The Complete Star Wars Saga Preparing Jump to Blu-ray

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Star Wars Blu ray The Complete Star Wars Saga Preparing Jump to Blu ray

A long time ago (actually this afternoon) in a galaxy far, far away (Orlando, FL)… George Lucas finally announced new live-action Star Wars footage – no, not the often rumored live-action TV series.

Lucas revealed The Complete Star Wars Saga is headed for a Fall 2011 blu-ray release and will feature deleted scenes from the Lucasfilm archives – as well as the usual documentaries, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and interviews that come standard with any Star Wars-related film release.

Here are the details from the Lucasfilm press release, detailing the announcements from today’s Star Wars Celebration V main event hosted by Jon Stewart:

“Today at Star Wars Celebration V, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced that the complete Star Wars Saga will come to Blu-ray Disc with a worldwide release in Fall 2011. The Star Wars Blu-ray Box Set will feature all six live-action Star Wars feature films utilizing the highest possible picture and audio presentation, along with extensive special features – including documentaries, vintage behind-the-scenes moments, interviews, retrospectives and never-before-seen footage from the Lucasfilm archives.”

While it’s been long-known that Lucas would be bringing the Star Wars films to blu-ray, this is the first official announcement we’ve heard detailing the time frame – as well as what we can expect in terms of special features. has posted a video of one of the forthcoming deleted scenes featuring Vader calling out to Luke Skywalker through the force as the Jedi pieces together his green lightsaber – prior to entering Jabba’s palace.

While it’s unclear at this point how many deleted scenes Lucas will be allowing out of the archives (or the subsequent quality of said deleted scenes), we’re sure to be getting the most comprehensive set of special features ever offered in a Star Wars home release. Maybe we’ll finally get to see the footage from the Star Wars Stories Project.

While this is very likely the third, or even fourth, time we’ve been offered a Star Wars home video collection, you’ve got to hand it to Lucas – he doesn’t rush these releases. The writer/director is known for taking several years to prepare his precious franchise films for transfer to new formats.

Star Wars Blu ray1 The Complete Star Wars Saga Preparing Jump to Blu ray

Speaking of the transition to blu-ray, Lucas was extremely enthusiastic:

“Blu-ray is the absolute best way to experience Star Wars at home – in pristine high definition. The films have never looked or sounded better.”

We recently profiled the Rebel Alliance in our 10 Most Badass Movie Combat Units – just imagine how badass they’ll look in blu-ray HD.

The Complete Star Wars Saga will be released on blu-ray in Fall 2011.

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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the footage. I live in Orlando but couldn’t afford the 150 bucks a day tickets so thanks for the coverage!!!!!

  2. I’m not excited b/c it’s the crappy “special edition”, and not the original versions. We wait years for Star Wars in BD, but get the crappy versions of the OT (which is what most only really care about). That’s lame.

    • I’m curious…where did you hear it’s not original releases…or both versions together? Did I skim over that in the article? (I did not get to go to Celebration V.)

      • i think Lucas relesed the special editions on DVD a few years back with a “bonus” disk. that disk being the original theatical release. not sure on that though, never investigated it .

        • He did, but that won’t be the cast here. We’re only getting the crappy versions.

            • Word. He’s probably doing this for us to double dip on the series.

            • Wait, you still use a VCR?! J/k, I still use mine, but that’s only b/c there’s three films I love that haven’t been released on DVD or Blu-ray (again, lame).

            • He didn’t replace David Prowse, he replaced Sebastian Shaw, Prowse was the guy in the suit, Shaw was the guy who dies in Luke’s arms and shows up at the end of Jedi standing next to Yoda and Obi-Wan (later replaced by Hayden).

              • That doesn’t make it any better.

                • Wasn’t trying to make it better, just correcting him.

        • The original theatral release is certainy available on DVD (or was, perhaps it was only for a limited time), but the Blu-Ray is only going to be the special edition.

          • They’re labeled as “limited”, but you can still buy them at Wal-mart, or at least the one in my town.

            • Fair enough, I never acually looked (I also haven’t bought them, but I’m prepared to be accused of not being a real fan because of that, Lucas telling us that the Orignal Theatrical version will never see the light of day on DVD only for him to completely turn around on that meant I was more angry than usual at the blatant double dipping).

              • i think the main reason he did change his mind on that was because he grew tired of hearing the backlash that the fans laid on him for that statement, thus the reasoning behind the “bonus” disk on the special edition dvd’s release

    • u sure its just a special edition transfer and not taking full adavatage of the BD?

  3. Sweet. Sign me up for anything Star Wars.

  4. Hot Damn! :D :P :)

  5. This and the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings blu-rays are what I’ve been waiting for. :D

    • i already have the extended LOTR on DVD im not wasting more money just for BD

      • I’m not usually one for double dipping, but when it comes to BD, I’ll only buy films I know will be worth it in actual HD, and to me, LOTR Extended Edition will be worth it.

        • Im not buying the LOTR extended cuts again, they cost a fortune in the first place, unless they finally include the hours of deleted scenes. Then I might invest.

