Awesome New ‘Conan’ Images

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Conan Awesome New Conan Images

Last month we got our first official look at Jason Momoa as Conan in director Marcus Nispel’s forthcoming reboot.

If that image didn’t sell any wary Conan fans about the new incarnation of the iconic barbarian, the next set of probably will. It’s looking more and more like Momoa was a great choice after-all.

The images come courtesy of the official Conan Facebook Page and showcase Momoa looking tough-as-nails on set.

The first screen shows Conan staring ahead, probably two seconds before dismembering some unlucky minion. The character looks intimidating as ever. The second images showcases Momoa’s dexterity as an actor – riding a horse, holding a giant sword, and managing to still look cool.

Who said that production images of shirtless-actor can’t still look badass?  Maybe it was the same person coaching Jacob in The Twilight Saga?

Conan new image1 570x380 Awesome New Conan Images

Conan new image2 570x381 Awesome New Conan Images

Replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title-role was always going to be tough – but going by what we’ve seen so far, Momoa has more than adequately taken up the mantle. I certainly wouldn’t want to go toe-to-toe with him, particularly looking at that first image. I wonder whose done what to make Conan (or Momoa) so angry?

Whoever it was, things are not likely to end well for them.

conan jason momoa action Awesome New Conan Images

That said, I’m still a bit wary about the new Conan film, not due to the casting of Jason Momoa, but because of the director. Nispel hasn’t exactly proven his worth with his previous remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th - nor with the rather bland and boring Pathfinder (which aimed for the same demographic as Conan).

I’m still willing to give Nispel the benefit of the doubt – but I would have rather seen a director who has proven they can handle this type of film (although definitely not Brett Ratner).

Conan stars Jason Momoa, Ron Perlman, Rose McGowan, Rachel Nichols and Stephen Lang. The film sword swipes its way into theaters (in 2D and 3D) on August 19, 2011.

Source: Conan Facebook Page

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  1. Anyone else think he looks like the Great Kahli?

  2. his chin is no where big enough

  3. He is no arnold. What’s with the scene of the forest? Did he make is may to europe?

    • Hyboria ain’t all steppes and deserts. I don’t know where the movie is set, but both Cimmeria and Aquilonia should have quite decent forests.

  4. Sorry, not sold. He still looks like an underwear model to me. What’s with the curly hair- it makes him look like a girl. And he just doesn’t have that rock solid mesomorph physique. He looks like a naturally skinny guy- an ecto morph- who spent a lot of time in the gym.

    I guess the best way to describe him would be to quote Arnold himself. With his long curly hair, delicate lips and unconvincing scowl, he looks to me not like a brutal barbarian, but just a dressed-up ‘girly man’.

    • heheh fully agree with you :)

  5. arnold was the man of conan, every buddy no’s that.

  6. Jason Momoa shoulda kept the dreads and the goatee from stargate atlantis…it was much more barbarian looking….

    • Conan didn’t have dreads or a goatee, though.

  7. Arnold is going to be tough to follow so the only thing we have going that could make this movie better is time.there has been so much growth in so many areas of film making. better movie….maybe, better Conan,…ha, good luck!

  8. Maybe they do have a nice forest. There is no way that they had roads that looked like the one he is on. They should of stuck to the rugged terrain for the earlier films.

    • The Hyborian Age is at a roughly Medieval (and at least Classical) stage of development, so they definitely had roads. Heck, they had roads in the earlier films too.

  9. still looks like a Sy Fy original, AND HE IS NOT BUFF ENOUGH! That first photo of him kneeling with the sword is just flat out lame.

  10. Jason Momoa is hell on fire HOT.

  11. Looks like a made for t.v. robin hood movie, sets are too colorful, not dreary enough. That bottom picture of him looks like an elf..I will watch it and it may be good, but not conan..

  12. Arnold was a bad Conan. Arnold is not Conan and never was Conan. Arnold played some big ox that just walked here and there cutting people in half with his big sword. You all need to read a book.

    • I agree whole heartedly–Arnold is a bad actor (worse governor) he was nothing but a juiced up body. He is the male Meghan Fox.

      • wow lol, tell how you guys really feel

      • Thank you! I don’t get why everyone is so hung up on Arnold. I mean, he was big and that was ALL he was hired for. His voice was even dubbed on one of the very first movie he did. Arnold will not be in this movie, so let’s just move on…

  13. okay so Arnold didnt work and this guy didn’t work. So, how bout we just get someone that reflects the COMIC?? I would love that. Lets see how far the movie goes. Cause I remember reading the Conan comic books when I was younger. and my jaw dropped! I mean damn it was as if Playboy and Chainsaw Massacre had a baby! It was too adult for me and I was 12! It was like every other page had him @##$@!$ some gorgeous woman!- and the other pages he was ripping someone in half! If this movie at least does that??? I’ll more than tolerate it. If they Hollywood it up. I’m done.- lemme know when it comes out on tv.

