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conan Conan Movie UpdateThe new Conan film has been in development for almost a decade – to put it in perspective, it has been in development for so long Arnold Schwarzenegger was attached to star in it at one point. Over the years the Wachowskis and Robert Rodriguez have been linked to direct the film and the property has moved from Warner Brothers to Nu Image/Millennium Films in the intervening years.

So what’s the current status? Nu Image/Millennium Films have now signed a distribution deal with Lionsgate to help bring Robert E. Howard’s iconic character back to the big screen. Further, Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer – the gentlemen behind Sahara have been signed to write the screenplay.

Production is scheduled to begin later in the year, and the film apparently has a $100 million budget. An interesting aspect to the article that appeared in Variety is that Avi Lerner, the head of Nu Image/Millennium, is trying to negotiate a deal with the WGA so that they can push the film into production as quickly as possible.

It’s interesting news, and I feel that the main reason for the momentum on Conan was the success of 300 at the box office. I really hope that they can make a good film, one that matches the scope and feel of John Milius’ 1982 version: Conan The Barbarian.

There’s no news yet on who will star, but you can bet that any wrestler or actor with gym membership will be linked to the part.

I’m going to throw open the discussion, who would you like to see star as Conan?

Source: Variety

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  1. I’d like to see John Cena play Conan. He is young, muscular and gorgeous!!

  2. Not a bad choice- this would be no G rated flick for sure.
    We need a sweeping desert epic – like the Howard Conan story ” the Pheonix on the sword “

  3. shyluck007 said,
    “add the original movie score written by Basil Poledouris, and finish it off with cameo bits from Arnold or even James Earl Jones(Thulsa Doom; first movie).”

    It’s rumored that Djimon Hounsou would star as “Thulsa Doom”
    in his own movie. Don’t know if that went anywhere. Would be a good tie in if their’s to be movies about both.

  4. Djimon would be really good as Thulsa Doom, I agree.

  5. ” A witch shall be born ”
    probably the greatest Conan , REH story ever.
    To see the crucifixion scene done properly where Conan pulls the nails out himself would make up for the 80′s version in spades.
    However – If they use Thulsa Doom again ( a KULL villain ) I will be slightly annoyed.
    CONANS major adversary was always Thoth Amon. No reason they can’t use the real villain intended for Conan.
    Djimon Honsou would indeed make for a great addition to whatever cast choice they use him for.
    What does everyone think about Mark Caloway ( the UNDERTAKER ) from the WWE ?
    Cover his tats with CGI or make up and voila instant badass Cimmerian!

  6. Mention of Kull villain “bopped me up side my head” inre Kevin Sorbo. He was a great Kull and Hercules and I think would be good as Conan, too. However, he might not be the right age if “powers that be” are looking for someone younger.

  7. no – Sorbo too clean cut too handsome.
    Conan , gruff, gritty and menacing looking.
    Age bracket does not matter. If it’s a tale where Conan becomes king he must be at least 40/ish looking.

  8. “Sorbo too clean cut too handsome” to play Conan. So, I guess, my #1 favorite actor/martial arts champion would be too clean cut and too handsome, too. Mark Dacascos played Young Conan several years ago. He also played Eric Draven, The Crow/Stairway to Heaven TV series. He is muscular–very handsome and 44 years old. And, can he MOVE! :)

  9. Brotherhood of the wolf – great film.
    Dacascos too ethnic – CONAN (IRISH/WHITE/ANGLO). BTW…what did Mark play a young CONAN in?

  10. I agree, BOTW IS a great film and Mark is terrific in it. I hate what happens to Mani, though. Mark played Young Conan for a year with Universal Studios Tour, 1988. I saw a picture of him in that role and he looks great. Of course, I AM biased in his favor. ;)

  11. I ‘m an absolute fan of both the books and the first movie, the second movie was too watered down for Conan. We know the original actor is too old now so I believe they should start at square one, like batman, with that being said, I won’t a Conan closer to the original art of Conan. So no pretty boys, only one actor comes to mined, Mr. Vin Diesel, I thank he would play the part well with long hear and a few scars, and that voice of his. I thank he could pull off the ugly look with long hear.

  12. “Ugly look” eh? I have a lot of descriptive adjectives for Arnie, but “ugly look” has never been one of them. :) I am not a fan of Vin Diesel. I don’t dislike him, just am not a fan.

  13. Vin Diesel is a twerp. He’s way too short to be CONAN.
    The guy they get has to be huge. Like the Rock or HHH or the Undertaker even Cena would be an ok choice.
    But only the UNDERTAKER has the LOOK and demeanor for the part.
    I am sure there is an actor out there who fits the bill- even if it is the guy from Rob Zombies Halloween….what’is name?

  14. The ugly look was not strike towards Arnie but for the art of the books and comics, I love Arnie and wish he was still making movies, and Vin is no small man, 6’ 2” is plenty big for the role, look up his stats. Look up the old art work then picture Vin with long hear, there is a reason he shaves his head. If Vin was a small man I would be of the same mind as Mikey, but Vin has the height and is disciplined enough to change his body for the this role. Conan is not a huge man like HHH, but a skilled warrior that can overcome large men like the Undertaker or HHH, also most pro-wrestlers add a major cheese factor to a movie, the only one that truly pulled it off is the Rock which I love that guy, but he’s not conan.

