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conan Conan Movie UpdateThe new Conan film has been in development for almost a decade – to put it in perspective, it has been in development for so long Arnold Schwarzenegger was attached to star in it at one point. Over the years the Wachowskis and Robert Rodriguez have been linked to direct the film and the property has moved from Warner Brothers to Nu Image/Millennium Films in the intervening years.

So what’s the current status? Nu Image/Millennium Films have now signed a distribution deal with Lionsgate to help bring Robert E. Howard’s iconic character back to the big screen. Further, Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer – the gentlemen behind Sahara have been signed to write the screenplay.

Production is scheduled to begin later in the year, and the film apparently has a $100 million budget. An interesting aspect to the article that appeared in Variety is that Avi Lerner, the head of Nu Image/Millennium, is trying to negotiate a deal with the WGA so that they can push the film into production as quickly as possible.

It’s interesting news, and I feel that the main reason for the momentum on Conan was the success of 300 at the box office. I really hope that they can make a good film, one that matches the scope and feel of John Milius’ 1982 version: Conan The Barbarian.

There’s no news yet on who will star, but you can bet that any wrestler or actor with gym membership will be linked to the part.

I’m going to throw open the discussion, who would you like to see star as Conan?

Source: Variety

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  1. Conan O’Brien. He proved his true manhood (or disproved his womanhood) by growing a beard. Just watch–soon he’ll be ripped.

  2. Haha Jim, I havnt seen Conan OBrian show in months but I have seen a few Lettermans, he’s got a beard too. Is this some kind of anti-studio protest?? Me thinks yes.
    I can’t think of any well known actors that could pull Conan off right now. I say cast an unkown…

  3. My only fear with an unknown is that it might seem like a straight to DVD to effort.
    I’d really like Schwarzenegger to make it a post politics effort. I should dream on…


  4. Yeah Niall I would
    love to see Arnold as Conan. He’s the first guy you think of when you hear Conan…

    But Arnold now is so old and with this power trip he’s on I doubt he’ll ever want to get back into films.
    Sometimes I think he really is a robot from 2029…

  5. ARNOLD is NOT CONAN! Has any one here even read the books? If you did you’d know that Arnold was a horrible Conan, don’t get me wrong I still love the Arnie Conan’s but they don’t hold a birthday candle to Howard’s Conan.

  6. Yeah well the extent of my Conan films goes back to Arnold only.
    I was never really into Conan, prob won’t see this film anyway. I never saw 300 and I’m still alive …

    I don’t like Gladiator movies. :)

  7. 300 was so west hollywood…. :)

  8. For what it was, “300″ was fantastic fun.

    Vassago, who would you suggest for the role?


  9. I would go with a complete unknown, not super muscle bound, and at least some semblance of acting skill. No wrestlers! Maybe Ray Stevenson, MAYBE. What do you think?

  10. If they can get the Ahnuld conception of Conan out of the public consciousness, yeah, someone who looks like they’re tough and have some mileage would work.


  11. I’d prefer an unknown actor play Conan in the new film. That way, if the film launches a successful series, we will see “Conan” and not some celebrity in the sequels. For the record, the “Conan” appearing in the two films is NOT Conan as written by Robert E. Howard. Here’s hoping the new film will be about Howard’s Conan.

  12. Like Conan, but would rather see Master of the Universe more because of the mystic.

  13. I’m not surprised that this hasn’t been covered much(or at all).

    No offense, but when I saw this article it filled me with disappointment. The only way this will be good is if it is shot like 300. I like the comics fine, not a huge fan, and I have collected some of the figures; but I would not be down in the dumps if this were to just fall off the map forever.


  14. Maybe they might cast a bodybuilder like Jay Cutler (who is huge) or more likely the tall Gunter Schlierkampf (who has an equally odd accent) as the new Conan..

  15. How about Dwayne Johnson (the rock). I liked him in Scorpion King.

  16. Go with a unknown,the ROCK Dwayn Johnson would be a good conan if he was not already a known actor.People would not see him as conan they would see him as the ROCK.No HHH no Jay Cutler.they should stay true to REH’s conan,black haired,sullen eyed,sword in hand.And to see how good of job Millennium films did on the new rambo gives me a warm fuzzy that they will not pull any punches on conan.

  17. They are working hard to make this true to the original. That means it will meaner, nastier and scarier than the Arnold film. Bring extra underwear.

  18. Oh yeah! Meaner, nastier, scarier… and vastly more entertaining (believe it). The original character makes the Milius version look like a timid boyscout with a speech impediment.

