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conan Conan Movie UpdateThe new Conan film has been in development for almost a decade – to put it in perspective, it has been in development for so long Arnold Schwarzenegger was attached to star in it at one point. Over the years the Wachowskis and Robert Rodriguez have been linked to direct the film and the property has moved from Warner Brothers to Nu Image/Millennium Films in the intervening years.

So what’s the current status? Nu Image/Millennium Films have now signed a distribution deal with Lionsgate to help bring Robert E. Howard’s iconic character back to the big screen. Further, Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer – the gentlemen behind Sahara have been signed to write the screenplay.

Production is scheduled to begin later in the year, and the film apparently has a $100 million budget. An interesting aspect to the article that appeared in Variety is that Avi Lerner, the head of Nu Image/Millennium, is trying to negotiate a deal with the WGA so that they can push the film into production as quickly as possible.

It’s interesting news, and I feel that the main reason for the momentum on Conan was the success of 300 at the box office. I really hope that they can make a good film, one that matches the scope and feel of John Milius’ 1982 version: Conan The Barbarian.

There’s no news yet on who will star, but you can bet that any wrestler or actor with gym membership will be linked to the part.

I’m going to throw open the discussion, who would you like to see star as Conan?

Source: Variety

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  1. I think we can all pretty much agree that we’re concerned as to whether or not this will be a good film?
    As a long time fan and devout at that,
    my concern is pretty much was LUCKY was trying to say- No pretty boys or muscle heads and lets stick to the source material.

  2. Arnold was a good Conan. And he would be a good choice, being that he is supposed to be old and a King if they are making the sequel to the mediocre Conan the Destroyer. It makes sense, but if this is a reboot/rehash then some one else can do or even a combination or something. And people need to know when a joke is told (referring to the Conan O’brien comments), lighten up people.

  3. noooo.. no Arnold he’s a has been. He’s in politics now.
    Conan is not supposed to be a comedy film it’s grim dark bloody and gritty.
    There should also be a spooky kind of feel too. Wizards and Zombies and Bat creatures and ape-men and giant snakes and lizards. No Arnold. then it would be a stupid flop.

  4. I don’t think it would be a flop, but from the last film Conan the Destroyer it was hard hinted at a final movie in which Conan is Older and Has His Kingdom, so it makes sense (to me anyway) to use the Governator (besides his term is about up). Writing and directing also plays an important role is how a movie flops, not just one actor. Wasn’t there a Conan tv series? Was that not a comedy? But I agree no Arnold if they are starting freshly over, unless he is recounting/remembering.

  5. Well if you read the books, Conan had jet black hair and blazing blue eyes. They need to find someone to fit Howard’s Conan. I agree with several posters, NO WRESTLERS. I would refuse to see it if they star “The Rock”. I also want it to emulate the older Conan movies. No modern comic book-like movies like Sin City or 300. I’d like to see a real action trilogy here showing in Howard’s dark gritty detail the amazing adventures of Conan the Cimmerian.

    “Hither came Conan, the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandalled feet” -The Nemedian Chronicles (The Coming of Conan) by Robert E. Howard.

  6. I just don’t want Zombie to direct it.
    No wrestlers is a good idea…but who would they get?
    They need an unknown with the proper look..and acting talent.

  7. I think they should get Christian Kane to do the starring role as “Conan”, he would be awesome!!!!!

  8. Wow! Did I get kicked out or what? Nice to see there are still a few die hard fans rooting for a movie that will probably never happen. Seriously, has anyone heard anything concrete? I’d take a filming location, cast list, director’s blog, anything. Green light or not it is inspiring to see so many fans. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  9. BTW Lisa, I just checked out the website on Christian Kane and please don’t take this personally but you REALLY don’t know your Conan. No offense.

  10. Who the frikkin’ heck is Christian Kane?

  11. Another pretty boy actor who also sings.

  12. come on, has anybody been watching Leverage?!? Yeah, he may be a pretty boy, but, you also gotta keep the women interested in seeing a remake too! For box office ratings, and the boys got charisma, so don’t slam him too much, or me for that matter. No one could take Arnold’s place as Conan. But, Kane would be better than some 18-20 year old schoolgirl heart throb, like in Twilight. Right?

  13. Sigh……….Lisa, the new film is not going to be a remake. There are dozens of Conan books like Harry Potter and the Lord of the rings there is a whole world based around the hero. Using a heartthrob would go against all that’s holy according to die hard fans. The actor they get…has to be really big just like described in the books he also must have mature yet craggy/handsome features not cute. The film itself should be an epic like the Rings trilogy or Braveheart. Not a run of the mill SuperHero story like Underworld or Blade or Van Helsing. AN EPIC. So whoever they get to direct it and star in it is going to be what puts the movie over. Otherwise it’ll be lost in obscurity like Eragon and Spiderwick.

  14. point taken and correct. And yes, Conan is the Barbarian that he is, But, you still have to take into account the female gender, the younger generation and those who have not read the vast amount of Conan books when making films. So, the man will still have to be appealing.

  15. The world that REH envisioned seems to have been a mesh of ‘real’ old world names that he stuck on a fictional continent that included pretty much the whole mass of Africa, Europe, and Asia. And all those continents seems to have been smushed together to form the world of REH’s visions.

    The name conan itself has a Celtic origin to it. But when he describes the character, he describes him as bronze, if i’m not mistaken, i’m not staring at any conan pages ATM. I dont know how many of you have lived or been to Ireland recently, or for that matter, scotland or england, but speaking from personal experience, i have never seen a bronze irish man or woman.

