Confirmed: Spider-Man 4 Delayed [Updated]

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spider man strangled by venom Confirmed: Spider Man 4 Delayed [Updated]

My Spidey sense is telling me there’s a chance we won’t be getting a quality film in Spider-Man 4. How can we after what we saw from Spider-Man 3 which was plagued with too many characters, sub-par writing and apparent studio interference which forced a major character into a movie where he didn’t belong, right?

Well, things were looking good for the fourth installment however, where director Sam Raimi would again helm, promising that this time he would be in “full control” of the movie unlike last time around. When he said that, he should have clarified that he wouldn’t actually have much control at all… because he doesn’t.

Just prior to the holidays, our friends at IESB had the exclusive scoop on the startling news that there are issues behind the scenes involving a dispute over what villain(s) should appear in the film and an incomplete script because of it. While some out there said this couldn’t be the case, it is now being confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

IESB’s report said the following:

An inside source working on the project tells IESB that there are some major issues director Sam Raimi is dealing with that include an incomplete script. And why is the script incomplete? Looks like Raimi and the studio heads at Sony Pictures can’t agree upon a villain for the film.

The many fans who were disappointed with Spider-Man 3 probably saw a giant red flag with that news. As we know in Spider-Man 3, Raimi wanted the story to be about Sandman and the Vulture but Sony forced his hand to remove the bald winged dude and replace him with Venom, where his story and character couldn’t have been done right. Their reasoning is that Venom was more marketable with “the kids” which I don’t understand as the movie would sell itself regardless based on the fact it’s called Spider-Man 3.

Had they not interfered and planned ahead, instead of thinking short-term, they could have saved Venom for a later movie that would focus on just him. This would of worked well for the franchise and could easily have tied into the Venom spin-off they’ve been talking about for a long time.

Instead, they didn’t and now we’re left with a disappointing close to the trilogy and a fourth installment being held up due to a dispute that shouldn’t exist. I’m not sure I’m into the idea of Vulture and “Vulturess” (if that’s even true), but I do think if Raimi is to direct, they should let him make the decisions.

Perhaps Raimi and the studio should part ways and start again. We already know the scripts for Spider-Man 5 & 6 are being written in a way that would allow them to act as a franchise reboot of sorts if Raimi and star Tobey Maguire chose not to make more afterward.

[UPDATE] : Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood posted an e-mail Sr. VFX Producer Josh R. Jaggars to his crew which goes into some details about the Spider-Man 4 delays and how they should look for other work…

Hi there.
So, it’s official. “Spider-Man 4” has been pushed back several months, both the start of shooting and the release date.
At this time, we have no official start date, so I would encourage all of you to look for other work.
If/when the situation changes, either Rachelle, Spencer, or I will be in touch.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Josh R. Jaggars
Sr. VFX Producer


What do you think about the news and the future of Spider-Man? What villains should be in Spider-M4N?

Spider-Man 4 was scheduled for a May 11, 2011 release but who knows now. They could still shoot in the summer if a solution is found soon.

Sources: IESB, THR

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  1. Honestly Sam Raimi should just walk out on this, he made Spiderman 1 and 2 and they were great movies, but its very apparent that Sony wanted to find ways to try to make even more money, even if it sacrificed the end result. By watching and fiddling around with Spiderman 3 against the director’s wishes, they almost completely broke the whole “franchise.”
    I say franchise with quotes around it because they’re running out of years where they can make Spiderman films, before they go back to Marvel again. And Marvel now has Disney backing them so it almost guaranteed that Sony will never see the Spiderman property again. Its almost like they just trying to squeeze every last bit of money out of the franchise before they have to give it up. They haphazardly tossed Venom into Spiderman 3, because they thought it would sell better. In the comics Venom is probably one of the most interesting and complex(in a good way) characters, yet in this one he was just shoved into the mix of all this other stuff happening, making him just act as another villain to add to line-up. Honestly if Venom is going to be in a Spiderman movie, he needs a large amount of screen time to explore the character and let audience understand him and possibly even care about him. Sam Raimi did this perfectly with Spiderman 2, honestly I believe we all cared for Doc Oc in a way by the end of the second. Making the audience care about the main villain is something rarely successfully accomplished in cinema, but there it was done perfectly.

