Complete Catwoman Costume From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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Most news coming out of The Dark Knight Rises stems from onlookers watching production take place, providing moviegoers with our first look at Bane (Tom Hardy), the returning Tumblers, the Batwing and most intriguingly, the hot topic that is Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman costume.

The first pics of Hathaway as Selina Kyle’s alter ego had her riding that Batpod, seemingly as an ally of Batman, but it was missing the “cat” features like her mask and cat ears. Whether or not those would fit into Nolan’s take on the Batman universe was another question and later, Hathaway hinted that there was more to her costume. Now we have another set of images, which offer a look at her complete Catwoman outfit in The Dark Knight Rises.

A sneaky set photo of Hathaway’s stunt double previously revealed what looked to be Catwoman’s mask and as expected, that actually was the case. New set photos from the set of The Dark Knight Rises reveal Anne Hathaway in her full Catwoman get-up, cat ears and mask included. In the photos, she’s joined by Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon, Christian Bale as the titular hero and her new ride she acquired from Batman.


Cat ears aside, the more interesting information in these photos are the first look at Batman and Catwoman together, alongside Commissioner Gordon which seem to confirm that they will team together during the movie. Is it Batman who helps give Selina Kyle her “Catwoman” alias and the ears to go with it? Is it Batman who also provides her with those strange goggles we saw Hathaway wearing while riding the Batpod?

What do you think of Hathaway’s true-to-form Catwoman costume now?

The Dark Knight Rises cast sees the return of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nestor Carbonell and Michael Caine along with franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman, Diego Klattenhoff and Alon Aboutboul.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.


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  1. Anne looks sexy in cat woman costume :)

    • RIGHT ON, Vlad. Hathaway rocks. I like the fact that she’s slender as opposed to Scarlett Johannson’s ” Black Widow. ”

      Scar Jo is very cool, but her but is too big in that Black Widow outfit.

      • Nuh uh Hathaways too skinny. Since when are big butts bad Kryptonic :P

        • I like big butts, and I cannot lie… :P

          • I think the main thing with Scarlet Johanssen is that she is quite short. If you are short, then you also have to be very petite to look like the tall/slender frame of a comicbook heroine. I just think she is a healthy weight at the moment instead of having zero body fat.

      • Dude you’re insane, i’d rather have a fat ass than a flat ass.
        Scarlet jo. looks amazing, her butt is not too big, and even if you consider that too big it still looks AmAAzing and way better than ann hathaway!!

        • Nope. As drawn in the comics, Black Widow has always been lithe, slender and tall. More like Hathaway than Scar Jo.
          Scarlett is drop dead sexy but she’s more “voluptuous” and curvy as opposed to sleek and athletic. Maybe Scar should have played CW and Anne should have been BW lol.
          They BOTH have great asses. As long as they’re not TOO big.
          Ahhh, I prefer boobs…..

  2. Catwoman with heels??? I dont hate it but def dont love it either

    • Looks cool tho… Would rather have the goggles and hoodie-type ears. Hathaway works in it! – Stark

  3. This is becoming the more I see the less I like kind of film.

    • What other movies don’t you like that haven’t come out yet?

      • “What other movies don’t you like that haven’t come out yet?”

        The Three Musketeers. heh heh

    • Actually, I felt the exact same way about the Dark Knight.

      When I first heard that it was Heath Ledger who’d be playing the Joker, all I could think was “Brokeback Joker?” Then I saw the first pics of him and was like “his whole body’s supposed to be white”. Then I saw that the Tumbler was out and I was like “oh come on”. I saw what they were doing with Harvey Dent and I got to the point where I almost didn’t want to see the movie.

      And now?

      The Dark Knight is now my all-time favorite movie. It is the best Batman I’ve ever seen, and it will probably remain that way ’til the day I die.

      At this point, I pretty much trust Nolan to come out with something top-notch. Granted, I need to be careful… I don’t want to set my bar so high it’s impossible to top, but I do have pretty high expectations for Nolan after Batman Begins and especially Dark Knight. I think, for me, I expect this to be good, and I’m confident it will be nothing but good. It’s going to get darker, it’s going to get even more mature… but it will be good.

      Also… as to Catwoman being possibly an ally… yes, she most likely will be. After all, she never was actually a villain to begin with. She was always out for herself and only herself. Selina Kyle/Catwoman is probably the only woman alive who could ever have a lasting relationship with Bruce Wayne/Batman, so it’d make sense that they end up together. I just hope Nolan doesn’t pull a stupid and kill Catwoman (ala Tim Burton… and yeah, I know he hinted that she wasn’t actually dead)… that would piss me off…

  4. Bet it kicks ass in the movie…

    and all this talk about what shoes or accessories she may or may not be wearing is starting to sound a bit like a bunch of teenage girls. Just saying.

