Confirmed: Spider-Man 4 Delayed [Updated]

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spider man strangled by venom Confirmed: Spider Man 4 Delayed [Updated]

My Spidey sense is telling me there’s a chance we won’t be getting a quality film in Spider-Man 4. How can we after what we saw from Spider-Man 3 which was plagued with too many characters, sub-par writing and apparent studio interference which forced a major character into a movie where he didn’t belong, right?

Well, things were looking good for the fourth installment however, where director Sam Raimi would again helm, promising that this time he would be in “full control” of the movie unlike last time around. When he said that, he should have clarified that he wouldn’t actually have much control at all… because he doesn’t.

Just prior to the holidays, our friends at IESB had the exclusive scoop on the startling news that there are issues behind the scenes involving a dispute over what villain(s) should appear in the film and an incomplete script because of it. While some out there said this couldn’t be the case, it is now being confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

IESB’s report said the following:

An inside source working on the project tells IESB that there are some major issues director Sam Raimi is dealing with that include an incomplete script. And why is the script incomplete? Looks like Raimi and the studio heads at Sony Pictures can’t agree upon a villain for the film.

The many fans who were disappointed with Spider-Man 3 probably saw a giant red flag with that news. As we know in Spider-Man 3, Raimi wanted the story to be about Sandman and the Vulture but Sony forced his hand to remove the bald winged dude and replace him with Venom, where his story and character couldn’t have been done right. Their reasoning is that Venom was more marketable with “the kids” which I don’t understand as the movie would sell itself regardless based on the fact it’s called Spider-Man 3.

Had they not interfered and planned ahead, instead of thinking short-term, they could have saved Venom for a later movie that would focus on just him. This would of worked well for the franchise and could easily have tied into the Venom spin-off they’ve been talking about for a long time.

Instead, they didn’t and now we’re left with a disappointing close to the trilogy and a fourth installment being held up due to a dispute that shouldn’t exist. I’m not sure I’m into the idea of Vulture and “Vulturess” (if that’s even true), but I do think if Raimi is to direct, they should let him make the decisions.

Perhaps Raimi and the studio should part ways and start again. We already know the scripts for Spider-Man 5 & 6 are being written in a way that would allow them to act as a franchise reboot of sorts if Raimi and star Tobey Maguire chose not to make more afterward.

[UPDATE] : Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood posted an e-mail Sr. VFX Producer Josh R. Jaggars to his crew which goes into some details about the Spider-Man 4 delays and how they should look for other work…

Hi there.
So, it’s official. “Spider-Man 4” has been pushed back several months, both the start of shooting and the release date.
At this time, we have no official start date, so I would encourage all of you to look for other work.
If/when the situation changes, either Rachelle, Spencer, or I will be in touch.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Josh R. Jaggars
Sr. VFX Producer


What do you think about the news and the future of Spider-Man? What villains should be in Spider-M4N?

Spider-Man 4 was scheduled for a May 11, 2011 release but who knows now. They could still shoot in the summer if a solution is found soon.

Sources: IESB, THR

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  1. Drop Spider man Raimi. Get to work on Warcraft :-)

  2. Raimi should just drop Spider-man, i actually like his work. whats the point. They’ve killed off spiderman for the next 5-10 years just as other directors/writers/etc killed off batman for a good decade.

    If things go the same way as Spidy 3, the movie is going to start out with some small time villain like Kraven the Hunter / Rhino then drop the King Pin from the Sky! for another Failed Spiderman Movie.

  3. i agree, the studio has already invested in him, so let him sink or swim by himself.

    and if he sinks all spiderman fans everywhere can hate the traitor for trying to kill ole web head

  4. Hopefully this will result in Raimi being shown the door from the frachise, along with Maguire and Dunst, and a new team brought on board.

    Only the second film showed signs of greatness. Raimi’s approach to the character was amateur at best.

  5. My gut instinct on this, says that Sony is trying to take the franchise in a bad direction. Raimi is bucking, hard from what I read elsewhere, and it’s halted the production. If Raimi’s dissatisfaction with the script and overall direction of the production gives us a superior product (one devoid of the Vultress), then I’m all for it.

