‘Conan the Barbarian’ Red Band Trailer: There Will Be Blood

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Conan the Barbarian red band trailer Conan the Barbarian Red Band Trailer: There Will Be Blood

Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger ran amok slaughtering (or shagging) everything in sight in the 1982 film version of Conan the Barbarian, fans have been waiting to see another movie where the famous muscle-bound warrior would reign havoc down on his foes. If nothing else, this summer’s Conan series reboot looks to do just that.

There have only been glimpses of bloody violence in the TV spots for director Marcus Nispel’s Conan the Barbarian up to now, by today a red band trailer has been released, featuring more than its fair share of gory killings and unflinchingly brutal action.

Conan the Barbarian stars Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) as the titular Cimmerian thug and Avatar‘s Stephen Lang as Khalar Zym, the vicious warlord responsible for murdering Conan’s father (Ron Perlman) and loved ones. Fitting in to the film’s revenge-driven plot is one Tamara (Rachel Nichols), a woman whose destiny is inextricably linked to Conan.

Sadly, those hoping for an early glimpse of the one-on-one fight between Khal Drogo and Colonel Quaritch (Momoa & Lang, that is) will have to wait for Conan the Barbarian to hit theaters in order to watch that potentially fearsome showdown. Everyone else can at least partially satisfy their desire to see lots of flying CGI blood, people being stabbed, Conan and Tamara getting hot and sweaty, and giant tentacled beasts ripping bodies in half by watching the film’s red band trailer.

Check out the NSFW Conan the Barbarian theatrical preview (via IGN) below:

As stylishly dark and uncivilized as everything in Nispel’s version of Hyboria looks (from the ominous fortresses to the armor-clad killers that roam the landscape), it’s hard to deny that the dialog in the Conan footage shown so far is downright flat, even by mindless B-movie standards. While the murky visual style of the film looks fine in 2D, that aesthetic probably won’t lend itself well to 3D – not to mention that scenes in which tentacles or spiked weapons fly out at the camera look to offer more of a gimmicky, less an immersive, experience. Translation: we recommend passing on the 3D with this one.

Moving away from the 3D issue: Does Conan the Barbarian seem like good cheesy fun – or just a bloody mess? Momoa arguably looks the part of a capable and agile warrior, and seems to possess the sort of screen presence to make the title role his own. The problem appears to be that every time he (or anyone else) speaks, the dramatic mood of the scene begins to deflate. On the other hand, most of the cast appears to be having a blast, chewing the scenery; however, that can quickly become quite tedious and silly (See: the Clash of the Titans remake).

Finally, regardless of whether or not you think the hard rock music fits in the Conan the Barbarian trailers and TV spots, the actual film will presumably (probably?) have more of a regular orchestral soundtrack. Take all that as you will.

Conan the Barbarian hits theaters this summer on August 19th, 2011.

Source: IGN

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  1. Okay, now THAT was what I have been wanting to see out of a trailer.

    I’m in!

  2. Looks bloody awesome, pun intended 😀

  3. I like the violence. Still not sold on Momoa as a savage brute. BTW it is ‘run amok’ not ‘run amuck’.

    • My bad – it’s been fixed. :-)

      • Amuck is variant of amok and quite proper.

  4. Wow, bad cgi blood, horrible dialog, bad music, clean shaven barbarian. This film has fail and flop written all over it.

    • That blood wasn’t cgi

      • Yeah, it is. Unless they had the ultimate first take blood splatter effects guy, there is no way that blood is practical.

        • Dude in one scene he sliced a guy and blood sprayed on him.

          • Some of the scenes appear to use practical fake blood, but the majority of it looked like CGI to me.

            • Agreed, some may be practical, but it was way to red and bright. Red is a hard color to catch on film and make it look bright.

              • Just re-watched for the 3rd time, Idk might be 50/50. It has a thickness to it but it looked dark red to me not bright at all.

              • Looked CGI to me as well, Sulls, Sandy.

        • I’m still laughing about that one Sully.. lol!

    • You should really reconsider the whole ‘positive vibe merchant’ thing with that comment 😉

      • I understand the irony behind that LOL :). I try to be, but, some films just look bad.