    Another problem which I’m seeing out of Sony is that they really don’t understand comics well. Sam Raimi had carefully looked over the Spiderman comics and rich, well developed story/universe and pulled a lot of good elements from them. He did alter stuff, but for the most part his decisions made sense and created a great end product. However when Sony steps in and says “no” to the Lizard because it sounds like a ridiculous concept, them something is very wrong. First of all Raimi has managed to sneak in a nice build up to the Lizard with introducing his human version in 2 and 3, and it really could be a great ending to the Raimi Spiderman films, since right now there are huge signs of a reboot after this. In a way Dr. Curt Conners has real helped Peter out and a sort of relationship formed between the two. Over the films Peter has lost his best friend, been responsible for the death of his best friends father and his own uncle in a way, and done serious wrong to Eddie Brock. Having to go up against and of the few people left that he has bonded to in a positive way would be very interesting to see what happens to Peter as a character. Also Curt Conners is not a bad guy, since he is not himself as the Lizard, which makes for a very interesting villain. In my view though, Sony does not fully grasp an understanding of Spiderman to go through with any of this, and it seems that they refuse to give it any thought either.

    They also do not seem to realize who they hired to sit again as director, Sam Raimi is a very well known and respected director, and its a lot harder for a studio to control an accomplished director. One hires a director such as this for their vision of the project, if Sony wants total control over the project then they should have hired a lesser nameless director. Sam Raimi’s name stamped on the front of the Spiderman poster does not significantly help the movie sell better if thats what Sony after. His name is extremely well known among cult horror fans, but among the general blockbuster/normal crowd, only one or two director’s names are known to them, Steven Spielberg being the biggest probably. It almost seems like they were really just after Raimi because of his camera work, which is always amazing. But since they’ve seen how he used the camera for Spiderman swinging, they could just copy him there and get away with little to no unique shots anywhere else since once again the “blockbuster” crowd will probably not notice it as well. Therefore I see little reason of why they hired Raimi in the first place if their intentions were to make their own Spiderman movie, not his.

    Sam Raimi really doesn’t need to take this and I’m sure many other studios would gladly welcome his aid and advice. Plus he’s got the Warcraft movie he’s directing later and he keeps promising Evil Dead 4 which would make his fans (such as me) scream like little girls with excitement (at least I would).

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize how big that post was I just wrote…
    *Coughs and shuffles away

  3. I`m so sorry you had to use Venom in SM3, Raimi.

  4. too many characters in SM3? I hope you`re not still referring to “too many villains” are you? Man people it`s 2010 already haven`t you learned that spidey 3 did not i repeat did NOT HAVE TOO MANY VILLAINS. You`re being absurd 3 villains can work depending on the story and if not too lazy directing of course. May not have made sense for two of them to team up if one can take them on their own but if their both tooken down by spidey then it could make sense they don`t all have to attack him at the same time 3 villains seems to sound like 12 villains to you.

  5. The sad thing is that if Sony left Raimi alone and let him do the GG2, Sandman/Vulture story

    A) Almost certainly it would have been a better more cohesive movie.

    B) The villain for SM4 would have been OBVIOUS and he would have enjoyed more screen time because the GG2 arc would have been completed.


    I’m not against Vulture, but I’d much rather see Lizard before him. I do agree with the studio about something. Vulture cannot hold his own movie. He clearly isn’t the fan favorite villain. He doesn’t scream “must see villain” to me either. And I struggle to see how he can carry a movie on his own. He’s just not that dynamic a character. Kind of reminds me of how I thought Sandman could not carry a movie on his own. Thankfully we had the Harry story in SM3.

    All of the really major Spider-Man villains are already gone, so why even bother trying to turn any of the other villains into a more complex character than they are in the comics? I really don’t see how they could make Vulture, Mysterio, Electro, Scorpion, or any of the others a truly captivating character who can carry a whole movie.

    There’s good combinations they can use. Vulture and Electro, Vulture and Scorpion, Lizard and Electro, Lizard and Kraven, Mysterio and Scorpion……

    Hell I don’t see why Raimi can’t just do what he was originally gonna do in SM3. He already wants to use Vulture, so why not bring in a villain like Electro who gets Sandman’s role as the powerhouse who doesn’t fully understand his powers until the third act.

  6. @ cpax

    Thanks for finding that! ;)

  7. they should just stop with the spiderman movies
    3 is enough, adding more is just stupid and a waste of time.. ohh wait theres money to be made my bad

  8. I agree with a lot of you Raimi should seriously rethink doing this film. Sony would probably make him pay professionally but which is worse? In the end if he ever does another picture, what is the audience going to remember? The only other thing is do it exactly like the studio wants. It’s their money. Take no writing credit. Bury his director credit in the film and put the producers names out front. Make sure to get pics taken on set and released after film premieres that say things like “Chief Hod,” ” I wanted a lizard film,” and “Sand and Venom don’t mix.” When it bombs, he has every right to say; “Told ya so!”

  9. As already said and I agree, with all the A-list villains used, there’s no villain who can stand on his own. Hobgoblin is too similar to green goblin. A combo might work but it would take a seriously good story.

