New ‘Conan’ Image Shows Jason Momoa in Action

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conan jason momoa New Conan Image Shows Jason Momoa in Action

Production on Marcus Nispel’s Conan remake has wrapped – on schedule for its summer 2011 release. While a lot of us were originally skeptical of the film, as well as casting Momoa, there’s been a plethora of encouraging Conan news lately.

Today sustains the film’s momentum, providing fans with a new look at Jason Momoa as Conan, this time in full-on action.

We’ve seen Momoa in a number of set photos, as well as looking tough in the first official Conan production image. But this represents our first look at Conan in all his violent glory. I have to admit, I was cautious about Momoa at first, but the new photo has gone a long way in convincing me that Momoa, not only looks the part, but can embody the brutality, and intensity, Conan fans have been hoping to see for a long time.

The image showed up on the Conan Movie Blog – which credits an unnamed Spanish magazine as the original source.

conan jason momoa action New Conan Image Shows Jason Momoa in Action

Pretty cool right?

The new image adds to the recent blitz of reassuring Conan news, including an interview with villain Stephen Lang, as well as a number of intriguing casting choices.

A lot of us were unsure of what to expect from Conan - following the announcement of Momoa in the title role. Screen Rant regulars probably remember that Momoa is best known for his role as Ronon Dex on the Stargate: Atlantis TV series, as well as a regular run on Baywatch as well as North Shore. Momoa did a solid job on Stargate, but his limited big-budget feature work made him a risky choice for the iconic role.

That said, Stargate fans would probably agree that Momoa has leading man potential, and it would have probably been equally risky for Nispel to cast a well-known actor as Conan. Instead, it seems as though the director made a genius move – casting a convincing-enough beefcake and surrounding him with a well-established, and interesting, cast – which includes Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, and Ron Perlman.

Shooting for the Conan remake is done, now it’s up to Nispel’s work in the editing room. I can’t help but say, I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.

What do you think of Jason Momoa’s action packed Conan image? How are you feeling about Marcus Nispel’s Conan remake?

Conan will be released in the summer of 2011.

Source: Conan Movie Blog

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  1. im only worried that it will be toned donw to a PG-13 level, but yea, cool still image

    • The set-photos from a month back showed topless lady-barbarians – so I’m guessing Nispel is already locked into an R rating.

      Though, certainly anything is possible at this point.

    • The photos dont even look like Jason Momoa. Sure im not the only one to be able to tell he isnt the next conan. The nose and cheeks are totally diffrent!!!!.

  2. Yes… now that looks like a Conan image to me.

    Icon Out

  3. The blood looks glorious.

  4. Reminds me of Ozzy’s Bark at the Moon video.

    Ha Haa Ha Haaa haa!

  5. Did anyone ever watch the animated series Conan: The Adventurer? I remember watchin that, i kinda liked it but now cant really remember it that well. I cant decide which Conan movie like more that Arnold was in, thought of them as the same. What surprised me later on was in the 2nd film Arnold tackling Andre The Giant as that Horn Monster at the climax of the film. As for the first film, one best scenes was him killing that snake, cant believe that girl wanted to be eaten. Of-course the might enjoy Arnold’s meat more, then again snake would want the girl for dessert lol. The picture above looks great but not sure yet if ill see it in theaters.

    @ 790
    You’re from California right? not to get into politics or anything but when is Arnolds term in office up? Reason i ask is if you heard word if he plans to get back into films or somthing.

    • second one sucked man, plain and simple, freakin grace jones, and the pg-13 rating killed it for me

  6. Thankfully Arnold’s inept performance as Governor wraps this November. He’s being recast as the Governor.

    Personally it can’t come fast enough for me. Unfortunately as usual the new sell out candidates are just as corrupt as he is.

    That won’t matter in a few months anyway. When the gulf disaster destroys the south eastern part of the nation… Yet I digress,,,,

  7. @ 790

    Did you watch Conan The Adventurer: TAS?

  8. Nope never did.

    I did see Ozzy in Long Beach during the Bark of the Moon tour in 85. 8-)

    • LOL!

  9. This pic defintely has the Conan look to it, I may be inclined to see this movie when it comes out. We’ll see.

  10. Why is the blade dipping? Is the sword to heavy for him?

    • “Dipping”? It’s in motion! Perhaps you’ve never seen a swordfight? Check out some YouTube examples–movies, SCA combat, . . .

  11. Awesome!

  12. Awesome !! Positive vibes surrounding the productions.

  13. I never had a problem with Momoa as Conan – my worry was always the script/plot. Last thing I want is an actualy REMAKE of the original Conan movie. I want a whole new Conan movie.

  14. YES!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!OOOH!!-YES!!!!!!!!!BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Conan is gonna rock. He looks awesome.

  16. I agree, I think he’s gonna work. But then, I never doubted it based on watching him on Stargate Atlantis.


  17. Wonder if they’ll make him blue eyed like he’s supposed to be, and if they’ll make tribute to R.E. Howard. Pic looks better than Ahhnold’s conan, if only he were as big as Arnie then that b somethin.

  18. Conan is not supposed to have smaller arms than I am. I don’t know when metrosexuality became the norm, but conan is a bloodthirsty barbarian berserker. Howard described him as a 2meter tall, 240 pound+ behemoth with sinewy bands of muscle. Twilight has managed to ruin hollywood, and is now casting small boy toys as my childhood heroes.

