Confirmed: Michael Caine IS In Nolan’s ‘Inception’

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It was reported earlier this month (by the man himself no less) that Sir Michael Caine might be getting a part in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming enigmatic thriller Inception. However, at that point it was just Caine letting us know that there might be a part for him, one of the reasons being he has worked with Nolan a few times and in his words, “I don’t think Nolan’s going to make a picture without me.”

It was only yesterday that Screen Rant reported on another face, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, being added to the already great cast, and yet we have another new addition today: yes, that’s right, Caine has joined the cast of Inception.


It’s not a huge part, as our friends over at InContention lets us know via a quote from Caine himself, but at least he’s in there, working again with a director he clearly works well with. Here’s what he had to say:

“I have a little part in it, yes. Just a tiny part. Chris [Nolan] and I are very good friends so I’ll do that little part. I think I’ll work about three days. It’ll be extraordinary, wait until you see this one. I think if I say another word he’s going to kill me!”

As I said above, the cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy and Marion Cotillard) of this film was already great even before Levitt joined, then he jumped aboard, and it moved up the scale even more. And now that Caine is officially on-board, even if it’s not to play a huge role, Inception’s cast is officially brilliant.

I don’t think the film can take any more awesome performers joining it – but something tells me there are more people to come…

What do you make of the cast brought together so far for this film? Do you like that Caine is working with Nolan again?

Inception is set for a release sometime next year.

Source: /Film and InContention

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  1. I think the cast is looking great so far, and I love Michael Caine, he is a great actor. I truly can’t wait for this film!! Very excited about it.

  2. WOW! With Mr. Caines addition, this cast is complete!

  3. does anyone else think that this movie may actually be the third batman film?

  4. @Matt K,

    How did you connect the two? Simply because it has Murphy and Caine? I don’t think you could describe Batman as “a thriller within the architecture of the mind.” I’m open to new interpretations but that’s pushing it, eh?:P

    I don’t think Nolan is the type of guy to pull that sort of thing. April Fool’s was weeks ago!:P

  5. the same thing was done for “return of the jedi” and it was given a fake premise saying it was a horror film, im just saying that “inception” COULD be a working title for the third batman and they added that “fake” premise to throw people off.

  6. wasnt the same thing done for the first two films?

    according to imdb batman begins was under the fake working title “The Intimidation Game” and the dark knight was under the fake title “rory’s first kiss” and “winter green”

  7. Rory’s First Kiss? That’s freakin hilarious…

  8. Well he did The Prestige between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight so I don’t think it’s a stretch to do a movie in between The Dark Knight and the third Batman movie. I think people are just too anxious for this third Batman movie so they are hoping any news of Nolan working on a film is actually a cover up for the third one. Come on people, give him time away from Batman. Plus I think Nolan is currently my favorite director, I wouldn’t want him to do just Batman movies so I am definitely open to others, and this one sounds pretty good. Stop being so paranoid for a Batman movies guys, maybe he makes the movie better when he gets a break away from it, if so then take your time Mr. Nolan, I can be patient if it means the quality of the movie is better for it.

  9. I could see this coming a few months ago.
    BTW, Stephen: totally agree with you and Nolan is also my favorite director!

  10. I don’t know, besides the Batman films and Momento, what else have Nolan done that was so great? I guess the Prestige, but to me that was a movie that was good to watch the first time only. Well, Momento too in my opinion. He’s an alright director, he has the potential for greatness, an eye for stylish plot twists, but judging from the sloppily thrown together “shattering bullet” sequence and the sloppily paced ending of TDK, he still has a lot of room to grow. But looking at the rest of TDK, it’s apparent he’s a great director, so it boggles my mind how those mistakes slipped past him in TDK.

    My personal favorite is still James Cameron, he’s a perfectionist and you see that in his films. You never see unevenness in his movies, you never think that some parts of the movie was directed by him while others were not.

    I’ve been pretty impressed with Martin Campbell so far, but the only movies of his I’ve seen so far are Casino Royale and Goldeneye, I’ve seen Mask of Zorro but don’t really remember it, so can’t use that as an example. But from the two movies I remember of his, he’s obviously a great director too.

    John McTiernan has some gems on his resume as well, like Die Hard, Die Hard III, Predator, The Hunt for Red October, not a huge fan of Basic, and I’m sorry, but I liked Last Action Hero. It was SUPPOSED to be campy, corny, and cheesy, so screw the criticism, lol.

    Ridley Scott directed some of my favorite movies too like Blade Runner and Black Hawk Down… But one movie so many people loved that I really didn’t like was Gladiator. It was not at all an accurate portrayal of Rome at the time (HBO’s Rome is MUCH more accurate) and I found most of the characters to be so whiney that they were downright annoying to watch… GI Jane and Hannibal were horrible… So despite Blade Runner and Black Hawk Down, I can’t say I’m a HUGE fan of Ridley Scott either, to me he’s hit or miss.

    David Fincher have impressed me a few times. Obviously not with Alien 3 though… The Game comes to mind immediately.