    Spider-Man 3 would’ve been good if it had just Harry Osborn and Venom. Sandman had nice sfx but he was just a grunt. Another problem that had nothing to do with the villains with the Peter-MJ dynamic which was really wearing thin in Spidey 3. I don’t think a Vulture-Sandman teamup would’ve been much better than the movie we got.

    I think the franchise should just end it here for now. There’s no way a 4th movie will be any good and it could easily end up worse than the 3rd movie which I at least found entertaining even if it wasn’t great. I don’t want to see a Batman & Robin disaster.

  10. this is lke superman- 1 and 2 great 3 and 4… not so much

  11. The sooner Marvel Studios take control of Spiderman with a complete REBOOT which includes a veteran (A List) Director who understands and respects MARVEL’S character treatment, a fresh new cast, a mature script and some hardcore action scenes, the better.

  12. You know the movie franchise doesn’t have to be so linear. Why not put Parker in a situation revisiting a villain in four that has a backstory occurring between two and three? Four could tell both stories.

  13. @the old man

    Sony can’t think that far.

  14. Matt Keith

    Carnage would be awesome on screen but I can’t see it happening with Raimi. If they get it right though imagine how badass that would be.

  15. LOL; DiZZy if that’s true it’s both profound and sad…
    ;) :(

  16. I think Raimi could do very well with Carnage (from the horror point of view)

    Agree to you all. Sony did screw up with not letting Raimi do the Sandman Vulture Combo.

    A List Villain was Venom and could have easily hold his own Movie (with let’s say a B List, say Rhino, getting punshed in the Face as build up for the Main Arc)

    Now the only true combo I could see work would be Kraven and Lizard. There was a very dark Spiderman comic i read ages ago (not even sure it got published by marvel back then since the violence and mature drawings remind meon Darkhorse). That would make a very good concept and Raimi the one director to make it happen. Doe anyone know which comic i’m refering to? I couldn’t find it anymore.

  17. Kill it with fire!

  18. @ Haggislaw

    I’m not positive but I think you may be referring to the “Spiderman” series started by Marvel with Todd McFarlane. The first five issues were a combination story of the Lizard and Kraven against Spiderman and it was pretty decent. Not a great read but it was dark and would make for a decent movie if given the right script. I think it came out in 1990.

  19. @M-Cat

    You’re absolutely correct. :) Todd McFarlane’s first five issues of “Spiderman”
    with issue #1 published in Aug 90 was a storyline entitled “Torment”.

    If I remember correctly, I think McFarlane was influenced by the brilliant Fearful Symmetry: Kraven’s Last Hunt series by J.M. DeMatteis, Mike Zeck and Bob McLeod which ran across three Spiderman titles: Amazing Spider-Man issues 293-294, Spectacular Spider-Man issues 131-132 and The Web of Spider-Man issues 32-33.

    These were powerful benchmark stories and a turning point for everyone’s favourite arachnid.

    And yes a mature script treatment of these stories would make for an awesome Spiderman film. :)

  20. There’s a lot of cool characters that would work for me but it entirely depends on how the filmmakers bring them to life.

    Unfortunately, I’m fearful that with the way Sony is handling it all, characters like Carnage and Kraven may not be as cool as they were in some of the stories we love them from the books.

  21. @Rob

    Do you know whether or not Sony have a term lease agreement on the Spiderman character?

    I understand they’ve purchased the rights to shoot Spiderman films, but surely another studio like MARVEL should be able to obtain those rights.

    I imagine it would be a rather costly and lengthly process. A bit like extracting teeth :)

    I really do believe Sony have run their course with this current franchise and should relinquish all rights after Spiderman 4.

  22. Magnetic Eye

    there is a post about marvel that is newer than this article and it talks a little bit about marvel sueing for the rights to spiderman and x-men.

  23. @M-Cat :

    Wow thank you dude, that is exactly the comic i was refering to =)

  24. NIKKI FINKE is exclusively reporting that SONY decided today that they are going the RE-BOOT route with an all new cast and director. WOW


  25. Entertainment today

    I call bull!

  26. Wow I was wrong.

  27. Todd MacFarlane ruined Spider-Man by making it look like a comic strip cartoon, and then went on to ruin every other book I collected. I would like to move to a universe in which Todd MacFarlane does not exist.
    He ruined comics for me permanently; I stopped collecting book by book as he turned them into his ridiculous style that for unknown reasons every artist that followed him decided to copy. I eventually sold my entire collection, and I lay the blame squarely at his feet.
    Spawn was crap. Now the guy makes millions selling man toys.
    Give me John Byrne and Jack Kirby ANY day.
    Raimi knew better than to put Venom into 3, but he was pressured by the studio into doing it, and his walking away from 4 is the best thing he can do for HIM. The film? Well, we all know what we can do to send a message to the studio of our dislike.
    DON’T GO.