    • how can you say he didnt work when the movie isnt out yet?

  14. Needs a helmet or headband, needs a three medallion necklace, needs the broadsword on his back not his side, needs better scarring. They apparently didn’t look at any Conan images from comics or book covers or even the movies. He just looks like a really buff homeless guy.

    • Nah… homeless guys wouldn’t have such glorious hair.
      That’s one of my fav peeves; clean and fabulous hair.
      What barbarian has the time to use Head’n Shoulders and visiting a hairdresser before going into combat with evil lord MacGuffin?
      Not very many I’ll guess.
      To repeat others; Momoa should’a kept the dreads. At the very least, that’s a probable hairstyle for a barbarian.

      • Momoa’s hair doesn’t look clean or fabulous at all. It looks oily and greasy. Anyone who thinks oily and greasy = clean and fabulous needs to get refunds from the barbers they go to.

        And again, Conan didn’t have dreads.

  15. if its blood and guts of the R rated type, im in, no need for me to see another pg-13 conan movie

  16. I’ll give it a look…can’t be any worse than RED SONJA was…

    • Red Sonja is enjoyable classic camp, it’s better than Kull the COnquerer

  17. One of the things I have noticed in a couple of the pics that have been released is that he appears to have bad posture. That top picture is a good example of what I mean. Maybe it is just the way the picture was taken, but when I read the Conan stories, I always pictured Conan to exude confidence and almost a primal nobility, if you take my meaning. The pics I have seen of Mamoa don’t convey that to me. Not saying he will be bad, just something I noticed.

  18. Arnold was physically more dominate at the role but he was not much beyond that. That was all good though at the time. That was all that was needed. Now a days some people completely dissect movies and are looking for an actor to expand on the character a little more besides muscle. Personally, I love the orginals(for their time). I just hope they play tribute to the old music scores from the originals…dun,dadun,dun,

  19. I like CTB, I think it’s a classic. But it’s not that a physically dominate actor was all that was needed, it’s just that was the only thing we got in that movie. But what do you expect of a movie from the 80′s? Back in the 70′s and 80′s the bad ass guy’s were men like Eastwood and Bronson, bad ass’s yes, but big, no. So it was the only real option to get Arnold. Now we see a lot of actors buffing up to play big guy roles, like Buttler did for 300 and Pitt did for Troy. It’s a good thing to do if they give the actor a good amount of time to hit the gym, but at the same time the actor cant get as big as a pro bodybuilder, but in this case, Conan is not a bodybuilder. Could Momoa be bigger…yes, could he have more black looking hair… yes, could his sword look better… yes, could his scars look better… yes. But all the things we are mad about have nothing to do with Momoa and everything to do with the director and producers. I just hope this movie is at least good for us REH fans and dose well at the box office so a better director with a bigger vision can step in and make a kick-ass 2nd and 3rd movie. As far as them putting the original score in the film, I don’t think that will happen. They already said who will be doing the score for this film and it’s some guy that worked with Hanz Zimmer, or what ever his name is.

  20. Well, they *are* CONAN images, I’ll give you that much. Not sure if “awesome” is the word that immediately springs to mind…

    SyFy original?

  21. … Sorry, he needed atleast another year in the gym!

  22. I liked pathfinder.

  23. I’[m still not having a problem with it…but too many here seem to be locked into Ahnuld’s version…how many here have actually read any of Robert E. Howard’s original Conan stories? Not the pastiches by De Camp, Carter, et al…the REAL Conan stuff. I have, and Jason Momoa comes closer to a Howardian Conan visually than Ahnuld. BTW, that hair looks greasy, nasty, and matted to me, NOT Tresseme’d within an inch of its life.

    • Again, I totally agree

  24. Arnold is a icon you morons. Atleast replace him with someone who has potential to be a star. Arnold was perfect in that role. He is not a good actor he is huge and he can’t really speak english. That sounds like a barbarian to me. This guy looks like fabio’s half brother. Looks like a direct to dvd movie to me.

    • Arnold is no icon and those Conan movies he was were horrible

  25. I’m still not sold on this movie because of the director. I don’t think he was the “right” choise

  26. i am bigger than him and i am a software developer…

  27. Looks Like Hercules or Legend of the Seeker to me,and thats not a good thing !

    Hm..small and like made for TV. Epic sets with Panorama takes of landscape would be better…but that first pic with the set in the backround..sorry can’t help feel like a SyFy Movie !

    Hope i am wrong !

  28. Arnold is an icon because of his body and the fact that he came to the U.S. with nothing and now has it all. His status as an icon has nothing to do with his acting. He was the first big guy to be in the movie’s since the 40′s and 50′s. And @ Taemo17, you say Arnold was a good Conan because he was big and could not speak good English? You make comments like that and you call us morons? If you would just read some REH, I think you would feel like the moron.

  29. Jason Momoa looks awesome as Conan! I’m worried about the story though, but i hear that Arnold might make a cameo as Conan’s father or a glimpse of Conan in the future.