    Now whos to say that the equator of the earth in the writings of REH weren’t further north or the continent itself not further south? Thus leading those that were in the north to take a darker skin tone. Or perhaps there was less ozone and what with the snow and all their skins darkened quite considerably? Perhaps Ming the Merciless had bombarded the planet with super dark coloring rays of gamma cosmic beams.

    And what color are atlantians? I seem to have read a post earlier that states someone actually knew what color they weren’t. That’s interesting. Any relatives from there or perhaps you have edgar cayces sight?

    The point being that this is fantasy. And if we are to go off of REH’s writings, as this is about his work, the skin color of the actor should be bronze or at least made to look bronze. Now let’s all do a lookup on of bronze and color and see what color you come up with.

  16. sigh………Zyg , Conan…in his youth before he traveled to far off distant countries…was just as pale as any other one of his countrymen. THEN he got the wanderlust. He went to countries that were the HYBORIAN world equivilent of Africa and Saudi Arabia and spent years in the sun as he grew older larger and stronger. There were stories where he was lost , naked in the desert and had sun burn so bad it would have killed any normal man…but he recovered and he of course got tanned in these instances. He worked and he was enslaved as well. He also spent some time out at sea. Once again….exposed to the elements. Yes he wore clothing but there were segments where he removed his garments and further exposed himself to the elements. This is how he wound up with ” BRONZED ” skin. I fhtis helps you at all I am more than happy to have obliged.

  17. I gotta admit Mikeyboy has made some very valid points. Conan is not handsome nor is he charming and appealing to women or children was never REH’s goal. The world of Conan is a dark, gritty, and very brutal place. Conan himself is no gentleman, but that was always his true appeal. We love him for his bravado, his everyman demeanor, and most of all for his in your face confidence. I’d like to think people not familiar with the stories could appreciate that not how good looking the actor is or how audience friendly the stories are.

  18. BTW Zyg, thanks for the anthropology lesson (I think).

  19. What the bloody ell!?!? The poster up top says 2009. Shouldn’t there be more info on this than just a teaser poster?

  20. You boys forget………’s all about the money! And, if i were a gambler, i would bet Conan will be appealing, to draw the women in also. But, that’s just a woman’s opinion. Right.

  21. point/counter point….all good. Nobody is contesting your opinion.
    But,this Christian guy is just some kid from a girlie show. He’s not a big name. Sure you think he’s cute and sex appeal sells films…but….if they chose a sex symbol kid from some teenie bopper program to star in this thing…I would not be going to see it.
    Talks about filming and production are available on the web. Rob Zombie wants to direct it….Rodriguez was approached but he’s filming Red Sonja starring Rose Mcgowan right now. So it’ll happen soon…but they need a director and a star first.

  22. Lisa,

    I agree with you inre the male lead in Conan (or any other film) should appeal to women as well, the bottom line being money. A few months ago I got “jumped on” in this forum, too, for voicing similar opinions. When my sister and I went to see Van Helsing, a guy sitting next to me said he was surprised that so many women were in the audience. My sis and I said together, “It’s Hugh Jackman!” Other women around us agreed. ;)

  23. I suppose I have to agree with shyluck007, Dominic Purcell could probably pull it off. He would still have to muscle up a bit though.

  24. Mikeyboy you are my new hero! FINALLY there’s something to go on. Thanks for the support Lisa. I first noticed Dominic Purcell in Blade Trinity. His portrayal of Dracula as an old-school noble warrior literally screamed Conan. He is good looking (don’t get me wrong), but he’s not pretty. That’s the point I think we were trying to make. Purcell is an actor first and his looks are more chisled and rugged. That’s the kind of Conan the story needs. As for the appeal factor I have noticed women have taken to more masculine actors lately. Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, and Jason Statham all come to mind and that’s great. It’s good to see that people are returning to more manly sex symbols. Hopefully, that doe-eyed girl/boy from Twilight is the last of the pretty boys.

  25. I’m just glad to see we’re getting along now,thanks

  26. Right. doe-eyed girl/boy, huh?! That’s funny as hell !!!!! And I sooooo agree. But, I suppose that is the lure for the teenyboppers, sensitivity, you know. I prefer the long hair, rugged look myself.
    Well, I suppose we’ll find out soon enough who it will be, I just hope he’s not to lame.

  27. I can’t deny your loyalty as a fan Mikeyboy. I guess I thought I was competing against a know it all. In the end it’s really about the stories we love isn’t it?
    BTW Lisa have you noticed how some former pretty boys are pathetically trying to act now that their puberty is catching them? Let’s be honest, if it weren’t for Martin Scorcese, Leo DiCaprio’s last few performances would just be sad.
    Speaking of lame, I just checked out the latest movie posters for G.I. Joe, The Rise of Cobra. I can now officially say with total conviction that Hollywood does not respect anything….PERIOD.

  28. Am I the only one that doesn’t like 300?
    Yes, the old Conan had the magic to it, it should have some of that vibe. Not overthetop 300 gore.

  29. You’re probably not the only one DC, but don’t expect a large following. A Conan movie filmed with 300′s vibe would be awesome, but lets face it you can’t go around swinging swords and axes without a great deal of gore. That’s one of Conan’s major appeals. Besides, for the time period, people in general weren’t exactly humane.