‘Community’ Season 6 Likely, Movie in Development

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Community Season 5 Cast Community Season 6 Likely, Movie in Development

Did anyone ever really think that Community would survive long enough to make the vaunted “six seasons and a movie” fan meme a reality? Even some of the most hardcore Community fans that have been watching since day one would probably answer no to that question. For the last several years, Dan Harmon‘s little deconstructive comedy that could has been a popular choice when TV pundits make their predictions for which shows will get the axe at the end of the season.

Based on ratings alone, Community probably should have been canceled by now. The currently airing season 5 has been averaging a quite low 1.1 in the 18-49 demographic, and season 4 did little better, averaging a 1.2. Even season 3, the show’s last full 22-episode season, averaged only a 1.5. Those are hardly numbers that demand a renewal, yet it keeps happening year after year. And if a recent report is to be believed, Community is about to be picked up yet again, and then some.

According to TV Guide, NBC Universal is not only leaning toward granting Community a 13-episode sixth and final season, but producers are also actively considering directors to helm the long demanded follow-up movie. On the top of the list is Justin Lin, director of Fast and the Furious parts 3, 4, 5, and 6, as well as the upcoming sequel to The Bourne Legacy. Lin has previous experience in the halls of Greendale, having helmed three season 1 episodes of Community, including the fan-favorite original paintball episode Modern Warfare.

Of course, if Lin doesn’t work out, Community also has close ties to other feature directors like the duo of Joe & Anthony Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and Broken Lizard founder Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers, Club Dread). While no formal talks are said to have taken place with anyone yet, Lin is definitely the preferred pick of studio executives, which isn’t surprising when you consider the gargantuan amount of money Lin’s Fast and the Furious films have made.

Jeff in Modern Warfare Community Season 6 Likely, Movie in Development

One of the most intriguing aspects of a possible Community movie is just how varied the show itself tends to be. Harmon (along with the rest of the Community writing staff) has never held back from lovingly lampooning every possible area of pop culture, all the way from Die Hard-style action flicks to musical shows like Glee to police procedurals to even zombie outbreak movies. Community‘s writers could go absolutely anywhere they wanted to with a movie – creatively-speaking – and still probably please the show’s extremely loyal fanbase.

Whichever genre(s) Community‘s screenplay ends up residing in, the movie really does need to take place at Greendale. It might be tempting for Harmon and co. to take a (presumably larger than normal) film budget and go crazy, sending the cast off to Europe or Disney World or something, but Community began at Greendale, and it needs to end there, too. Now would not be the time to fix what isn’t broken.

Another thing a Community film needs is participation from the entire cast, and preferably as many of the series’ notable guest stars as the budget will allow. Troy needs to reunite with Abed. John Oliver’s Professor Duncan needs to be involved. Pierce needs to have secretly videotaped a final message to the study group, or have faked his death, whatever gets him in the mix. Jonathan Banks’ wonderful criminology professor needs to return. Star Burns, Fat Fabulous Neil, and Magnitude (POP POP) all need to be present and accounted for.

A modestly rated-show like Community getting a movie is a thing to be celebrated by fans of cult comedies everywhere. Let’s all hope it lives up to the hype.


Community season 5 airs Thursdays @8pm on NBC. Neither a sixth season nor a movie has officially been confirmed.

Source: TV Guide [via Indie Wire]

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  1. Awesome news to hear. They definitely deserve six seasons and the movie they’ve been longing for.

    • I don’t know. It kind of seems like beating a dead horse, when it comes to a movie. NEIGH!!!!


  3. Interesting. The “Cancellation Bear” has Community predicted to be cancelled.


    I wouldn’t cross the Cancellation Bear.

    • Bubble watch has been extremely rigid this year. The renew/cancel index on the same site has it as a toss-up.

  4. THANK GOD #sixseasonsandamovie


    A movie will be cool. Of course, they need Troy to come back (for a movie, he will), a cameo by Pierce, ALL the supporting characters, and some celebrity cameos.

    A movie with theses guys will definitely be fun ride.

  6. Community isn’t the same, after season 3, it started to get wack, played out and just repetitive (scenario-plot telling wise). The last episode which aired on March 19th, was so wack, i watched it with brother (who never seen it before), and he was frustrated by the overly stupid dialogue-filled plot (maybe because we were both high on WEED) but after i went back and watched it…. the show is dead. I am glad, Dan Harmon made Rick & Morty, that show is funny and original and refreshing unlike Community.

  7. Season 5 hasn’t been very good so far, so I don’t know about a movie!

    • I agree that season five hasn’t been excellent, but I feel like Harmon needed to get his footing. Hopefully everyone will be in the swing of things by season six, Danny Glover will return, and they’ll make a fantastic season just in time for a great movie.

      • My thoughts exactly. I felt like Harmon himself was confused (about everything really) and I felt like community was more like the old community towards the last few episodes, which (hopefully) means Harmon’s returning to his old pace, and if we do have a 6th season, so will the show. But I don’t think Donald Glover will return, he seems too caught up in his own world. As Harmon had said in another interview, Chevy Chase returning might happen. That would be a big plus, since I felt he just made the show all the more fun to watch. Let’s just hope something good comes out of all that’s happening right now.

