‘Conan the Barbarian’ Trailer is an Impressive But Familiar Beast

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Conan the Barbarian movie trailer Conan the Barbarian Trailer is an Impressive But Familiar Beast

One of the things we lamented in our 2011 Summer Movie Preview was that we hadn’t really seen any significant amount of footage from the Conan the Barbarian reboot. The Conan teaser offered a (very) brief look at Jason Momoa’s version of the titular warrior – and the war paint-clad opponents he faces in the film.

Now we have a full-length theatrical trailer that offers a glimpse at the new cinematic incarnation of Conan – as envisioned by director Marcus Nispel, the man behind the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th.

Here is the official synopsis for the new Conan the Barbarian:

To avenge the murder of his father and the slaughter of his Cimmerian village, Conan (Momoa) goes on a quest to find and kill the sadistic warlord responsible. However, this warlord, Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang), is on his own quest to find an elusive young woman, Tamara (Rachel Nichols), the key to an enigmatic ritual of resurrection. When Conan abducts Tamara and uses her as bait, he is pursued by armies, besieged by monsters and led to a site of primeval magic and human sacrifice.

Check out the full theatrical trailer for the film (via Yahoo! Movies) below:

On the one hand: This Conan trailer does a good job of establishing the mystical yet down-and-dirty atmosphere of the ancient world setting. It also offers some tantalizing glimpses at the gritty action sequences and impressively macabre production design – not to mention both Momoa as the titular brute and the world he inhabits seem more akin to the original Conan the Barbarian comic books than the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring films back in the 1980s ever did.

On the other hand: The bits of CGI monsters and sand creatures are a bit too reminiscent of fantastical adventure pics like The Mummy and Clash of the Titans remake for my tastes – not to mention, a bit on the fake side. That said, props to Nispel for not just emulating the visual style of 300 since one of the earlier Conan pics released suggested the film might do just that. It’s just too bad we don’t get to see more of Lang’s villainous warlord (I imagine he’ll be good fun in the part).

Overall, Conan the Barbarian could be a wild card. It’ll either be an awesome period action-adventure in which Momoa really captures the chest-thumping, head-slicing nature of the Conan character – or he (and the film as a whole) could end up just being a disappointment.

Conan the Barbarian arrives in theaters this summer on August 19th. How does it look to you so far?

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. This looks bad, really bad. It might not be bad, but it sure looks that way. I’ll wait for the reviews.

    • If this looks so bad to you then give me a hack and slash movie that could stand up to the standards you think it should be. Now, don’t say 300 because so much of that movie was done CGI. Now I’m an Arnold die hard fan but if you are truely a Conan fan which I am. ( been reading Conan and collecting Comics of Conan better part of 30 years. ) This so far is what Conan would look like. Not a Big German.

      I liked it.

      • I’m not basing my opinion off of any of that. This just looks bad to me, like a Sci Fi Channel flick, just corny and cheaply put together, not what I was hoping for at all. I’ll wait for the reviews, I’ve been wrong before.

        • I take offense to that, you obviously havent been watching the sludge scyfy has been putting out. Kids on the playground have better costumes than what I have seen lately.

  2. me likey. seems like it’ll be a guilty pleasure

  3. Trailer looks awesome to me

  4. I’ve like Momoa since Stargate Atlantis. He’s a better actor than Arnie (IMO) and I think the trailer showed some good action scenes and that Momoa can do the action (but we already knew that from SGA). I think this movie is going to be a fun movie if it plays out like the trailer.

  5. Liked it. Give me a fun, bloody adventure, anytime. Looks and feels like the Marvel version of Conan, my favorite.

    I just hope Conan is not the stupid, mute brute portraited in Ahnuld´s films.

  6. ok, NOW I am impressed! I’m seeing this movie when it comes out.

    • Word, must see list for sure!

  7. The dialogue looks pretty awful, but the action sequences and production look pretty good.

  8. I liked the way it looked,but if it’s got a rock n roll soundtrack,it will take me out of the film. They should have an appropriate soundtrack for the “time period”. They should have gotten Basil Polidouris from the original.

    • Thats just trailer music.

  9. Ok….

    Speaking as an REH fan and an Age of Conan player… I love it.

    This looks GREAT!!!

