‘The Conjuring 2′ Is Already in Development at New Line

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Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren in The Conjuring The Conjuring 2 Is Already in Development at New Line

If you find yourself in the mood to be spooked this weekend, you could do a lot worse than James Wan’s new haunted house horror movie The Conjuring, which early reviews have indicated is likely to become the most frightening film of the year. The trailers so far have certainly supported that theory, showing the Perron family (led by Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston) besieged by malevolent spirits in some very nasty ways.

The Conjuring is based on the “true story” of a haunting case investigated by famous paranormal investigation team Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), who are perhaps best known for their involvement in the Amityville haunting and the subsequent horror movie based on their findings. Lorraine was a consultant during the making of The Conjuring, and the most recent trailer for the film featured interviews with the real Perron family.

Variety now reports that New Line Cinema is wasting no time in getting The Conjuring 2 on the road. New Line president Toby Emmerich has revealed that a sequel is already in development, and claims that The Conjuring is “as good a horror movie as we’ve ever made.” With Lorraine Warren’s “permission and support,” the studio is already moving ahead with the sequel, while the first film is set to open in theaters on Friday.

Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring The Conjuring 2 Is Already in Development at New Line

Chad and Carey Hayes, the screenwriters behind The Conjuring (as well as The Reaping and the House of Wax remake) have already signed on to pen a script for The Conjuring 2, but at this point it’s not yet known whether director James Wan or any of the actors in the movie will return for the sequel. Emmerich says that New Line is interested in building a movie franchise around the Warrens’ investigations, which would presumably mean bringing both Farmiga and Wilson back, but obviously the development is still in its infancy.

The Conjuring received a hype injection a few months ago when the MPAA awarded it an R rating, not because the film contains excessive violence or sexual imagery, but simply because it was deemed “too scary” for younger audiences. Current box office projections expect The Conjuring to bring in $30 million during its opening weekend, far outstripping its PG-13 ghost-themed rival R.I.P.D., which is expected to flop with only a $14 million domestic box office take between Friday and Sunday.

Does New Line’s confidence in The Conjuring make you want to see it for yourself, or are you not a fan of the Wan?


The Conjuring will begin haunting theaters on July 19th, 2013.

Source: Variety

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  1. I was gonna say, the only way to do it is to delve into the Warren case files and have a movie about each of the prominent ones.

    Coincidentally, Lorraine was interviewed recently and said that the Amityville house was the only one in which she and Ed refused to go back there after initial investigations.

  2. I’m also gonna take a guess that you’re becoming the site’s resident horror expert or were you just unlucky enough to have to post two horror related articles in a row?

    I wanna see the review (whoever is reviewing this) end up being real short and lacking content with the reviewer admitting to seeing the palms of his/her hands more than the actual screen throughout.

    That would be the best review a horror movie could receive.

    • I just got back from seeing it tonight at the cleveland preview showing and it was not very good. I am a diehard Insidious fan and have been looking forward to this one forever. I just hope that Insidious 2 is not a letdown as well. I may see it again at a drive in, the place I saw it was packed and people were laughing most of the movie so that does knock the scary out of it with people ruining it being stupid. Will let you know if I change my mind after a second viewing but for now I am not very pleased, very let down to be honest.

    • That is how I was with Insidious I was scared and looking through my fingers so much. Not at all on this one. I think they overdid it with the commercials and previews so we knew what to expect.

    • I was just feeling a bit wan (I ran out of Marc Webb/Spider-Man puns a while ago so this is going to be the new thing).

      As for being the resident horror expert… I don’t know. I’d have to engage in a ritualistic duel with Perri before I could hope to claim that title.

  3. James Wan is killing it right now.

  4. maybe I’m just becoming too blasé with age. I haven’t seen a “scary” movie in years that has actually scared me. and I REALLY enjoy a good horror movie (hate slashers and torture-porn, however).

    maybe your perception changes the further you get from your childhood fears?

    I still remember being traumatized by Alien. I was 17 when I saw it in the theatre. I haven’t gotten that sort of “jolt” from anything in the last 10-20 years.

    maybe I’ll just wait for The Conjuring to come to video. going to the movies has become such an expensive proposition these days.

    • I was terrified when I first saw The McPherson Tape. Couldn’t sleep for days and always had the lights on so I could see everything.

      The 4th Kind…have to admit, I got creeped out by the Sumerian speaking parts during the hypnosis scenes but only because the way they edited that audio and the language itself sounded so foreign to our modern ears. It’s like listening to the Pope speaking Latin every sunday at his regular mass and comparing it to someone speaking Latin in a horror movie with effects placed over it (distortion, reverb, echo etc) and being freaked out of your mind.

      Slasher films are good fun to me but I struggled to get through the Hostel movies because they were just so boring and seemed to be creative violence for the sake of it with no plot or characters.

      That’s why I avoid Eli Roth’s work, the guy seems like he wants to make his own snuff movies but doesn’t want to be put in jail for it so he creates fictional ones to get himself off sexually and receive money from studios willing to pay to release his crap.

  5. Marvel needs to hurry up and talk to Patrick Wilson about becoming Hank Pym aka Ant-Man.

    • Do you think the reason the Conjuring wasn’t that good was because of the direction or the badly written script?

  6. The level of scary that The Conjuring gives (jump scares, macabre storyline, dark corners etc.) was intense. For a haunted house movie in this day and age it was nothing short of revelatory. No excessive violence, some sex references that were mild at best, no bad language and some great (read non-distracting in a screechy, screamy horror movie) child acting. Just a good ol’ fashioned creaky, cranky ghost train done with such panache and vim that Wan made it look easy. I’m not saying I’m a huge fan of Wan’s, but I enjoyed Insidious, respect Saw (it did start a multi-million dollar franchise, that deserves respect, even though some (read, most) of the films in the Saw series were complete baloney) and the guy genuinely seems to enjoy scaring us in a fun and playful way. And he makes it look so easy… Did I mention that? Not in the way that it was done a.k.a with the effects, but in the way he used tried-and-true horror tropes and constantly subverted them to make it interesting for the viewer. In my opinion, I think with films like Insidious and The Conjuring, Wan is trying to banish the gorno craze that plagued the 00′s (and he may have helped create) and bring back big-budget movies that are actually scary and fun. Good for him. I hope the Warrens return. I believe they are tackling The Enfield Poltergeist next? We need more proper scares on our screens. Preferably done by people who know how to deliver them and regularly. Wan (and Ti West, he’s a personal favourite) seem to be leading the way, but maybe with franchises like The Warrens starting up (and if it doesn’t lose steam), just maybe we’ll have an American Horror renaissance. Which would be awesome.

    Seriously, the MPAA had no real reason to give it an R except for it’s level of frights. I mean, am I alone here who likes to have a scary horror movie with barely, if any, swearing, sex, and, I suppose, violence whatsoever? The Others is another one coming to mind, though I believe that is rated PG or PG-13.

    Oh, and this would be the best family Halloween movie… ever. If yo’ kids r tuff bro, test their mettle with this. The results will be hilarious.