    Personally, all I want from Spider-Man 4, based on what alleged plot details have found themselves online, is a story that goes a little something like this: Peter and MJ experience a bad break following the events of Spider-Man 3, MJ goes off to pursue her acting career elsewhere. Peter falls into his Spidey identity hard and runs across a cat burglar named the Black Cat. Elsewhere, Adrian Toomes creates his flight suit and gets turned down by every major weapons and technology developer, claiming that his suit looks ridiculous and that he’s too old to be able to contribute anymore. What was initially a fun little game of chase the kitty evolves into more as Peter deals with the emotions of MJ leaving him. He finds that his relationship, through Spider-Man, with the Black Cat is a lot more fun…but does it have any substance? Toomes dons his flight gear and emerges as the Vulture, acting as a terrorist targeting all of the companies that turned him down. After successfully sabotaging multiple companies, he and Spider-Man fight, the Vulture gets away but not without damage to his flight suit. Toomes retools his flight suit and makes it sturdier, as well as giving himself some more offensive capabilities. Spider-Man, with Black Cat, fight the Vulture and finally bring him down, however; not before the Black Cat gets semi-seriously injured. Peter decides that his feelings for the Black Cat are serious enough that he wants to share more of his life with her and reveals his identity to her (C’mon, he has to do it at least once per flick, I think it’s in Tobey’s contract). The reaction is not what he had hoped for, as she pulls away from Peter and tells him to put the mask back on. She tells him that she only wants something that is fun, and that revealing faces and attempting to domesticate their relationship will only ruin it. She invites him to join her for more rooftop adventures and jumps off the building. As Peter watches her swing to the next building we get a little inner monologue about how things rarely ever work out and how hard his life is, as he puts his mask back on and swings off into the horizon after her. The End.

    So Sony, and/or Raimi, if you need a script let me know, I can have a rough draft together relatively quickly. I’ve been meaning to start up a new script anyway…Final Draft has been getting lonely.

  6. Could it possibly be worse than spiderman 3?Say it ain’t so Raimi.

  7. @Packy

    Not bad. The only flaw I see is that the Vulture was never that great a threat to Spiderman. Especially warranting the need for help from Black Cat. If anything, I think it would be more fun, as a reveal, that the Black Cat was helping the Vulture all along.

  8. Spider-Man needs to go to Marvel Studios. Sony obviously screwed the franchise up and since Marvel makes their own movies I think they should buy back Spidey and make their own franchise with him. I know for a fact that if Marvel Studios owned him instead of Sony, they’d own the rights and make a true movie and not let a studio screw up their own movie.

  9. Spiderman will win !!!

  10. @ INK

    Maybe that’s what they meant by the whole “Vulturess” thing. I think that Toomes will be blackmailing Black Cat into helping him, hence the term “Vulturess”.

  11. @INK

    I realize that Vulture has never been an adequate threat to Spider-Man, however; I get the impression that Raimi is hell bent on including him in the film as the central villain. I did the best I could considering the content that I had to work with. On top of all that, I’m not sure I could in good consciousness write a script that involved the Black Cat helping the Vulture. It’s not in her character, not that she’s never teamed up with a villian before, just no one near as lame as the Vulture. She usually goes with the villains with the deeper pockets: The Kingpin, The Foriegner, etc. I suppose we could add the Lizard to my story and that would give everyone a reason to team up. My fear would be that adding him would lead to the whole “too many villains” issue that so many superhero films have. On the other hand, The Lizard isn’t a very deep character and could be added in just to make Peter’s life difficult.

  12. Yeah as much as I like him in SM there is a time you need to just walk away.

    Im with Jurgen… Zug Zug get to work on WC!

  13. what’s wrong with electro and the shocker? or hobgoblin vs green goblin or the wrecking crew(thunderball,wrecker,bulldozer)? those are worthy villains to me. yeah, i agree take a step back for a while.

  14. After walking out of the theater from seeing “Spiderman 3″, I felt as though my comic-book childhood was destroyed. Even though Peter Parker was under the influence of the symbiote, the slap he gave to Mary Jane was still not justified. Peter Parker is now a women beater within my mind, and it will take decades for me to get over that issue. Regardless about how it was implemented, watching your favorite superhero character beat a women leaves a mark. Whoever was responsible for writing “Spiderman 3″ should be taken out to the barn to be shot.

    I refuse to watch “Spiderman 4: The Return of the Women beater”. I refuse.