    This encompasses all things Conan.

    1) It’s not high fantasy. It’s sword and sorcery (the kind where unnatural magic is used). It’s gritty death and dismemberment.

    2) The lands are ancient. Notice in the trailers that everything is decayed. THAT’S how REH describes virtually every land in his stories.

    3) The different lands are and cultures are represented from the books. Aquilonian, Khittian, Cimmerian, Pictish, etc…

    4) The ornate armor pieces from the artwork of the comics and Frank Franzetta.

    5) The bad guy (Stephen Lang) is a dark wizard with an army. That’s REH through and through.

    I could go on about all the little details of the trailer.

    As to the CGI – it could be better. But, I set my expectations pretty low for this movie and the ONE thing that truly stands out about the trailer is…

    It is going to be Conan action from start to finish.

    Now I know how Rickster feels about the Harry Potter movies.

    I am PSYCHED to go see this now!!

    • You know,I said that same exact thing about the Conan PC game?….till I played it.

      • Good thing it’s not the pc game.

        • I agree with Nautius, very good looking movie and unlike the game which I also bought the collectors edition for, it is a movie. The PC game promised a lot and delivered half.

          • Do you mean AoC or the “other” one?

  10. Oh man, that looks amazing! Jason Momoa is just perfect for the role. Love the music. So looking forward to this.

  11. It looks awesome, but slightly mediocre at the same time. I don’t know, I’ll have to wait and see it before I pass final judgement.

  12. it looks ok…. id see it :)

    • I read your comment while looking at your pic of Snape and heard his voice in my head. Gave me a good chuckle

      • haha patrick nice to hear, alan rickman has one of the best voices ever!

        • Yeah he does. He is one of the best villain actors ever.

        • By Grapthar’s Hammer, by the Sons of…..oh, wait, wrong movie. :-)

          • Bwahahaha!!! Cool Galaxy Quest reference :)
            Another favorite is “I am the Metatron!!”
            Why a spoon cousin? Why not an axe?
            Because its DULL you twit, It’ll hurt more

  13. Better than I expected, Im there in August.

  14. Two matrix cliche’s in one trailer is enough for me NOT wanting to see this soon-to-be pile of poo poo.And why do all the women in this trailer have paper plates for hats?

    • They want to look like your avatar?

  15. This looks perfect. It has all the components of the original movie. Not the original Conan stories(which were great imo), but the old Arnie movies.Terrible dialogue, magic, trashy looking monsters, random sex, and large brutish swordfights. Thats something to thank Crom for.

  16. This looks way better than Clash of the Titans.

  17. looks great can’t wait till this comes out. On a side note love the way Rose McGowan looks

  18. *great ……. forgot to add that part

  19. it looks good! I really hope the music is as epic. One of my favorite part of the original Conan, both barbarian and destroyer, were Basil Pondouris’ score in the film. If its near as good as that Ill be happy. And if he says Crom! That is a must, or else this movie fails on a grand scale.

  20. Looks great! I think it might be the kind of movie that ends up being a lot better than the preview. Some times you see a kick ass preview and the movie its self is crap. This movie looks like it will get the job done and set up more Conan movies (closer to REH) down the road. I hope this preview is played when I go see Thor this weekend.

  21. Clash of the Barbarians!

  22. Im curious as to why they dont simply follow the books. I managed to track down all fo them a few years ago and they progressively tell a great overall story. It would have been good if they had found a young actor and done a sort of Harry Potter style story as to how he eventually becomes a king. Maybe someday.

    In regards to the preview I think the film looks like it could be really good. I would love to see a franchise like this take off. I hope they play him as a man who is slightly more intelligent than those around him while being a brilliant tactician. The real Conan was far more than a simple barbarian.

    • I imagine the answer to that would be….because they can’t bank on a sequel, they have to encapsulate the movie. This means that whatever plot they use has to be completely resolved in one movie. If they could be guaranteed a 3 part trilogy (or however many it took to resolve) it would be much easier to follow a larger and more correct story arc.

      Just one of the many sad truths behind Hollywood execs thinking processes these a days.