    • I can’t wait for the extended LOTR BD release. I didn’t even waste money on the BD release for the theatrical releases.

      • Neither did I, felt like waiting for the extended edition instead. Have done the same for Avatar, don’t even have that on DVD, will wait for the special edition.

  6. How many times do I have to buy these films? Hell, I don’t care. It’s Star Wars!!!! Time to get blu ray!

      • The only reason I bought the special edition DVDs was b/c they came with a dvd version of the original films.

        • In my life i have bought these films on VHS twice, seen all six films in the cinema, bought episodes I-III on dvd, then bought the trilogy boxset on dvd when it was released with the excellent bonus disc. Then I bought them again when they released the original trilogy in its untainted form.

          I’m scared to even try to think of the amount of money I have given to George Lucas over the years, I would say thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds.


          • im sure he is laughing all the way to the BANK sam lol

            • In a way I am thankful for all the wonderful Star Wars stuff I’ve had in my life, and I love the whole saga to bits but I hate GL for making me still spend money on it!

              Obviously I am aware its my choice to keep buying Star Wars games, books,comics, etc.

          • Wow, lol. I don’t think I’ve spent that much money on Star Wars, but the Godzilla series is a different story lol.

            • I look at it like this

              200 plus novels.

              Hundreds of action figures (I dont still have them)

              Videos, DVD’s, SOundtrack CD’s

              Dozens of computer games for every console I’ve owned.

              About ten different comic series, each running from 50-100 issues.

              And several ruined lightsabers…

              • I bought a few of those when I was younger. I loved the toy lightsabers and the games. One game I really loved was ‘Rogue Squadron’ for the N64, and it’s sequel on Gamecube.

                • Rouge Squadron was excellent as was Rouge Leader, but the third, Rebel Strike was very poor.

                  I wish they’d make a new one. I love playing Trench Run on my iPhone, its the closest i can get there days.

                  • By the time ‘Rebel Strike’ came out, I quit playing video games. I guess it saved me the disappointed.

  7. about damn time!

  8. You what’s worst about the “special editions”? Those were what Lucas originally intended Star Wars to be, but couldn’t b/c he didn’t have the right technology. We should have taken that as a warning to what he had in mind for the prequels.

    • yeah i was aware of that. its a same too.

      • Lucas will be famous for giving us Star Wars, but for also ruining it. Congrats.

        • i wonder what it feels like for him to carry that double edged sword lol. nevermind, i dont think he cares haha

          • I’m sure he’s making up 7,8, and 9 right now. With Jar Jar returning of course, but has a baby with Luke’s daughter, then their child becomes a jedi. (if he has one (I never read the expanded universe)).

            • not jar jar!!

              • I have to wonder what Lucas was thinking when he thought up Jar Jar. Or what kind of drugs he was on at the time.

            • The expanded universe novels are FANTASTIC. Really allows you to get deep into the Star Wars universe. I wish some of the authors of those books would be allowed to write the screenplays for the films. The prequels would have been SOOOO much better.

              • Both the novels and the comic books are great. There is so much story after the films.

                I mean just with Luke Skywalker and gang alone after the Return of the Jedi. If indeed the are making a new set of Star Wars films, there is definitely enough source material out there to continue the Star Wars journey.

                I still do not know what I would want to see more. For example, Luke and the crew adventures and growth after the death of Vader and the Emperor.

                I could even go with a new story all together like Star Wars: Legacy, which is a comic book.

  9. i guess the only thing that i kinda liked was when Solo stepped on Jabbas tail lol

    • I did like how Lucas fixed a couple of SFX problems that were in the series. Like when Obi-wan’s lightsaber looked as if it was going out in ‘A New Hope’, and a couple of other scenes. The only thing is he created more problems than he fixed.

      I’ll admit that I liked how he added McDermand (mispelled) in ESB, but that’s it.

      • wow I guess you beat me to that but it was a great improvement.

    • I thought when Vader was talking to the improved version hologram of the Emperor in the Empire Strikes back was ok.

    • Let’s not forgot (actually we should) that he supposedly added Jar Jar’s voice (or at least it sounded like him) at the end of ROTJ.

      • yeah thanks for that LOL

  10. I can deal with all the FX improvements in SE, I like the bit with Jabba in ANH, and the Emperor in ESB, and I will admit putting Hayden into ROTJ ties the whole saga together nicely but its the stupid stuff like Greedo shooting first and changing some of Vader’s dialouge for no reason whatsoever.

  11. george maybe after you make another billion on blu ray sales you could do something for your fans. Develope a new trilogy for a new generation. I think its only fair. Your rape us every five years with a new upgrade. We went from no def to high def now to blu ray. We been loyal to you why don’t you do something for your fans. Give us some love.

  12. so this set might be 80.00-120.00 thtas just my guess

  13. It’s pretty stupid that the only DVD version we have of the theatrical cuts is basically just the laserdisc re-packaged with 2.0 stereo sound and a non-anamorphic resolution. It’s not nearly as good as the DVD version of the special editions. I’ll probably buy the Blu-rays at some point, but it’s just pathetic that the theatrical versions won’t be included, though not unexpected. If Lucas had his way, every copy of the theatrical versions would be destroyed.

