NBC Midseason Shake-Up Leaves ‘Community’ In Limbo

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community cast renewed NBC Midseason Shake Up Leaves Community In Limbo

Amongst continually dismal ratings and a fairly lackluster fall season, NBC has decided to reinvigorate its line-up by making room for several midseason replacements – and to, hopefully, raise the profile of a few lagging programs.

Sadly, these moves will likely do little to earn favor amongst the small, but incredibly devoted fanbase of Community, as they learn the show will be remanded to the NBC shelf, for now.

It’s a familiar story for television fans: a beloved, intelligent, show has once again fallen victim to a poor performance in the ratings department, and now its future has been called into question. (Arrested Development, anyone?) One of the few highlights in NBC’s stable of half-hour comedies, Community has been placed on indefinite hiatus while the peacock network shuffles around its once dominant Thursday night line-up – and makes room for the return of 30 Rock.

Beyond losing out to shows like Whitney and the retooled Are You There, Chelsea? (formerly, Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea) what likely irked many fans is the way NBC decided to address the show’s status – mostly by not addressing it at all. When the programming shake-up occurred, Community simply didn’t appear on the schedule, which, in turn, led to great supposition amongst many in the media (fan and non-fan alike) that the network’s good will toward the show had finally run out.

For now, that doesn’t seem to be the case. While it sounds as though the end is nigh for Community – and fan reaction on the Internet suggests that is what many believe to be the case – the fact is that NBC hasn’t cancelled the series, at all. The network confirms that the remaining episodes of Community’s 22-episode third season will be filmed – there is just no word on when anyone is likely to see them.

The unfortunate truth of the whole situation is that Community’s fate rests on the unpleasant business side of show business. Despite guest stars like Josh Holloway and John Goodman, the critically lauded program consistently pulls in very low numbers. The most recent episode managed a paltry 3.5 million viewers – suggesting those praising the show in various media outlets may be the only ones actually watching. Compounding the problem further, the comedy has – again, despite being critically praised – missed out on pulling in any awards, which typically grant underperforming shows a stay of execution.

nbc community comic con NBC Midseason Shake Up Leaves Community In Limbo

While being placed on “indefinite hiatus” certainly doesn’t bode well for a chance at a fourth season pick-up, there is still a chance that some good could come of the precarious position in which Community finds itself. If NBC plays its cards right, the public awareness gained by the chorus of disapproval over the show’s dismissal/hiatus may produce the kind of ratings surge the network so desperately needs. For that to work, however, Community would have to make its triumphant return to the airwaves sooner, rather than later – meaning the show’s best shot at ultimately proving its worth may come as soon as spring 2012.

Strangely, beyond a few indirect statements from executive producer Neil Goldman and series creator Dan Harmon on their respective Twitter accounts (which consisted of Goldman saying, “Midseason schedule burn!” – to which Harmon replied “Streets Ahold!” ) the cast and crew have largely remained silent on the situation.

Perhaps the reluctance to use social media as an outlet for anger or disappointment can be taken as a good sign that Community is really just the victim of some poor scheduling choices.

Community will continue to air new episodes through its December 8 holiday episode, which airs @8pm.

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  1. Someone tell me what I can do to save this show and I’ll do it.

    • I just recently discovered “Community” and now my family and I have been devouring back seasons/episodes on Netflix, because it’s hilariously funny, and amazingly creative. I’m just shocked it took me so long to find it.

      Also, this show should be praised for its positive portrayal of a character with Asperger’s Syndrome. I hope some disability awareness groups can find this show, and realize what a great thing it is to have such a positive portrayal of someone with that kind of issue on TV.

      Also, despite it being set in a Community College, it’s fairly family- friendly. NBC just needs to do some marketing and promotion of the show and keep some faith in it!

      I would encourage any fans of Community to show solidarity and support by buying the Season 1 and 2 DVDs. Money talks, and this is how Family Guy and Futurama got back on track, after loyal fans purchased the DVDs when they were cancelled. (I know Community is not officially ‘cancelled’ yet, but still, if we buy, they will listen.)

  2. Why is it always the good shows they mess around?

    If the general public could drag themselves away from the awful reality tv shows and clear the airwaves for intelligent, original and funny content like Community that would be nice…

  3. So Whitney is somehow staying on, but Community is going to be floating in limbo? Okay…..

    • word.

  4. Damn NBC … Making me have to get up and watch instead of seeing it later on Hulu

  5. I’ve literally just started watching Season 1 today after hearing good things (It only came out on DVD in the UK this week!) and I can see it’s going to be a grower. Really hope they don’t cancel what looks like being a quality show. How does dross like Mike & Molly stay on air and this not?!?!?! At least if it does go the way of Arrested Development, we might get a Film in a couple of years. Now, I’m off to buy Season 2!

    • Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. You see, the problem is that shows stay on the air because of ratings, and for some reason the vast majority of American’s seem to watch shows like Mike & Molly and Two and a Half Men instead of great comedies like this and Arrested Development.

  6. Community is the most consistently funny show on TV.

    • @ Eric Nixon

      Wrong.That title goes to Modern Family.

      • Wrong. It’s either Community or Parks & Rec. Modern Family pales in comparison to those two shows.

        • Wrong again.People that I know have stopped watching Community because they claim that it isn’t as funny anymore,yet I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t think that Modern Family isn’t funny as it was.

          It’s all personal preference anyway,so there really isn’t a “this is the funniest show on TV”.If “consistency” was the fact in funny,then the highly rated Big Bang Theory should be the funniest show on TV because of how many people watch it every week.I personally think that show is garbage and not funny at all,but it just goes to show you that the masses will like anything that’s popular.

          • I watch both community and Modern Family, I see Modern Family as a good show and funny tackling social issues and how families live around it. Community is a show with great use of characters, each one having their very distinct humor, unlike the Big Bang theory, where Sheldon is practically the show’s humor.

            I like both, but find Community more enjoyable, they can do outrageous plots (Modern Warfare, Fistful of Paintball, Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas) and they can pull off normal plots (Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking, Accounting for Lawyers, “Cooperative Calligraphy”) etc.

      • no he is correct it’s community

        • Modern Family is by a hair the best comedy on TV. It’s Always Sunny, Parks & Rec and Community follow, in that order, IMHO.

  7. Three seasons is more than most shows I love get, at least.

  8. But……I love Community….

  9. Given the last decade of NBC management, this decision makes sense.

    Whitney. Really.

  10. Community fans need to come up with a plan and everyone must contribute to that one plan if we are going to do anything.

    • It may be a ploy by NBC to increase interest and increase DVD sales, but I’m all for it if it means more seasons of Community.

  11. son. of. a. b**ch.

    I love this show.

    Kevin, if you hear of any kind of petition could you please link me and my fellow “Community” supporting ScreenRanters to it? thanks.

  12. I really like Community, but I think the concept wouldn’t survive that many more series anyway. I’d love to see a last 4th season though, with everyone graduating from Greendale in the last episode.

  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PETITION!!! NOW!!!!!!!!

    /caps lock off

  14. Why is it that good television shows that actually have thought used in the making of them always get cancelled or have low ratings, while garbage like “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” and “Kendra” always seem to do so well?

    • Because 95% of the population are idi0ts. For proof, see this weeks box office take.

  15. What ever happened to six seasons and a movie?? Noooo! Hoping we get the full 3rd and at least a 12 ep 4th to get the kids through school. LOVE the show

  16. I don’t understand why anyone works with NBC or Fox for that matter, they both are shining examples of idiocy. Community is the funniest, and best show they have . Which is impressive because of Parks and Rec, which is a close second. Community has it all great cast, humor, and heart, but it’s all but cancelled while filth like Whitney and 5 hours of the Biggest Loser stay on.

    Hopefully fan reaction will save the show, Chuck was in a similar situation and it survived what like 3 or 4 seasons longer than NBC was willing to give them. Community is growing in popularity, I tell everyone of my friends they need to watch and they hug me for it once they did, and I know this is the case for a lot of people. If NBC just had some patience they would see they have a hit growing, and shouldn’t nip it in the bud this early.

  17. Actually the thing I can never figure out is why USA constantly over performs and NBC keeps screwing up whatever good stuff it comes up with. They have the same corporate parent; someone needs to fire everyone at NBC and tell the execs at USA they have new jobs….

  18. This is a bad decision. Community is such a great comedy and goes against the norm which is excellent. Best cast of a comedy since Arrested Development.

    Do the right thing NBC. Bring it back!

  19. This article doesn’t address the real reason that Community “only” gets 4 million viewers, and that is because it’s competing with The Big Bang Theory!

    I can’t believe that they are going straight to hiatus without at least trying it at a different time slot. Of course, they are going to fill it with a Chelsea Handler sitcom, so good luck with that. Putting Whitney on Wednesday nights makes more sense because it can draw the crowd that likes bland routine comedies with recycled jokes. When you have three smart, quirky shows like 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and the Office, putting cookie cutter husband/wife sitcoms like Whitney in the mix just doesn’t make sense.