  15. I don’t believe Diesel is 6’2″ – more like 5’10″ tops – Hollywood stats tend to say certain actors are taller when they’re not.
    In The HOWARD books CONAN is written as being an entire head and shoulder above most men – putting him at least 6’6″ and he is usually described as a giant.
    As for the cheese factor? Yes I agree – John Cena or HHH would make for a cheesie movie. I really hope they go for a Gladiator serious Kingdom of heaven kind of film.
    300 was awesome but it was kind of camp. The rings trilogy set the bar for fantasy epics. So they really have their hands full with this one.
    Once again- Rob Zombie? I’m really not happy with the idea.

  16. I would also say that Vin looks about 5’ 10” and was shocked when I red his stats, and an epic is exactly what I want to see out of the movie. Make this movie right or don’t make it at all, plan two to three movies back to back and spend the money needed for a fantasy epic. I also agree, I’m not happy about Rob Zombie either.

  17. Hahahaha…The Rock could play the role of Bambata…??!!

  18. First of all I just want to say Jason, you and Old man are my heroes. I’m glad there are actually fans who read. Now for the morons. Romi needs to get off the pretty boy trip (who in hell invited this chick anyway?). Howard didn’t create Conan with the intent of making a sex symbol. Conan is rough, gritty, dark, and it shows all over his appearance. Check out some of Frazetta’s original paintings and you’ll see what I mean. Will somebody PLEASE smack the bones out of Mikeyboy and Destroyer? While they may have actually read the books, they clearly didn’t pay any attention to the geography or time period. Conan is a Cimmerian, which today would make him more Mediteranian. He couldn’t possibly be Irish, Anglo, or white. BTW- The Undertaker? Are you high?
    I also want to know what self-respecting Conan fan can honestly cast ANY pro wrestler in the role and call themselves a fan. I love wrestling as much as the next person. But seriously, name one wrestler’s movie that made more than $100 million at the box office, or didn’t end up being played to death on basic cable. None of these guys are worthy of Conan.
    If you are a true fan, stick to the books and show some respect. If your overall intelligence comes from years of sitting in front of the TV, shut your ignorant face and go home.

  19. Rules – no profanity or personal attacks.
    Now….I read the books I have all the books. I am a CONAN freak. I have a CONAN tat on my right bicep. It’s a John Buscema drawing.
    CONAN is an ancient celt or gael.
    his country of cimmmeria is what is now Denmark. In the stories the land mass we know as Ireland broke off from the continent. If you look at the maps of HOWARDS fictional world and superimpose it over that region you’ll understand.
    Now- I don’t want to insult you but you are the most wrong of all. His name is CONAN not Pedro! Mediteranean indeed.
    Everyone just gets a slap on the wrist from me. But you just got a can of tutorial whupp ass on you. So go wash the egg off your smug face. WRONG BOY.

  20. One more thing- I have done extensive research and contacted the Howard estate to get my facts straight and have dozens of essays on the web relating to Conan and other REH properties.
    To challenge me is to challenge Tom Savini about horror and make-up or George Lucas about film making. Believe me or be forever ignorant, your call.

  21. Let’s remember to not get personal here folks. This is starting to get a little nasty and we don’t go for that here.


  22. My apologies sir, After all we’re talking fiction here. Not life and death.

  23. Vic- Sir, that’s twice I have been attacked on a personal level.
    The first time I fired back. The second time I was more diplomatic. But this person is harsh and is seemingly picking a fight. I would like to point out that if anyone disagrees check your facts online somewhere before you attack people unnecessarily.

  24. @shyluck

    Your tone is out of line and I’ve deleted your latest comment.

    I am now monitoring this thread and if need be I will disable further comments.


  25. I agree, as much as I like Conan I wouldn’t come to blows over a fictional subject. I just enjoy discussing the subject, so please don’t ruin it.

  26. I try to share as much of the info I can to make things interesting as well as informative.
    It’s not my creation so all the little details are easily found these days
    with the internet and so on.
    I never blurt info unless I have conducted research. Thanks all-bye- 9/18/08

  27. Shyluck007–I did not realize this was a “Boys Only” chat when I clicked on to the info line saying that another Conan film was being planned. I came across it purely by chance. Being an Arnie fan, I saw the two Conan films in which he starred and so was interested in possible additional sequels. Also didn’t realize one needed an engraved invitation to comment. Am truly sorry for the intrusion into “your” territory. BTW, I am not a moron–my IQ is 145.

  28. I wasn’t trying to insult your gender or intelligence. I was simply commenting on the fact that many fans attribute their knowledge of Conan to the the two badly written movies. The only thing those films share with the original stories is a few names and details. As always Hollywood freely adapts great literature to their own liking by taking classic stories WAY out of their original context. By supporting those films, fans only fuel this.
    Congratulations on the 145. That’s about the average score anybody can get at Hey, at least you’re smarter than a MacDonalds manager. I hear that’s a tough job.
    No, this forum is not a “Boys Only” chat and I don’t claim any domain over our discussions (apparently that’s Vic’s job). So while I follow a pretense of free speech, I’ll try not to offend anyone and welcome the opinions of the fairer sex equally.
    If I could impose upon you this one request, though. Tell me, what is your favorite Conan book, and why?

  29. My intro to Conan was via the two films starring Arnie. Had no idea of who Conan was–I just like action/adventure flix. (I saw Kull the Conqueror for the same reason–I am a fan of the star and like adventure stories). Since I didn’t know anything about the original Conan storyline, I found Mikeyboy’s info interesting and helpful.

    I don’t know what is, either. :) My IQ score is from college tests.

    Have no idea about managing MacDonald’s stores. I know some owners who make good $$$, though.