  15. Venom is the most important villian in the spidey universe, he’s the joker of that world and he was
    underused and all around ruined by a lazy write in and lazy directing I’m sorry but that was how it came off. Spiderman 3 gets worse everytime I watch the damn film, and now we get for spiderman 4 the vulture?

    Spiderman 2 was an amazing film no doubt but sitting through spiderman 3 was painful. Now we get a Venom spinoff and oh yay it will probably have Carnage in it, but its a spinoff those usually don’t bode well.

    Can Raimi bring us a better Spiderman film? No doubt, but the Vulture will be hard to sell as a serious threat, I’d rather see Scorpion, Mysterio, Electro, or CARNAGE but no…we get The Vulture.


  17. Rob (and Vic, Kofi and other Screen Ranters),

    I wonder if any moron bloggers will keep trolling on your Comments section now?

  18. M-Cat, I’d like to see them finish out the Lizard storyline and add in Kraven the Hunter. I just think after using Venom, there really isn’t ANYONE left in the Marvel Universe that is that much of a threat to Spidey anymore. If he can beat and alien symbiote, then there isn’t much that can beat him.

  19. where’s all the support that made the spidey movies huge in the 1st place? when will people stop jumping on the bashing wagon? it didn’t make a billion dollars without all of the people on here secretly running out of their house at midnight to see it first to get geek bragging rights, so cut the crap already.

  20. I agree Andy S. I’ve been waiting for the lizard and kraven since mcfarlane did that five issue story with them as villians.

  21. Spidey

    people went to see spiderman 3 because 2 was awesome. That’s y it made a ton and because venom was in it. It was garbage as everyone quickly found out.

  22. @M-Cat

    I’m sure the fact that Venom was in the film help too.

    But, to be honest I’ve seen all I’ve wanted to see out of Spider-man, except for The Lizard. I wanted to see Carnage, but after what happened with Venom I hope they don’t even consider that character.

  23. James Cameron always wanted to do a Spidey movie. Of course, he doesn’t have to right now with Avatar being such a big deal.

  24. @stuntmanj

    Man, I wouldn’t condemn the Spider-Man franchise to James Cameron unless somebody was going to pay me all of the profits that the film would surely make.

    I’ve read a version of his scriptment for the proposed Spidey flick back in the 90s, and it’s a doozy. Most major characters names were changed. The dynamic between Peter and MJ was very sexual, explicitly even. On top of all that the origins for all of the characters were all sorts of out of whack, even more so than Raimi’s films.

    I love James Cameron like the next guy, but he should stick to his anti-corporation/anti-military films like: Terminator, The Abyss and Avatar. Cameron is at his best when his creativity doesn’t have to contend with characters that have storied mythologies. Aliens 2 worked so well for him, because he could essentially do whatever he wanted with that franchise and not ruin it too much. Spider-Man, however; is a horse of a different color.

  25. Rob…it’s “should have” and “would have”, not “should of” or “would of”. If you want to use the contracted form of these words, they are “should’ve” and “would’ve”.

  26. It doesnt bother me.
    I want them to do it right.

  27. @Packy

    I just thought I’d mention it even though I knew Cameron’s script was a huge leap.

    I just hope if the movie can’t be done right, they let it rest for awhile.

  28. Wow… the Vulture and the Sandman together would’ve made Spiderman 3 better than the first two, I was always a fan of the Vulture and I liked what Raimi did with the Spiderman franchise. I do believe that it was the studio that ruined the movie as most studios do to good storylines/ideas.
    Seeming now that its becoming their way or the highway, I don’t see Raimi making more Spidey films, even if he actually goes through with this one.
    I don’t see anymore successful movies coming from this franchise, especially now that they ruined it as a whole it will be nearly impossible to continue on where they left off.

  29. @Julissa

    If you’ve read any of the comics, then you know there is no scenario that is impossible to come back from. The Spider-Man books continually shift from being some of the best books in the industry to some of the worst, it all depends on the creative team. The movies are the same. Whereas, I think we all agree that the results of Spider-Man 3 were less than satisfactory, I think the right script and some good creative choices could make this the next Spider-Man 2. Perhaps Spider-Man will suffer the Star Trek curse, only the even numbered films will be any good. Time will tell.