      • All of the conan novels are encapsulated into one story, R.E.Howard wrote tham all as stand alone tales for pulp publications in the 30’s. Hollywood cant seem to understand that the greatness of the character Conan was in the writings of Howard and not in the muscular form of whoever is playing him. Howards books are concise without being overly descriptive like Tolkein. You could almost translate it to a script verbatum but Hollywood beleives that they can make any book “better” by having someone else rewrite what was already perfect.

        • Well said. This is why fans of the books (definitely including comic books) don’t like it when Hollywood refuses to follow the written material. As you said, the stories are well written, and therefore nothing needs to be changed or edited. I agree.

          • My next concern is the new film John Carter of Mars, which Disney/Pixar picked up. ERB was what I grew up reading and that series of books deserves to be handled well, so here’s hoping 2012 brings about a good epic that is true to the books.

            I just noticed I needed to proof read my previous post, too many spelling errors. lol

    • I think Momoa is young enough, that if (big IF) this becomes a successful series, then he could still do well playing Conan through the years.

      I wonder how well it would be received by general audiences if they did a movie about his pirate days as Amra.

      His days as King Conan (specifically The Scarlet Citadel) would make an amazing movie.

      But the one I’d want to see the most is Beyond the Black River. That was truly some great action writing.

  23. Good job. They just showed the entire movie in a trailer. GREAT!!!!!!

  24. I was very excited for this movie but after seeing the trailer, I gotta say, this will definitely be a disappointment.

  25. Looks better than the first trailer but I’m not really convinced about the movie as a whole. The story synopsis also reads like a mashing together of first 2 Conan movies.

  26. “…uses her as bait…”

    Ah yeah! There’s my Conan!

  27. Sorry but this guy does not look big enough to be the strongest barbarian of them all. Should be someone more of the size of Arnie. This film is going to ruin (yet again) a film from my youth. Well done Hollywood!! Clash of the Titans was horrible, pretty sure this will be also.

    • Conan wasnt the strongest barbarian of them all. Read the books, he was intelligent and had acquired the skills to survive that many others didnt. He spoke many languages and was able to command men at an early age and was proficiant with any weapon he put his hands on. he was the perfect leader and was able to get along with almost anyone. That saved his neck more times as much as his sword.

    • That film from your youth bent a icon ffrom my youth over a table and had its way with it. The more it destroys Ahnuld’s “legacy” the better IMO

      • Have to agree with TIm, the Arnold version, directed by John Milius, was a pale version of the books. Arnold looked good when he was standing still but he was a plodding amatuer compared to someone who knows how to handle a sword. Not to mention they seem to think armor is nothing but a fashion choice and not designed to actually protect you.

    • I guess you haven’t seen “Game of Thrones” have you?

    • Uh you either have never read true conan novel or your illiterate and cant read.

      • Never read true Conan novel (sic)? I’m guessing you dis on Robert Jordan, L. Sprague deCamp or even the originator R.E. Howard?

        I thought I’d read them, maybe you’re right and I’m just not remembering that somehow.

        Yes… Yes, that must be it. Now I see it! I clearly remember the all important Atlantean sword that was with our Hero Conan All The Way! How foolish of me to forget the kidnapping by the Aesir… or was that the Vanir? Oh and that book with Valeria! And his Hyrkanian Archer Buddy Sidekick! Silly me.

        Oh yes, and the Riddle of Steel! Of course, that lovely genius!


  28. Based on the trailer, this looks terrible…Rose Mcgowan’s looks can’t even make this barable as she looks awful in this….

    • She is supposed to loo… nevermind.

      If you know anything about anything about Conan, then you’d know this movie looks like it’s going to hit the mark a lot closer than the Ahnold versions.

      • Amen!

      • Ha, yeah..kinda got that she is supposed to look….sigh…

        It has nothing to do with whether or not this is closer to the books, (which I have read a couple of and YES it does seem like it will be)but seriously, the production looks cheap, and I can’t see anything in the trailer that looks original or anything that makes me want to see it.

        I think Jason Momoa is actually a good choice for Conan, people say he isn’t big enough, blah, blah, but if this is to be a series of movies, and this is a youngish Conan, then it could work out well. I was never that greater fan of Arnold’s take on Conan, and always thought they could do a lot better, but as it stands, I don’t think they have…

  29. Seems extremely derivative, but I will be there when The Lords of the Persian Pandorum Clash at the gates of Troy