        E Pluribus Anus.

  8. Had to double check the calendar since this absolutely sounded like a traditional SR April Fool’s Day joke. Fantastic news if it does get renewed, not sure about a movie though, maybe a movie-sized series finale but can’t see Universal really spending for a theatrical release.

  9. Yes yes yes! This makes me sooo happy I hope it gets pushed through!

  10. YES!
    Hope they get either Lin or the Russo bros, and it’s a detective-cop drama to build the film up and it culminates in PAINTBALL! A video recorded by Pierce before his death and the retunr of Troy should also happen.


    • Would it not be cool to have lived and then be born again? I bet it would be. But it’s impossible. Would it not be cool to have ten seasons, a movie, and a themepark? I bet it would be. But it’s impossible.Community is a dead horse. Soon the time will come when we rip it’s muscles off and eat them. And then die of communal disease.

      I think I’m going mad.

  12. I love this show, but I don’t think they will make a movie. I don’t think they will get their investment back. But, I hope they greenlight another season instead of a movie.

  13. Hate to be ‘that guy’ BUT what happened to Justin Lin doing a Shogun Assassin reboot?

  14. The only way I could see them leaving Greendale for the movie is if they had to go find and rescue Troy and LeVar Burton :) Otherwise… Yes. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie all the way! Go Greendale!

  15. As much as i love community i would hate to see a theatrical release of a movie. I just don’t think it would work, community is too broad and i dont know how they would approach a 2 hour format. its perfect in single episodes because it constantly changes due to high concept. i think it would make more sense if they renewed community for a final 16 episodes, the first 13 being season 6 (the final season) and the last 3 presented together as a film.

  16. yeh but…. SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE

  17. I thought season 5 would be great but no. Maybe the movie could be about gas-leak year midquel. I think it would be amazing if you could bring back the “air conditioning repair”/”fate of the world” stuff.

    If there is a season 6, there needs to be more “main”ish characters, something of peers to the other main characters. Also the use of music is not what it was in season 1-3. Dan harmon said he wanted to get away from the crazy stuff in season 2-3, but honestly i liked that the most.

    The show feels like it has jumped the shark. The characters seem very thin, it was harder to see before with more “the group” members. Each show seemed cinematic, now each show seems punctuated by the absence of ridiculous capers, a lack of bass filled slow zooms into John Goodman’s evil face and laugh.

    Season 4 was interesting, Season 5 has its pre-season-4 tight editing, which I like. But now, the show is the show. There is so little that is compelling that I never forget I’m watching a show that is still trying to call itself a show. The show asks itself “what is community?” and then tries to answer that question. It is pushing, not pulling.

    Season 1-3 was not trying to answer that question, and seemed less like it was trying to approximate itself. It just was, and it was good.

    Obviously they have lost some talent with chevy and donald leaving. Season 4 tried heavy handedly to shift toward reconciliation and catharsis. Season 5 has leaned that way too. These seem to be the actions of a show that has survived its own death.

    A show like this cannot stand on any meaningful drama because the feel-good take-home lessons displace the humor that originally benefitted the show. Abed is ever more gratuitously Abed, because Community is answering the question “Who is Abed supposed to be?” and continues to press Abed to give us that good old fashioned impression of Abed. It feels coerced. It feels forced, like the characters are doing bad impressions of themselves.

    There have been a lot of funny moments though, for sure. And I am not entirely certain that the show would not be made much better through even tighter editing and better use of music.

    If season 6 is season 5, it seems wasteful. It will likely be dan harmon’s last go, and it deserves the risk of trying to rescue the show.

    • Really well put. Seriously this pretty much sums up exactly how I feel !

  18. I love Community, im just sad to say I haven’t been a day one fan. It seems to me like Donald Glover and Chevy Chase leaving has thrown off the flow and Dan and the cast haven’t had an easy adjustment making the episodes. Don’t get me wrong, im proud of Donald for getting on new projects (IDK why Chevy left) but I just wished he’d waited a while before because he played a much bigger role than he probably thinks. Without these two, the whole demographic of the show will be thrown off and im terrified that the show wont make it to the movie, let alone season 6. Please come back Donald. #sixseasonsandamovie

  19. SIX SEASONS AND A g****** MOVIE!!!!!!!!!

  20. How is there a “long demanded follow-up movie?” when the show has been on the bubble for 3 years+ ??

    Fanboy rumors aren’t news, people.

    • That’s rude Mastro, your favorite show sucks, and your parents raised you terribly.

  21. 6th season is reasonable. I personally love this show and admire the many references it had. Being a part of the “fandom” I would be totally satisfied with just the 6th season. As for the movie, I would probably skip. I just really think that a show should just stay a show. (I never liked any of the disney show movies.)

  22. cool. cool, cool, cool.