  20. this is one of the best comedies on tv .. and i hate that nbc always messes with their shows .. for what i dont know .. last season the moved parks and recs for out sourced .. fair enough as i loved outsourced but now where is it ?? perfect couples was a good show too way better then whitney … the prefect thursday nbc line up would be
    7pm 30 rock
    730pm outsourced
    800pm the office
    830pm community
    900pm parks and rec
    930pm perfect couples

    would be legend…. wait for it … dary…..

    • you hit the nail in the head. Perfect couples funny show Olivia Munn was good i also thought outsource was ok far better then anything new on NBC

  21. What is going on at this network to think any of this makes sense? The only explanation that I can come up with is that Whitney Cummings bought a case of knee-pads and wanders the NBC executive offices. First her show bumps 30Rock until mid-season and now this…NBC imbeciles.

    • …thats funny right there!

  22. I say put the show on cable and make it an hour! 3.5 million viewers may be paltry on network, but it’s fantastic for cable. And we devoted fans will follow to to whatever station it goes to. On cable, it could survive for six seasons and maybe they’ll make a TV Movie to boot…

  23. This is heartbreaking. If NBC put 30 Rock in place of Whitney instead their thursday 8-10 line up would have been great.
    Parks and Rec.
    The Office
    30 Rock
    Then put Whitney and Chelsea together on Wednesday so they could bomb together.

    • They should gut up and put 30 Rock on opposite Big Bang and let their best fighter go at it with the competition. Keep Parks and Rec on at 8:30, The Office a 9 and Community at 9:30. The fact Whitney can’t keep the lead in from the Office should be incentive enough to move or dump it. Prime Suspect getting dropped just reinforces the fact that their line-up was just weak as the night went on.

      • I suggest putting The Office first at 8 against The Big Bang Theory.

        It is NBC’s most watched comedy after all, it could be a great lead in for NBC and by putting Community in the middle of the linep in The Office’s spot then it’d be safe.

        • I would have said that before Carrell left, but it seems like they have less faith in the Office now. That would have flown two years ago and the fact they keep throwing shows like Community to the Wolves in the 8pm slot (American Idol has also had that slot on occasion) is kind of telling. Whitney is a weak show and they clearly tried to protect it with the Office lead-in. The fact it loses viewers even when there is almost no other shows starting at that time should be a wake-up call to NBC. I don’t think Community would suffer that bad a loss in people.

  24. Whitney stays and Community gets the boot? Really?! The show with the laugh track gets to stay? Honestly, I can’t make it past the little amount that dumb show records on my DVR at the end of The Office without wanting to vomit. This really bites!

  25. its a shame NBC (the No Brains Company) is shelving one of the two only good shows (30 rock the other). its like the same thing they did with Friday Night Lights FNL or the best show ever on the channel yes better then friends or sienfled all good shows but seriously NBC Community LEAVE IT ALONE OR GIVE IT TO ANOTHER CHANNEL AND LET THE SHOW LIVE.

  26. I’m not a fan of Community,but you guys have to know that if you get too invested in any show on NBC,it’s bound to get screwed over.

    Personally,I loved Free Agents,but I knew that it wouldn’t make it,so you have to just enjoy these shows for as long as they are on.

    It’s my personal belief that since this is the final year of Tina Fey,Tracy Morgan,and Alec Baldwin’s contracts for 30 Rock,it wouldn’t at all surprise me if they didn’t renew any of them and let them walk and end the show.This opens the door for Whitney Cummings to be the new female face of Thursday nights.I think that for whatever reason,they are backing that horse,and it’s going to end as bad as Leno on prime time,five nights a week.

    It seems blatantly obvious that they want Whitney to take Tina Fey’s place.Unfortunately,Whitney Cummings is about as funny as a dead mule.Cute,but totally unfunny,and the show is probably in the top 10 of worst sitcoms ever.

    • I suggest that if 30 Rock ends they try making Parks & Rec the new female face of NBC Comedy. That show has as much heart as it does laughs, something that 30 Rock and most other comedies don’t have.

  27. Boy I had read recently that Community was on the bubble and was shocked to find it out. This news is even more insane, what is NBC thinking? They decide to suspend one of the funniest shows they have on Thursday nights and leave shows like Whitney?(there can’t be 100 people left in the US that are watching that show at this point) I guess next news NBC will drop on us is that they are suspending Parks and Rec, the Office, and 30 Rock so they can bring back new episodes of the Paul Reiser Show and Outsourced. They need to realize what they are doing here, Community isn’t going to be a Seinfeld or Friends for them in terms of ratings I know but I still think they need to think carefully about what they are doing…I know I would hate to lose Community because it continues to get better and hasn’t come close to running its course.

  28. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, maybe it is because they are trying to bring back “Emeril” to NBC…I forgot about that…that makes the Paul Reiser Show look like Seinfeld in terms of funniness.