    So I think ultimately James Cameron must be my favorite…

    I think Nolan might be the most “exciting” director right now with the honeymoon he’s still on with The Dark Knight, but I think there are a lot of other directors with a much more impressive resume than he has. But yes, I know you guys said “favorite” director, which is your opinion (and this is just mine), I’m just trying to explain why I don’t consider him mine before people flame me for not giving a reason why not…

  11. @ Ken J

    Ummm, well The Prestige and TDK are in my top ten of favorite movies, and Batman Begins isn’t too far out. I still haven’t seen Momento so I can’t comment on it. Honestly I’m still catching up with great movies of the last few years since I’ve recently gained an extreme interest in them, so I probably sound a bit ignorant as of now. I am not sure though if someone can top Nolan, because it’s hard to top a director who’s directed two of your favorite movies. I have seen some of the movies/directors’ that you mentioned and they are all very accomplished as well as very talented in their craft, I just favor Nolan. Like you said though, just my opinion. Maybe in a a few years I’ll feel differently, but as of now, I get ecstatic when I hear of a Christopher Nolan movie more than any other director out there.

  12. as for my favorite director i would have to say that its Ishiro Honda(RIP) his films are just fantastic and not just his godzilla films either, and Michael Bay i know im gonna get some hate for that, but his films nothing but fun action flicks and thats what i like: stuff gettin blown up.

    Nolan is a great director, ive seen all of his films and they are great. The guy is “5 for 5″, but eventually he will bring in a “bad” film, just hope it isnt too soon

  13. @ Stephen, that’s exactly the reason why I picked who I picked as my favorite director. When your favorite movies are directed by the same person, then that’s a completely sound reason for that choice. But my taste in movies differ slightly from yours I guess, I liked the Nolan Batman films, but call me childish, but I actually like the universe set by the animated version more.

    It’s hard to explain since there are like four versions of the animated Batman. There is Batman: The Animated Series, The Adventures of Batman and Robin, The New Adventures of Batman and Robin, and The Batman. “The Batman” sucks, I HATE that one. The one right before that, that lasted one year, was The New Adventures of Batman and Robin. I thought it was so-so, but it had the same voice cast as the two before that, and those I LOVE, but they dilluted the characters a lot to make it easier for kids to understand.

    The original Batman: The Animated Series and then Adventures of Batman and Robin were excellent, Kevin Conroy as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Mark Hamill as The Joker, oh the good times. I liked those over the movie because it showed a much more complete and complex Batman. He was a troubled lonely man, a crime fighter, and a detective. The movies only really touched on two of those, they left out his detective side completely in Batman Begins, then The Dark Knight had the sorriest excuse for a detective sequence I’ve EVER seen… They threw that in there probably hearing the many fans complain that they left out his detective side in BB.

    I also loved the original Animated Series complex look at the villains. Not typical of cartoons, the villains were multi-dimensional. Often they were not just simply bad, but very conflicted individuals. The Joker is the exception, he was pure evil from the very beginning, which is why he was the most dangerous of the animated series’ villains. Two-Face was literally Bruce Wayne’s best buddy from college before he became Two-Face. And even as Harvey Dent, he would sometimes “snap” when people pushed him and would show that he had anger problems, even a dual personality issue. He even saw a psychologist many times on the show. He appeared in several episodes of the show as Harvey Dent before being Two-Face. That was something pretty not typical of cartoons. Usually characters are introduced and their backstory and everything is covered within one episode.

    Then there is Mr. Freeze. The original show, comic, and then movies, always showed him as just another villain except his MO was always cold related. The animated show decided to go a different direction. They also made him very muti-dimensional, showing the backstory of how he lost his beloved wife and how he turned into Mr. Freeze. There were even times on the show where he helped Batman because he realized what he was doing was wrong. Another good example of Mr. Freeze being the good guy at times is the end of Sub Zero, the B:TAS movie with Mr. Freeze as the villain.

    But if you haven’t seen it already, go out and rent Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. It pits Batman against The Joker and the movie covers every aspect of Batman, including a glimpse into how he started the vigilante thing. It’s an excellent movie. If you’re a Batman fan you will really enjoy that movie.

  14. ken j,

    “batman mask of the phantasm” was and still is an awesome film

  15. Considering that the films (Inception and Untitled Batman 3) make it unlikely that these are indeed the same film. However people in the industry are big pranksters, so who’s to say this is or isn’t a fake film.

    It would be a great elaborate throw off that flock millions more people to the film. If I was WB studios, I would go so far as to let people think they are seeing “Inception” and then they do the WB logo, they throw the DC Comics and bat symbol out. While most of the time films need marketing, the director and cast would market it enough.

    Then again I don’t think WB would pass up the chance for midnight release sales, as they would probably double.

    I think that if it is a fake synopsis, it is either brilliant or insanely stupid, but only time will tell.

    Who knows if Warner, Nolan or cast will slip up or if they will even talk at all or do press prior to the movie.

    I think summer 2010 is not a outrageous date for a new Batman film, while the traditional has been three years which would set it at a July 2011 release date.

    Its fun, and guess what if Inception is an actual movie different from the Caped Crusader trilogy then by keeping people guessing, the studio and Nolan have successfully marketed the film as people will be interested and want to go see Inception.