    • Agreed. This has fail written all over it. And the music? They must be going after a strange demographic of teens with self esteem issues.

  5. I think this movie may put off audiences more than enthrall them…

    They’ve got to realize someday that violence isn’t the only thing about these stories that people might enjoy.

    • Wrong. Its not about violence its about the art of combat with swords and armor and good triumphing over evil. Basic story telling.

      • Huh? How was my post wrong? You pretty much confirmed what I just said… violence/bloodshed isn’t the only thing, which is all I saw in this trailer.

        • He’s saying you’re wrong because your first post implied violence was the only thing in the movie, and then you said there are other things about Conan to enjoy.

    • Violence isn’t the only thing people enjoy about the Conan stories, but it IS an integral part of the stories. Besides,this is the Red Band trailer, meaning it’s the trailer that specifically highlights the blood and violence. It would be like watching a trailer meant to highlight the love and romance of The Notebook, and saying “love and romance isn’t the only thing in the story.”

      • I know it’s an integral part. I’m just saying they need to NOT forget how to tell a proper story, too.

        I see your point about the Red Band trailer though.

  6. “Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger ran amok slaughtering (or shagging) everything in sight in the 1982 film version of Conan the Barbarian”

    Isn’t that pretty much what he did in his real life too???

    • Hahahahahaha secret child ftw!

    • Slaughtering Californias economy, shagging househelp bimbos, yea pretty much Sam 😉

      • Yup, thats what I was going for.

        • Brilliant!!!

    • Arnold isn’t even dead yet and we are already getting a Bio-pic!!!???

  7. Too much thought for Conan- bad. Want barbarian warlord to slaughter and dismember- No Shakespearean flights of dialogue allowed.

    As long as such a film is not excessively idiotic or cheesy (i.e, Red Sonja)- then good, mindless summer entertainment.

  8. Good acting (the lead really sells his character), blood looks good (even if it’s CGI, it looks realistic), RON PERLMAN!!!, engaging action scenes…I am pleasantly surprised.

    • The CGI blood looks realistic? LOL

      • That’s what I said…

        • …and out loud… so other human beings could hear it (metaphorically)…

          …some balls! Have you seen much blood in the real world?

          • Momoa sells his role?

            Please. And I loved Ronan on SGA.

      • Looks a hell of a lot better than every other attempt at CG blood. Spurting liquids, especially those with the viscosity of blood, are hard to do with CG and have it look real.

        • Well said Ken. It’s good enough where you don’t go “that’s fake blood” immediately when it’s on screen. That’s good enough.

          • Funny, cause the first thing I said was “that’s fake blood” when I watched it

            • Me too Sully! Even my buddies laughed at the sight of the CGI blood. Where is John Milius when you need him…

              • Dexter does it better allt he time and most of it is achieved through practical methods.

  9. Fighting men, and even a hydra… The barbarian world… Trailer says it’s action… I guess I’ll watch it. I hope that at least fighting scenes will be awesome.

    Also, anybody knows the song in the background of the trailer?

    • Sounded like Stinkin Park, sorry I meant Linkin Park 😉

  10. looks pretty good aside from the crappy music

    • Haha not a Hollywood Undead fan? I like working out listening to that song, but youre right it sure seemed out of place here.

    • Was prolly chosen for the attitude it conveys, would’ve fit better if this was an action movie.

  11. AHHH I cant see it till I get off work in 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am looking forward to the film now with that trailer. It may be distasteful to enjoy violent gore, but I hate movies with epic battles that show no gore and just show a guy swipe his sword across another’s belly and he falls down. That’s BORING. We could see that in Martin Lawrence’s the Black Knight. Ugh…

    Gore definitely is not everything, but it helps add grittiness and set the tone. Plus, I cant see kids younger than 14 wanting to see this anyways. The superhero movies should keep them occupied.

    • Don’t know too many kids under 14 do you? This is JUST the kind of movie they want to sneak in to see.