    Don’t limit yourself by thinking only Arnie can be Conan. You’re cheating yourself out of a masterwork of storytelling. Something you didn’t get with the first movie.

  19. As far as I’m concerned Arnie died at the end of Terminator 3.

    RIP. Arnie

  20. yes arnie is dead.but long live conan!

  21. Arg. Arnie was an awful Conan. Conan wasn’t some retarded barbarian that pushed a wheel for fifteen years, he was a woodland mountain man that learned how to hunt and defend himself in the colds of Cimmeria… well as a thief eventually. That first movie was so terrible, and the only good thing about it was the music. The Rock could pull off Conan, but he’d need the right make-up, and needs to consistently be able to pull off smart and mean. John Cena is another that comes to mind, but I’m leery of his acting ability. And NO MORE BLONDE SURFER CONANS!!! Whoever they get has to look like the weathered northman, otherwise, it’ll suck no matter who they get.

  22. First of all I think the two idiots at the top making references to Conan O’Brian need to be dragged out into the street and beheaded. WRONG CONAN ASSHOLES!
    Second, I agree on the new face angle. Isn’t Arnold technically a senior citizen now? I don’t agree with casting the Rock either. Conan is a Cimmerian, decendant of Atlantians, not a Samoan. Personally, I think Dominic Purcell would be awesome. At least he’s an actor not some hulking bodybuilder or pro wrestler.
    Third, I would be thrilled to death to see a Conan film actually based on the original books. Although I’d probably scrap the “King” idea. Why not just start the series over? After twelve novels it’s not like there isn’t enough material to work with.
    Last but not least, who in the hell thought of giving Conan a son? Suffice it to say he no doubt had his own score of barbaric little bastards running around, but picturing him as “the loving dad” would just ruin his overall image.
    If you want to make a decent Conan movie you should wipe the slate clean of all this crap and start over. Start with a script adapted loyally from book 1:The Phoenix on the Sword, then cast a new face for the lead(preferably a real actor with a great build), throw in the cinematography genius from “300″, add the original movie score written by Basil Poledouris, and finish it off with cameo bits from Arnold or even James Earl Jones(Thulsa Doom; first movie). All in all you get an awesome realization of a truly epic series that people would actually pay to see.

  23. Regardless of whomever is cast as Conan, the film-makers need to get the character right. Conan is a completely unapologetic character – he is what he is and asks for nothing more than to be what he is. The closest, modern, pop culture reference I can think of is Daniel Day Lewis’ character in There Will Be Blood. If they can bring us that Conan, an actor in a loincloth would get and deserve the best actor Oscar, just as DDL earned his.

  24. One question:

    Why in Crom’s name would he need to be in a loincloth?

    The character wore clothes and usually some type of armor.

    The movie needs to get away from, not only the Milius/Ahnult catastrophe, but the comic adaptations as well.

    If you need to see sweaty muscle guys in the movies, this might not be the genre you should pursue. You could find nirvana in a dark booth and a handful of quarters.

  25. Hey Plains I can agree with your assertation of Conan’s persona, but I’d have to disagree with Daniel Day Lewis. Although he has played the rough and gritty type (see: Gangs of New York) you’re forgetting that Conan is about ten years younger and about fifty pounds brawnier than anything Lewis has ever played. Besides, if 300 couldn’t win Oscars I don’t think any Conan adaptation has much luck either no matter who plays the lead.
    P.S. To itinerant man- You are so right about Conan’s wardrobe, and btw got any more quarters? LOL!

  26. How about the guy from 300?

  27. Gerard Butler, the guy from 300, has already been suggested in various circles. Unfortunately, he’s already committed to at least two other projects for the next year and a half. Besides, he’s already played three huge characters in his career so far; Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera, and King Leonidas. Why not leave room for a fresh face?

  28. Keith Jardine (UFC) or the Techno Viking..

  29. Robert E. Howard was a brilliant writer. Personally, I have read all 12 of L. Sprague De Camp’s novels adapted from the original comic character. Any of you who would even consider seeing this new flick should check out these old stories. The REAL Conan was kick-a** and like nothing you’ve ever read or watched. If they follow the real storyline, the clean version will barely be allowable in theatres. The stories had more sex than HBO’s Rome, more gore than most horror films, and more bizarre ghosts, monsters, demons, etc. on a page than Del Toro could cram into a movie. This Cimmerian was a slayer of Gods – literally. Arnie was a fine choice the first time around, because CGI was non-existent and because of the direction they took those films. As for this new one, I definitely concur with those above campaigning for an unknown. And guys, this actor’s got to be not huge, but ripped to insanity, black-haired, and wild eyed like he’s about to have your face for dinner.