  14. Better then all of the prequels combined. Truly made of awesome. The fact that this was deleted is more proof that Lucas was already losing his mind.

  15. About the prequels, I like how the development of how the Emperor came to power was handled.

    I admit in the Revenge of the Sith it got a little fast paced; but his plot from the beginning to the end was handled well. He played everyone against each other.

    The films never seem to force his evil plan on me it just simply unraveled.

  16. I have the very first theatrical versions that were transfered over from laserdisc to DVD.
    If you still have a standard definition TV and can actually watch it? You may enjoy them,

    If you have a high definition setup and expect a great movie?
    With HD you very clearly see the lines between the live action shots and the background paintings. The little black lines around all the miniatures becomes very big black lines. Space scenes are really distracting because each area where a model was in a scene is a slightly lighter or darker shade of black than the background scene and during the death star fight? You can actually see metal mount shadows and even some wires on exploding ships.
    The makeup work was also disturbing. On Hoth, Lukes scene in the ice cave made him come across as looking like a drag queen.

    I do think Lucas should stick a copy of the original, untouched and unfixed films on the disc. If for no other reason than to shut people up about wanting the originals.

    Also for those of you who just have to see them for yourselves?
    Keep an eye on spike TV and TNT channels. A couple of times they have shown the original and untouched versions in HD.

  17. I’m a big Star Wars fan, but there is no way in HELL I am ponying up the cash to buy the Star Wars films AGAIN!! I have the original trilogy on VHS, then I bought them all again when the box set was released on DVD. Plus I bought all the prequels on DVD as well. The fact that the Blu-Ray player upconverts the picture to near HD quality means to me that I have no interest in buying these movies yet again. Sorry George, give me something new for my money-not just deleted scenes of crappy quality.

    • VHS: “Star Wars: The Trilogy” (Original Cut)
      VHS: “Star Wars: The Special Edition” (1997-1999 Versions)
      DVD: “Star Wars: The Special Edition” (1997-1999 Versions Revamped)
      DVD: “Star Wars: The Original Trilogy” (Original Cut: Very Crappy Quality)

      When the original trilogy (without changes) was finally released on DVD, I ended up only buying “Return of the Jedi”. George should have released the original cuts with better quality. What a dirt bag.

  18. I will most likely buy them, just to have in my blu ray collection. Probably watch episodes I- III only once though…

  19. ’bout time!!!!!

  20. finally the star wars saga on Blu-ray This is freakin sweet been waitin too long at least now I know they are in the works with hopefully alot of extra goodies ^_^

  21. That would be a good time to release John Williams’ fabulous scores for the prequels, complete and with remastered sound. And not like the awful special edition for The Phantom Menace.

  22. I will pass on this one. I have bought too many versions of his movies. It is time to put “Star Wars” on the shelf, and move onto other more important things. Don’t get me wrong guys. It is me personally. I have spent way too much money on this franchise. It is time for em to chill out.

  23. Boycott this product!!!

  24. so are these delted scens back in the film (another edition like the 04 DVD) or takced on as a feature

    • They’re gonna be added on the “special features” section. Although, I’m sure Lucas is planning to add them on once he gets enough out these releases.

  25. I probably will get the new BD’s but I really wish the originals were a part of it, I mean Jedi was no masterpiece but with that musical scene added in….(shudders) and it is completely wrong to take out the original anikin actor and replace him with whats his name.

  26. i will never understand why lucas changed so much to the originals… it should be a crime.

    • Because that’s how he originally intended Star Wars to be like, but couldn’t make it that way because the technology wasn’t around then. Like I said above, we should have taken that as a warning for what he intended the prequels to be.

  27. lol so George Lucas is OFFICIALLY the only person i know who can keep the EXACT same hair style for like a million years XD

    • what about donald trump?

    • It’s CGI. He went back and fixed it.

  28. I was hoping for a Jar Jar/Hayden free version. Any of those rumors floating around? Just cut the Jar scenes and replace Hayden with a piece of wood. THAT would be the ultimate masterpiece!

    • Not sure anyone would notice if Hayden was replaced by a piece of wood…WORST ACTOR EVER.

      • I actually thought he did almost great in Episode 3. But in AOTC he was just a whiney little girl, and belonged more in Twilight than Star Wars.

        • I agree. He did better in Episode 3. In my opinion, Episode 3 was alright all away around. Minus Vader doing the whole “Noooooo” thing at the end.

          • Not to mention Obi-Wan telling Anakin he was his brother, he loved him etc…then leaving him to burn to death horribly with no limbs…

            Or Amidala finding it difficult to believe her husband the self-confessed mass-murderer and believer in dictatorship could have done something so completely out-of-character as to turn to the Dark Side and kill chil…”younglings”.

            She lost the will to live? Well, I suppose if the Emperor can blast his own face off there’s no reason she shouldn’t self-harm too…