid at least 50 million dollars every time he plays Iron Man.

      So before anyone gripes about the “movie industry”, think about the actors getting paid that much to play “make pretend” on screen.

      • Actors actually make very little money in movies. Robert Downey Jr is not an actor. He is a movie star. There’s a difference between an actor, and the star. Actors make very little money. 95% of all actors barely make enough money to live. That’s why so many of them are waiters.

        But the pyramid goes studio execs at the tippy top,

        and then the producers,

        then the movie stars,

        followed by the theaters (the theaters that show movie, also get a cut of the grosses),

        then the rest is split between everybody else who worked on the film.

        But most movie stars (not actors) are also producers. And if you think RDJ is making a lot of money, you can only imagine what the execs made off of Iron Man

        • @Straight Dave.

          You were right on all of them but one.Exclude Studio Executives as their pay is tallied in with the combined movies they authorize for production. So, even if they have one Blockbuster, but have 6-10 mediocre, dull or flat out bombs, then they are more prone to getting less performance based and stock option.

          Which is not uncommon. Just that they are already salaried, so anything they authorize it comes back to them in stock options.

    • @Corey

      I laugh at your post. Not the post itself, but the content.

      Return of the Jedi had a budget of 32 million and grossed in excess of 472 Million.

      Forrest Gump 55 Million, world gross 677 million.

      Please point these people to reality hospital for a check up.

      As for Hollywood Accounting.

      Some people look at a movie budget and think that marketing budget, the movie made it back with gross receipts. Take MAN OF STEEL. 225 Million dollar budget.

      So this is how it would pan out…at 675 Million…Minus the 225 Million budget leave 450 Million dollar gross which is where Man of Steel ranks with its box office now.

      Take into account the countries where the Dollar is +/- you will have to formulate for each country and convert to USD. That can be 300 Million to 25 million, depending on which country Man of Steel is showing in.

      Why, a Billion dollars + Was the goal. To make a movie profitable.

      Then, you have to calculate, taxes, share, pro rating and distribution, Then you get to the Net profits.

      Right now, Man of Steel is strictly gross, why most movies make their budget back in DVD sales and rentals. That is why movies have a 3-5 month turn around to DVD, They have to get those potential sales in before the end of their fiscal year to add it to their yearly income.

  17. How in the world Pacific Rim gets so low ? Shouldn’t all people who liked Transformers making bucks for it ?
    Plot. Same crap, plot holes, stupid speeches.
    Action. Unlike Transformers it had some cool action and visuals didn’t make it look like childs animation.
    PR also had that scene with the little girl that puts to shame every try of Transformers to bring some drama.
    PR didn’t have Fox or any other model. I guess that was the reason why noone went to the movie.
    The situation reminds me “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact”. Same themes, different executions. DI was plain better in every way but Armageddon had tons of stars in it, huge pr compaign and more simple to follow(if you’ll go away for 30 minutes and back you won’t miss anything).
    Its sad, its really sad.

    • You forgot to mention that Transformers name was already a well established brand, and toy-line years before the movie came out.