NBC Midseason Shake-Up Leaves ‘Community’ In Limbo

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community cast renewed NBC Midseason Shake Up Leaves Community In Limbo

Amongst continually dismal ratings and a fairly lackluster fall season, NBC has decided to reinvigorate its line-up by making room for several midseason replacements – and to, hopefully, raise the profile of a few lagging programs.

Sadly, these moves will likely do little to earn favor amongst the small, but incredibly devoted fanbase of Community, as they learn the show will be remanded to the NBC shelf, for now.

It’s a familiar story for television fans: a beloved, intelligent, show has once again fallen victim to a poor performance in the ratings department, and now its future has been called into question. (Arrested Development, anyone?) One of the few highlights in NBC’s stable of half-hour comedies, Community has been placed on indefinite hiatus while the peacock network shuffles around its once dominant Thursday night line-up – and makes room for the return of 30 Rock.

Beyond losing out to shows like Whitney and the retooled Are You There, Chelsea? (formerly, Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea) what likely irked many fans is the way NBC decided to address the show’s status – mostly by not addressing it at all. When the programming shake-up occurred, Community simply didn’t appear on the schedule, which, in turn, led to great supposition amongst many in the media (fan and non-fan alike) that the network’s good will toward the show had finally run out.

For now, that doesn’t seem to be the case. While it sounds as though the end is nigh for Community – and fan reaction on the Internet suggests that is what many believe to be the case – the fact is that NBC hasn’t cancelled the series, at all. The network confirms that the remaining episodes of Community’s 22-episode third season will be filmed – there is just no word on when anyone is likely to see them.

The unfortunate truth of the whole situation is that Community’s fate rests on the unpleasant business side of show business. Despite guest stars like Josh Holloway and John Goodman, the critically lauded program consistently pulls in very low numbers. The most recent episode managed a paltry 3.5 million viewers – suggesting those praising the show in various media outlets may be the only ones actually watching. Compounding the problem further, the comedy has – again, despite being critically praised – missed out on pulling in any awards, which typically grant underperforming shows a stay of execution.

nbc community comic con NBC Midseason Shake Up Leaves Community In Limbo

While being placed on “indefinite hiatus” certainly doesn’t bode well for a chance at a fourth season pick-up, there is still a chance that some good could come of the precarious position in which Community finds itself. If NBC plays its cards right, the public awareness gained by the chorus of disapproval over the show’s dismissal/hiatus may produce the kind of ratings surge the network so desperately needs. For that to work, however, Community would have to make its triumphant return to the airwaves sooner, rather than later – meaning the show’s best shot at ultimately proving its worth may come as soon as spring 2012.

Strangely, beyond a few indirect statements from executive producer Neil Goldman and series creator Dan Harmon on their respective Twitter accounts (which consisted of Goldman saying, “Midseason schedule burn!” – to which Harmon replied “Streets Ahold!” ) the cast and crew have largely remained silent on the situation.

Perhaps the reluctance to use social media as an outlet for anger or disappointment can be taken as a good sign that Community is really just the victim of some poor scheduling choices.


Community will continue to air new episodes through its December 8 holiday episode, which airs @8pm.

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  1. Why? Whitney is so unfunny, and Chelsea Handler is about as funny as, well Whitney. Put The Office or 30 Rock up against The Big Bang Theory, and let Community have a later spot.

  2. NBC SUCKS!! I’m tired of getting into shows on NBC only to have them cancelled after a few seasons. They try shoving garbage down peoples throats like Whitney and The Cape (lol, let’s capitalize on the sad, butt hurt Heroes fans) NBC is a trainwreck. Maybe ratings will NEVER be what you want them to be. Reality tv sucks. Did Whitney seriously need a to be given a shot. NOBODY likes Whitney!! Try running Community AFTER the Office. I started watching Grimm, but I’m rethinking watching anything on NBC. Who watches tv anymore anyway, unless it’s on DVR or online? NBC F U!! The whole entertainment industry sucks. They are afraid to take chances on anything without brand recognition and movies get more and more STUPID and unoriginal. When something is awesome and original, get it while ya can because it won’t survive this world long. (unless it is on Comedy Central) Someone should create a network that picks up all the scraps and only airs original awesome stuff, and stuff that gets scrapped by garbage networks…Arrested Development, Firefly, Journeyman, all the stuff that people love that NBC wants to replace with stuff like Whitney. I hope the tv and film people get what they deserve, to be wrecked like Blockbuster.