    • Best…comment…ever. Seriously, I find it humorous how the ones doing all the complaining like to call us who aren’t “blind fanboys”, but they’re the ones wasting energy complaining about a film that we haven’t even seen any footage of (the teaser footage was minimal). I’m not going to make any real judgments until I see another trailer.

    • LOL! dude, thats funny. I agree, who cares what she’s wearing? I mean damn, at least she looks (kind of) like a cat. Plus, Bane is going to be too awesome for anything to make this movie not amazing.

      • To gush excessively over the movie is just as bad as saying it’s going to be bad because of Catwoman’s costume.

        And to criticize those who complain for saying the movie will be bad because of her outfit and then turn around and say the movie’s going to be amazing because Bane’s going to be awesome (which you don’t know until you’ve seen the movie, same goes for Catwoman’s presence) is rather hypocritical, don’t ya think? ;)

        • Eh, I don’t think you can really say I’m being hypocritical. You can say I’m being optomistic… and no I don’t need to watch the movie first to know Bane is going to be awesome. The character, the costume, and the casting choice = AWESOME. This isn’t a prediction bro it’s just math.

          • But for me, the issue here seems to be the problem about people complaining about parts to a movie they haven’t seen yet.

            So, my response to that was it’s similarly wrong to love something someone hasn’t seen yet.

            It’s one thing to be optimistic about a movie, and hope that it’s good, but another to say that you know Bane is going to be awesome. You won’t know that until you’ve seen it. In the same way someone won’t know if this movie’s bad until they’ve seen it… that is unless both you and those complaining have already made their minds up.

            It’s the flipside to the same coin…

            • @ Hiro the English Samurai

              I agree. I think that would go for any movie aswell.

              • @Wally West…

                Hiro the English Samurai??

                Don’t spread that name around, Hollywood might be getting some even more wacky ideas than usual with that one… :D

                • Lol. Atleast it would be different instead of a typical remake/reboot people see these days.

            • wow another write back? i must have really struck a nerve! :D

              • Hahaha, but now that I’ve said what I had to say, my nerves feel fine now. :)

    • Wow, you hit the nail on the head. Some of the things people on here complain about make me feel like they are in high school or younger!

  5. Does it seem possible that the cat ears might be the goggles that she wears? Maybe they just slide down over her eyes. And when she isnt wearing them, they slide to the top of her head so they look like cat ears.

    • thats what the rumors were a month ago before these photos were released

  6. So…I think it is a little weird how it is entirely possible to buy in the silliness of Catwoman, but not Robin. I may be in the minority here, but here me out. I know that Nolan has already expressed his disinterest in having a Robin in his movie universe, but why Catwoman then? Catwoman is a character who CAN be menacing, dark, and serious; but I think Robin could as well. I know that Robin probably could not be a little kid in these movies, because I don’t think it could fit, but it could work out if he was in his late teens. (I know everyone is getting flashbacks to Batman Forever with Chris O’Donnell) I just think that not including a character because we may remember them as being too corny or silly is really inconsistent with making a movie that has a character once played by Adam West.
    Nolan remade the Batman universe in a dark way, so I think he could re-invision Robin in that same light (or lack of). My opinion…

    • @ Joshua

      I agree with ya about Robin can be used more seriously & dark & done properly. I doubt Anyone if their right mind as a director would have Robin introduced just as he was in his first appearance in the comics. Even that would be a task for Nolan. I liked how Bruce Timm & Co made Robin older for Batman:TAS & Robin being older in Schumacher’s films aswell. I liked Batman Forever more than Batman & Robin of-course. I felt sorry for the cast of that film, because that film had so many faults such as bad script with the bad lines character’s had. Among other things i don’t need to mention because Warner Bros wanted to take the franchise into a more family-friendly direction.

      • I also agree. When I saw a pic of Robin from Arkham City, I thought a Nolanesque Robin could be done, and that it would do well in wiping away any lingering memories of the Schumacher Robin.

  7. I like that last picture. :)

  8. It doesn’t look bad but it doesn’t look great either. I hope she’s good enough as the Catwoman! Boy I’m anxiously awaiting this film but I’m smelling trouble.

  9. I like it. It’s simple and she looks amazing in it.

  10. Hottt

  11. I dont know…….

    But I’ll allow this catwoman costume to be submitted.

    You better b

  12. I don’t know…

    But I’ll allow this costume to pass.

    You better be going somewhere with this Nolan.

  13. This is Julie Newmar all the way! Why other people aren’t saying this, I do not understand…. She was the most famous Catwoman of all! Are you people not familiar with her?

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking when i first saw it. Julie Newmar minus the sparkles and gold belt :)

    • No doubt. I agree completely.

  14. I would love for anyone complaining about this movie to make their own version. Has anyone here ever directed any major motion picture? Ever? Anyone ever think about what it’s like to direct a movie? I know that I don’t. We’ve only seen a teaser trailer and a few photos and clips taken from onlookers, but that’s not enough to pass judgement on a film. I hope no one here is a Judge because you’d probably declare “case closed” before all of the evidence surfaces. And all this complaining? Don’t want to see pictures? Stop looking then. It’s like complaining about a sports team but wait…let me guess…you’re not going to practice everyday or physically participating in the game. So if you’re not participating in the game, don’t complain.