    My culture has killed my favorite hero.

    • Howard’s Conan was neither particularly bloodthirsty nor a berserker. Quite a practical, sensible man, in fact . . . from a barbarian culture.

      He was nearer 210 than 240, reportedly because that was Howard’s own size–reasonably big for the 1930s!–and panther-like rather than bear-like. Since “sinewy” doesn’t mean bulked up, but rather tough, even stringy (the sinews, after all, are what ATTACH the muscles to the bones), that makes sense.

      Nothing about the photo here, nor those of him elsewhere, suggest that Momoa is a “small boy toy”. Arnie he ain’t; but he seems to be a good deal closer to Howard’s Conan than Schwarzenegger was.

      So our culture–as represented by the current casting director(s)–hasn’t killed your favorite hero, sir! It inflated him for a while, and now has removed some of the hot air and steroids to go back to the Conan of the first half of the 20th c., rather than its second half with those Frazetta covers, video- and board-game art, etc. Check out the contemporary illo in the Wikipedia article for “Conan the Barbarian”; your arms may be bigger than those in that version, too.

  19. Personally, I think Jason Momoa will make a great Conan, based on the pics I’ve seen. I’m also cautiously optimistic about this movie. As to Jason’s appearance: he doesnt have to be ridiculously bulked up, he already looks huge and to be honest, yes Conan is a big man who has mighty shoulders etc. but the difference between Jason and Arnold is that Arnold was a professional bodybuilder and I know some people who have been in the profession.

    Just so you know, folks, its unrealistic to be as enourmous as Arnold was in his prime. It takes enourmous amounts of specific training to be that defined and that huge in the arms and legs, and to be honest, in a realistic setting men who wielded enourmous swords and did that much excercise were extremely strong and somewhat bulky, but not necessarily the enourmous, defined bodybuilders we assume they were. For example, in body building you have to develop all your muscles using different exercises and techniques, to assume a certain shape/definition that looks good.

    In real life, swinging a sword and using your whole body in combat, on top of all the walking and horsemanship you would do, would only develop certain muscles, so you would not necessarily end up looking like a perfectly defined giant. Arnold was beautiful in his time, that is certain, but Jason looks strong enough to move mountains and I like the fact that he isn’t absolutely massive, instead he looks tall end frighteningly strong. (And by the way I have read all the books and comics and the if you read the dark horse Conan, he is more realistic in body type than the Savage Sword Conan, which is more steriotypical in terms of body type).

    Also, kudos to them for not only picking an actor that can act, but who also looks the part. Arnold is amazing in the first movie–the second movie is fun but terrible and that is not his fault, lol– but I believe Jason (who was one of my main reasons for watching Atlantis) gives off a vibe that is more classic Conan than anything else and I look forward to seeing his take on the role.

    As for the story, I’m not holding my breath. I’m kind of annoyed that the plotline is supposed to be “closer to the original stories” but from what I have read, so far resembles it not at all (Conan left his people willingly to go on a life of adventure, and his people were not slaughtered to a man–this story says the exact opposite, much like the Arnold movie ). I would have liked to have seen people like Thoth-Amon cast as the villains, instead of some other random bad guy. As far as women goes, I really don’t care, they’re all stunning and clad in very little, which is appropriate to a Conan story. And if they can act, that is a bonus. Just in general, not sure that I like a movie that purports to be closer to the original Howard tales (which I will forever love above all else), but in the end is some random story they concocted to make the tale fit into a 2-1/2 hour long slot.

    That being said, you bet I’ll be there on opening night. I can’t wait! *Going to go watch the animated adventure series now* :)

  20. Arnold was a little too short and a little too massive. This guy is too puny. He looks weak to me. Ideally Conan would be a mix of the two. Conan was panther quick but also described as having mighty thews and corded muscle. Panthers do have muscular builds and rippling muscles. I see little rippling in the arms of this man even flexed with a sword in it. He has decent lats and abs but this was the age of muscle.

    There are big muscular men who are fast too , BTW. Bo Jackson is a great example. Little men like to think that speed can conquer all but its a fallacy. Size, mass and reach matter and a fast big man will have the edge on a fast little man any day of the week. Plus we can biggies can shrug off blows that would cripple you tweeners. Which Conan could as well. I would guess Howard based Conan on himself so Conan was about 6’2″ but men have grown and he ‘d need to be taller.

    I am 6’7″ and once I spared with kendo swords five men versus me. They all thought they were fast but I am strong and muscular as well as fast. I had all them down and not one of them could land a blow on me. I also have lifted a man above my head and tossed them with intent to hurt them and it works. Something Conan could do and Momoa cannot I would bet.

    Keep dreaming little men, no Conan was not Arnold but he had muscles and was large not like this spindly armed Momoa. I like his face for Conan but he needs more a little more bulk.

    • Hadn’t occurred to me to think about it, Goradin, but you’re right about the face!

  21. Momoa is a weak actor. And evenmore so as “Conan”!!! He’s long and lean and lanky. Conan is Powerful and like a giant ho moves like a jungle cat. I could not be more disapointed.

  22. That face on Jason Statham’s body (former professional diver) would be a total match for the character (muscular and simewy) described in the books. Goradin’s post was accurated…Although I think Jason Statham is totally hot on his own, he just couldn’t pull off the FACE of Conan.

  23. REMAKE? REMAKE? There are enough stories about Conan not to have to do a remake. Lame suace for the remake!