  13. Drop the heavy metal soundtrack and you will have a winner

  14. Hey I really liked Punisher: Warzone. If this movie can be like that? Brutal gore- and funny dialogues! Then I’d be happy!!

    • Warzone was AWESOME!!!!

      • I seriously want to see a War Zone sequel. Stevenson was badass.

    • War Zone was on point. A few misses here and there but a great start.

  15. i have a feeling the ending will be similar to the ending of arnie’s conan (conan taking on a group of bad guys and killing them with traps etc then facing the lead villain one on one). i just hope they didn’t go in the same direction as rodriguez did with predator – an almost shot for shot recreation of the original, in terms of both scenes and dialogue.

    i haven’t watched a good old action movie with decent effects in quite some time, sure the blood looks over the top, but yeh so long as its not 100% CG its all good 😀

  16. Jesus, that looks horrible. You guys have some pretty low standards. The first one (1982) wasn’t Oscar worthy, but Arnold had charisma and could SELL a barbarian-turned warrior. The dialogue, violence, and story of the first one had way more authenticity. You guys say you just want 90 minutes of violence and action and you’re sold. Well, you can find that by watching a rerun of ‘300.’ What does this new ‘Conan’ offer you? Jack as far as I can tell.

    • “What does this new ‘Conan’ offer you? Jack as far as I can tell.”

      It’s based more closely on the stories, for one thing. I love Arnie’s Conan (more the 1st film than the 2nd) but that doesn’t mean it was perfect, and I for one really enjoy it when film directors rely more on the source material, which is the primary advantage the new one has.

  17. I love Conan, and I love heavy metal, but THAT song, BAD! Damned Nu-metal, I thought it had gone away. That wasn`t Linkin Park, but they have pretty much ruined the summer blockbuster soundtrack. There are many kinds of metal, but that pop/hip-hoppy sound does NOT fit. I hope it is only for the trailer and that we will get something better for the film.

    As for the trailer itself, The CG looks iffy, but Mamoa seems to move like I imagined Conan in the stories as he slashed his opponents to ribbons. Ron Perlman doesn`t look so hot there with the sasquatch beard.

    Does anyone know about international release dates? I haven`t been able to find any info about when it is coming to Japan.

  18. The trailer was awesome.

    Even if the film is R rated, I hope Jason Momora does the role well and the film turns out great.

  19. Why the music? Seriously, why? Hasn’t that genre died all ready? It weakened the preview for me.
    I do not mind the CGI blood… maybe beause I am a Spartacus fan. I have high hopes for this movie as a whole and for Momoa as an actor. He has helped deliver some killer scenes in some recent Game of Thrones episodes.

  20. The blood was pretty bad, and as a fan of heavy metal tha music just blows. HOWEVER, I will still go see this because I believe that Momoa can do the role justice. I’m not expecting this to be the next Dark Knight movie, but I do expect it to be a fun, violent action movie.

  21. This looks like a Conan film but the music(while ok) doesn’t fit the film. Should have went with a similiar style as the original movie. I still will like to see it though.

    • Yeah, Hollywood Undead is kind of weak for this kind of movie.

    • .. agree .. metal is no good choice .. may be hans zimmer would

  22. I love it how you people all toss the word CGI around like you’re all professional film makers. I’m a post effects artist and believe me when I say that blood WAS NOT CGI.

    That being said though, most of the blood was also not shot practically on set or location. This type of stylized blood is in fact various colored liquids shot at high speeds in front of chroma key screens as separate elements and then color corrected and composited into the shot digitally.

    There’s a very big difference between CGI and digital compositing. Learn it before you make yourselves look even more idiotic by arguing a point you haven’t researched.

  23. Been looking for a decent trailer to see some better scenes, at least I’m familiar with Momoa’s fighting style after 3 years of Stargate Atlantis. I’ve read the Conan books, dialogue was never the draw so why expect it in a movie of it? I enjoyed Kull more than Arnold’s 2 Conans (James Earl Jones, nuff said), and not just for the lead. Red Sonja was spoiled by mishandling. I have some hope for a bit of wit in this movie from the ever reliable character actor Ron Perlman.
    Bottom line: yes I will see this movie.