  15. I just hope during the action scenes with Catwoman those heels don’t show up as flats I hate when they do that. Why don’t they just have her in boots like Batman? I know I’m gonna see those heels turn to flats you can bank on it!

  16. Anne looks very nice and all in the costume,but let’s face it,this is becoming nothing more than fan service.

    Sorry,but Catwoman’s outfit should be more utilitarian than some fashion show costume.

    Nolan seems to be breaking his own rules for this last movie.

    • When has Catwoman’s costume *ever* been anything other than fan service? She *Catwoman* ferchrissakes! If the costume isn’t form-fitting, then it isn’t Catwoman…

  17. Black Widows outfit looks better. Butt dont mind either!

  18. Mistake, mistake, mistake…putting Catwoman in this film. I know I’ll walk away thinking the movie would have been better without her.

  19. I tend to agree with you Jeff. Like I said before,this is nothing more than fan service.

    I know that we really still don’t know how the actual film will turn out just yet,but I just feel like Nolan is forsaking his own ideas and visions and is now trying to hard to please the fans.

    I don’t know. I’m still hoping that it will be great, but with two characters that I feel shouldn’t even be there,I’ll continue to have my doubts until I see a better trailer.

  20. the suit works for me, and who cares if shes wearing high heels with the outfit? trust me, you’ll barely even notice them when watching the movie.
    no point in complaining, cause nothing is gonna change. just take it like it is.
    and the same ppl who were complaining abt the first pic not having any blasted cat ears, are still complaining now. get a life guys, seriously.

  21. I have yet to see Nolan do anything too “cheesy” or “light”, and don’t think he will change his modus operandi this late into his career. I mean this is the guy who refuses to shoot the movie in 3D as he says it would break the feeling of continuity across the ‘trilogy’. So I don’t foresee him pulling a 180 on the tone or substance of this final film, (or the characters in them).

    I think the costume will be completely functional. I am imagining catwoman as a silhouette in the night, the way she moves being paramount, the goggles enabling her to see in the darkness. The blue lights on the goggles almost giving the effect that this shadow has a pair of widely set, glowing blue eyes.

    “She rounds a corner, coming into the street light. The hoods extending from the top edge of her goggle frames help to shield out interfering light sources, but, no longer needing the night vision, she slides the goggles up to rest on top of her head. In this position they almost resemble the ears of some kind of feral creature, as, from behind, we watch her slink away into the glowing amber street, becoming a silhouette once more.”

    Also I would assume, that as he does with Batman, Nolan would envision Catwoman as having a constantly evolving outfit. So what we see in TDKR could just possibly represent her origins as per Bale’s Batman in Batman Begins.

    • Also has anyone seen how much camera testing they did on getting Batman’s cape fabric just right for the first two films?

      I mean they put a lot of effort into getting these costumes just right, testing them against their proposed lighting arrangements, and deciding on fabrics etc. To pass an ultimate judgement based on these ‘iphone’ snaps would seem premature, especially when Chris Nolan tends to make some pretty nice looking pictures…

  22. I need a cold shower after seeing those pics of her mounting the Bat-pod.

  23. To those of you complaining… how many of you complained about Heath Ledger as the Joker?

    It’s okay. No one’s going to judge you. I complained about him, too. All I could think was “Brokeback Joker”.

    So it’s okay. But I want to know… how many of you complained about Heath. And be honest…

    • @ Nathan H

      All complained about Heath Ledger’s Joker was his make-up pretty much. Other than i enjoyed his performance. However still didn’t enjoy the whole film itself as much as Batman Begins.

  24. it sucks

  25. I’m looking forward to this movie and Catwoman is one of my favourites, but I think the suit could be better. The actual bodysuit is great, but she could really use a cowl. I think it just fits Catwoman better, because it gives her a much sleeker, cat-like appearance. It’s also more practical to keep all that hair out of the way, when you’r going in to fights and doing physical stuff.

  26. i think anne hatheway is sexy in that costume with the nice ass when she rides the bike mmmm!! i think the costume is way sexier than the original.

  27. I thought Hathaway was bat girl at first. There really isn’t anything “catlike” about her. She had bat ears, bat suit, bat utility belt, and the bat pod motorcycle. Even though Hathaway was great, Nolan seems to strip these characters down to the bone leaving nothing for flavor taking away the essence of these iconic DC characters that we all love and cherish.

    • Slender, flexible, agile…with mercurial, initially mysterious behavior. She’s bold, sneaky, cautious, intelligent, and territorial.

      Hmmm, I wonder WHAT would make someone think she is AT ALL like a cat…


      Oh, and I found her character flavor quite appealing and very much in line with the comic book portrayals over the years…