  3. And just as this bad idea had taken shape last nights episode was one of the funniest I have seen. I finally figured out what it is about that show that actually grew on me. At first I saw it as some vehicle for McHale wrapped around a thin premise. After awhile either through natural growth or by design, the show became like Night Court. A quirky show where the ensemble cast and the supporting characters along with the unlikely setting make up the components for a wide range of farcical and satirical moments.

    Most of the other shows that NBC are trying to save are of the romantic/sitcom variety, all of which feel stale at this point. I honestly see it coming back since anything else aside from 30 Rock or the Office might not do much better against the Big Bang Theory, and if they throw Whitney in that slot then it will sink lower then Community ever did. I don’t see them throwing Parks and Rec to the wolves either at this point, so Whitney thankfully will be the sacrifice.

  4. I have lost faith in the entertainment industry and people in general. Junky shows like Jersey Shore are hits, and Twilight films are raking in dough, yet quality shows like this can’t get viewers. Jeez people.

  5. I agree w/slayer. community is one of the freshest comedies to come around in a while. all the mocumentay shows are getting stale. i love the office, but it’s just not the same without steve carel. i wasnt a big fan of pars and rec. modern family is ok, but it’s getting a little worn. i agree with the night court comparison. that was one of my favorite shows back in the day, but it got weird in the last season. whitney is a mess. i found her to be the least funny person in any of the comedy central roasts. she did co-create 2 broke girls, which is still holding my interest, but only because of kat dennings, but her show whitney is poo poo, and i was SHOCKED that it got the full season pick up. but who knows, arrested development is comong back after years of being cancelled, so did family guy, so anything is possible.

  6. I’ve never been a fan of Community, but this is typical NBC. Whitney is total rubbish, I couldn’t even make it through 5 minutes of that (or her co-creation, 2 Broke Girls). Yet, NBC will keep supporting her. The Big Bang Theory will beat anything NBC throws against it (especially since it is gaining new fans now that it’s in syndication and people are catching up on the previous seasons), but if they want to give CBS a fight they need to put 30 Rock or The Office against it (I’m not a big fan of either of those shows, for the record). Come to think of it, the only shows I watch on NBC are Chuck and Sunday Night Football. The rest of their lineup is utter garbage. Thank GOD for the Discovery channel, Science and History!! PUNKIN CHUNKIN!!

  7. I have to ask if anybody understands why Whitney Cummings is getting all this attention lately. I never liked her on the comedy central roasts (usually I fast forward her routine), therefore I never watched her stand-up. Now, she has her sitcom “Whitney” and is a creator of the sitcom “Two Broke Girls.” Of these, I’ve watched 1 1/2 episodes of “Two Broke Girls.” My wife and I thought that the comedy was nothing more than trashy toilet humor. Then last night, we watched a recording on my DVR as it ended “Two Broke Girls” came on (we had been recording HIMYM). For merely 30 seconds to a minute, the show was on when the blonde character said that the elf who had her tights before had a little extra gift being given to her and Kat Dennings character said “talk about a period piece.” This gross out humor instantly offended my wife and she changed the channel.

    I don’t understand why this type of low-brow humor is being accepted as network sitcom quality (remember Cheers, Friends, Seinfield, Frasier). I know it is a different era, but I think network sitcoms shouldn’t contain gross-out toilet humor (Always Sunny and the League are safe because they are on cable and it is expected). Sure this type of comedy is fine in Judd Apatow comedies or any R-rated Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen movie, but that is because it is rated R and expected to be crass comedy that an adult can watch after the kids go to bed, still it gets old and tiresome quick – I’m looking at you “Your Highness.” I’m not watching shows like that at 7:30 (central time) while my daughter is still in the room.

    Community is something entirely different. The comedy is not crass (no fart jokes are needed) and is completely based on characters’ personalities. I do not understand how far down in the gutter the comedy for sitcoms has gone and why the network who brought us all those shows I mentioned earlier (along with Scrubs, the Cosby Show, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Mad about You, Wings, Family Ties, the Office, the Golden Girls, Third Rock from the Sun, The Facts of Life, Night Court, Valerie, Just Shoot Me, Empty Nest, Will and Grace, a Different World, Taxi, My name is Earl, Mama’s Family, Parks and Recreation, and 30Rock) would shelf such a well-written sitcom like Community and leave something written by Whitney Cummings on the air.

    Sorry for my long-winded ranting, but that “period piece” joke last night really bugged me.